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Wallis/Duquette Press Perversity to the Limit

(The News as We See It) by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

Horse Rescues Solicited for Horse Meat, Hide, Hair, You Name It!!

The unethical and renegade Wyoming State Rep. “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis and her profanity spewing handyman Dave “Doink” Duquette have now crossed the line and are actively sending unsolicited emails to reputable horse rescues in an effort to persuade them into joining their cause of killing, eating, tanning and exploiting every single component of a companion horse’s body.  The email is inserted below but I highly recommend that you avoid reading it, in detail, if you have an aversion to lies, deception and flat out B.S….not to mention if  blood turns your stomach.  This despicable duo has gone over the top as any rescue that would ever become involved with this alleged “project” would never, ever be able to lift it’s head amongst the league of benevolent equine non-profits that labor in this country.

More information will be following but this stupidity simply has to be exposed for what it is; pure, unadulterated crap…and one thing is for certain, “Doink” surely did not write this as he has yet figured out how to utilize spell check and it is rare, if ever, that he can complete a paragraph without several low-life expletives being inserted (cuss words, Dave)  Can you imagine spending your life’s precious moments in an effort to leave such an insane and bloody legacy for your children?  Shameful, absolutely shameful.

Grab the barf bag and buckle up your seat belt as listed below is the spam that has appeared in REAL rescues inboxes:

P.S.: These are the sort of people that the Obama Administration’s Director of the BLM, Bob Abbey supports!!


To Whom It May Concern:

A RESCUE and REJUVENATION program of the United Horsemen’s Unified Equine System has been created to care for “unwanted” horses and give them a chance to become “wanted,” healthy and happy.

The Unified Equine System is a holistic system that is designed to provide a solution to the problem of excess domestic horses in the United States.

The United Horsemen seek to help horses and owners in any situation. People may donate equines they are not able or willing to keep, at any of our satellite rescue centers planned for multiple locations in the U.S. The horses will immediately be examined by a veterinarian.

If they are in good condition, and potentially useful, they will be sent to the Rescue Program, a collaborative effort with college and university equine programs and private horse trainers to train, re-train and market horses.

The Rescue Program may also be a good option for trained, dependable older horses who are no longer needed or wanted in their current situation. Once evaluated by professionals, and wherever possible, these horses will be placed as kids’ horses, or provided at little or no cost to therapeutic riding programs, and other equine nonprofit purposes. If appropriate, they may be sold to riding schools, trail riding businesses, or other such enterprises.

Lack of training can be a significant factor in a horse becoming “unwanted.” The Unified Equine Rescue Program is an ideal place for untrained, but potentially desirable, horses. The Rescue Program connects untrained prospects with capable professionals and student trainers, giving these horses the best chance to succeed. This element of the Rescue Program is set up with the breeder and owner in mind – people unexpectedly hit by the downed horse market and who now may not be able to afford training.

Horses in poor condition will be placed in the Rejuvenation Program for extra feed, care, and supplementation, until they are healthy and ready for re-evaluation.

Pregnant mares, foals, yearlings, and weanlings will be put on pasture until ready for re-evaluation and placement. Mares may also be provided to university equine reproduction research programs.

The Unified Equine System will also offer an incentive program, paying bonuses to owners and/or trainers who are successful in competition with horses that came from the program.

Because the Unified Equine System is organized by horse industry professionals, horses can be evaluated and placed as show prospects, ranch horses, therapeutic riding horses, rodeo bucking stock, and much more.

Owners who donate horses to United Horsemen, a non-profit, 501c3 organization, will receive a 100% tax-deductible donation receipt.

For horses that have lived past their useful life, are unsound, un-trainable, or otherwise not suitable for re-homing, a humane system of slaughter will be utilized. Equipment and management practices approved by Dr. Temple Grandin will provide a quick, clean death with a minimum of stress and pain. Horses will be handled humanely and respectfully, employees will undergo proper training, and the facility will be monitored to prevent mishandling and abuse.

Every part of the horse will be put to good purposes, from providing nourishing, high quality meat to the hungry and to those who choose to buy it for their tables, to zoo diets for big cats and other carnivores, to canned pet food.  Horse hide is very valuable as rawhide and as leather. Otherwise unusable parts will be rendered to essential oil and byproducts. Some parts can be used for both human and veterinary medicine. Even the hair can be used.

