The Force of the Horse

Part III: For the Love of Wild Horses

Part III of a series by R.T. Fitch – author of “Straight from the Horse’s Heart

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The Straws that Broke the Horse’s Back

Terry Fitch at Cloud's Roundup 09/07/09 ~ photo by R.T. Fitch

On September 7th, 2009 my wife, Terry, pressed her lips against my right ear and whispered “We have to do something” as her tears ran down the right side of my face and “Cloud the Stallion of the Rockies” reluctantly lead his family into to the trap that the BLM had waiting for him.

“We have to do something”, rang in my ears and deprived me of sleep during the bloody Calico roundup, in early winter of this year, where over a 140 horses have died and now the remainder are slipping off into obscurity.

“We have to do something”, pulled at my heart as we watched dozens of horses die at the hands of the BLM and their contractors, the Cattoors, during the Owyhee stampede in early July.  Laura Leigh put up a valiant fight to witness for the horses yet the BLM, Cattoors and the Federal judge thwarted her every attempt.

That phrase ringing in my ears caused me to sit down with my lovely bride and openly discuss what we “could” do to make a difference for the horses.  How could two, nondescript, American citizens do something sustainable; an effort that would have a lasting effect on the future of the horses and the way in which the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) mismanages our disappearing national Icon.

“Sue them”, came back the forceful response from the lithe figure that never had a bad word to say about anyone, “Sue them right down into the dirt.  They just cannot continue to thumb their nose at the law and the American public.  Sue them until it hurts.” Terry hissed.

I calmly reminded her that to do so takes money, lots of money and the woman who takes care of our books and brought me back from a former single man’s fiscal life of ruin said, “We’ll do it, we can get it started but let’s not sit here and talk about it, let’s do it.”

So the inquiries went out to some of the most reputable advocacy foundations and groups in the land until we found our attorney.  I won’t mention a name here as I do not know if I am authorized but he is noted as being one of the good guys and away we went.

Our firm paired with other firms and attorneys, some worked pro-bono others could not because everyone needs to eat but all have been forgiving with logging their time.

We did not want to chase the BLM across the west with TROs as in the long run that would have no lasting effect and long range would not help the horses but instead we wanted to research and find a weak spot in the BLM’s armor, a little dent that they were unaware was present so if we pressed real hard we could thrust our suit into their vitals and maybe effect positive change for the future of the wild horses; our legal team found that spot.

But it did not take Terry and I long to realize that we couldn’t sustain this fight from our own personal finances for long.  It was then that I noticed sitting high up on the shelf in the library the dusty yet functional 501c4 Habitat for Horses Advisory Council so we cleaned it up, prayed for support, breathed some life into the organization and set out to be the “Legal Voice for the American Equine.”  What was created over a year earlier by three tired old cowboys over iced tea and BBQ was about to make a difference for the horses of the United States.

Last week you saw our first victory, we made the BLM flinch and if not for our legal team and the support of our plaintiffs the horses of West Douglas could have very well been under helicopter assault at the time of this writing.  And there is more to come, we are not going away, you have not heard the last of us for we have had a plan in the works and we are now working that plan.

Running a parallel course with our friends at Grass Roots Horse we can be an effective legal army against the horrific indiscretions of the BLM as they will never know which way we are coming, they will not be privy to the timing of our next attack and they will not be able to defend themselves in a court of law when indisputable facts are laid out for all to see.

We are in it to win, to win for the horses as the time has come to stop hurling only words at this rogue agency but to cut them off at their very knees and put them out of the wild horse and burro killing business once and for all.  Along with many other admirable groups, we plan to put a stop to this and it had better be sooner than later.

So for the love of the wild horses, join us, become one of us and let’s stand together as tax paying Americans and regain control over a government agency that has gone amuck.

We thank you for your comradeship, your valuable friendship and most of all for your most appreciated support.

Keep the faith as the horses are depending on us and we have no intention of letting them down.

