Day: August 5, 2010

BLM Helicopter Stampede Contractor Speaks Out

I know the damage has already been done and that your headlines have already accomplished what you wanted but I am going to ask you to print what I have written here because your two articles contains many statements that are simply not the truth. I am asking you to print all of it not just bits and pieces.

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Equine Welfare Advocates Spend Week in DC Lobbying Respect 4 Horses

WASHINGTON DC – (July 2010) Respect 4 Horses attempts to represent all injustices against horses equally. The two main legislative issues H.R. 503 (S727) and H.R. 1018 (S1579), but also H.R. 305 (horse transportation safety act) and the PMU industry problems and breeding industry problems. Our motto is to kill many flies with one swatter while we are at it. We would like to see all grassroots factions pull together in order to gain three times the power against the enemy. Click (HERE) for article: “One time, Two times, Three times the Power”. During lobbying trips however we mainly represent the two main issues.

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