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Wyoming Rep “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis May Lose Seat

(The News as We See It) by R.T. Fitch ~ author of “Straight from the Horse’s Heart

Where Weight Watchers Failed an Election May Prevail

Sue Wallis's reign of destruction upon the American Horse may soon end

WY Rep. Sue Wallis, the “Grand Dame” of bloody horse slaughter, may soon learn that the good people of Wyoming have had enough of her self-serving ways and negative regional publicity as they head to the polls on Tuesday to choose between the horse eater, an Independent or a Libertarian.

Wallis is up for a third term representing District 52 in Wyoming’s house of representatives. In a recent interview,  Independant candidate Travis Hackert, a rancher and tire store owner, says that he does not think that Wallis has done a good job representing her constiuants while she jaunts around the country promoting the killing of horses, both domestic and wild, for human consumption,

“I think the current representative is in a self-serving position,” he said. “She’s not voting like we would want her to vote.”

Hakert said he’s running because Wallis’ refusal to oppose anti-gay marriage and pro-life bills are out of line with what her constituents want.

Hakert, the chairman of the Campbell County Conservation District, is pro-life and against allowing marriage or civil unions for same-sex couples.

He also thinks laws against illegal immigrants in the state aren’t aggressive enough, though he said he hasn’t yet penciled out exactly how such laws should be strengthened.

“I’m hoping that we can lock up enough of them that the federal government will have to do something with them,” he said.

Hakert said eminent domain should never be used by private companies and should be employed by the government only as a last resort. Property rights, he said, “should be protected above all others.”

Twenty nine year old Navy Veteran and Libertarian candidate Nick De Laat was interviewed earlier in the year by SFTHH and commented on “Slaughterhouse” using her political seat to promote the unlawful practice of slaughtering horses for food,

“Every dog that this family has cared for has been one that we adopted from the local pound.” Said De Laat. “I am shocked at my opponent’s stance on horse slaughter as the act of killing horses to eat goes against the grain of what I support.”

De Laat, the vice-chairman of the Wyoming Libertarian Party, said he’s running because he doesn’t see enough statesmen in Wyoming government any more.

And he’s not the only one in his household to try and change that: his wife Candice is the Libertarian nominee for Wyoming secretary of state.

If elected, De Laat said he’d push for Wyoming to use its eminent domain powers to condemn and take over all Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Forest Service land in the state.

Because all the mineral revenue from those lands then start flowing into the state’s coffers, De Laat said Wyoming could then look to abolish the state sales tax, vehicle property tax and fuel tax.

“I know it’s aggressive, but aggressive is what we need,” he said.

De Laat also said Wyoming should stop any federal education funding from coming into the state, as the money brings with it too many restrictions and requirements for matching state funding.

De Laat admitted it’s “almost impossible” for a Libertarian to win a legislative race. But he said that unlike Republicans and Democrats — who are often difficult to tell apart, he said — voters know that candidates who run as Libertarians value principle over simply getting elected.

“I am not aligned with Rep. Wallis’ arguments on the issue of “unwanted” horses and would tend to believe that responsible breeding and shelters would be the proper way to manage any issue of horses in need.”  stated De Laat.

“It’s time that we get this country back on track and I am thankful for the opportunity to be able to run for office and, hopefully, to make a difference.”

Equine welfare advocates from around the world will have their eyes focused upon the election results of Wyoming’s District 52 with hopes that the woman who has centered her life around killing horses and her faithful sidekick David Duquette will no longer be able to inappropriately utilize her elected public office to promote her personal and predatory agenda.

Wallis Puts Wild Horses on her Menu

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    • Nell;

      Here are their collective CVs:


      Party: Libertarian

      Age: 29

      Home: Gillette

      Occupation: Mechanic

      Education: High school diploma

      Family: Married, 3 children

      Political experience: Vice-chairman of the Wyoming Libertarian Party


      Party: Independent

      Age: 40

      Home: Weston

      Occupation: Rancher/tire store owner

      Education: High school diploma

      Family: Single, 2 children

      Political experience: Chairman, Campbell County Conservation District; ran for Campbell County Commission in 2008


      Party: Republican

      Age: 52

      Home: Recluse

      Occupation: Rancher/writer

      Education: Attended University of Wyoming

      Family: Married, 7 children, 1 grandchild

      Political experience: Wyoming House member since 2007


  1. Great article, RT, and well timed. Slaughterhouse Sue Wallis certainly needs to go. Her lack of morals, principles, and ethics should speak volumes to the voters. You’re supposed to represent the will of the people, Sue, NOT just yourself and your buddy Dave. The people have had enough – I sure hope they turn out in droves to vote your ample skippy butt out!