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  1. Just as a Footnote: Cloud was set free several days later with only about half of his family and his mares were pumped full of PZP, but he was set free and lives on in the Pryors…


    • I wanted to place this link here because the BLM has claimed several times experiments and research on the birth control crap.

      They may have to be inspected under the Animal welfare act if they are doing research (as the BLM always states)

      someone savy has to pleasee take a long hard look at the animal welfare 100s of pages and see if we can get them to follow the basic care rules they are breaking for wild horses.

      They claim research and experiments.. then they have rules to follow and they are breaking rules, re-space, shelter, transport, safety, PAIN management.


  2. I need to go back and find the link to HfHAC so I can help to with the legal fund. I only wonder what will happen to those that have been in long term holding? What fate awaits them should this Mengele Agency just gives it up already? What can we do to assure their safety? What about the babies that have been born in captivity? How can we make sure the mares aren’t shot full of PZP?

    I know I have many questions and probably some that still have to be worked on. But these brutual roundups need to stop. The Menegele Agency commits atrocious acts against animals everyday. Acts that would land the average Amercian Citizen in jail. Yet the Menegele Agency is allowed to continue this outrage.

    I wonder what makes Bulls Lies and Menegele think they are above the law and that they somehow know best. If they are oh so perfect then they should be more than willing to share there experience with the rest of us. Otherwise there just being selfish about there knowlege.

    What kind of barbarism is this Menegele Agency thinking when they spay mares? OMG, they are already gelding every stud. Why are they torturing the mares? Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

    If the Menegele Agency is experiementing on my wild horses with some new fangled surgery…I don’t know. It’s just too sick to think about. Yet, Menegele did exist once–so it could happen again. How can our Pres allow something so disgusting and brutual to happen while he’s in office and not do or say a thing?

    If everyone has a say about our laws and our country–then I say this is what’s important to me. Just because you think horses are a lesser deserving of your time issue–that’s good enough for me to vote you out of office.

    Sorry for my rant. I just needed to let off a bit of steam.


    • Margaret, go to the right side margin and under Friends of Horses you will find link to HfHAC. Feel free to rant anytime. I misread your comment “How can our Pres allow something so disgusting and brutual to happen while he’s in office and not do or say a thing” thinking it read “press” not Pres at first. I thought, yes, how does the mainstream press allow this to happen without more investigational reports (ones that don’t just nod their heads at trash the BLM hands them)? Our “press” and our Pres could do much more than what is being done, much, much more.


  3. Stay strong as it is a tough fight coming. You are needed and appreciated beyond words as is Laura and GRH. This has to be a done deal. You know that. My love to you all. mar


  4. God Bless You for your legal fight to save our beautiful, intelligent animals that are our legacy to future generations. This individuals need to be stopped at all costs. I know what I would do: Take Salazar of the BLM plus all his employees, his contract helicopter company and their employees and load them in those helicopters and drop them in the center of Death Valley. I personally would love to be one that pushed. If any of these people survived this, then they are headed for slaughter just like the animals that they have so savagely treated for many past years. Anyone that has made it appear that they are loving rescues but actually are in the pockets of the BLM and their coherts would also join in the helicopter ride. We, the American taxpayer, DEMAND the dismantling of this group, as well as the Fish and Game that had a party I believe to the Sheridan roundup, and that from this day on, these horses will be the emblem of the American WEst and they are untouchable to send to slaughter for any reason. Anyone who mistreats or starves this animal needs to spend jail time to the fullest extent of the law and maybe a lifetime besides. We the taxpaper, has to bombard these agencies and these individuals to show them we are not going to go away and we will fight until all of them are in jail for eternity.


  5. ………from something that has been lurking in the dark, behind closed doors and in places that have declared “off limits to the public”.




  7. And our Burros– see Elyse Gardner’s most recent documenting of the burros captured at Twin Peaks in Susanville.


  8. As an avid reader of such books as The Silver Brumby Series by Elynne Mitchell, Fury – Son of the wilds by ? and Snow Cloud Stallion by Gerard Raftery I am heartbroken to read about what these wicked, evil people are doing to the wild horses of America! How can they do it to such noble, majestic and incredibly intelligent animals who add nothing but beauty to this world of ours?

