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There Was No Warmth, There Was No Love

by R.T. Fitch ~ author of “Straight from the Horse’s Heart

He was young, so young that life had no fear or pain.  His life revolved around the warmth that he felt from his mother, her milk and the sun.  All the warmth made him feel happy, it made him glow, it made him feel loved.

His family was not large but they made him feel safe, they did not play often as he was the only baby but they made him feel loved.  There was his father, bold and strong; his young mother, his older sister and two aunts that kept an eye on him if he should stray far from his mother.

It was an autumn day as he danced around the brush and nipped at his sister’s back feet.  Sometimes she would strike out at him but through persistence he learned that she would turn and run him off.  To him, that was playing.  But today, as he nipped at her hocks, there came a great sound, a rushing, roaring noise the likes of which he had never heard before.  He saw the tension in his sister’s stance then watched her legs lung her forward as his family bolted away from the sound roaring at them from behind.

He did not know what to do, there was the ever increasing sound, a pressure from behind and above, dust, running family and he could not keep up.  The harder he tried the further away his family band seemed to pull away.  The dust stung his eyes, his lungs were on fire, he gave his small legs the freedom to run as fast as they could to escape the giant, mechanical bird that threatened to consume him.  He never saw the gulch, the drop-off, the dried creek bed as he went airborne over the edge in a cloud of dust and landed on the hard gravel bed, below.  There was a snap, a bolt of searing hot pain and his right front let would not work nor let him stand.  He struggled and flopped about the dried creek as the roaring, man-made condor descended upon him; from out of nowhere strange horses appeared with odd creatures on their backs.  He felt no warmth, he felt no love, he now felt only one thing, fear.

One of the back riders slid off from a strange horse, he tried to crawl away, the two legged creature planted one of its feet on his neck so he could not move while the noisy bird of prey sped off.  The rider pulled something from his hip, pointed it at his head, he felt a moment of insurmountable panic and in a flash of white light and a bang, he was no more, ever, finished, destroyed.  He felt no warmth, he felt no love, forever.

His mother heard the shot, the giant buzzard was bearing down on the band from behind and she could not see her baby.  Without thinking of her own safety she pulled from the running band and ran back directly underneath the snarling bird of prey.  Underneath and back she ran until she found the strange horses with riders standing over a crumpled body on the floor of the dried creek bed, it was her baby.  She charged at the rider on the ground to drive him away from her baby, he jumped back just as snake like things reached out and grabbed her neck.  She spun around to attack again and another serpentine vine flew out from one of the strange horses and rider and choked itself around her neck.  She lunged against the pressure and their grip only tightened.  She reared and twisted as the strange horses pulled back and increased the strangling grip on her neck as she watched the ground rider return to her crumpled baby.  She could no longer breath, there was fire in her chest, her vision was blurred and began to go dark as she saw the rider look at her, smile and then kick the crumpled form of the baby squarely in the chest with only a hollow thud heard in reply.  Her heart exploded, she felt no warmth, she felt no love, she was destroyed from within and without; gone, forever.

Later that day, far across the now silent plains, a computer screen flickered with the written text:

Friday, Oct 15

Summary: Operations continued at Magnolia Bench in the morning. Helicopter-assisted roping west of County Road 5 took place in the afternoon.

Animals gathered:  4
Animals shipped:
Gather related animal deaths: 1
Cause: During helicopter-assisted roping a seven-month-old colt broke its leg and was euthanized onsite.
Non-gather related animal deaths: 1
Cause: A three-year-old mare died with no visible injuries after being roped. A necropsy was performed, which found a pre-existing heart condition. Significant changes to the musculature of the heart was found, indicative of a chronic and progressive problem.

There was no warmth, there was no love, there was only a cold and empty silence while a nation wept and no one listened.

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  1. Powerfully written, you give words to the depth of my sorrow, my tears for the anguish and grief I feel. I feel so betrayed by my government that I pledge allegiance to – so I wipe my tears and gain resolve that we must never, never, never give up ! ! One lesson I learned from the story told in “In Pursuit of Honor” and from the effect of “Black Beauty” is that there is power in a well told story. Yours has that power – I ask permission to print and share – we need to get as many Americans involved as possible ! !


