The Princess, a Duke and a plan that goes “Doink”

comic relief and opinion supplied by R.T. Fitch

A twisted fairytale suitable only for the sick and depraved (grown-ups only)

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away there lived an evil Princess whose name was Sue.  The evil Princess had it in her mind that all Unicorns were bad and that she and her followers should kill all of them.  No one knew where this idea had come from, but Princess Sue was very persistent when it came to her hatred of the magical Unicorns.  She also thought that they tasted good, not for her of course, but for the poor, needy and rather dopey people that kept her in her esteemed office.  So she came up with the plan that if she could get all the poor and needy people to kill all of the Unicorns then she would clear the way for a great big BBQ where all of the ignorant people, in her opinion, could eat the meat that was once the Unicorns.

To ensure that her plan would work, she went to the King of Wyoming and asked his approval.  Just recently the King and his court laughed at her and said “No” when she wanted to sell road kill on the side of the road as a delicacy.  They saw how it hurt the little rolly-polly Princess’ feelings, so in an effort to keep peace in the kingdom the King said OK.  Now the King and his court knew that it was against the Emperor’s law to eat Unicorn meat and that the killing of Unicorns was not socially acceptable in not only their kingdom but in the Empire as well, but they thought this would keep little rotund Princess Sue busy and out of their hair.  And it did.

She started a club with only about three members and formed an alliance with a Duke from the neighboring Kingdom of Doink.  Princess Sue and her new buddy the Duke of Doink soon set out to kill all of the Unicorns in the Kingdom of Wyoming.

First the Princess held a contest where people, who had little money to begin with, could purchase tickets to win a carriage.  She ran into a few problems with the King’s Court on this one as it was unbecoming of a member of the Royal Family to be hustling tickets to the poor so she transferred all the transactions over to the Duke in the Kingdom of Doink.  When that didn’t pan out she threw in the option of winning a hat, oh boy, and again there were no takers.

Then she began to make plans for the big BBQ.  She would have bands and magicians and all sorts of entertainment while the common, ignorant voters dined on the flesh of the Unicorns.  What Princess Sue did not tell her 3 followers was that the Unicorns were protected by an ancient curse.  A curse that made the killing of these beloved, sentient beings a mortal sin and all that killed them would lose their minds and ultimately their lives.  Such a horrendous crime as killing a Unicorn was further underscored by that fact that to allow even the smallest piece of Unicorn flesh to cross one’s lips would result in immediate and painful political death.  These secrets the Princess and the Duke rationalized amongst themselves until one day, they came upon their very first wild Unicorn.

Now Princess Sue and the Duke of Doink had puffed out their chests and told everyone how they had slayed many a Unicorn, but in reality when they met one in the wild for the very first time, both of them peed their pants.

Princess Sue immediately  reached to draw her “pen of legislation” in an effort to slay this grand being and the Duke of Doink stuttered and grasped at a misspelled pronoun to explain the situation as the wild Unicorn simply bowed, touched both of them on their shoulders with it’s horn and said, “We forgive you.”

In an instant the Unicorn was off to the heavens in a flurry of powerful wings and a rush of air as the Princess and Duke loaded up their shorts with their previous meal.  They couldn’t speak, they couldn’t move and surely they couldn’t stand the smell of each other.  So legend has it that they froze in that spot, the spot where they were shown compassion and love by the very entity that they sought to destroy.  Somewhere, in the wilds of the Kingdom of Wyoming stand the petrified remains of a chubby misguided Princess and her forever clueless Duke of Doink with mouths wide open, eyes staring in abject wonder and underpants forever stained with their spineless fear.  They stand as a testament to ignorance, stupidity and rampant heartlessness forever frozen in time by the love of life and all the goodness that the wild Unicorns have to share with us.

The Empire lived in peace forever and ever.

The End.

What prompted the telling of this fable, see below and check the history of Wyoming Rep. Sue Wallis.  The horse eaters just can’t keep their forks out of your horse or ass (thought I was going to say horse’s ass, didn’t you?).

Barf bags are available in the pocket of the seat in front of you.  Once again, buckle up as this news does not sit well with the sane, intelligent and enlighten.  It’s a bit of a bumpy ride.

