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BLM Official Says No Bigwigs Have Accepted Slaughter Summit Invitation

Story by Steven Long ~ editor/publisher of “Horseback Magazine

Truth in Advertising?

LAS VEGAS, (Horseback) – The nations most outspoken pro-horse slaughter group announced the “Summit of the Horse, Stand Up, Speak Out, Be heard, Take Back the Reins of YOUR Industry” for Las Vegas the first week in January. The event is sponsored by United Horsemen, a 501(c)3 non profit organization.

The event claims to have invited highly placed officials of the federal Bureau of Land Management including Dr. Boyd Spratling, a member of the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board, Ken Salazar, Secretary of the Interior, Sylvia Baca, Under Secretary of the Interior, and Don Glenn, director of the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program.

“I am unaware of any invited Departmental or BLM speaker having accepted an invitation to this event,” said the agency’s chief Washington spokesman. “The BLM, which does not sell any wild horses or burros to slaughterhouses or to “killer buyers,” has made it clear that in crafting a new management strategy for wild horses and burros it will not consider sales “without limitation” or the euthanasia of healthy, unadopted animals.”
“Federal employees are prohibited from  participation in these types of events because of conflict of interest,” a highly placed government worker who declined to be identified said.

The BLM is currently capturing thousands of wild horses in the American West and holding them in giant pens with no public access similar to the armed services Area 51 in Nevada. It has allowed no outside observers to do a independent census of the number of horses in captivity.

United Horseman founder and president Dave Duquette said in a release sent to Horseback Magazine, “The Summit comes from the perspective of experienced horse people who have the best interest of the horse at heart and seek unification of our country’s horsemen and horsewomen in promoting horse welfare and health of the horse industry,” he said. “We’re speaking with a united voice for horses and horse people.”

Duquette’s organization claims the abolition of legal horse slaughter in the United States has destroyed the low end of the horse market.

Duquette is a professional working cow horse trainer from Hermiston, Oregon.

Breakout sessions are billed as The Politics of Land and Horses, The U.S. Horse Industry – Protecting Our Horseback Cultures and Livelihoods, Efforts to Provide Humane and Economically Viable Options, and Canadian and United States Connections in the Equine Economy.

Also invited are newly elected Governor of Nevada, Brian Sandoval, David Martosko, Temple Grandin, rodeo stock contractor Ike Sankey, John Falen of the Public Lands Council, and Bill and Jann Parker of the Billings horse auction.

Promotional material for the event says that “Keynote and Invited Speakers” will be “Addressing the issues that threaten to destroy the viability of the equine industry with knowledge, experience, and compassion.”

Whether those issues threaten to destroy the viability of the equine industry with knowledge, experience, and compassion remains to be seen.

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  1. No, over breeding has destroyed the horse market…. It’s simple, flood the market with too many horses and it lowers the price. We really should attend this meeting to be sure who the attendees are!


    • I think George Knapp and Arlene G. could cover this mess in Vegas. The WH&B Advisory Board Meeting will be in the Reno area in January, as I was told by BLM in DC. There is also the desire for a meeting then. The weather will be hard to beat in order to get there unless you are local or in CA. The prayer will be for much snow to stop the Antelope roundup where they will be removing 1270 horses in Eastern Nevada in January. mar


    • You are absolutely right Leslie! And I think we do need to secure “invitations”, if for nothing else to expose their phony organization! SLAUGHTER” is in the best interest of the horses? Please….just leave the word “Horse” out of this! Also to organize a huge protest outside!!!


  2. Yes, Leslie-overbreeding and the increasing expense of caring for horses is the culprit as any real horseman/woman knows. We had too many horses as a result of over-breeding long before they closed the slaughter plants.


    • I agree Karen. My Quarter Horse Stud has stood dormit now for years because I was smart enough to stop breeding even my own mares when prices & trouble hit.
      It had NOTHING TO DO WITH SLAUGHTER! The only thing hurt by not being able to slaughter was some bodies GREEDY POCKETS!
      As for slaughtering for dog food, as some seem to think, PEOPLE need to read the ingredeance on the bag or can! That meat is the left overs not useable for consumtion by the STUPID people eating it.! Or it’s the Farm animal/ Ocean remains that they use.
      And BLM does send/ Sell to slaughter! Won’t give facts here but we know better. BLM does everything they say they don’t. Who do they think they are fooling when they are being so closly watched!


    • Slaughter House Sue claims she has asked Temple Grandin to design humane slaughter techniques for horses to be used in the New Salughter House she wants to build in Wyoming. I had thought TG had said horses could not be slaughtered humanely…. mar


      • In an evil-genius sort of way, they have now invoked the name of Temple Grandin, whose mere mention can evidently lull even the most ambivalent slaughter supporters into drinking the UoH kool-aid…

        Whether you agree or disagree with Temple’s philosophy and methods, the fact remains she is *well respected* by the general public for her “humane handling methods” for livestock slaughter. Her name carries a lot of influence and both Wallis and Duquette are using that to their advantage. They understand there are a lot of people who until now have been ‘on-the-fence’ about slaughter because of the inherent cruelty. By assuring them that Temple Grandin is involved with their project, many of those will be convinced that it can be done humanely.