  2. Sheesh, that sounds like a motley crew, every one of them. De Laat at least made some sense when he said, ” responsible breeding and shelters would be the proper way to manage any issue of horses in need.” We ourselves stopped the miniscule breeding of very high quality Welsh we were doing years ago just for this reason. We made very little money in the end but loved the experience. People need to get that it is each one of us that has to do with this issue. Each one of us that has anything to do with equines. If you are breeding quanities of horses right now, you are not acting in a responsible and caring fashion for the animals. PERIOD.


  3. And just what would happen to the wild horses if De Laat got his wish to take over the BLM land???? I like that he likes dogs though. Not exactly the most flattering pic of Wallis is it, lol lol


    • Well, with the present Gov. and the candidate that seems to be leading the polls right now, they would be in favor of eliminating the horses from the ranges they presently occupy because these two consider them as using up the cattle grazing allotments and are feral anyway. They also would like to eliminate the wolf population. So I am thinking that the state taking over the BLM land would be a poor idea. There are some better alternatives.


      • Agree. These horses belong to all the people of the United States, not just the people of Wyoming. I am against this. This is the land of Dick Cheney who pushed to open up the West to all his profiteering Haliburton type cronies.


  4. oops the link above is not correct…Vote ForHorses though has a listing by state of horse friendly & horse hall of shame info.


  5. Glad I don’t live in Wyoming! I guess the libertarian is the lesser evil though I don’t think state control of BLM and Forest Service in Wyoming will result in anything positive for the horses. scary.


    • Nell, thanks for the “Wind Horse”. It’s testament to the human/horse connection so many have forgotten. Wind Horse chose to sacrifice freedom to stay with the boy.

      And I thank Wind Horse for his prayer:

      “He prayed to the Great Spirit to send a reminder to the Indian People of the friendship that he and the Indian People had shared. And with Wind Horse’s prayer, the Horse was given to the Indian People as friends.”

      The Horse was given to ALL people as friends.

      To the dispicable Slaughterhouse Sue and company: WE don’t eat our friends and never will!


  6. As long as Sue goes. It’s a tough one up there in Wyoming. Will have to start working on whoever is elected to respect and protect the wild horses. We need some states to stand up to the feds and say two words “Enough” and “NO”


  7. As an aside for CA voters I called Carly Fiorina’s campaign a month or so ago. I was told that there are too many issues for Carly to have a say about any one of them. I aksed the aide about HoneyBandit who didn’t know a thing. Nor did she know what BLM stood for. I bring this out for your own knowlege because knowlege is power. With that, I respect however you choose to vote.

    I know Barbara Boxer isn’t great. She’s talks a great line but hasn’t done to much about follow up. Plus she apparentl wants to close all BLM lands to everyone. That might mean we can’t go how this one will play out.

    I’ll be the first to tell you I know so little about politics–Cloud brought me into this political arena. And it’s overwhelming there is so much out there.

    I’m a bit down today with illness. I’ll be fine–no worries there. I have to work on shrinking down HoneyBandit’s photos. So I will let everyone here know when and where they are online so you can take a look. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE THE DIFFERENCE!


    • Where did you hear Barbara Boxer wants to close our publics lands to us? Barbara Boxer wrote a very strong letter to the DOI regarding the wild horses. Of course, she got no response back, but she knows what the BLM stands for and she is an advocate of the horses.


  8. WOW !!!!!!! Again the Wild Mustangs help us all !!!!!!! They have brought us all here to learn !!!!!! God They are Wonderful arent they !!!!!! They Have no voices but still Have the power !!!!!!! to bring all these wonderful people together !!!!!!!!! They are always helping GOD BLESS THEM with FREEDOM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. When the BLM is Concerned the Answer is Enough and NO to them on all counts………………………. I have no doubt the the People of Wyoming, will get there horse friendly candidate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. Sorry had to laugh at that comment, I guess they must go with one of the nuts…………. They certainly dont need nuts and evil


  11. SS is disgusting, but honestly I don’t think the other 2 are going to help the wild equines either. About the best we can hope for is that they won’t use the office to pander bat sh*t crazy lobbying to open slaughterhouses for equines….but I wouldn’t go to the bank for deposit on that either.