Wyoming Governor Signs Legislation For Option Of Processing To Deal With Abandoned Horses

CHEYENNE – Wyoming Governor Dave Freudenthal has signed HB 122-Disposal of livestock into law which provides the Wyoming Board of Livestock three options to deal with abandoned, estray (animals whose ownership cannot be determined), feral, or abused animals which come under their control. The first option is taking the animal to a public sale, which was the only alternative before passage of this legislation. Additional options provided are sending the animal to slaughter, or destroying the animal.

While the legislation applies to all classes of livestock, the need arose because of the current lack of a market for low-end horses that are small or are in poor condition. Since the closure of the last US horse slaughter plant in 2007, the only unusable horses that have any value whatsoever are those that are big enough, or healthy enough, to be worth the transportation costs to Canada or Mexico. This has resulted in a huge increase in abandoned and neglected horse cases in Wyoming, and across the nation. Wyoming has seen more than a tripling every year in these numbers, which has required emergency funding through the Governor since they are unable to recoup the cost of care and feeding by selling the horses.

If the Board of Livestock chooses the slaughter option they are required to provide the meat to Wyoming state institutions or nonprofit organizations at their cost. They are authorized to sell the meat to profit entities at market price. Meat intended for human use will be state inspected and used in Wyoming.

The United Organizations of the Horse is coordinating a working group that includes state agencies, private meat processing businesses, nonprofit relief organizations, Dr. Temple Grandin, veterinarians, and other experts to design a system for the processing of horses, and the efficient and practical use of valuable meat and byproducts. The product of this working group will be a pilot Equine Assurance Program which will be a model for other states to utilize to address animal welfare concerns, and ensure the humane handling, transportation, and processing of horses.

Horses for Humanity
The United Organizations will provide horse meat at their cost to Wyoming relief organizations for distribution to those in need. Once the roadblocks to federal inspection of horsemeat in the US can be lifted, the United Organizations of the Horse is planning to implement a partnership with national and international relief organizations to provide wholesome, healthy, humanely harvested horsemeat to the hungry.

Through this program horse owners have the option of donating a horse that would otherwise be disposed of. Owners are assured a quick, humane death for their animal, and the comfort of knowing that the meat is going to a good and useful purpose.

Please excuse me while I go wash my mind out with re-runs of “Leave it to Beaver” and “Judge Judy”, geez! – your roving reporter, R.T.

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68 comments on “The Princess, a Duke and a plan that goes “Doink”

  1. R.T. you have really out done yourself this time!

    What an awesome and witty article, made my day!!

    May the force continue!!

    Sure glad I do not live in Wyoming!!



  2. R.T., I collect fairytales, and yours definitely will be the latest addition to my library.

    If I remember my “fabology” correctly, a unicorn can only be captured by a beautiful virgin using a golden halter.

    Well, the government has the golden halter pretty well stitched up. As to the rest … ???

    And where DID you come across that fetching portrait? Did you stumble upon Sue’s avatar in “World of Warcraft”?


  3. RT ditto what Marge said!!! Please tell me the article at the end is also a bit of farce and fantasy!!! If it isn’t I think I am going to be ill, sorry you did warn us again about the barf bags but I just cant believe that needy people in Wyoming would actually want to be offered horse meat for any reason????? Geez I am off to hug my horses and reassure them all that they will NEVER be in this situation despite the personal and physical cost it is taking on me.


    • mar, I think right now the Dark Side is positioning their pieces on the chessboard and probing for weaknesses. In chess, I play White or I don’t play at all, and folks just have to put up with it.

      Through no fault of their own, the horses are now and have always been sacrificial pawns. But there’s a funny thing about pawns. Until they’re ALL gone, they can be both useful and pretty pesky. Frequently, they’re the very pieces that block the King’s escape. The King, NOT THE PAWN, is the weakest piece on the board. That’s why he needs so much protection.

      The Black Queen is my sworn enemy. She may think she’s the most powerful piece on the board, but I’ve often taken her out early, when things are crowded. I like to use my Knights. Pawns on both sides fall in the process, but even the Black Queen has to keep at least few around to gallop to the King’s Row and get her butt and her minions back in the game.