  2. R.T.’s ability to express such sensitivity is a gift.

    If you really want to know this wonderful man please order his book.

    I just finished reading it and the title is exactly as stated “A Spiritual Ride through Love, Loss and Hope.”

    Thank you R.T. for who you are, priceless.



  3. My nitemare is of this exact thing …foals dying; cries coming from the hills that keep getting louder till I wake up….Why ? Cause this is happening with every Death Run.. Hundreds of them left to starve or killed and not recorded..How do I know this sound ?? A 8 week old TB made this sound for his mother while racing frantically back and forth while we removed the mother who broke her neck and was dead on the ground in the paddock; with Jr nudging her and crying for milk… Beat The Drums Slowly For the Death Neals of the Mustangs…. Extinction is final… Slowly…..


  4. Why do I keep coming back to a site that causes me SOOOO much pain???

    I have to know that there will be an end to these murders. I have to know that those responsible will be held accountable. I have to send these stories to friends and strangers and news outlets to make sure everyone knows what is going on out there. I have to believe that if we shine a bright enough light on this issue, that a solution will come sooner rather than later.

    Why do I keep coming back? I have to.


    • Diane wrote:
      Why do I keep coming back to a site that causes me SOOOO much pain??? Why do I keep coming back? because I have to…

      Anne’s comment: “I second that emotion…!


  5. Another chapter in this tragedy. For some reason, Neil Young’s “Ohio” started playing in my head. His ultimate question – “How many more?”


  6. It is so hard to believe this. I think Obama and his family should take a vacation to see a wild horse round up, maybe then he will understand. Obama is a cruel, heartless, SOB and I can’t wait until he is out of office.


      • I agree, the Judges should come out to see these horrible roundups, but not tell anyone who they really are… The BLM keeps saying these are gathers, that is a lie. The word gathers implies (atleast to me) as something gentle and nice. These are horrible roundups – rough and tough done by mean and unloving people! I dread to think that this Dec 2010, this very same reality may happen when the Utah BLM begins the Sulphur Horse Roundup. Utah has bad winters, cold, windy, snowy and slippery ICE. They winters in Utah are harsh. Utah hosted the WINTER Olympics!
        America has put the beautiful Mustangs in the hands of radical people! God help us!


  7. RT,
    I’m just back from four days with no Internet or phone. Which of us witnessed this attrocity? Footage and photos available ?
    Those who haven’t been out on the range must be shown the facts at all the upcoming rallies.
    Thanks so much for spreading the word.


  8. This story is so Heart-wrenching I don’t even know what to say. RT your words definitely put one ‘on the scene’. Unfortunately it is not the first horror story I’ve heard. I live in Montana where the Pryor herd is. So Many beautiful herds of horses are going through the same types of things. I just don’t understand why these atrocities are not on Front Pages of Newspapers, magazines etc. Seems mainstream media keeps them buried from the majority of John Q Public. I have spoken to friends in ‘Big Cities’ etc and they have heard nothing except, what we who know of this, get to them and they too are outraged. What else can we do as private horse lovers but keep posting and passing along, signing petitions etc, to get it OUT THERE! Sounds like the retelling of the horror stories of WWII Concentration Camps! Except with 4 legged


  9. I have posting on Facebook for DAYS on end, (I have 1600 some friends) about the call in on October 19. Why are there not more people cross-posting? Will we get the one million people to call? I hope other social media venues will garner needed support. Any Suggestions?


  10. The only ones with the pre-existing heart conditions are the humans doing the roping and shooting. They have no hearts at all. Please make them stop.


  11. BLM is running its own “slaughterhouse”. Oh they may only be putting them down 2 or 3 at a time– but it is still a slaughter. But BLM really doesn’t care– just a few less horses to “process” and “warehouse”. When will President Obama put a stop to this carnage–he can end a war in a foreign country–but he can’t stop BLM??

    President Obama’s daughters purchased “The Red Pony” while they were vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard. I hope they enjoyed reading it. Maybe one day they will want to go out west and see real wild horses. Hurry up Obama family because those wild horses may soon be only a legend— a “remember when”— part of a documentary— gone– maybe there will be catchy tune about them.

