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Dear Horse Eaters: We Know It and You Know It

Guest Op-Ed by Simone Netherlands of Respect4Horses

Response to “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis and Dave “Doink” Duquette’s Blood Blog B.S.

Dear Sue and Dave,

I am normally the most in favor of talking as respectful adults to one another, but as you have stooped to such  petty levels, I cannot help but indulge for just a moment and write you a letter in your kind of sarcastic language.

I am slightly surprised that you feel so threatened by small individual Facebook pages.

I do apologize, but I am admittedly amused, that you have to spend your day searching the internet for any little straw you can clamp onto in order to give your outrageous claims any kind of meat (or merit). Of course when you can’t make yourself look good, then all there is left to do, is make up anything you can think of to make the opposition look bad, so I totally understand where you are coming from.

I can’t blame you for being so insecure, because of course you already know that you are fighting a loosing battle, even if you had no opposition at all.

We know it, and you know it: You cannot magically make the deadly carcinogens in horse meat disappear. This really makes all of your beautiful dreams of feeding it to innocent children a bit of a delusion, doesn’t it.

We know it and you know it: Breeders are the CREATORS of the problems that you so convincingly seek to find the answers to and it’s getting difficult for you to make them look like the victims. We herewith invite every breeder to take back the horses they bred, that now are without homes, and take care of them, as this is their responsibility, no one else’s.

We know it and you know it: Your concoction of “let’s save the poor starving horses” doesn’t fly, because the killer buyers are praying on the young, fat and healthy horses, instead of the old, sick and skinny ones, don’t they.

We know it and you know it: The abandoned horses aren’t the ones ending up in the slaughter plants either, for the simple fact that their owners chose to abandon them instead. It is hard to convince Americans that we don’t have the option of horse slaughter available isn’t it, that is because everyone knows that we do!

Here is one that you may not know, as I have a degree in economics and you don’t, let me educate you to the fist economic principle that I learned.

Increase supply = Decrease of value.       Decrease supply = Increase of value.

Isn’t that what you say that you want, an increase in horse values?

But let’s get back to what you know:

We know it and you know it: Anyone with any math skills, can figure out who truly poses a threat to the health of our public lands: A. 3 million cattle (AUM’s), or  B. 25,000 wild horses (AUM’s). Get your calculators out, oops, that answer makes it tricky to justify your intolerance towards the wild ones, doesn’t it.

We know it and you know it: If there even was one hair on your bodies that cared about  horses at all, you would stop promoting your ludicrous barbaric solutions to your self created problems, and instead be promoting to turn those 32 million dollars of breeding incentives into gelding funds, euthanasia funds (real euthanasia that is) and funds for horse rescues. But you wont be thinking of those types of solutions, will you.

We know it and you know it: If you cared about the American Tax payer an inkling, or if you cared about your own grand children for that matter, then you would think it a bad idea to rob the taxpayer in order to finance the robbery of our wild horse heritage from our children and grand children.

If the lot of you had more than a 4th graders brain capacity, perhaps there is hope that you could figure out that the simplest solution to the problems is to STOP CREATING THE PROBLEMS !!

But sadly, you appear to have paid no attention in those first few grades, because you certainly haven’t learned your basic life lessons of how to share (with the wild ones), have a little compassion (for the ones on whose back we built this country), not be selfish (make them suffer for those last few dollars) and not to lie (about your true motives of greed).

So good luck in trying to find better lies to convince the American public with and thank you for making the strategic mistake of doing it in such a public place. You make it too easy for us to expose you for who you really are.

Please feel free to post this letter UNEDITED on your blog. (I doubt you have the guts)

With utmost sincerity,

Simone Netherlands

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  1. Brilliant! I wish I would have written this, Simone! A classic filled with succinct recital of all the simple lessons the simpletons just have yet not mastered. Isn’t it amazing once it’s all laid out like this, to realize that there is this group of simpleminded horse eaters who could not think their way out of a paper bag if their lives depended upon it? Point after point, they just fail. Well, at least they have the answers now. Maybe they’ll actually absorb some of them — but I’m not holding my breath for that! Thanks for the chuckle and the facts…. 😉


  2. Amen, Simone. Will send this letter to the Casino and others who ought to know the tsunami of lies that is coming out of WY.
    Great job, thanks for all you do. And RT, thanks for posting !