      Chess may not be a good analogy, but one thing is true. Their Black Army is eager to capture and remove ALL the pawns, because they think they have no value. Our White Army is struggling to defend and save ALL the Pawns, because we know they have unsurpassed value. You can’t play the game that way, but then this isn’t a game. Innocent lives are at stake.

      To win, we must “see the board”, anticipate Black’s strategy, and plan our counterattack as many moves ahead as possible. That’s the part I have trouble with, ’cause I’m a “be here, now” kinda gal. The Masters project the endgame from the minute the first move is made.

      Throughout history, chess has sharpened the mind for war. We need to “game” this thing – offense and defense – to prevail.

      And by the way, Sue, we release our captives, we don’t eat ’em!


      • My instinct is telling me that BLM is out for all the wild ones and will not stop and Obama is letting them because Salazar has convinced him of the efficacy of this and is doing the deed.

        We are in the way. Beware of These wily Horse Killers, sweet observers and advocates. They mean business their way. mar


  4. R.T. – THE BARD OF ? (help me think of a name!!!) Now people be nice! Thanks R.T. WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR IMAGINATION AND CREATIVITY FROM? Oh, that’s right, the Horses Speak to You! Now we know the real talent behind the throne!

    I am “on a roll” here to get these unhappy meatpackers “in on the act” by testifying about the terrible conditions encountered in the meatpacking plants.
    Here is a sample article. By bringing this issue to the forefront with the likes of the Evil Princesses, I strongly feel it would might place a lot of “drag” into their (perceived) momentum. . .


  5. After rereading this I think the best thing to do with these asses is give them all a super enema and ship them home in a shoebox!

    In fact I have the perfect enema. Here is a little bit of history for you all;

    The tobacco smoke enema was used during the 1700 & 1800 hundreds. It was used to infuse tobacco smoke into the patient’s rectum for various medical purposes, primarily the resuscitation of drowning victims. Are you getting my drift?

    A rectal tube inserted into the anus (I am trying to be polite) connected to a fumigator and bellows that forced the smoke into the rectum. The warmth of the smoke was thought to promote respiration (Sue are you breathing heavy yet), but doubts about the credibility of tabacco enemas led to the popular phrase ” blow smoke up one’s ass.”

    Ok I feel better already!



  6. I am still crying because I am laughing so hard. Being that its all true makes it sad as well but writing like this should receive a Pulitzer at the least. You have outdone your self on this one Mr. Fitch. You must send it by courier to The Princess of cow but make sure its by courier so they can read it to her as I am not sure she knows how to read herself. I raise a toast to your wit, knowledge and most importantly sense of humor.


  7. The only light that shines is that our Gov. has decided not to run for a third term of office. But, unfortunately we have three representatives elected to Washington house seats that have stated they are pretty much against the wild horse act. How do you fight these people who have that kind of influence over these kind of matters? I was totally surprised that they basicly are opposed to the western spirit of wildlife in general, because they hold the same ideas about other species too, and they are suppose to be Wyomingites. Of course, they have strong connections to the ranching community need I say more. (I don’t oppose the farming and ranching community what so ever, just their ideas on thinking they have to own everything and push something else out of the way. I may live in Wyoming, but I sure don’t accept what these so called leaders are doing!
    I agree with Marge about needing to exhale now, only I’m still uptight about all this.


  8. Hey! When it comes to Wyoming, doesn’t Dick “Darth Vader” Chenney actually run the freaking state????? They also do a superior job with bison and wolves.

    If it moves, shoot it and eat it…except the cattle and sheep of course. They need those to export; most Americans wind up eatting used up dairy cows anyway.


      • Roger went out and got it.. then he showed me a copy of Range Magazine… feature Article by the princess herself, “The Truth About Horses; Over Population is the Greatest Threat to ‘Wild’ Horses” by Sue Wallis. Plus; “Madeleine Pickens’ Bad Plan; Reinventing Horse Heaven” by Rod McQueary. Then under “Critters, Wild and Tame” “Horse herds Need to be Culled” an easy answer by Johnny Gunn.

        Quite a lineup for Western attitudes and very one sided. I think the whole thing is anti wild horse. Well, Roger won’t buy another of these but we need to keep an eye out on this nasty piece of work.