    I really am horrified that this continues.
    Prayers for RT,Laura, Terry,et al. All the observers/reporters/judges.
    Prayers for the wild ones.


  12. Instant tears, I had to leave my office. I absolutely could not continue. How can this happen? How can these “men” be allowed to continue the abuse? How can our government in any way, shape or form think this is right? Is the president so cold he has no regard for life? Do any of the BLM employees have any compassion? We know [or think] there are good people among them. Why will these people not speak out? There is no excuse, none. Period.
    I know I should pray for these men, for their souls, pray they see the errors they are making. But all I can do is hate them.


  13. If there is a choice for these heartless wannabee men to break legs of foals and rope and terrorize and shoot their mamas and just letting them go free—-they need to let them go!!! Make it a crime to kill a wild horse. Oh, it already is a crime, unless it is sanctioned and condoned and encouraged by BLM hacks.

    Stop brutalizing and killing our horses. They are not hurting anything! No One gave you this right. STOP IT!


    • It isn’t Rahm that needs to be gone (although he is welcome to leave), it is Ken Salazaar. He is from Colorado and is tight with the ranchers. So it isn’t just Bob Abbey, it goes all the way to the Secretary of Interior that there is no sympathy for the survival of wild horses and burros.


  14. COW MANURE. This isn’t a gather–there roundups. They aren’t walked or trotted as Sue Cattoor claims. If they were why was the dust so thick that the foal couldn’t see? Why would anyone aim those horses at a gulch except to do harm?

    The death runs must end. We have to see this through.

    For those of you near a rally please we need you. The horses need you. Please it doesn’t take a whole lot of time to fax the reps on Thurs. You can even pre-prepare your fax. And the beauty of faxes is you can say what you mean to and not have to worry about speaking “ear to ear” with someone.

    It can even be simple. All it has to say is

    I want a moritorium immediately until Congress can review the Wild Horse and Burro program.


    End all funding to DOI until BLM promises NO MORE ROUNDUPS. NO MORE DEATHS RUNS. Investigate the actions of the BLM and its contractors.


  15. The story lists the exact information supplied by the Colorado BLM’s website.
    The link is built into the story as the date is hyperlinked.

    The BLM reported the deaths of the colt and mare on Friday. Truth and fact.

    Disclaimer: Literary license taken on exactly how it may have occurred. These deaths prompted us to work over the weekend to try another attempt to a pre-hearing TRO. Frustration over failing to stop the roundup prompted me to put pen in hand and write the above story. We tried so very hard to prevent any further deaths from occurring, lets hope that we do a great job in representing the horses on Wednesday, we should as our legal team is the greatest.


    • RT I think that colt’s spirit and his moms must have somehow inspired you. You know how sometimes you sit to write and the words just fall from your fingertips without even thinking? I think this is what happened here. And from me that is the most ultimate compliment.


  16. RT, I can hardly breath after reading that. I can imagine you in the baby’s mind. Just like the beautiful “Fireworks ” you posted last July. That baby and Mom will live in my heart forever.
    We have GOT to stop these cruel idiots.


  17. Bless you R.T. That was beautifully written…What would we do without you to keep us abreast of our beloved Mustangs and Burros. We all share our sorrow & feelings, for our glorious steeds?


  18. The Obama girls will not be proud to know that their father, the President of the United States of America, stood silent…

    While citizens protest, while media uncover the truths, while freedom is taken, families separated, beautiful lives are snuffed out, cruelly and without care or remorse.

    How dare you allow this, President Obama!

    Campaign payback should never be this costly and evil! What else could it be?!


  19. This horrific act, as well as all the others continually breaks my heart, I cry and know that this will be something I never forget! I try so hard to get the word out and have others join, and it brings to mind when I was young and and my friends and I would struggle to try to run up the down escalator, anyone else every try that?…….all the effort and no apparent progress! It just feels like no one is listening, but then I think about everyone else that is out there fighting as well and doing so much more than I am, and it makes me ashamed for feeling defeated……… so I continue to fight for them, along side all of you. Then one day I see 3 friends, sharing with their friends the posts that I’m sharing with them…………and I cry again for the poor horses, but tears of joy………..because people DO CARE! And I thank you all, and R. T, Terry, Carol, and Tamara and all the others that do and give so much for them……..and give me hope……….and for all of the horses that will forever be in my heart! THANK YOU


  20. You know RT – for all the BLM’s BS about not allowing humane observers because the are concerned about their safety and upsetting the horses – it is REALLY EASY to set up non-obtrusive webcams that allow live streaming, record and do EVERYTHING wirelessly and unobtrusively.