Horses entering the system that are not appropriate for either the Rescue Program or the Processing Program will be put on pasture until their status changes. This would primarily be brood mares with baby colts, weanlings, yearlings, and horses who may have suffered an injury, will never be sound, but have been provided with veterinary medications that will need to be held for an appropriate withdrawal period before being processed.

The Rescue, Rejuvenation, and Slaughter Programs are complemented by the Equine Assurance Program, an industry-driven assurance program to address both animal welfare issues and food quality and safety issues through licensing, certification, and training; as well as the Horses for Humanity Program, which is specifically focused on using horse products for charitable purposes where horse meat can be provided to the hungry, or be contributed as pet food to nonprofit animal shelters. The National Do Not Slaughter Registry provides extra assurance to those who do not ever want to see their horse processed.

If your horse rescue is interested in working with our program, please contact Sue Wallis at or (307)680-8515, or Dave Duquette at or (541)571-7588. While no one really cares to think about horses getting processed, the reality is many horses are suffering far worse lives and deaths than a quick, humane death could ever be. Please help us help them through our realistic system that will end unnecessary suffering.

Dave Duquette
Executive Director
United Horsemen

Update: Email came from Sue Wallis ~United Horsemen <> and NOT from Duquette

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  1. How about if the “unwanted” horses they target draw up a solution for unwanted humans. these 2 certainly qualify,


  2. Disgusting, Disgusting. What an A__? You fill in the blanks. These people are deranged. I hope one day they will be set straight. Our wild horses, as well as our domesticated horses’ lives are in the balance. Between these idiots and the BLM, we have a long fight before us but I know we will be the victor. Slaughter Sue Wallis be prepared to fight because we will see you go to H__ (fill in the blands) for what you are trying to do. Same for you BLM.


  3. Good ol’ Temple Grandin, “The Woman Who Thinks Like a Cow”, obviously doesn’t know the first thing about how horses think. While I have to respect her as someone who has conquered her autism, that’s where it ends. These people are just down right sick and ruthless.


    • I”m with you on Temple Grandin! Instead of feeding the hungry tainted horse meat, why not the beef the taxpayers let graze on our public lands? These people need their heads examined! What a bunch of numb skulls!


      • I don’t believe that Temple is FOR eating horse meat, or even slaughtering horses necessarily. She was asked to consult with the pro-slaughter creepers about “how to handle the slaughter process of horses to make them the least stressed as possible”. I think it’s quite likely that she is an innocent victim, and it’s clear that she is being used to give the killers credibility. I don’t believe that they are the slightest bit interested in helping horses feel ‘unstressed’ while they kill them, but Temple probably doesn’t know that. BTW, she is interested in unhostile and professional letters outlining solutions and ideas, if anyone wants to write her. She’s at the U of CO in Fort Collins. (A part of the Autism package is an absense of emotion. I add that into the equasion when I think about Temple’s involvement in this mess.)


  4. “…Every part of the horse will be put to good purposes, from providing nourishing, high quality meat to the hungry and to THOSE WHO CHOOSE TO BUY IT FOR THEIR TABLES …”
    I thought all horse slaughter for human consumption was illegal in the United States! Is it legal for her to advertise to buy horses for slaughter? This is a shameful letter and by adding her name to it she proves she is a shameful person. That is all I can say at this moment … I am SO disgusted!


  5. Do they seriously think we are all going to believe this?

    And, how would they pay for all this programming, rehab, vet bills? Where would this money come from? Because it’s amazing that they don’t mention how they will fund this. If it were that easy to do, real rescues would have done it. In fact, most rescues operate out of their own pocket, and all these things are very expensive. I guess they have a money fairy?

    The reality is that this is all a front for their dirty business. I would bet that all the horses would be unsuitable for adoption, processed, end of story. The rest is a fairy tale they want everyone to believe.



    • The same people who couldn’t even run an e-newspaper are going to attempt to handle the complicated task of horse rescue. You warned us RT, this is retchingly disgusting. They are completely deranged to think they could spew their vile out to the hard working, heart and soulful people that run real horse rescues. Go suck on your horse bones somewhere else, like Hell. Vile scum.