        The ‘feel good’ piece for wild horses is, under the heading “A Real Mustang Rescue,” after an intro criticizing the ‘unwanted horse population’ and “Current uncontrolled feral horse populations” it tells of “Windcross Conservancy” and their mission to preserve the Endangered Spanish Mustang; “the first Colonial horse of the old West.” “The breeding of excellent specimens of the breed” is the goal.

        The cover is a photo of wild stallions fighting in a dramatic background by Erika Haight. I hope this is off the stands by tourist season. mar


      • McQueary implies that Madeleine’s wild horses would breed at 20% rate and outgrow her sanctuary. this is so typical of these people to manipulate and lie. WE all know the horses in the sanctuaries will be geldings or PZP mares who will not be pastured together and will not be able to reproduce.

        He also says that the Calico horses ‘includes hundreds of abandoned domestic pets’!! He goes on to lie that ROAM “Would create a welfare entitlement program so that every single domestic and wild horse in this country gets set up at government – blessed taxpayer expense’!!! Wow, horses on the dole?

        This guy is amazing, I have never heard such bald faced lies… RT, Just one last paragraph, the crown jewel in the princess’s hubby’s line of BS;
        “Inherent in this plan is the loss of private property rights for all horse owners and loss of the ability to use and manage private and public lands for productive purposes. IT MEANS THE WHOLESALE SLAUGHTER OF OUR RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS.(!!!!) On a dry summer or cold winter, the Picken’s Plan without skilled management would consign thousands of horses to miserable, painful deaths of starvation and disease, a total waste as opposed to a humane end that provides wholesome food to a market that is willing to pay a return to horse owners. Mrs Pickens and her supporters ask America to take better care of wild horses and burros than we take care of our aged and disabled citizens, our beloved American veterans and our hugely courageous code talking Navajo heroes. (!!!) Answer me kindly citizen, to whom do you owe your freedom?

        Wow, Madeleine will cause the deaths of thousands of horses by starvation and disease and that is better than we care for our aged and disabled citizens, our beloved American veterans and our hugely courageous code talking Navajo heroes. IMHO, this man has lost his mind!! Need I say more?? mar


      • Really? REALLY??!
        We may be clueless and misinformed, according to the Powers, but I’ve never heard any Advocate go on an unmedicated rant like that!
        This fool’s not just Pro-slaughter – he’s Anti-horse.
        He forgot to mention how the mining industry is pillaging Public lands, chewin’ it up and spitting it out like sunflower seeds. Maybe they don’t in his neck of the woods.
        He also forgot to mention abused children and the homeless. Maybe next time…


      • Mar, is there anywhere online that we can see this magazine and the article and respond to it???? Geez this is unreal .. I can’t believe people actually believe this drivel!!!! They need to be called out on it for the sake of the readers who actually think this is all fact. I am willing to bet that a lot of them would stop buying the magazine if they actually got to hear the truth about these excuses for human beings and their vile lies!!!


      • Okay I know we lost an hour last night because of Daylight Savings Time but am I being dense. I managed to see the articles (which prompted me to bring out the “barf bag” as RT calls it … gosh these “lifeforms”, dont know what else to call them as they can’t be human, make me ill) but I couldnt find a way even on their blog to comment on these particular articles. I tried to subscribe and got lost in all the RSS feed, Google account stuff so have no idea what I am doing wrong. Mar can you shed some light on how to find these articles on their blog, it is a WordPress driven blog from the look of it and I already subscribe to a number of WordPress blogs but I just can’t figure it out!

        Do these “people” submit their drivel to this magazine on a regular basis?


      • Lori, Well, The Blog as they call it on their Masthead is just comments to Other articles of news on the RSS feed. Sadly.

        Their Phone number is 775-884-2200
        Their Fax is 775-884-2213

        The ‘Range’ is located and published in Carson City and their are two addresses;
        Publisher; Purple Coyote Corporation
        106 East Adams Street Ste. 201, Carson City, NV. 89706
        And; Range Magazine, P.O. Box 639, Carson City, NV. 89702-0639

        The Editor Publisher is Caroline Joy “CJ” Hadley
        who can be reached at
        and this may be the best online place to write and have a say. They do publish “Letters” (to Dave Holl) and there is no address anywhere so “CJ” should do and Letters.

