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Wyoming Rep. “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis Calls the Kettle Black

Commentary/Rebuttal by Vicki Tobin of The Equine Welfare Alliance

Sue Wallis Motto: “Open Mouth, Insert Foot”

Wallis Statement |Perception is reality, they say, and those who are offering no solutions while continuing to campaign – loudly, vociferously, and redundantly – with misinformation, outright falsehoods, and misrepresentations need to be called to task for the suffering that they are causing.”

We now know why Wallis continues to circulate disinformation. She is hoping it is perceived as reality.

If you dissect her statement, it is a blanket statement meant to mislead readers into believing that the equine welfare advocates are loud and keep repeating faulty information.

As an example, the number one issue that will prevent US horses from being slaughtered for human consumption is the drug issue. It is FACT that the EU has recognized this most important food safety issue that we have been warning of for years. The EU is certainly not going to issue regulatory orders on food safety if there wasn’t a definite concern. The US has no passport system for horses and no mechanism to remove horses from the food chain that have received substances prohibited by the FDA and USDA.

There are at least three, more recent sources – a study in CA of race horses (99%), a bute paper published in the peer reviewed journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology (100%) and a survey by the Horse (96%) that all indicate the presence of prohibited substances in alarming percentages. While The Horse survey is not scientific, it is a sampling of average horse owners.

Ms. Wallis calls the drug issue a “red herring”.

To make such a blanket allegation, a number of false statements should have been called out with sources to dispute the information. The absence of any faulty statements, would leave an intelligent reader with the perception that the statement made by Wallis is nothing more than the misinformation she accuses her opponents of circulating.

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  1. She calls it a red herring because she doesn’t have any science or fact/data to disprove our contention that this has always been a dirty busines from the stolen horse, the lied to seller, the overbreeding cretin, the irresponsible owne, the brutal transporter, the sloppy horse whacker, etc.

    She goes on the cheap, emotional rhetoric rant to do something, anything to maintain her position that HCHS is a good thing because she HAS NOTHING TO REBUTT!!!.

    SS was born about 100 years too late.

    Keep up the good work R.T.


  2. A similar statement is “YOUR perception is YOUR reality.” Obviously this is the place SS is coming from.

    Neither statement has ANY relationship to the TRUTH. They are nefarious tools used to target and manipulate the uninformed. The primary strategy is to identify a sympathetic audience and keep them from questioning your position and information AT ALL COSTS. This is a central tenet of the “Big Lie” I keep referring to.


  3. Yep! Poor No-Slaughterhouse Sue! I’m afraid she may have a terminal case of Hoof-In-Mouth Disease. She certainly has all the symptoms. SO sad…..


  4. Please notice that we have a comment on a much dated thread from BLM “donna hummel” (check recent posts).

    Please be polite, respectful and on issue when you post. It is such an older thread, I’m stymied.



  5. hose slaughter is not humane. but i blame the horse people for this slaughter.. there are so many horse owners out there that look at their horse as property, a possession, that when they have no use for, they have no problem sending that faithful companion to slaughter,and that is where the slaughter starts. if horses had caring compassinate onwers, speaking out on their behalf, we could end this horror. betrayal…………………………………………… ruth coutu


  6. In her continued diatribes, sue infers Horse abuse, neglect & abandonment is at epidemic proportions and the only sane and logical thing to do to bring our Horses back down to the levels they occupied when they were truly loved in America is to slaughter them back into our hearts.
    By NOT being pro-slaughter, we are subjecting our beloved animals to fiendish ends through old age or humane euthanasia by a licensed vet. That a euthanized animal can be rendered into products that don’t harm humans apparently escapes her.
    By NOT being pro-slaughter, we are taking away the rights and priveleges from Horse owners to out-of-control breeding and lack of personal responsibility for the living entities known to them as ‘property’.
    By NOT being pro-slaughter, we are sh*tting on the memory of American Veterans and their families(?); I have to admit, I have a little trouble correlating that one.
    We HAVE offered solutions, but they are such that the pro-slaughter contingent doesn’t want to hear or consider – stop over-breeding, stop utilizing pharmaceuticals that require Equine by-products, stop rounding up Wild Equines when you have no justification and can’t house what you capture – just STOP until you have learned to excercise a little restraint.
    The Horse people who are pro-slaughter seem to me to be the biggest contributors TO the problem of the theoretical Unwanted Horse.


    • They are. There is no doubt about that. People in the horse “industry” where all too often, horses are commodities that are expendable if they don’t fulfill the need of the moment.

      Sue claims to love horses. She doesn’t even have a clue about what it means to love a horse. And, I don’t think she has much more concern for people given that she would apparently sell them tainted horse meat.

      The woman gives me cold chills.


  7. It must be frustrating to people like SW that MANY people are no longer just buying into her “statements”; people are questioning, researching and she really has no answer but to keep on with the same old, same old, which once she says it 40 times, people recognize as the garbage it is. Having researched the slaughter issue, I no longer support AQHA, even though I own 2 registered geldings, and used to be part of the AQHA trail ride/miles program. the major horse industries really need to revamp how they do business, and stop promoting slaughter.


    • you’re right it is frustrating the way assocs like Quarter horse ass. supports horse slaughter. Well if that is their position fine, however places like quarter horse racing must now tell the public they will send their retired racehorses to slaughter. Then let the public decide if they still care to go to the races.

      When all these businesses see how horse slaughter KILLS their income they may stop the assistance to the horsemeat industry.


  8. Thank You for exposing this woman for the horse hater she is. Thank God for the internet. Perhaps she got away with this horse hating in the OLD DAYs, however she really comes across as IMO on the internet as a woman who has serious moral problems.

    Can we please start on her list of supporters that slaughterhouse sue has on her website? one by one we need to ask in PUBLIC that they support an industry that steals peoples pets,(50,000 horses a year stolen!never seen again) kills childrens ponies and lies about horses. Do they support a woman who knows she is dishing out mental abuse in a sadistic way to millions of horse lovers across the world.

    I would like to know exactly those supporters positions so I am an informed consumer. I also wish to see their 501c papers and note the public donations where she is spending that money.


  9. same thing with the BLM and their ‘meetings’. The Meetings never have public meeting notes or public videos, why not? if they are spending thousands of dollars on hotels and meals for those meetings , why no time om the notes of each meeting.?

    I’m still very sad for all the horses all these people have killed and abused over the years. However, I am angry and demand public exposure of exactly how much money these horse killers are spending be made PUBLIC.


  10. Here in California, the issues of pro- & anti- horse slaughter rarely see the light of day unless you are an Advocate.
    And the Wild Equine issues are just as shaded from the Public eye.
    Of all the people I know personally & professionally, unless specifically drawn into the conversation by my constant nattering, have little or no knowledge of either issue. Some of them are concerned my vast personal fortune (chuckle) is at risk because of their ignorance of the dark side of being a Horse. That includes Horse owners.
    Gratefully, none of them would know sue wallis if she poked ’em in the mouth. Or any other proponents of the Slay the Horse movement. While they are dangerous, they appear to have little recognition outside their sphere of influence. But where they influence, they are powerful.
    While I would love nothing better than an broader Public assessment of sue’s views, I bristle at the idea of free publicity for her and a chance for representatives to justify state mandated cruelty disguised as Horse Welfare.


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