    Thank you to all those who are fighting to protect the wild horses and burros and to bring to justice the perpetrators of these evil crimes against them.

    I find cruelty to any animal practically unforgiveable and it most certainly should be punished using stringent measures!

    We need to lobby the powers that be to start protecting the heritage of America! The horses have been there longer than the people i believe! Surely we can find a way to allow the horses and burros space to roam wild and free!

    Keep up the good work and keep praying! i have no doubt whatsoever that God is in your side! After all when He created animals He said they were good and they at least have never done anything to change His opinion of them! What a shame the same can not be said of some wicked, evil humans who destroy both animals and the environment due to selfishness and greed etc.!


  9. i got interested in Wild Mustangs and Burros in the middle of the winter in 2005: I was driving my ford pinto down a snowy street and I heard a newscast on WCBS radio about the Roundups of America’s Wild Mustangs and Burros; so I raced home; because I have always felt the burden of helping to protect wildlife; critters; and domestic animals I also protect birds; insects praying mantis !

    so I raced home and jumped on my computer in 2005 and typed

    Wild Mustangs and Burros; and I immediatley hit Andi Harmons; Wild Horses and Burros forum…coincidentally at this time they had just recieved “An Orphan Foal from Oregon

    the foal went downhill fast; so I contacted Andi to tell them about The Vitamin B-Complex nutritional therapy as aiding sick foals

    so the foal got two Vitamin B-Complex shots; stood up and ate

    the foal was adopted and is a full grown beautiful 5 year old

    and I never looked back; I began by advising people about Nutrition for foals and mustangs espe. Vitamins; minerals fiber…

    soon I watched a bLM roundup I WAS SHOCKED ! am still am

    I am shocked our Gov. treats living animasl like pices of crap

    and I will continue to write talk and act on behalf of the Mustangs and Burros; luv Anna 1951 “A Fool for the Mustangs and Burros!


  10. RT – I am glad that you and others have decided to fight the good fight. I fought the good fight myself, not too long ago, and tried to work within the “accountability” system within the U.S. Government in a suit that dragged on 5 years, cost a fortune (the good part was it cost the defendant a HELL OF A LOT MORE than it did me), and lost in the end because even though we WON our case on evidence, the jury was lost in all the technical details of the case, slept through most of the testimony, and voted for the plaintiff just so they did not have to calculate damages, could collect their jury pay and go home. The federal judge in the case was shocked at the verdict. After 5 years, and a sizeable legal bill, I decided that I had had enough and did not appeal.

    What I learned from this is that the only accountability our government has at this time is through the press, and I wish now that I had turned over all my evidence to the press when I had the chance. There was a time when I could have done it and made a positive difference in the lives of nearly every person in this country, but I didn’t, because I played it safe and stuck to the rules.

    The sad news is that currently most of our media is controlled by massive conglomerates that fail miserably in their role as the Fourth Estate. We see more about Brittany Spears and Lindsay Lohan than we do about what’s happening in Palestine, East Timor, Somalia, or, to our open range out West, including our Wild Horses. Our court system has been eviscerated and many of our federal judges owe their appointments basically, to special interests, and they are tame to them, and their rulings show it.

    So, What to do -What to do? The only hope I see now in having a working Fourth Estate to hold our government accountable is through the internet and bloggers – so keep up the good work, R.T., and I will try to do the same.


    • Nell…we are as transparent as we can be and open to both the press and the public. The very court documents that were filed for West Douglas are up on this site, in the “Box” widget, at for download and also at Vicki Tobin’s site, We also have some good press contacts and the word is getting out. Likewise, Terry and I are totally transparent and have no skeletons in our closet. We are what we are, just two tax paying Americans who have had about enough of this bloody nonsense…no agendas, it is as simple as that.

      The only time we are covert is where we are going to file, next…we don’t want to tip our hat.