  3. Sue Wallis can not take the truth or the heat that is coming down on her now that the facts are being presented and talked about more than ever. People who would consider eating horse meat might change their minds when they discover the dreadful truth about the drugs that they may be feeding to their children. SHAME SHAME SHAME on Sue Wallis.


  4. You Know It…We KNow It.
    Hmm, just as I stated to Dave on R.T.’s other post last night. You can lead horses to water but you cannot make them drink~Well, you can lead Dave Duquette/Sue Wallis to fact’s but you cannot make them think….Overbreeding and there is the DUO of Horse Meat, misleading….any and everyone they can gather for their feeding…OF UNTRUTHS…….why…To Help The Horses….We KNow it and You Know it and ALL SHALL KNOW IT….Sue stick to writing those Poems? Dave try to find something to do, maybe you can edit Sue’s, Poems….forget the horses’s that you want to SAVE from what ever it is you think you are trying to do for the welfare of the Horses, your highly dilusional and well, You know it and We know it….


  5. Are Sue and Dave actually smart enough to know it ? And I wonder how many will actually show up at their phony summit ?
    Thanks for trying to educate them, Simone.


  6. This is an excellent and well thought out response to the idiots who keep promoting slaughter for breeders, or breeding for slaughter, any way you want to say it.


  7. Do we ever need your brain and your mouth at the Summit to give them whats whats in person in front of all their fans…some of those jerks dont know these facts, and if they did, maybe they would see how stoopit the pro-slaughter arguments are and maybe just maybe some will come round to our way of thinking. You are preaching to the choir here….bring your wisdom where it will do some good (or bad, actually, to their side of the argument) by dispelling the myths on their face(s). We must meet the enemy head on and the Summit is a good place to do it, dont you think?


    • Simply put…..No.

      RT and others have stated the concerns and reality getting “physical” with the enemy. I respect their opinions and will follow because in the long run it’s good for the equines. Gotta respect that there can only be a few herd stallions and Alpha-mares. I trust them and will follow even though long term solution is not going to solve the deaths of many of our companions RIGHT NOW.

      We advocates don’t need a bonfire at “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. The necessary info will be provided as to what happened. Anything more, feeds the trolls.

      Congress folks….Congress! Stop the money!


  8. Denise, I agree and sorry, CJ. If true advocates appear inside and even try to give our views and the facts I think SS would have us evicted and try to say we caused a disturbance. Don’t fall for their trap. She would love to have cause to call us “terrorists”. Of course you have a right to go if you want to, CJ.


  9. Simone, beautifully said. I hope you could get this hard needed information to the American public. I think when they see it in print and all who now don’t know what the BLM is doing to our beautiful wild horses, we would see a definite increase in Americans demanding the BLM stop what they are doing and a request to Congress to stop funding, I think they would take an active role in seeing the truths as they are and help us to reverse what is happening now to our wild horses and burrows, as well as refute the needs of the cattlemen in needing additional ranges.


  10. Simone, beautifully said. I hope you could get this hard needed information to the American public. I think when they see it in print and all who now don’t know what the BLM is doing to our beautiful wild horses, we would see a definite increase in Americans demanding the BLM stop what they are doing and a request to Congress to stop funding, I think they would take an active role in seeing the truths as they are and help us to reverse what is happening now to our wild horses and burros, as well as refute the needs of the cattlemen in needing additional ranges.


  11. Hi– wonderful job Simone! I have been pounding the FB pages of the Nevada and Wyoming BLM. They post stories of “a girl and her horse” that they rescued from stravation– it’s BS, and they know it. I am so happy that you are speaking for so many of us– kicking ass and takin’ names. These horses deserve a hero– you are certainly one of their heros Simone! For the horses without a voice, they thank you too! Keep up the good fight!


  12. Simone, and all- What would be the chances of making a DVD of all the video documentation of abuse at the round-ups? The round-up wreck, Blue Moon’s death, lame horses in corrals, mares aborting foals, helicopters banging into petrified horses. A montage if you will. Hell, even include the BLM’s own videos! Mail or take them to Feinsteins’s office, the whitehouse, CNN, FOX, all of our state representatives? A picture is worth a thousand words!


  13. To anyone planning the protest of this hideous conference:
    Can I please ask that you include posters, videos of the wild horses in the wild along with any negative images of round ups/slaughter?

    The American people that may walk past this protest need to see the stunning beauty of wild horses in the wild. Something 99% of them don’t even know exist. Please expose them to what must be preserved and what may be gone forever by 2020 or sooner.