    • They will put up a “front” (as we see already) to those who are unknowing and this will be paid for by the selling of horses to slaughter … and of course plenty of $ for their personal pockets. I ask again, is it legal to ADVERTISE an illegal activity (purchase horses for slaughter)?


  6. Print out the list of vendors/sponsors/speakers etc. that are going to be at the “Pit” ( it ain’t no summit) and do not trade with them. Oh that’s a 2011 Dodge truck up for raffle. Leather seats?? I’ll buy Ford next year. BLM quote “There is no law we won’t break; no right we will not violate to make a profit”. PPJ Gazette


    • Ann,

      That is a most excellent idea! What if we write to them NOW, before the summit? Maybe some of them will pull out if they know it could affect their business.


    • Great idea on the list of vendors, etc.. Also, reading BLM’s quote pretty much sums it up, doesn’t it?! Why should any of us be surprised by what’s been happening, with such arrogant and ruthless individuals. The American people need and must be informed quickly, as to what’s happening to our wild ones. I’m ready and willing to help in anyway I can. Please, everyone, let’s unite?! Come up with an aggressive’s not too late?!


  7. I think Dave’s BVD’s are to tight!

    “Mares may also be provided to university equine reproduction research programs.”

    We have a few mares from the University of Colorado in our rescue.

    For those of you who don’t know most colleges and universities with various equine programs ship their horses to slaughter.


  8. This contains the attempted query on the very UNREALISTIC vision of a truly deranged woman called Wallis.
    Surely it must be considered that she is indeed mentally ill.


  9. No mention of the banned drugs given to horses all over the country that they will slaughter? Bute is a carcinogen and causes idiosyncratic bone marrow depression and death. I guess they don’t care about the toxins people will be eating as they swallow their horsemeat burger. What a bunch of unethical and ruthless people.


    • They did address the drug issue. According to them it’s ALL good!

      “Summit of the Horse Christy, Ivermectin is used on cattle on a regular basis, it does have withdrawal time, Bute also. We will show the Proof.
      December 2 at 8:13pm”


      • Yes bute is carcinogenic AND if a horse is given it even once in his life, he is considered tainted for life. So where is the proof that all these “unwanted” horses they claim they will take in have never been given bute in their lifetime? These “abandoned” horses do not come with an attached medical history from each and every owner they’ve had during their lives. There is no central repository of medical records for horses in this country. In fact, even if there were a record, it would not include the medications given directly by the owner without the vet even being on the premises – we all doctor our horses when we can, it’s part of horsekeeping. Something like 95% of all domestic horses have been given bute once in their lives according to studies so I guess that means these kill happy horse haters are going to target that 5% or much more likely, claim that is all they are killing. Wonder which one of these mental midgets is going to sign off stating the meat is free of banned medications and chemicals? That stroke of the pen and this one they’ve documented here showing willful intent, will be how they clinch their deal to end up in prison for knowingly exposing humans to banned potentially fatal toxic substances.


      • Yes, ivermectin is used in cattle, BUT it cannot be used on non-ruminating calves. And, the ivermectin that is used for horses is to be used on HORSES ONLY, and has the “Not for use in horses intended for human consumption” plainly on the label.

        It seem ruminants may be able to clear the ivermectin, but non-ruminants cannot. Hence the prohibition on calves not yet ruminating. Sue and Dave, if you’re reading this, check the labels of ivermectin for horses, and agrimectin, intended for cattle.

        I don’t believe there is a withdrawal time for bute, even in cattle. There certainly is NOT in horses. I doubt cattle can legally be given bute.


    • I believe that was addressed in the ‘appropriate withdrawal period’ section of our prospectus.

      This appears to be literally putting the Horse before the cart: send us your poor, your tired, your hungry yearning to be feed and we’ll be able to finance a place to put ’em, like stocking up on stock before the clinics, training seminars, pasture-izations and certified medical inspections are in place.

      Gosh, but they really HAVE put a lot of thought into this, haven’t they??


  10. They’ve crossed the line from lies to fraud. “rehabilitating” the horses, huh? And “humane slaughter”? Where on this continent are horses slaughtered humanely? The trouble is, too many people will fall for this crap. Law enforcement should be investigating the claims and activities of the “Unified Equine System”. Good grief! How do they even come up with these ridiculous names and phrases? Ignorant, dishonest, disgusting jerks. I think I will make some phone calls to local law enforcement jusrisdictions. Isn’t Duquette up by Hermiston? Is that where most of his operation takes place?