      On the DOWN side, we have also kept quiet and have personnaly carried the total financial load, until late, as we did not want to either detract or dilute from Laura Leigh and Grass Roots. That puts us in a real quandry so we have sat in the wings until it becomes too much to bear and we are fast rushing towards that line.

      But we move forward, there is no going back and we can sleep at night knowing that we are doing the right thing along with a bunch of very fine folks, a lot of them located right here.

      Best to all.


      • It is a known fact the BLM provides no shelter.

        Who can we call in the state to report a horse owner for having no shelter?

        I say in every state the BLM has facilities with no shelter, in every long term holding with no shelter, not enough space we call the local authorities.

        I am taking about the local authorities that take care of regular horse owners who don’t provide shelter for their animals. Perhaps after 20 or 30 thousand calls and thousands of written reports someone will make the BLM do the right thing for once!

        Even the HSUS and the ASPCA take reports on animal abuse. Surely their local law authorities won’t ignore 40 thousand animal neglect reports from Americans everywhere.


      • Laura, I was thinking along these lines too… so they put the horses on private property and then say the public has no access — fine. Don’t those “private” owners have to abide by local laws regarding the proper care and treatment of animals? … this is an angle we should be working on… starting with the local laws in each area. It seems to me launching a “rescue” of the “rescued” might be in order — although, there would have to be someplace to take them too… ??
        Anyone know where there’s a suitable piece of property? … are there enough rescue facilities outside *their* system to take on large numbers of mistreated horses??

        … just thinking out loud here…


  11. The one BIG difference is that this is AMERICA. This country was settled by some very independent folks. Not all were slave holders and not all were a party to the injustices that have been perpetrated throughout history. There were a lot of hard working people who just needed a break and a chance to make a decent lives for their families. One of the BIG dangers is that word “conformity”. When every one marches in lock step and no one wants to look “different”. Then, it is very easy to keep a population under control.


  12. Coalitions are coming together, people are coming together–People with EMOTION, and STRONG CONVICTIONS and people who still have good, old fashioned AMERICAN INGENUITY.


  13. There is something else that hasn’t happened before, at least not in recent history. The entire world is coming together. There are people all over the world who are on the same wave length with US. There are people who are kind, compassionate and are willing to take a stand for what is right and just. We all know in our guts what is RIGHT.


  14. I do not know much about PZP does it make the mares steile for life, or just for a certain amount of time? I think this is so cruel what man is doing to these horses, they do not deserve to be treated this way, God put them there for a reason.


  15. I don’t know what PZP does and doesn’t do, long term. I don’t think the “experts” who are zapping mares with this drug know, either.
    As I understand it, a couple of the Pryor mares were PZP’ed early in life and neither of them has ever gotten pregnant. It’s been enough time that the drug should have worn off. Any one have current stats on these mares?
    I have several issues with PZP, notably that mares cycle every month, regardless of the fact that they don’t conceive. This throws the social structure of herds completely off balance, as stallions are constantly battling it out for mares. Please visit the Cloud Foundation site for more information on what’s happening within the various bands in the Pryors.
    Along with the change over of band stallions, the potential for injuries to males, as well as mares and offspring, is higher than normal due to the constant fights. This could result in deaths among the stallions, as well as unnecessary energy wasted as we’re moving into winter. Herds that should be fat and rested are more stressed and thinner than at least I feel they should be with the onset of freezing temperatures and snow.
    Out of season births also occur due to PZP which = higher mortality rates in mares and foals.
    I realize that there are groups out there that promote contraceptives, but there are so many cons (and not enough pros) that I think this strategy ought to be reconsidered.


    • I have not read much about PZP, from what I understand it is a VACCINE that prevents the sperm from reaching the egg.