        They claim they are; ” an award winning quarterly devoted to the issues that threaten the West, its people, lifestyles, lands and wildlife. No stranger to controversy, Range is a leading forum for opposing viewpoints in the search for solutions that will halt the depletion of a national resource- the American cowboy.”

        “Up Front, Unintended Cosequences” is the Editor/Publishers page where “CJ” Hadley honks off on Madeleine some more; Again this publication insists that the holding horses population will double in 4 years but why has this not happened while BLM has them?? For the obvious reason; they are gelded and PZP’d.
        She goes on about the roundups;
        “In the Reno Gazette on January 17, the Sierra Club, Friends of Nevada wilderness, Coalition for Nevada’s Wildlife and the Safari Club International all came out in support of the BLM gathering excess horses off the Nevada range. They know that other wildlife suffers due to excess horses and the embattled feds who try to manage free-roaming “mustangs” have their hands tied and are handicapped by bad legislators and animal rights zealots.”

        There ‘they’ go again, calling us bad names and telling lies because ‘they’ are too lazy to see the other side. This is a forum for opposing views?? Seems like they have their minds made up and that the distribution of Misinformation is one of their goals. This publication is cow shit…imo. mar


      • I am going to add here to

        The Great Indentation (that place where the Replies all line up one after the other — that’s all)

        OK, if you go to their RangeFire you see the graphic they use is of cut-and-pasted letters — see? In the title?

        who uses cut and pasted letters! Why, murderers and kidnappers!


    • D. No, Mr Cheney doesn’t run our state and really I think he has basiclly moved elsewhere and only refers to it as a former home. I wish you didn’t have to use that fill in word for another version relating to this state. Be that as it may, the reps. that we have elected, which includes the Governor, are the ones responsible for alot of the present situations. Take for instance the wolf subject. The Governor refused to cooperate with the ajoining states, Montana and Idaho, and wanted to have it so they could be shot on site outside Yellowstone Park. The Federal government decided to keep them on the endangered list in Wyoming which made my day. Emails I received from two of the three reps in Washington D.C. from my state both indicated they would support what I would call the mismanagement of the wild horses. The third one has stated in one of her interviews that she is totally against the freedom of these animals. Anyway, these four people have the biggest influence right now. And to think I voted for two of them, but that won’t happen a 2nd time.


  9. Oooh! Oooh! DADDY!! Tell us the one about the Evil Dark Lord of the DOI and the Black Tower of Livestock & Mining! How all the animals, the Horsies & Donkies & Buffalos & Deers & Wolfs & Assorted Wild Things of the Land rose up and SMOTE them with Pellets of Compost that rained on them for 40 days and 40 nights, leaving a verdant and green land where no Evil could grow!!
    (I REALLY need to get out and away from my computer for an hour or two…)


  10. With deepest apologies to Gilbert & Sullivan…


    “Three Little Chicks named Sue are we
    Cattoor,Stokke & Wallis, respectively
    Looking for Horsies to Bar-Be-Cyoooooo
    Three Little Chicks Named Sue!!!!”

    (let the bashin’ begin)


  11. I’m laughing so hard I can hardly type and I ain’t THAT good a typer anyway. Still I ask – how are they going to get around the EU’s rules? Even many of the Mustangs are contaminated now with bute and PZP. She will be poisoning people! I hope someone reminds the other powers-that-be in Wyoming that they could get in a WHOLE LOTTA TROUBLE for shipping contaminated meat.

    Maybe we’ll get lucky and Princess Sue and the Duke of Doink will eat some themselves, thus removing themselves as a problem.


    • True and it’s too bad that citizens doing an independent census in the wild can’t just dart every mustang they see with one of those banned drugs. Bingo, instant taint for meat.

      In fact, this is a very important point: since BLM doesn’t keep track of individuals and some of them are given the banned drugs, there is NO WAY to determine which ones. So that means all of them must be considered as tainted….. All the horse flesh eaters, here and abroad, need to be lobbied incessantly with that little tidbit… gotcha, BLM’s p@ss poor management bites them in the @ss once more….but it also means the wild ones can’t be considered “pure and wholesome” food!


      • Right! I’ve been posting about this for a while now. Not only PZP, but in their own reports they talk about giving the injured horses bute. No telling how many of the horses in Long and Short Term Holding have had bute. Surely they gave some but to the ones they gelded.