  12. Crazy cold natured women…I would call her a bitch but that would be a put down to female dogs…..Instead of doing something about irresponsible breeding lets just kill them….could natured, uncaring, miserable, so and so !!!!!!!!


  13. im all for DE LAAT.
    i dont agree with the other 2 candidates,as i am against slaughter and for gayrights and pro choice.


  14. Thank you Nell for the Wind Horse legend. What an amazing story!

    As for the candidates….hmmm? I really don’t know. Is this the best that they have to offer?


  15. Humane slaughter is an oxymoron.

    Let’s see. If I were a wild horse, I would rather (a) be rounded up as a five year-old, separated from my family band, canned like a sardine and sent to Mexico, stabbed three times, and hung upside down until finally, the pain turns everything black


    (b) be attacked by a mountain lion as I was chasing my great-granddaughter back toward her mother. The last thing I remember is the sound of her hoovers galloping back to her mom.


    (c)be laying down on the warm earth, eager for sleep after a night of grazing, running, playing, grooming and being groomed. Having drawn in the cool, clear water of a highland stream, the view of a brilliant blue sky, a full breath of faintly crisp, fall air, I am blanketed by sun’s warmth, warmed to the heart. I am surrounded by my deep bay children. Some like me are also ready to sleep while others stand still and watchful. I sigh deeply. It has all been good. I close my eyes.


  16. “Humane” means to be concerned with the alleviation of suffering. These beings are not ill, maimed or otherwise “unhealthy”. They are not in an aging pain. They are delivered “fit for living”, so there is no “suffering to alleviate”.
    There is only the needless murder of victims for profit. That’s it! Anyone using the word “humane” needs to own up to reality and stop with the pretty pictures all ready!
    No “needless” death is ever “humane”. (period).


  17. This woman is just discusting and Unamerican! Shes going to PLOD ON with her killing horses plans!!

    * Please* its fine to continue with the ‘civil debate’ with BLM and Slaughterhouse Sue, Civil debate will go on untill the last wild horse is gone, all left ‘managed’ are in tiny pastures ,trained to move by helicoptor, and Sue is moving americas pet horses(and blm sale authority!) stuffed in her cattle cars.

    We need kick ass short Vids and picture docs to consolidate the ‘story’ of what the BLM and Sue have done and are trying to do to horses. We can’t let this drag on untill the wild horses are gone and Sue is killing horses in America!

    Some kind of Vid like this ‘dog pound horror’ IS what gets the general public and the entire world awake and demanding stop and change.


  18. I’m fat. It has nothing to do with my intelligence or passion for defending horses. Using a person’s body size as a synonym for stupidity and evil is extremely offensive. And in fact, it was Weight Watchers’ calorie-restricted, obsessive diet plan that took me from a very slightly chubby teen to yoyo dieting and gaining weight. Stop persecuting women’s bodies.


    • Reisa, point very well taken. Just as we love people of all sizes and shapes, but not always their actions, we should refrain from attacking anyone’s appearance and concentrate on what they’re saying and doing. SS, DD and numerous others provide more than enough fodder for criticism and opposition. I’m for sticking to that.


    • sorry you’re offended. but this freak of nature s.s. has earned every derogatory statement anyone can come up with. eat half your meals and walk 20 minutes daily. that’s it. works great and doesn’t cost a dime, exept some comfy shoes.


  19. I will be thrilled to see Slaugherhouse Sue GO. She can then take up a position in traffic and play for all I care. De Laat, realisitically is the best chance WY horses have – Hackert, like Wallace, is a rancher – when was the last time any rancher cared about anything other than the grazing lands for their herds? I’m just sayin”…


  20. The Libertarian is the only candidate worth voting for. We need a third party candidate to win so we can begin to change things for the better.


  21. The reign of terror will soon come to an end near you and for the poor horses in the Bloody queens site’s. I hope Voter’s do the right thing by their state and get rid of the evil queen of mean. Its time for a big change.


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