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Raw Press Release: BLM Re-evaluates Wild Horse Gather Decision Record

The Bureau of Land Management in the United St...

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Date: June 17, 2011
Contact: Serena Baker, (307) 212-0197

After considering public input, the Bureau of Land Management, Wyoming High
Desert District is re-evaluating certain aspects of its decision record
related to spaying gathered mares during the proposed White Mountain/Little
Colorado herd management areas wild horse gather.  As part of the
re-evaluation, BLM may amend or modify its environmental assessment and
decision record for the gather, and if modified, a new decision record
should be available next week.

For more information, contact Marty Griffith, (307) 775-6093.

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      • You have a lot of us old broads who have had a lot practice (and fine-tuned our skills! LOL) at being pain in someone’s backside right beside you – either physically or in spirit through letters, faxes, phone calls, etc. If we weren’t so busy with all the important stuff, we’d grab pompoms and for a cheerleading squad for you! LOL Blessed Be! Onward and upward!


  1. How is this now seen an equine abuse or not seen as BLM failing at their job. Isn’t BLM supposed to be protecting horses and making sure herds thrive? This just goes with what I have been saying from the beginning. It’s all about the money, wild horses don’t make money but drilling does.

    I honestly feel we can scream, yell, protest call,fax,write to representatives and it won’t change BLM’s plan to slowly eliminate the wild horses. The lead people in BLM need to be fired that is the only way their agenda can change.


  2. I hope the EA for the Divide Basin roundup in WY will be re-evaluated and Alternative D that allows spaying taken out too.


  3. You and me both R.T. they have been a thorn in my side since I was a pup. Now I am a ornery ol dog.
    The public appeal letters still need to be made fast. As I count we only have 25 days to stop what I think is the plan for the future of all the HMA’s


  4. Good Gravy!

    Look at those “may”, “if”, “should” words in that release. Doesn’t give me any comfort because I bet those contracts to butcher those equines in the field are still on. They will probably pretend they aren’t gonna’ do it, stall with the admin letting us think they are “working” on it and then do a covert roundup and butcher them before we know what happened.


      • RT you were the second place I came to after I got that call! Ginger got the first call! But then I had to go over to my other home on the web–ABR and spread the word there.

        I can’t even begin to tell you guys how serious this is. I have been doing lots of reading about reproduction because of Zenyatta. And only one book talks about spaying mares. It has to be done post 90 days after she is in foal. Otherwise she’d abort.

        Now lets talk real here. I’ve been to Fallon. Sand in my eyes in 30 secs so deep that I was scared to rub my eyes–that the sand would scratch my corneas. Let’s think about the corrals we saw at Salt Lake.

        Now you are going to perform a totally unnecessary surgery on a mare in filthy conditions? There is no way to manage what BLM intended with the strict sterile conditions necessary for surgery.

        Let me tell you a story from a couple of years ago. I have a friend who needed a steroid shot in the back for some ruptured discs. My friend couldn’t have anything to eat or drink after 9 am for a 3 pm surgery. This person was taken into a sterile surgical room. That shot was considered surgery because the needle broke thru the skin. Not the most invasive surgery one could think of–personally I’ve been thru a couple others that would make that one a piece of cake.

        The point I’m trying to make is how sterile the environment for surgery needs to be.

        To be honest I almost dropped the dropped the phone when Marty called. I know I shook for about 3 hours–I guess inside I was just that horrified that someone would even begin to think about doing something like this.


  5. I will be at the protest, and if I’m able, will be at the roundup. I’ll do what I can, and give it my best shot!


    • Thank You Kristy, I would love to be there also, i know you will represent Our Mustangs wonderfully !!! Kudos to you , Gods speed also…………………………


  6. They need to reconsider the gelding too. This Plan D needs to be taken off the list of options for them. Completely barbaric that I can’t even wrap my head around it. I think darting is sufficient. Guess we now know what they are really about-zero reproduction and die off. Turning HMAs into longterm holding. I’d really like the person’s name who made this decision.


    • I think it’s Salazar’s plan and Obama appointed him. Things were bad enough before but they’re a lot worse now . Extinction is their goal and has been speeded up with gelding and now plans to spay . They’re testing SpayVac too which I understand is permanent sterility but at least not surgery by their butcher vets. Gelding is being done using only a drug that immobilizes but does not kill the pain and some die. Mares were spayed before at Sheldon with a 10% mortality rate.
      The BLM always puts FONSI in their decisions which is another one of their damn lies. WE all have been affected by this. I believe it has caused some enough stress that it’s affected their health–both mental and physical , and over the years some of our best advocates have died or had to quit.
      Wild horses should be put on the endangered species list before it’s too late .