        Too bad, Sue…


  12. Well, now that we are in the realm of homestyle musical soirrees and the like, I shall bring in Madame Butterfly here with the dark thought that I read here somewhere that Canada ships raw horsemeat by air to Japan (aka Madama Butterfly, above) and it is consumed within 3 days. Bute and all? Or are there less strict rules in places like Asia and South America? (And South Florida, apparently). It is too scary.


  13. I cannot believe this!!! I agree with Janet, I hope that She and the Governor and the 3 Dems that are in Congress EAT the poisonous horsemeat and come down with any and all kinds of illnesses and birth defects and every thing else that comes with it!! You know that the Bible states what types of animal you can eat for meat and it states that you are not supposed to eat horsemeat or donkey or of the single hoof. You can only eat of the cloven hoof-meaning cow, goat, sheep, deer. But NOT hogs because they were thought to be unclean. You weren’t supposed to eat Camel either even though their foot is shaped like a cloven hoof. But I guess most of these people either DON’T read the Bible, or they only read the New Testament, or they only read THEIR Version of the Bible or they have some other excuse. Plus, I wish that the Department of Agriculture and all of the other departments in Washington would agree on the definition of the horse!!! One Department states that they are Livestock. Another Department states that they are a Companion Animal! Which is it??!! The reason that they keep it so confusing is because they don’t want to lend any money to people who own and breed them for Capital Improvements on their farms, etc. I do know one thing for certain, the horse is highly mentioned in all three of the main religions of the World. I don’t mean to get Religious on everybody, but lets just look at this from a different prespective and maybe the White House will too. In Islam, the horse holds a very high place and Mohammad loved his horse very, very much. So much so that the Mosque in Jeruselum, on the spot where the temple once stood, Mohammad’s horse’s footprint is said to be in the rock. So his follower’s built the Dome of the Rock Mosque on that site!! Then in the Christian faith in the final book of the Bible it states that Christ will return riding on a “White horse!.” In the Jewish faith all throughout the Torah or the first 5 books of the Old Testament, Proverbs and the Psalms mentions God’s favor of the horse. You people out there in Wyoming need to remember your roots. I remember how the west was founded and your ancesters were God-fearing, church-going, good people. They didn’t extinguish a whole spiecies just for a “dollar”. They used those mustangs as their ranch horses and to improve their herds. Now the “new” generation seems like their out to just “make a buck” off of somebody else. Use your own land to graze your cattle and sheep and let the mustangs roam the public lands like they did when your ancestors first “claimed” your land that “you own.”


    • In the not-too-distant past, the USDA published something on their website about how bubonic plague has been found in camel’s liver (I think it was 2005? — if not it was 1995?)

      Anyway, I didn’t say that I wanted Sue and her cohorts to die of poisoned meat. Just for the record.


      • Please look at this trailer — it is an important documentary

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  14. Do you @#$% really think you know more about equine well-being than the AVMA and AAEP? Seriously?? Oh, let me guess, they are just greedy and are in bed with the evil horse breeders who are just out to make a buck. Riiiiiight. You people have watched too many Disney movies. Just because horses have been idolized and romanticized by Hollywood doesn’t make them an inherently higher being than cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, or any other animal.

    Listen, I’m really sorry if you never got to have a pwetty wittle horsie of your own, or if you are content having a horse in your backyard that you can’t actually do anything with (but let me guess, he has worth because he is a spiritual being), or if you just forgot to take your Xanax or Premarin today, or if you’re just trying to fill your lives by taking up some Quixotic crusade against windmills, but there are people out there, including the vast majority of horse owners, who realize that horses are livestock, and they are also private property. As long as the AVMA and AAEP deem the captive bolt gun humane, that is good enough for me.


    • I’d like to see a cow, sheep, pig, or chicken compete in eventing, cutting, endurance, competitive trail, or any other horse sport.

      I agree, the captive bolt gun IS good enough for YOU.


    • When I said “the captive bolt gun IS good enough for YOU”, I meant YOUR FOREHEAD, not the horse’s. Then how humane is it?


