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One time, two times, three times the power

by Simone Netherlands

What is the difference between a wild horse and a captive horse? What is the difference between a trained and an untrained horse? What is the difference between a mare and stallion? What is the difference between a horse tortured by the BLM and a horse tortured by a killer buyer? The correct answer is NONE.

ALL horses know pain and fear, all horses know joy and sorrow, all horses know love and friendship and all horses want to live in piece and harmony.

The atrocities and injustices against horses are happening across the board, the BLM and Forest Service injustices to horses, the atrocious PMU Industry and nurse mare foal practices, the horrible travesties of the horse slaughter industry and the cruel transport of horses in cattle trucks all across the country.

Currently there are three bills in the House and in the Senate; The horse transportation safety Act, H.R. 305, the Wild horse protection bill or R.O.A.M Act, S 1579, and the Ban on Horse Slaughter which would protect ALL horses from slaughter across our borders, H.R. 503 and S 727.

Horse advocates are doing an awesome job, all of them, working their tail ends off for the protection of our American horses. They stand to gain nothing but a victory for horses. These people shall be celebrated and admired for their unselfish work.

Author R.T. Fitch, observer Elyse Gardner and Emmy Winner Ginger Kathrens record during BLM discussion during Cloud "gather"

Author R.T. Fitch, observer Elyse Gardner and Emmy Winner Ginger Kathrens record during BLM briefing at recent Cloud "gather"

The most well known amongst the Wild Horse Protectors is the Cloud foundation which has gone all out and has just managed this past weekend to give Conquistador and his family members his freedom back, on a large piece of land close to the Pryor Mountains. America rejoices for these horses and applauds the combined efforts of everyone involved.

There are also many different organizations working relentlessly to end the slaughter of over 100,000 horses a year . They have done an awesome job of organizing calling, writing and faxing campaigns to legislators to cosponsor the Ban on horse slaughter.

The Wild Horse Advocates and the Anti Horse Slaughter advocates joined forces on Sept 29th to protest and lobby for both bills in Washington. This is a great start to a new development in this struggle for a little humanity for horses.

In order to take this fight to the next level and in order to reach both of these goals; the protection of 60,000 Wild Horses, as well as the protection of over 100,000 Domestic Horses per year, both hands might need to reach at the same time.

As of September 29th 2009 we have 152 cosponsors for H.R. 503, we have 53  cosponsors for H.R. 305,  and we have 23 cosponsors for S 727 and there are none yet for S 1579 (its new in the Senate). Most legislators favorable to one bill, will most likely be favorable to the others, but oddly enough not each cosponsor of one bill, cosponsors the other bills.

Just imagine, what would happen if we mentioned each bill every time we lobby and network, and if we would get each legislator to simultaneously sign onto all three bills. This would be three times the efficiency, three times the amount of people and three times the power for all three bills! 3 flies with one hit!

Let’s say you have one cupboard in your kitchen that contains dishes and silverware and napkins. When your goal is to set the table, do you open it once for the dishes, once for the silverware and once for the napkins, or do you grab all three while you are at it?

Let us take this fight onto the next level and let us fight for ALL horses, big and small, wild and captive, BLM and Forest Service, trained and untrained, mare, stallion, gelding and foal.

Dear People:

While you are talking to, or writing a letter, to legislators, please mention ALL of the bills to the person you are speaking to anyway. Inform them of all three injustices against our American Horses and ALL solutions that they can cosponsor: The Ban on Horse Slaughter, The Wild Horse Protection act, and the Horse Transportation Safety act. (S727, S 1579, H.R. 503 and HR.305)

(Mention the S bills to senators, mention the H.R. bills to representatives)

Dear Horse Advocacy Groups,

Every website of every horse organization, sanctuary, rescue or foundation, could add, in addition to their own purpose or individuality, information about ALL horse related bills currently in the House and the Senate. We can reach three times the people and have three times the power.

Let’s ALL stand up for ALL horses ALL the way, ALL the time, until they are ALL safe!!

928 308 6718

Photo Courtesy of Pam Nickoles Photography

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10 replies »

    • Well said Barbara!

      Im curious as to who would do such a labor intensive service?

      As I have mentioned in another thread “BLM employees face charges in 3 Wild Horse shooting deaths”..There is no internal investigations department for the BLM as there are for police departments. So who does the BLM answer to in all reality? Themselves! This why they get away with what they do..However,I am all for an all out investigation of the BLM and ALL of their constituents.


