BLM Horses Don’t Founder

By Steven Long ~ Editor/Publisher of Horseback Magazine

Laws of Nature do NOT Apply to the BLM

Twin Peaks Stampede Victim ~ Photo by Leslie Peeples

HOUSTON, (Horseback) – When Horseback Magazine asked the federal Bureau of Land Management for a report on the number of horses suffering from laminitis after being stampeded by a roaring helicopter, we actually expected an answer. What we got instead was a tap dance.

“The proportion of horses that show evidence of hoof soreness, bruising, or abscesses following gathers varies quite a bit depending on range conditions, the terrain, time of year, snow cover, and so on. We don’t typically use the terms “laminitis” or “founder” to describe these horses, as that can be confusing to people who associate those terms only with problems related to grass founder or too much grain, “said BLM Washington spokesman Tom Gorey.

“That reply made no sense,” former Horseback Magazine veterinary columnist Dr. Angela Chenault said in an email after reading the government statement. “Call me.”

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