      It is called a contraceptive, but I do believe it is a vaccine with all the pros and cons of a vaccine. (for example never wears off in some cases, can’t reverse it, some horses may need a boster, may wear off early in some cases)

      could even transfer to the male population by contact, frequent breeding? who knows. Could also be very dangerous to humans. who knows? no studies have been done. Lets see if in say 20 years all the horse eaters can’t ever have kids. Or all their male children grow man-boobs. or all the blm workers grow a third eye to match the horns 😉


    • Nora, Here in the West we do not have spokespersons, as yet, for all the herds. But some smaller herds here in Colorado have people who are the guardians and documentarians for them. They do a wonderful job. Spring Creek Basin HMA is one that would benefit from a thoughtful and balanced application of the yearly dose, by dart, of PZP. This is being formally outlined and requested by TJ Holmes who is the highly expressive watch-lady of this little herd. This yearly PZP has the best documentation and when used properly, with care and planning for the individuals who would receive it, might reduce the need to have roundups on this small group in their finite space which is theirs. 150 horses is too many there as water is the limiting factor. TJ has said that when there are over 110 or 120+ horses it is too many as the water becomes a problem. The idea that genetic diversity will be hampered by lower numbers may be true in some cases but is not the final say for
      small herds like this. These horses are very healthy and foals are exceptionally well
      cared for and also healthy. Only one was lost this year. The Island ponies who receive PZP have seen great success in limiting births. Once allowed to be administered by trained locals, many small herds can be helped to continue to thrive. The violence of roundups is not the answer. There is a place for PZP but only done with care and respect for the total dynamics of each herd. This is done with the Island ponies of Virginia. BLM has abused the use of this and then abandoned it for the experimental 2 year injection which necessitates rounding the horses up and stressing them just to make the applications. BLM has also deliberately used these forms of birth control to create sterile females. We say our horses will not be abused in this way. Since management sucks and the horses are the victims of this we will have to level the playing field first before we get the chance to plan wisely for the wild ones. mar


      • Interesting. What if any behavior changes in the herds do these folks see with PZP’ed mares?
        I’ve been quite concerned about the constant cycling in mares and how that impacts the rest of the herd in regard to rapid change-over in band stallions and so on.
        When I read what Ginger Kathryns had documented on Cloud’s herd since mares were PZP’ed, I have to admit, it’s what I expected and it concerns me that the social structure has been totally warped.
        And very interesting that equine on one island need to be rounded up and/or given PZP — and on another island further down the Atlantic coast, they are totally untouched and maintain their own population to approximately 150 horses. I wonder what the difference is…


      • Mar this was truly an exceptional thoughtful message you wrote. I think in some ways I have thought this but never had a way to express it. You did terrific. I do agree that thoughtful, sane use of PZP does have purpose. It’s the zapping of every mare without thought that does me crazy.

        If PZP works so well then why is the Menegele Agency now experiementing on the wild mares doing these ovarectomies?

        I guess as hard as it is to lose horses from natural envioronmental conditions, its a damn sight better than what we can offer. I don’t think any one of us could stand to see a horse starve or die due to lack of water. Or die because of injury, a long painful totally un-necessary death.

        There has to be some kind of common ground that all can agree on. Options that make sense. And will allow the horses the most freedom without undue stress from man.


      • Personally I am for natural selection, natural cover and little interference. many places BLM claims have no predators actually do. But we have to bridge a gap from where we are or will be to the point of settling herds down and actually allowing many to find there own level. Craig Downer insists this will happen in Reserve design but the interference must be stopped. There are so many factors to consider for each area we should not rule out what may work. What Ginger is seeing in the Pryors comes after a very large removal that had huge consequences plus the over application of PZP (people were overheard there commenting on how much the mares and fillies had been given). It is very disturbing. I think even the ponies need more ongoing, independent studies. It would be great if one day several universities could offer degree programs in wild equids because we intend to have them here and they will need the best and knowledgeable scientists to manage them. We are so far from that. So, I am not saying PZP is the total answer. If you were TJ and your friends were facing another roundup you would be hoping to find a way to keep as many of your friends on the range as possible, now. But adoption and PZP are here for now and the smaller herds need to have stepping stones. The larger herds are being abused with the 2 year bc, over gelding, vasectomies and the infuriating spaying. This program is out of line and the damage will be immense.