  1. Absolutely! How in the world did the BLM come to have NO oversight at all? I’ve got a copy of a GAO statement condemning the BLM for all the things we’ve been discussing. It’s from 1989!! This is absolutely incredible.

    These old boys must have some powerful lobbyists to have continuously flaunted the law for all this time. It’s discouraging to say the least.


  2. Simone – I will do – already added to my cut and paste! great ideas!

    All- be sure to see update today from TCF and other attendees Monday and Tuesday.

    Lets all list all newspaper articles and watch the commenters and help educate them – as in my local paper all commenters are ANTI wild horese except one – I will be helping them understand better – ALL AZ please join me:

    on-line = azcentral, article titled “Senate urged to guard mustangs” (sorry I don’t know how to provide direct link).


  3. Dear Friends and Wild Horse Advocates,

    Most of us have been horse activists for years. We are horse people. I believe that we have a horse spirit that has been with us since birth. We are one in the same.

    The destruction of our horses has been going on for years, yes we fight, we call, we write, we fax and we attend rally’s when we can! But basically we are ignored!

    It’s time we unite and put up our dukes. Here is our site, wild horse investigation team. Its still is it’s infancy stage so please excuse it if there are something’s that appear out of place.

    To make this work we need people dedicated to carry this out.. I thought about us all doing a Class Action Lawsuit against the BLM. I plan on visiting US District Judge Rosemary Collier to find out how we go about this, and we will need someone to represent us.

    While this in the works, we need a horse count, both in long term holding and free roaming. we will need field people, people to attend BLM meetings, we need documentation, years of animal abuse, that our horses suffered under the BLM management. We can use the site as a home base, but any information that is discovered will remain secret, we can call, and privately email each other….all investigations must be kept off the web. Please go to the site and be a part of this, let’s get this done people For the Horses, Any ideas you have please share.. . Lin


    • I would like to take this opportunity to offer a word of caution when posting.

      This is an open blog, meaning, anyone can logon and read any and all that is here. Normally, this is not an issue but due to the fact that we are openly discussing a Federal Government agency I want to caution you on discussing anything that might be construed as subversive.

      I drive a lot of questions in the direction of the BLM and I stand behind the fact that I firmly believe that they are currently and have been breaking federal law in the way they have decimated the very herds of horses and burro that they were charged to protect, they are totally out of control. But I do not condone subversive action.

      Please be aware that this site has been hit and pinged by the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of the Interior and the BLM, particularly the Billings Field office. So big brother is looking over our shoulders and I don’t want any of us to be branded as animal terrorists, there’s enough whackos in the world, already. So just be careful.

      And Mustang33, glad to have you here but just a word on blog/site manners, it’s not polite to advertise your blog while on another site or attempt to pull members elsewhere but considering the topic and subject matter your post will stand. Just remember that for future reference.




  4. I’d like to know what exactly the government will do about the BLM. Giving them control of the mustangs, to use the cliche is like the fox guarding the hen house. Who will they put in charge of bringing the BLM in line? Or who would they transfer control too?


  5. Folks,

    We have a website that is to serve as a repository for all BLM documents. We have been adding documents that we collect every day. So far we have hundreds of them. These do help when investigating, submitting public comments, filing suits, whatever. There are documents and files no longer available on the BLM website or never available on their site. I hope folks find it useful. Warning the site is a MONSTER so I suggest using the resource pages to find specific documents. We have just added a page with every document for easier searching. We are looking for folks to help us gather more info and to keep up with individual herds so we can alert folks when action is needed on specific herds.


  6. As for investigating the BLM and DOI have an Inspector General to “watch” them and investigate claims of impropriety. Again these are folks employed by the BLM and DOI. The GAO used to be responsible for investigating claims against agencies, but they are now just a compiling and basic analysis agency. Long history and it would take even longer to explain the way it all works, this is the short version. Most government agencies have an outside org that investigates them specifically, but the BLM and DOI don’t.


  7. Terri, I really hate saying this but its fact.The BLM is it! There will be no organizations to do the work of the BLM. As long as the horses are on public land and the land is managed by the BLM, the horses are at he discretion of the BLM. Period!

    I have worked on proposing various ways for the BLM to relinquish their control on the wild horses, but to no avail I cannot find one solution that will make all sides happy.

    The BLM will manage the horses for as long as there is public land.


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