    Easy to set up a heavy duty camera on a tripod at a trap, connected to a wifi hotspot generated from a laptop (or a Droid x) and people onsite at the gather could watch live streaming without ever getting near the trap, OR if someone had a data satellite uplink – live streaming on the web……

    So – riddle me this……WHY HASN’T THIS BEEN DONE?

    (My husband said they could probably get internet streaming HD video of a trapsite using military satellites….;-p)


    • getting the equipement set up without being noticed, and then the risk of it being discovered could be issues. What are the laws of placing such on public land? A lot of the actual gather pens are on private land so one could be charged with trespassing if discovered. With all the evil going on, our side MUST stay clean! …..Just be sneaky AND clean…


  21. I am sharing this story on my facebook page with al the others.
    Words cannot express the anger I feel for the heartless people that did this to the foal & mother.


  22. RT what a beautiful written story expressing the feelings of the colt and his mother so clearly. Only men with no heart and feelings that have long gone astray could comit this type of cruelty. The only way they can be stopped is through the law but not in Nevada, Colorado, Washington, or anywhere the BLM is strong. May God be with you all on the 20th and rule in favor of the Horses. THANK YOU ALL FOR WHAT YOU ARE DOING FOR OUR HORSES.


  23. stop wild horse roundups and slaughter by restocking wilderness areas with wolves and couger. maybe alaska could ship some of their wolves down here instead of killing them.


    • Yes, Kirk, many of us have been telling BLM for ages that they need to leave natural predators in all the HMAs. Cougars, bear, wolves, coyotes. That is nature’s way and as intended. It’s one thing to propose solid solutions like these but another to get BLM to actually listen and deviate from their other stated mission: kill all the predators possible to assist the livestock ranchers who pay less than 10% of the market rate for grazing rights and also want the nanny state to protect their stock from nature.

      For those that do not know, these predator killing programs eat up millions of our $$ and studies show that less than 10% of the calf kills are from wild predators — they are instead mostly from packs of feral dogs. But it’s convenient to get all the free services you can from the feds and apparently BLM feels responsible so they keep killing all our predators to appease the ranchers…. These people, BLM, have no clue about the natural order of things or how to determine real conditions so they can make fact/science based decision or how to maintain a natural balance. It’s all about special interests….


    • Laura, that is some of the best news I have heard. Bless you for all you do, for telling this story and never giving up.

      I believe our nation is growing – I know I am seeing new names here and elsewhere responding to these atrocities every day. The word, the light will not be hidden. It must rise and reveal itself and that will happen – one way or another. It’s only a matter of time…. I’m simply shattered after reading this story but so very grateful that the timeline appears to be shortening.


  24. When I first read this, I could not type a reply … my eyes were so full of tears. I will not give up fighting for what I know is right.


  25. This vet is good, ya, good. Did he weigh the heart? Did the Mare have an athletic heart and he didn’t know the difference between a pathological heart and a large muscular heart due to the mare being very athletic? Did he look at microscopic slides of the heart. Did the mare have excessive amount of fluid surrounding her right atrium? Did she have a blood clot in her lungs? How about the liver, how did that look? Just because you cut open the chest of a horse and find a heart doesn’t mean anything is wrong until after studies are done and from what I can see, no studies were done. The BLM cut open a chest – Big deal. It is still murder until proven otherwise.

    What the BLM didn’t want to say, is the Mare’s heart was strong and able to substain a pregnancy and birth (the most stress on a heart) without the need of a vet. The mare recovered from the birth. The mare was able to run long distances and fight a helicopter chasing her and her family.

    The Blm can not give the real reason this Mare died: Because the BLM choked her down. A necropsy in the field doesn’t mean a whole lot, just that she was opened.