        We need the moratorium now to stop this abuse of so called birth control. mar


      • Mar
        I guess I was speaking about starving to death or dying due to lack of water. Not just say so or man made droughts–real hard fast science that we all can see and understand. I think thougtful euthanasia may be appropriate in some situations (starvation, or critical injuries that aren’t going to have a good outcome–like compound fractures). But again hard fast science must rule.

        Not just say so. And not a bullet to the head because of blindness in one eye or swayback.

        Perhaps this is some of what Bulls Lies and Menegele are about? They see and imperfect horse that would have little chance of getting a good adoption and that’s why they do euthanasia. We see the non science to this process–but the Menegele Agency has always been about how to destroy as many horses as they can so they don’t have to foot the bill feeding.

        I know I asked several times last fall–wouldn’t it be cheaper to feed all the horses rather than keep them in private holding…I don’t know that I’ve ever heard a good reply to that. I still think that this has merit. But after seeing the Menegele Agency in action–they aren’t about to swing things around in an advocates way of thinking.

        I do think one of the reasons Cloud’s mares have never foaled is because 1 they were darted way to early in life 2 back to back vaccinations had bad side effects and 3 they have MAYBE (my thought no proof)been darted since and no one has said anything…


  16. There is also good data coming from the International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros. They have discovered, in an 11 year study, that the round-ups actually cause the birth rates to double. They are finding that herds, when left alone, maintain a stable birth rate. There is a great deal of good information on their website, as well, and Karen Sussman has a wealth of information.
    Bottom line–those mares don’t need to be zapped with ANYTHING, and they certainly don’t need to be SPAYED.


    • I’ve mentioned this before, but for anyone who missed my past comments: The horses on Cumberland Island, Ga, are not managed at all — no herd culling, no fertility drugs. The most recent data (spring 2010) shows that these horses only reproduce at a rate of 4 – 7% per year, and mortality rates adjust the bands so that the population on the island remains at approximately 150 per year, give or take a few.
      So, Louie — I absolutely agree with the studies you mentioned. If left alone, I believe that the population increase and decrease numbers would even themselves out, especially in areas where predators are allowed to thrive.
      But since the BLM does not account for natural (or unnatural) decreases in herd size and uses an inflated population growth number, we simply have no idea how many horses and burros are actually out there — which is why I shout “Moratorium on Round Ups!” to anyone who will listen — and even to the folks who won’t. 🙂


  17. These animals are being used for experimental purposes and test studies. They are put through hell from the time that they first hear the helicopter. It is no wonder that these agencies would like the public to go away and be quiet.


    • can someone FOI that info?

      I am sure we the people are paying for those experiments and somewhere is the info.

      We need a write up on how to use the FOI and we got to use it thousands of times to get everything the BLM has hidden away.

      I don’t think it costs any money to demand the info with FOI? just time and knowing what to ask for.

      I want to know what Vets are doing the surgerys.
      I would like the public to know also that BLM gelds horses while they are frozen yet fully aware. Those kind of surgeries I am sure the general public can imagine what it would be like if it was them ‘frozen, aware and getting gelded.


      • Laura we got the ovarectomies from that spokesperson on the Sheldon Wildlife Range. Not sure if this actually happens or not but this person seem awful sure of himself and that this was happening. It was his words that were used to describe the ovarectomies.


  18. Keep calling the President, keep PROTESTING to your Senators and Representatives, keep donating when and where you can, and KEEP IN TOUCH WITH AND SUPPORT EACH OTHER and our HUMANE OBSERVERS who are in the trenches of this battle.


  19. That’s the problem–we DON’T know WHO is doing WHAT to these animals, especially when they are wisked out of sight to private holdings or prisons. They disappear like kidnapped children. The kidnappers hide behind the law and judges let them off.