  7. I don’t understand. There are more of us against the BLM why can’t we set a date, walk in knock those idiots on their asses and open up the pens before more are run into the ground and die???????????????????????????????????? Heck, I lice in Ontario Canada and I’d travel to be there as long as it meant they went free. I wouldn’t even care if I got arrested as long as all those horses got free! Them before me. I AM free to make my own decisions. The horses are not and I would put them before me any single day.


  8. Education is what is needed here. In my previous post I suggested my Legislators call
    one or more of our local large animal vets to confirm what we all know. In fact, there
    must be info on the gelding of a horse which could be sent or faxed to them. If they agree
    with the procedure and do nothing about stopping this backyard horsemen’s procedure, then they should see how it is done. Some of our Legislators like we have said know nothing about horses let alone procedures that are done by our vets.But I bet many of
    them will now..I sent an email to ABC news and they asked me to send them more
    information, so I am trying put something together. I don’t know what affliliates you
    have in your area, but if several people send letters on the topic just maybe someone
    might pick up the story and expose the whole sickening and terrible situation.


  9. Why do these idiots continue to fight us and not work with us. If we worked together for the benefit of the horses we could accomplish so much. Instead, these idiots don’t have a brain that works. To bad they don’t kill themselves since their brains don’t function. I will continue to fight for the horses until these asses are removed from office. It will be none too soon.


  10. I would like to point out that in the midyear elections we have three new senators. Senator Chris Coons (D-Del) Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisc) Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) Last year Florida passed a law that if anyone was caught killing horses for human consumption it is now a felony. Rubio would be a good person to contact about cosponsoring S.1176 because of the new law. But it is the senate where we have never been able to pick up enough cosponsors for any anti-horse slaughter bills in the past. Lobbyists pour money into these senators reelection coffers to the tune of thousands of dollars. Senator John Cornyn, TX was given $259,380.00 to encourage him not cosponsor S.727. He is also peddling that S.727 would keep horse owners from selling their private property (horses) to whom ever they please. This seems to be making the rounds. Last year I sent him a CD of the video taken at Bouvry and Richelieu along with a copy of the Food and Chemical Toxicology report by Doctors Dodman, Blondeau and Marini. So it seems that the money is more important than stopping contaminated horse meat from reaching consumers in the EU countries, not to mention the cruelty. We seem able to find many cosponsors in the House but that does no good if the senate refuses to cosponsor also. We can’t pass any bill to be signed into law without the Senate. The bill has to pass through several committees. If you want to see what your state senators was given in donations go to it’s a eye opener.


  11. I was at this BLM office on Thursday. FYI for those going to the protest (unfortunately, I was a week too early being out here), there is construction going on just up the street from this office and traffic will back up to the point where cars might be stopped in front of the office. It will be a great opportunity for people to see your signs (and maybe sign a petition???). Just down the street (I believe it’s named Lionkel Road you can go down and see the holding facility. I spent two days here, saw 11 horses in the wild and over 150 in the facility. I’ll be posting photos as soon as I get home. It’s really sad. My husband is a police offiecer and he sat at the holding facility and cried. Keep the pressure on….I think they know they better start listening.


  12. We all know by now that every time there is a huge outcry in regards to the roundups that the BLM’s public relations people come up with a “big announcement” with headlines that are deliberately intended to get the public off their backs and win the support of the legislators at the same time. I do not trust them one bit to keep their word…I pray to God that they do but we must carry on as if we never read their press release. Not too long after they decimate Wyoming they are set to clean house at the Three Fingers HMA in Oregon in August. They truly are the Bureau of Lies of Mismanagement.


  13. The BLM is Nothing less and Nothing More the The Bureau of lies and cold blooded murders, all of us know this by now, they will never change , They need to be STOPPED , this can not go on for Our Mustangs , I am sick and tired of the BLM being allow to get away with murder, Then they spew out more lies , what part of corrupt mismanagement allowed to kill and maim our Mustangs , I really believe they enjoy it………………….. They have proved themselves to be pure EVIL……………….. Running horses off cliffs , They make me ill, HAVE THEY ALL LOST THEIR DARN MINDS ….. They are acting like they are all possessed????? We can talk about it forever and see no changes coming from within???????? What exactly does that tell us?????????? They are proceeding with their plan of elimination of our mustangs without a hitch so as they think………………………


  14. Guys, Alternative D has NOT been taken off the table. All it says is that they are considering to cancel the spaying portion. It does not say a darn thing about gelding all the boys. One mare does not a baby make. Not if she doesn’t have a stallion standing by her side.


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