    Yes, my husband is an M.D. and I am an R.N and we both don’t believe it. No information of heart condition in the BLM report.


    • Run her baby off an embankment and then shoot him… rope her and choke her and then cut her open to see why she died….

      What the hell are we dealing with!


      • Boy you hit the nail on the head Jill! It makes me wonder that too..”WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE” Do they have No Heart, Compassion? Are they all so unsympathetic as to Know what is going on and still just Stand & Watch!?!? There is No Way in Hell I would ever work for a Group like that and Highly doubt anyone here would ever consider it either…..Is the BLM and contractors just full of Heartless, Cold, Unsympathetic Employees that just sit and commit these atrocities?! Absolutely SHAMEFUL! How can they stand to even ‘look in the mirror’? Yet alone one face their Children & families?


    • Thank you, Debra, for explaining that BLM’s “justification” via their report was sorely lacking based on medical procedures and principles. Your declaration that they fail to answer ordinary and usual questions or do the typical testing carries real weight as a medical professionial -YOU are the expert, you should know.

      We advocates need more experts like yourself and your husband to make clear that you take exception to the egregious outlandish “reports” BLM uses to absolve themselves of all responsibility for what happens under their watch and on what grounds – just as you have done here. Please keep pointing this out so everyone has even more clarity on how outrageous this delusional/misleading “accountability” that BLM offers really is.


      • Thank you Kathleen. The BLM report does not even attempt to declare what kind of heart condition. For instant, the BLM simply states the muscular of the heart had something wrong with it. Like what? The report is too vague to be of value at all. Was the left ventricle of the heart enlarged, thickened? What kind of muscular problem? What is the name of the chronic and progressive change noted? Since, the report did not want to commit itself to anything, it is reasonable to conclude it is a lie. In medical malpractice that is what would be concluded.The report can not be believed.

        The BLM certainly would not say, We killed the mare because of negligence.


      • BINGO! “Since, the report did not want to commit itself to anything, it is reasonable to conclude it is a lie. In medical malpractice that is what would be concluded.The report can not be believed.”

        Debra, this statement has REAL power and REAL credibility coming from you as an RN and experienced legal medical witness. May we quote your comments made here in other places where we are trying to educate and inspire people to stand up for these animals? Facebook and on other blogs?

        I would LOVE it if you would write a letter to the President about this matter and then share that with us over at . It’s a project blog to collect letters from REAL people with REAL concerns coming from a place of REAL knowledge and REAL passion so our concerns are not ignored. For the last 2 years, they seem to be going into a black hole at the White House so it needs to be publicized where it can’t be denied that we are speaking up. In fact, email a copy of your letter to wildhorseletter SPACE @ SPACE gmail DOT com and I’ll see if we can’t feature it as a daily post. (Just take out the SPACE/DOT and make it look like a real address… 🙂


      • Yes, of course you can quote me. Will someone check at the BLM to see if there is any additional necropsy reports on the death of this horse. Did the Vet write a more elaborate report than the one published on the BLM website. For instance, in Calico, when the yearling was chased by helicopter and than collapsed in the field a necrosy was performed, but the vet gave a name to what he saw, I believe it was a aortic aneurysm. (I would need to go back and look exactly.)

        I was a medical legal record reviewer. In other words, I looked at legal medical cases and said yes, go ahead with the case, there is neglience, blah, blah,blah. Later on, I reviewed criminal medical legal records. In which I would review the records and say, I believe the defendant – they are not guilty because of blah, blah whatever it was. I have a lot of references if you should need or want them. I worked with attorneys all over the U.S. and in the U.K.

        If, this is all the vet wrote on this horse, I would have to say it is a lie. When there is an omission of facts, than it is a lie.


      • Kathleen, If we could go back and look at this horse. I believe what we would find as a cause of death would be collapse of trachea. The horse in other words was hung and that was the cause of death. There was nothing progressive or chronic going on. The Vet is paid by the government and works for the government. He/She wants to keep his job.