    • I think you are right, Karen, law enforcement needs to get involved in this. This is a plan to injure people, a plan undertaken of their own free will. These people (and I say that loosely, more like pond scum!) are INTENTIONALLY planning to slaughter animals that are contaminated with carcinogenic substances which our government has banned for use in humans and they plan this slaughter specifically so that they can SELL IT FOR FOOD! They state as much in the phrase “… providing nourishing, high quality meat to the hungry and to those who choose to buy it for their tables.” Not to mention, horsemeat is illegal for human consumption, the facts are that these toxic substances are banned for use in animals destined to be slaughtered for food and THERE IS NO WITHDRAWAL PERIOD yet these cretins refuse to acknowledge this and move ahead with their plans to sell toxic food to human beings. Isn’t this illegal, to plan to harm human beings with toxic substances? Here is proof, in their own words! Unbelievable, really, that these IQ challenged greedy wannabe “bizness”owners continue to press on with this bloody sick fantasy of theirs.

      Sometimes I get this thought that this is really all some kind of grand scheme to shock the public, sort of like how some of these kinds of mal-adjusted anti-social types do not bathe for months at a time just for the thrill of shocking and being offensive to regular folks. It’s all so surreal….. and so very revolting.


  11. That email could have easily came from our organization. You don’t throw a whole vehicle away just because it’s beat up. Some are just nice to look at. We accept donated vehicles, evaluate them, repair them if possible then either auction, sell or slaughter them at the auto wreckers. Every one of us try our best to help down on their luck horses avoid the likes of these bastards who speak of ending the lives of horses as if they were junk. How is it they are so removed from compassion?


  12. Yes please provide a list of vendors so we can boycott them. I am so tired of hearing about Temple Grandin. She has miused her knowledge of animals to lead them to slaughter. I believe that is called a traitor and wins her a place in Dante’s ninth circle of hell. Can someone who lives near Sue call their local IRS office to investigate their so called non-profit??? I am so tired of her calling herself a horse expert. What a joke. Of course with her high school degree she also considers herself an expert on ethics. This just disgusting. Is she so stupid that she is not aware that people boycotted Alpo years ago to remove the horsemeat from their food. I like most dog owners will never buy dog/cat food that conatins horsemeat. Isn’t she suppose to be a congress person? I think there is a conflict of interest. It seems as though stupidity and the lack of education is becoming the norm in our country. I wonder if the people who accept this uneducated moron as an expert on ethics and horses would allow someone with the same level of knowledge and education in the field of medicine to perform open heart surgery on them. Go to ASPCA and send your emails. Vote all these people out of office.


  13. Update: Email came from Sue Wallis ~United Horsemen and NOT from Duquette

    So even the email of UNITED HORSEMAN is bogus, I KNEW that Doink did not write that. Fraud, Fraud, Fraud…sure hope you enjoy speaking there Director ABBEY!!


  14. to hoofandpick—there are a few thousand horses that have not had much bute/wormer etc. in their lives–maybe PZP–

    to Faith just locate a summit flyer on line–it gives the whole list of vendors/speakers

    to Tracy—these companies will want to stay in business after the summit– maybe a call/email…….


    • The BLM does worm the wild ones with ivermectin. As for PZP I don’t know for sure, but I can’t imagine this experimental anti-fertility drug would be permitted to be fed to humans.


  15. I wonder how long this tidy little plan has been in the making. God forbid that one would want to cherish and care for some part of creation as if it deserved it. The barbaric will not inherit this earth. NOT NOT NOT.


  16. Sue the problem is that anyone with half a brain who can think will come up with the idea that maybe they can rehome their horse in one of several places. You had some good ideas about retraining etc but I DON’T BELIEVE YOU. You spew horse slaughter and want to feed horse meat to uninformed children.

    Even if some of these horses haven’t been fed bute, if they are domestic they certainl have been exposed to illegal drugs. I speak of worming medications and fly sprays. There is no safety quarantine period where these drugs will eventually decrease.

