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Montana’s Rep. “Red” Ed Butcher Slaughtered Before Running in the Race

Op-Ed by R.T. Fitch, author of “Straight from the Horse’s Heart

The Horse Slaughter “Butcher” is Leaving the House

Rep. Ed Butcher, Republican: Montana's proud father of the Horse Slaughter Bill - HB 418

HOUSTON (SFTHH) – Montana state records indicate that State Rep. “Red” Ed Butcher has withdrawn his name for running another term in that state’s legislature.

A recent article in the Helena Independent Record, staff writer Mike Dennison reported,  “Two incumbent lawmakers decided Monday to withdraw as candidates, after having earlier paid their $15 filing fee: Rep. Ed Butcher, an outspoken Republican from Winifred, who withdrew in House District 29, and Rep. Mike Jopek, a Whitefish Democrat who sponsored a major property-tax-revision bill last year, who withdrew in HD4.”

“Red” Ed rocketed himself into international infamy by shoving a distasteful horse slaughter bill down the throats of the Montana citizenry early last year.  “Red” Ed’s bill would clear the way to construct predatory horse slaughter plants in Montana while making it virtually impossible for citizens to protest their potential construction.  Montana’s Governor Brian Schweitzer allowed the bill to become law by default while he partied at the Kentucky Derby.  Late last year “Red” Ed invited communist Chinese investors to visit Hardin, MT in hopes that they would build a plant.  Last week it was reported that the good folks from Hardin told “Red” Ed to take his horse slaughter plant and his  communist buddies and go elsewhere, they were not interested.

Although the fine folks of Montana can celebrate in the fact that “Red” Ed won’t be harming or embarrassing them by sponsoring anymore useless legislation they should be on their toes and watch for the what, why and who behind “Red” Ed’s decision to pull out of the race.  Anyone who has been following “Red” Ed knows that he just isn’t going back and kicking up his feet at the ole homestead.  Oh no, he may have ruined his political career by sponsoring his useless bill but he surely has something cooking in the background; something that smells pretty rancid and something that just might go bump in the night.

Don’t let down your guard, Montana, Ed’s got a Chinese menu in his hand and no telling what or who might be on it.

(Many thanks to our friends in Montana for the updates and information)

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  1. So glad to see him go but the whole while reading this article I too was thinking “what’s he up to?” Definitely someone to keep the radar on.


  2. Very well stated, RT. Right on. He and his kind, Ms. Sue Wallis, will *attempt every “trick in the book,” and then some. But we are ready. Have lots “up our sleeves,” too.
    Very importantly: PASSION!


  3. To anyone courting China…how’s that workin’ out for “google”????

    To Red Ed leaving, don’t surprised with his Chinese contracts he an uber paid consultant for Asia in some form….next question, who is running for the seat????


  4. He is probably on the payroll of PRO slaughter full time now…..and I think he looks a little like Sue. Are they brother and sister?


    • More likely all the contaminants and poisins in the horse meat he seems to be so fond of!!!! It will catch up with them all and the horses will get the last laught at these ignoramus’.


  5. Knocked down like a bowling pin!!! Keep those balls rolling, many more to go!!! I love that his own state spit in his face.


  6. He is now trying to build slaughterhouse & nuclear plant. What a noble retirement! Must not have grandchildren or if so, doesn’t care about their future.


    • Oh no, he has grandchildren. In fact he had them get up and testify FOR the slaughter house at the hearing in Helena last year. I felt sorry for them. They looked to range in age of 10-16.


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