        I would suggest contacting Ms Grandin and NICELY expressing any disappointment you may have with her dubious association that Ms Wallis and her associate, Mr Duquette claim to have with her. Do not be rude or insulting; she will not respond to those emails, and it does nothing to further the cause of anti-slaughter.

        While she is not committed to the idea of horse slaughter, she has heard the Wallis/Duquette version of all the “abandoned, starving, and neglected” horses, and how ‘humane slaughter’ can help put them all out of their misery
        She wants to hear solutions from those opposed to slaughter for what she believes are thousands of ‘unwanted horses’ – as team Wallis/Duquette have developed what appears to be the perfect solution to their supporters.

        I sincerely hope that Ms Grandin does not risk her reputation by becoming involved in such an offensive project.


    • Yes, I find that especially shocking after all the horse has done to help autistic kids, (see the documentary; “Horse Boy”) besides she claims to be able to communicate with animals has she ever observed the horrors of slaughtering horses??! i tried calling her about this, but could not get through. I’ll keep trying!


  3. We should have someone there to see what’s really up their sleeve. Interesting time to have this meeting, don’t you think? Looks like much is taking place and with the BLM involved, it can’t be a positive conclusion for our horses. I hope I’m wrong.


  4. Horrific, to think of all these evil trolls gathered in one place. That entire section of Vegas will have a horrible ugly vibe with those cretins massed together, same sort as the homes where mass murderers lived. Gives me the creeps just thinking about it. But indeed I hope some special advocates will monitor as we need a list of all the attendees which should be published far and wide so evil is identified and especially so good people do not make the mistake of giving any business to these monsters. We know fully 70-80% of Americans want no part of horse slaughter – and they do not want to support these people who are like backwoods soulless mindless robots focused only on their own wallets. Nothing else matters….

    I wonder what the world will think about an entire conference filled with evil Americans whose goal is to sell their mistakes in over-breeding, their cast off, excess work/sport/riding horses to slaughter, animals not raised for meat and whose flesh is rife with toxic and carcinogenic substances all the while deluding themselves with the belief they are “feeding the world’s hungry”?

    Actually I could not imagine a more surreal, hideous conference than this one nor a horror flick that even the best screenwriter could conceive where the evil villains couched their torturous killing plans for both horses and humans in a cloak of “goodness and mercy” only they could rationalize. Then again, I guess when you are insane….


    • Yes Kathleen, this will be a an event fit for a “horror flick”, first they proposing to slaughter our best friend and most devoted companion. Then they want to “poison” the hungry with the “tainted meat”! Hell, ole Slaughter Sue proposed to “knock off” the poor senior citizens of Wyoming, living in Nursing homes, and feed the Wyoming kids, with “tainted horsemeat” at the schools? Is that woman completely off her rocker……or she just had too much tainted horsemeat herself, and her brain is compromised??!


  5. You all have hit the nail on the head. We should bring this massive gathering, all who attends, and publish names far and wide. Maybe when all this info is out, they will start going underground and keep their guts hidden from view forever.


  6. This definitely needs advocates there to monitor and get a list of all that’s attending. Its hard to fathom all these people that will be attending want to kill our horses because of their mistakes and over breeding and for money. Why should our innocent and beloved horses be subjected to this cruelty? There is NO humane way to kill horses, they are intelligent and feeling creatures.


  7. I would love to know which hotel is hosting this atrocity, so it can be boycotted in the future. On the other hand, this may be a great venue to set up tables and educate the American public on what is truly happening in the industry. Dave Douchette’s belief that ending horse slaughter destroyed the low end of the horse market is TOTALLY INACCURATE. To quote John Holland,…”it is completely impossible to blame the current glut of excess horses on the closing of the slaughter plants because the closings simply sent the horses over the Mexican and Canadian borders. By 2008, slaughter was back to the second highest level in almost ten years.”- SADLY. The market problems in the horse industry are driven by the economy!!!! There are documented facts, figures, charts and metrics proving this!!!!
    I’d love to be there to share, and help educate people. People need to know the truth.


    • Yes Christy, Brilliant idea! We should set up tables with info at the Lobby, and as a matter of fact request an invite to speak! Ole Slaughter Sue pushed her way into the regional BLM meeting in Utah? So if this meeting will be supposedly “in the best interest of horses” then let’s have them give some “real Horse Advocates” a chance to speak! I could read a Sue Wallis “poem”……seriously, believe it or not she writes “poems about the pretty horses” she eventually sends to slaughter. SICK!! However someone should have one of those undercover slaughter videos shown. (….not I, because I can’t watch those!) We definetly have to PUSH back!