    Sue honey, if you and your friends want to slaughter your own horses–while I don’t like it or respect you for it–I have less objection to it than for you to build a slaughter plant and feed unsuspecting folks of carcinogenic meats. WY would lose all their minerals paying for the lawsuits for something you did. You want to feed prisoners horse meat that has been tainted. That opens the state to a lawsuit if someone got cancer from eating horse. And when WY loses their minerals schools lose. Those minerals pay for computer labs and everything in the school including teachers. You would do a Governor Stupid (the Terminator) to WY. Those minerals also pay for First Responders etc. Haven’t you seen what Governor Stupid has done to CA???? I can’t call Governor Stupid what I really call him in my home without having the post pulled for language–its worse than DOINK. But I call him this behind closed doors and I live in CA. I have been victimized by him–as he has continually cut education that caused me to lose my job.

    I hate to tell you this but Temple Grandin who supposedly called the captive bolt humane is a perfect example of a horse hater. That captive bolt was designed for cattle not horses. So the horse is repeatedly shot in the face until SUCCESS you knocked the horse out. But the horse comes to while you are hoisting him up to slit his throat.

    The rest of the horses who are awaiting their fates run in fear in the pens. Horses smell fear. Don’t you remember as a kid you were taught not to express your fear to the horse because they pick up on it. And then they respond to it. It’s the same fear factor here. And we should discuss what in the hell are you gonna do with all the byproducts (BLOOD being at the top of the list). How can you dispose of this appropriately. The rest of the slaughter houses in the country couldn’t do it–what makes you think that you are special and can do something different?

    And lets discuss animal abuse. No matter how honest your attempt is abuse wil happen. We here in CA saw this a few years ago with that downer cow. You may remember this. That poor cow who had the hose shoved up her nose full blast.. Workmen tried to pick her up with a forklift. What you may not know is–here where I live we saw that segment run EVERY DAY FOR THREE WEEKS on the local news.

    Over 300 THOUSAND pounds of beef were recalled. Most of it had been eaten. And fortunately no one was killed.

    So what happened to that slaughtet plant? It was closed. Immediately. And then when investigations showed just how many violations they had–it was closed permanently. And the individuals who caused the abuse some of them went to jail. Maybe not long enough but they went to jail.

    All in the name of a cow who was so ill she couldn’t get up. If the cow couldn’t be brought to her feet then she couldn’t be slaughterd. All they had to do by law at the time was bring her to her feet.

    Those employees and that slaughter plant showed no regard for the food chain. What they did was offensive and unbelieveably dangerous. The fact that the onsite vet did nothing–that vet should have had his license pulled permenently.

    You would do the same thing. Oh maybe not on purpose. But say you have an ill horse that is down or is about to give birth. Did you know that a mare delivered a foal on the kill floor at Cavel before she could be slaughtered? Can you say illegal? The law clearly defines that a mare that is that close to delivery can not be slaughtered. Or a horse comes in blinded by bits of asphalt that has been thrown up in his face on the way to the slaughter house. The law again clearly states that the horse may not be slaughtered.

    Sue dear, I am a carnivore. I eat beef. I won’t eat bison meat although earlier this fall I could get it at my local Costco. I suppose that’s because I’ve seen bison in Teton National Park. I had a dinner date with a bison last year. As that animal stood their grazing I was eating my cheese and crackers and had some water. We communed together for some glorious 15 mins. We just watched each other while we ate. I must have been able to communicate on some level because that animal never snorted at me, charged my car or gave any indication of being scared or upset at my presence.

    And on that same trip I saw moose. What an amazing animal. A total mishmash of animals. Kinda like God threw up all this DNA and it all landed in heap that became moose. Did you know for instance that Rudolph is actually a moose? In this country reindeer are called moose but in Europe they are reindeer. And actually that is also true for bison to in a way. Bison are a member of the cow family. In Europe bison are called cow but in this country they are called bison.

    While bison and buffalo are the same animal it is more correct to refer to them as bison in this country.

    And all those horses that you want to slaughter have just as interesting a background and story. Some of those horses you want to eat so badly–there forbears brought your grandparents/great/ great great grandparents across the plains. They helped them break trail and start the Pony Express. They brought families from the east to the west. They have been friends to disabled kids and the at risk kids. Kids who today are turning their lives around because of the love a horse showed them.