    • My pretty little horsies? Can kick YOUR butt any day of the week.
      My pretty little horsies? So much more than stock animals. I actually LIKE them.
      My pretty little horsies? They NEVER hafta worry about your bitch ass boltin’ them to death. It’s called ‘responsiblity’; if YOU have too many horsies, if YOUR horsIes offend THEE maybe YOU oughta rethink yer stinkin’ thinkin’ and stop buyin’ and breedin’.


    • Hay, you sorry excuse for a human being – See my reply to “Marge” below and you will see the CONDITIONS under which a captive bolt “CAN BE” not “IS” an acceptable method of putting a horse down. The required conditions are NOT – I repeat NOT – found in slaughter houses.

      I have horses and have had horses for over 30 years, so cut the shit with me. I’ve also been to slaughter houses with my friends who were trying desperately to find their STOLEN horses before it was too late. See, I lived in Texas when Dallas Crown and Beltex were still operating and it was HELL.

      Whether horses are “spiritual” beings or not, they ARE beings and they can feel fear and pain just like any of us. See, those things MATTER to normal people.

      We not only know about equine well being – we CARE! Now go away, you sarcastic, condescending piece of excrement.


    • AMVH – You have just won yourself a free moderation ticket. Name calling will not be tolerated, here. We respect people and their opinions. Likewise, you will note that the people you are hollering at are using real names, unlike the cowardly handle that you hide behind. You must have a reason, or many, to be ashamed of letting us know who you are while many of us, already know.

      Folks, this comment, by a coward, remains to stand as a testament to what happens when you speak the truth to the other side. They cannot logically discuss the facts as they know that you/we are correct so they resort to name calling and descending into drivel and stupidity.

      And they call US emotional.


  15. As long as the AVMA and AAEP deem the captive bolt gun humane, that is good enough for me.

    This person should find out why the AVMA & AAEP think the captive bolt is humane.
    It just might have something to do with $$$.

    Also please remember who helped settle this country!

    Wherever man has left his footprint
    In the long ascent from Barbarism to
    Civilization we will find the footprint
    of the horse beside it.

    {John Trotwood Moore}


    • Have you ever actually read the rules under which the captive bold is considered “acceptable” according to the AVMA? It says – and I can produce the official document I got this from – captive bolt CAN BE not IS an acceptable way of putting a horse down IF there is proper head restraint, IF the pistol is held firmly against the face, IF the operator is properly trained. Another condition not specifically for horses – the animal must be stunned with ONE SHOT.

      Now, the slaughter houses don’t have ANY head restraint, so the operator CAN’T hold the pistol firmly against the face, no matter how he’s trained, because the horses is frantically throwing his head around. It takes repeated blows to stun a horse – another violation – and even then they are often improperly stunned, not only because of the above mentioned problems, but because the brain is recessed in the horse and the bolt is not long enough to reach the brain as it’s supposed to. Got all this now?

      Yeah, I DO remember who helped settle this country – the HORSES! Is this how we repay them?


      TOO RIGHT!
      gonna have that tatooed on my, er, person somwheres.


  16. This season provides an annual time for reflection. As you begin your spiritual journey this season, remember compassion for the suffering, and to pray for those in need around the world. Your prayers are crucial in the mission to heal a hurting world.


  17. Maybe someone could correct me, but with regard to humane euthanasia guidelines and the AVMA….I have never seen one piece of written, researchable piece of documentation from them that says assembly line use of the CBG for equines (w/o head restraint, slowing down the processing line, etc) is acceptable.

    Now, I know they have said it at Congressional hearings and have recently added interesting info on horse slaughter, CBG and drugs on their website. But I have never seen a completely detailed statement that says the CBG, as utilized now including the lack of drug and ownership histories for slaughtered US Equines is safe for the equine, much more the consumer.

    Anybody got a statement?

    R.T….let amvh post (barring name calling that’s obscene). I read Fugly Horse of the Day and thank God someone is out there that allows people to vent whether right, wrong, intelligent or dumber than a box of rocks…all God’s children.


    • No, I’ve never seen a statement from the AVMA about ACTUAL slaughter house conditions being acceptable – because I imagine, even they can’t carry off a whopper like that. They are careful to say it “can be” acceptable in this perfect scenario they describe. And no one seems to see through that disingenuous slime.


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