    Thank you.


  14. KA, Exactly what I’ve been saying for along time. If I had the means I would do it myself. I make phone calls and send emails. I’ve been keeping up with the Saylor Creek herd in Idaho. BLM in Boise and Twin Falls is getting tired of my phone calls. I’m also in contact with the holding corrals there. I talk to Pat Williams who is in charge of the LTH here in Kansas and Oklahoma and Debbie Collins PR in Moore Okla. I think the DVD is an excellent. If copies could be made I would be getting them out. This idea is long overdue. It’s past time to stop preaching to the choir!


  15. I think a collection of the fall of the mustangs and burros on DVD is a great idea.
    There are plenty of links to powerful news/current events reports such as George Knapp’s and James Kleinert’s, that can be included as an introduction to the evidence that follows, such as clips of Blue Moon, the helicopter touch down and Braveheart, Freedom… etc. This DVD could be used as a library of the present destruction and sent out and used as fundraiser. It could be an eye opener and educational tool. Most Americans have no clue. I still am amazed at how oblivious the main stream is to this subject – so if the main stream media doesn’t bring it, this could be a tool to do so ourselves. We should find someone who can make it.
    Also, Walruss and cohorts are just eagerly awaiting an”incident” in Vegas… so they can continue their role of victim to milk support or pity by those who have lost their minds already. Don’t give her any opportunity.


    • I’m glad to see this might work with some cooperation. What we don’t want is sensationalism. (In my opinion). Sad music, tears, etc. may distort the message and undoubtedly fuel “their” fire. Just the facts in living colour. We are not a bunch of idiot zealots and eco-terrorists. We want our horses handled humanely. Period.


  16. In regards to a DVD, see this email from Craig Downer:
    November 24, 2010

    Dear Friends of Wild Horses and Burros:

    We need to document wild horses and burros both in the wild and during and after captivity:
    We need to compile a library of audio-video footage and still photos and other documentation such as written testimonials that can be used for court cases or Congress.
    I would like to propose that we create one central depository for these documents which all pro-wild-horse/burro groups and individuals can access and that I could be the collector, organizer, keeper and sharer of these. I am independent and can help all groups and individual equitably. I am a wildlife ecologist and have considerable experience in organizing material of this sort during my professional studies. I have worked with the media and helped create films and collaborated on many pro-wild-equid projects.
    Here are some of the Categories that can be used (add more if you think of any):
    • Inhumane treatment of horses, both in the wild and during the roundup, processing and adoption, short- and long-term holding.
    • Stress from separation of family units. Broken families leading to dysfunctional bands and herds in the remnant populations and also the form of Post Traumic Stress Syndrome that many of the captured horses and burros experience.
    • Documentation of the habitat degradation by cattle, sheep and other forms of human exploitation of the public lands. Documentation of degradation of riparian (streamside and lakeside) habitats by livestock, etc. Examples of clear scapegoating of wild horses and burros for abuses attributable to other causes, especially, livestock grazing and watering and camping on moist areas, mining including devastating open pit mines, Off Road Vehicles, Hunting, Littering and waste disposal on public lands, etc. Documentation of wide roaming nature of wild horses and burros, accessing remote habitats, and the thwarting of this by fences and other man made obstacles would be collected.
    Documentation of how wild horses and burros are often set up by both private interests and the politicians and public officials who are in cahoots with them in order to either eliminate these animals from their rightful areas or reduce them to entirely marginalized, genetically non-viable populations that are being managed for extinction.
    Exact Herd Areas/Herd Management Areas and their locations would be documented by photos, videos, etc., showing recognizable landmarks and wherever possible with GPS locations as well as exact times and dates, weather conditions, associated species, habitat conditions. The identification of individual horses and burros and their bands by close up photos will prove valuable.
    Full credit of individuals and organizations gathering this information would be given unless anonymity is requested from such.
    Please let me know if this sounds good to you and what sort of materials you would be willing to contribute. I suggest you mail these to my address below in Minden, Nevada.
    Hoping to hear from you soon and Happy Holidays,

    Craig C. Downer
    P.O. Box 456
    Minden, NV 89423-0456 USA


  17. Simone so masterfully written, i commend you for your brilliance. This is not only how you win battles, this is how you win wars…………………… Now if we could get this in every branch of news media, omg…. we are on almost there…………….This is ever so big !!!!!


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