    • This is so true, Louie! It has come to this and the system we need to respond to us has been compromised to the point it backfires in our faces when what we are seeking is proactive and all for the good of everyone. Our press is a joke. They are not function. This needs to be addressed. mar


  20. Mankinds’s and i daresay womankinds’s inhumanity towards our animal friends beggars belief!

    Why can’t they leave Cloud and his herd in peace and allow them to run free and be as Nature intended them to be? Surely their must be room for them to have their own range undisturbed!

    Why are certain people so greedy and cruel! It makes me both very cross and very upset to read these articles about the cruelty of BLM and their like!

    I know that there are many fine and good people in this world – like, for instance, all of you who are fighting for justice for these horses and all animals who are cruelly treated… but the evil, cruel, exploiting, abusing rotters really make me sick!

    I sometimes wonder if we would not be better off if animals were in charge and not people? They to be seem kinder, more loving, non-judgemental and more forgiving. Unfortunately they cannot talk to us in words – more’s the pity!

    Keep up the good fight and may God grant you victory over these evil doers!

    All the best and take care


    • Cloud was released several days later with only about half of his band remaining. His mares were inoculated with PZP to prevent them from foaling for several years to come…but Cloud is free.


  21. more straws to pile on the BLMs back. We need to hit them with hundreds of angry americans to make them ground the helicoptors and stop harming horses and all the land and wildlife.

    Last winter when BLM did winter round-ups it was discussed how all wildlife for miles around was paniced in winter from the helicoptors. Then bighorn sheep got very sick. Well its now much worse for bighorn sheep they are ALL sick from disease and the blame is on domestic sheep (wern’t wild horses removed and replaced with 10,000 domestic sheep recently?)

    Its my opinion that the BLM running wildlife in wintertime using aircraft disrupted the herds of bighorn sheep, scared the bighorns for miles. Stressed them and is the reason bighorns contacted domestic sheep.

    I think this whole bigh horn sheep die-off, the hunters and sheep farmers are OUTRAGED caused by the BLM running wildlife in winter.
    google for more info, here is one news story link

    Its in the hot-news now and would be very good to post and get hunters and domestic sheep farmers pointing the finger of blame at the wild horse round-ups.


  22. RT, i will support your efforts to stop the rogue agency that BLM/DOI has become and I applaud you for these efforts.
    Just some thoughts, though, as I watched my little horse herd the other night. This herd includes a 3-strikes 2 year old bay filly that was born into a holding facility in Nevada 2 years ago. She is absolutely fearless, and the smartest horse I have ever been around. I feel privileged to be a part of her life.
    It came to me that it is a crime that we have to sue a government agency THAT WORKS FOR US. we pay their salaries. How dare they deny us ANY rights! As their BOSSES, they are accountable to US, as it is with any other employer/employee. How has this become such a twisted mess that AMerican taxpaying citizens have to file endless suits and requests for documentation from the government that we pay for??? this is absolutely astounding and disgusting to me. I am praying that whatever you have in the works, brings them DOWN; because, as much as I cherish my filly and treasure her, I wish to God that she was running wild with her family in the wild lands that rightfully belong to her.


    • I agree, Jan. Againest our will we paid, last year, $70 million to the BLM for their little horse killing operation and now, in an effort to stop them, we are forced to sell off our retirement stocks to sue them to stop. We lose on both ends, there is no denying that…BUT, we just cannot go to sleep at night knowing that we stood by and watched. I just couldn’t live with myself. If I ever hope to have one shred of creditability or for you to read any other books that I write I must, above all, be good for my word…and although it might me large, I do put my money where my mouth is.


  23. I agree with you too, I know we all do whatever we can to help the horses, I couldn’t look my horses in the eye if I didn’t, and what I do is pitiful in comparison to what you and all who are out there in the trenches are doing and sacrificing; but what a shame that YOU have to practically bankrupt yourself in order to pursue what should be ours as a matter of course from our government.
    Also, how does this agency get around Laura’s 1st ammendment rights, when the 1st amendment rights of a group that protests at the funerals of soldiers has just been upheld???? Where has our government gone so wrong?? I just do NOT understand how this agency continues to be above the law.


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