    And you would betray that trust love and friendship for what? So you could eat your best friend for dinner at Super Bowl or whenever?


  17. Sue is also not quite correct in her statement that horse hides are much in demand as leather. Horse hide is NOT leather – it is cordovan, and it’s not nearly as strong as leather.

    I haven’t seen or heard of anything made from cordovan in YEARS. It’s not “in demand.”


    • SS is an ignoramous when it comes to basic economics and business models, much more the intracacies of import/export dynamics. Having said that…Asia (China the most) is big on any hide, hair residual product.

      Yes, Suzanne….those countries want those byproducts and it is very likely that they are being used in all the fashion apparrel (especially shoes, purses) imported into the US from China. Sorry, but it is true and that is why I only buy all manmade anything for the foot from WalMart, Target, etc (if at all).

      Go do some research on how products have to be labeled for sale in the US and you’ll be shocked.

      p.s. What the Hades happened to all the US mushrooms and mandarin oranges? Everything canned (and then some) comes from CHINA!!!! And I don’t buy squat from them foodwise. They are bigger liars than USDA and Congress….if that is even possible.


  18. Sorry to say, but do we really think that someone who promotes the slaughter of horses by stabbing them in the neck and head over and over and over and over … really cares what the label says on the medication? And this final killing is only the end to the abuse they have endured the previous weeks before their murder. It is happening right this minute…


  19. Just a reminder to good ol’ stoopid SS…..

    (1) And you are now calling for production records for all equines in the US…because god knows thats what is required of beef, pork, poultry and lamb? Right? Fair is fair, right?

    (2) Use every byproduct (you didn’t even use the right Ag terms, sweetie)? Really? And the problems with pollution and noncompostable byproducts is addressed where in you Equine Kill ‘Em Mein Kempf?

    Ron White: “You can’t fix stupid….you can fix ugly…but never stupid”


  20. These two redictulious meneces to society, dont even deserve a discussion, these two will obliviorate themselves……….Fools like these two will get rid of themselves…………


    • Thanks Catherine! I just looked over the list- (way too many) breeders, livestock sellers, trophy hunters (ick), and various animal abusers (fox hunters), (desperate) ranchers, cattlemen assoc (of course). And our buddy Dave Cattoor. Who in their right mind supports puppy mills? gross…


  21. When did they come up with this? Why have we not heard of it until now?
    I want to see their blueprints for this grand plan. Maybe some rescues in the states and elsewhere can use it as a model? Let them share it with Ireland and Australia who are having their own horse issues. Maybe UOH can put the rescues (and us for that matter) in touch with that money fairy while their at it.


  22. Thanks Catherine–that’s great research! I have Temple Grandin’s book around here–maybe I can sell it and donate the money to grassrootshorse!


  23. First: No one can anonymously file a complaint. If in fact this did happen…there had to be cooperation on the “inside”.

    This woman is desperate to make herself appear to be a victim. Its a sorry state of affairs. What I believe rreally happened is that a bogus complaint was filed by HER, or one of her horse eating buddies….this is too pat, too convenient and the act of a desperate individual.

    I first thought she was just mean spirited…now I truly believe this woman is mentally ill. You have to have some pity here….these are not the actions or words of a person totally in control of all their faculties. Apparently, eating massive amoutns of horse meat…..or maybe the whole horse…at one sitting doesn’t do a body good. Or a mind either.


  24. Sue Wallis and company perfect examples of the effects of Bute……..She is a deranged Idiot, funny Sue pay backs are a Bit– arent they!!!! The higher power really works in strange ways !!!!!


  25. I am late reading this post…and RT is correct. Barf bag & fasten seat belts. Yes, I am shaken. First, all the manipulation and lies. Sounds so “cozy” to “HELP” horses when the whole underlying backing is solely to obtain horses to slaughter. As for Temple Grandin, I doubt she approved of ANY “Equipment and management practices” for “humane” horse slaughter. I have been following her since the Summit and have not read anything stating she was involved with the Summit re horse slaughter. I was able to hear her presentation at the Summit and she explicitly stated, as horse slaughter is controversial, she was not going comment (paraphrasing). The substance of her talk was almost wholly related to animal behavior and humane cattle/pig/chicken slaughter. I think Ms.Grandin again got highjacked by Wallis. Misrepresented, BIG TIME.


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