  8. I wonder if The Unwanted Horse Coalition will be represented. They’re so disingenuous, but now that they’re under the umbrella of the American Horse Council (Will THEY be there?) they’ve increased their visibility, influence, and (I would imagine) funding and salaries.

    BTW – I HATE that the UHC has the red circle/strikethrough in their logo, but nowhere in the body of their literature. If their “mission” is even partially to turn Unwanted Horses into Wanted Horses, they could indicate that with a couple of keystrokes = The (Un)Wanted Horse Coalition.


    • The Unwanted Horse Coalition was, I believe, created by the American Horse Council. I think I recall reading that it was felt to controversial (for advocating for slaughter) to have it be an actual division of AHC so it was made a “sister” organization instead. Granted both these groups are far more “delicate” and nuanced in how they deliver their pro-slaughter message than ol’ Slaughterhouse Sue and her boy ding dong Dave, but it doesn’t take much sophistication to rise above these two belly crawling mud dwellers….. no offense to turtles, alligators, snakes and such.

      Horse loving Americans need to make sure they are NOT supporting the American Horse Council – and their affiliate State Horse Councils in every single state – even though they do some good things for the horse world. As long as these cretins promote and support slaughter, they deserve nothing and cannot be trusted to have the best interests of horses in mind. For them, it’s all about the money, how much they and their slaughter loving lobbyists can put in their pockets.


  9. Great idea #1: Set up information tables and booths, AT the summit site, telling the REAL truth.

    Great idea #2: Set up a protest rally outside the summit site to keep as many people from going in as possible.

    This is America! Freedom of speech! We need to be standing right next to those goons counteracting every single thing they say with the TRUTH!


  10. The major sponsors of this “GALA” event will no doubt be AQHA and the JOCKEYS CLUB…. As these are the biggest contributors to the EXCESS horse isue in America.. And this includes Canada as these same lines are the biggest contributors in our countries EXCESS horse problem….Theses 2 groups alone are going to be the biggest losers in total ban on horse slaughter when it comes into effect. The next losers will be anyone with a STUD in their pens..None of these breeders have to be losers just need to be smarter business people. The auto industries are a prime example of Smarter business people; took the taxpayers of both our countries to save their butts but they are doing business alot smarter today(I think)….The horse breeders are only in denial of slaughter being the only right way to dump their DUD’s. Once slaughter is banned in both countries; the pro-slaughter people will drop outa sight completely. They will be forced to stop over-breeding. This will be a system that both goverments, vets and the horse owners will have to face. Putting a horse down will only be allowed by best in the horses interest IE broken leg, old age or any vet recommended requirement And that will not include wrong colors and definetly not fast enough…As far as booths or anti-slaughter people being there: I ‘d say “not” ; things could get hostile. And the kind of people going to this; aren’t going to change their ways; until forced into it.. Boycott the hotel chain is a good hit and easy for all of us but someone in that hotel chain has to know about us and why..soon!! Then maybe they will back out from allowing them pro-slaughters to use THE HOTELS good name by being associated with this group of people…


    • Jim while I agree with most everything you are saying, we just CAN’T BACK DOWN, AND BE “AFRAID”. The “West was not won that way” These low lives, are just snakes in the bush, besides there is security, and we could request “Homeland Security” show up, saying these people are “Animal Terrorists” :)) Which is true! And let’s NOT forget this is still the USA the “Land of the FREE and home of the BRAVE” !


      • Anne-Marie.. Backing down and being afraid is the farthest thing from my mind; just got to be cautious… These are people who have no thoughts or feelings about horses so probably would think nothing of swinging and asking questions later.Or stating later that Them anti-slaughter groups started it…Yes the USA and Canadian people have always been stand uppers; but sadly, we also have alot of ostriches and weak backers now also… Not like back in the old days; when our people were first to stand up when things weren t rite in the world..And every person knew the true value of a horse. Putting a horse down then meant a good chance there were going to be hard times over it; not shipped to be someones dinner because it wasn t the rite color or not fast enough…..


  11. Maybe we should release our Judas Horse and gather them all up then chase them with copters………………….Seems befitting to me…………….. we could chase them for miles no water , rope tie them and forget to come back for them…………..Strip them of their families and see how they like it…………………


  12. In the works…..there are Indian Reservations that will have slaughter plants within the next couple of years. They are autonomous regions….they are not under the jurisdiction of the government rules. There is A LOT OF $$$$ in the slaughter business. Be ready….for this is next on the agenda. I bet at this little summit meeting, you will see some of them there…..


  13. Gee, most of the footage of Mexican slaugherhouses seems to utilize Grandin’s design for livestock (solid curving walls). Maybe that’s why they invited her? I don’t recall seeing this design used in U.S. slaughterhouses, but I have to admit, it’s not something I go looking for.


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