  26. I am crying for this mother and her foal. These terrible people. THey should have the same thing happen to them. They are despicable. These people do not deserve to breathe another breath of air. THey are killers, murders, and they should be punished for destroying this family by death. This agency is out of bounds and someone needs to stop it immediately. Everyone in government that condones this behavior should be thrown out of office, never to return because they should be sent to jail for the rest of their lives. Maybe we should try the rope around the neck for them as well. I wonder how they would like that. Noone should forgive these disgusting individuals, there’s no excuse for their actions


  27. I know everyone here loves our wild ones and it is so very disgusting the way they are treated. The horses are on the public lands for the public enjoyment and then the government removes them as soon as they realize the public is enjoying them. The hunters have more power right now. The ranchers have more power, The gas and oil companys have more power right now. The mineral and mining excavators have more power right now. The horse lovers with their camera’s seem to have almost no power. We need to fight so we can have equal consideration as all the rest and we should.

    In order to fight, We all must stay calm and realize that we will all fight and do everything in our power to keep the wild horses. However, making any kind of death threat against a human weakens our case. The BLM reads this and it is reported. We must always stay as professional as possible for the sake of the horses.

    I did a lot of medical legal review and our saying in and out court was, The first one to get angry is the loser. The saying held true in almost every case. The aggressor will try their best to provoke you, so you will lose. Stay calm, professional and do not show your weakness. The BLM wants to pounce and make us bleed. Don’t let them do it.


  28. Debra wrote:
    In order to fight, We all must stay calm and realize that we will all fight and do everything in our power to keep the wild horses.

    Anne’s comment: thanks for the advice; I was “weeping” for BraveHeart and what the Bureau of Lies and Mismagangement did
    Someone should file a suit v. BLM for “causing emotional distress!


    • This is a good idea, Anna!

      The emotional distress is as relentless and as extreme as this administration’s lack of integrity, intelligence and humaneness.

      This corruption and unlawfulness has been made and allowed to be ungovernable.

      Maybe Laura might have some thoughts on this after tomorrow.


  29. We are all from the same source, as we destroy our environment, and those that have to survive on it we destroy ourselves, what an irony. To read this story broke my heart. Thank God there are GOOD PEOPLE like you that cares, and has the power to do something about it! I guess this is really a battle of Good and Evil! Evil always justifies what they do! Greed always Greed, and it doesn’t even really belong to any of us, we are just guest on this planet! Can you imagine going to visit a friend at there house, and taking it upon yourselves to destroy, rob, rape, and demolish what they had intended to share with you!! Betrayal, I’m not sure that begins to express what is being done.




    • You are one of “PEOPLE LIKE YOU”, Brenda. It takes ALL of us to keep on this issue, keep speaking, keep calling, keep donating, keep learning, keep fighting for these wild ones. We cannot give up nor rely upon anyone else because every single person who speaks is needed, so desperately needed, by these horses and burros. Please stick with us and we will keep at this until the changes come.


  30. My Heart breaks yet another time , for the lives of Our Mustangs , and the little foals, these poor excuses for human beings at the BLM, again i wish that fhe souls of all the mustangs who have been murdered by the BLM haunt them all at the BLM….. and they never get a peaceful nite for all the needless deaths of the Wild Mustangs……….. I pray that this massacre is stopped and the deaths of these most precious allies, The Wild Mustangs are free again……………………I ask myself everyday why ? and what kind of people are capable of this treachery? And most of all i fear because they walk among us…………………………………………….




  32. This is just heartbreaking, also had to leave my office- I hope the American nation is NOT going to vote this sorry Government back for another 4 lousy years. Let’s hope the next govt. will change this.


  33. This is so sad, almost unbearable!! The BLM & their legions are evil monsters straight from HELL!! They WILL have to face their Maker, they WILL pay for their bloodlust & their crimes against God’s precious creatures! How can anyone stoop low enough to commit these horrific acts without any feelings of remorse or sorrow! They most certainly cannot have a soul ! But, R.T., you do have a gift, a way with words, you made it seem like we were the horses, the poor baby, the poor mother, oh, what panic & terror they felt!! I wish God would strike those people dead, even though I believe He is a loving, forgiving God, they are NOT one bit sorry for what they did, & continue to do! Our continued support & prayers go out to all the wild horses, & to all those who try to help them!


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