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NM Gov Crawfishes on Wild Horse Sanctuary

(The News as We See It) by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

More Bad News for the Wild Ones

James Kleinert delivering letters from Wild Horse and Burro advocates to NM governor Bill Richardson ~ Photo by Dana Waldon

The hopes of Wild Horse and Burro advocates across the country were dashed, yesterday, when New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson announced from abroad that he had changed his mind about developing a state funded wild horse sanctuary in the state.

While on an “Unofficial” diplomatic mission to North Korea Richardson’s office issued a statement which said that the sanctuary plan had become “unfeasible”.

Richardson had come under heavy fire for proposing to take 3.1 million dollars from federal economic-stimulus funds to buy a private ranch in an effort to expand the Cerrillos Hills State Park and establish a wild-horse sanctuary south of Santa Fe.

Instead, Richardson will use the funds to shore up the state’s shaky budget amid a projected shortfall of $400 million.

“While the purchase of the ranch was a great opportunity for the state, and would have been a big boost to tourism and the local economy of the Galisteo Basin, moving forward at this time is unfeasible,” Richardson said in a statement.

For months, the American public had been writing Richardson in praise of his proposal as the Federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) appears to be on a vindictive mission to strip federally protected wild horses and burros from their designated public  lands.  The concept of a state run sanctuary outside of the tainted grasp of the BLM appealed to all who view the native wild horse as an American icon.

Last month, film producer James Kleinert rode his wild horse to the Governor’s mansion to hand deliver hundreds of letters written my compassionate equine advocates from around the world.  Advocates were hopeful that the NM Sanctuary would serve as a model for other western states to use in efforts to save the Wild Mustangs from the Obama administration’s wild horse harvesting machine.

Meanwhile, Billionaire Madeleine Pickens fights on to open her WH sanctuary in Nevada’s troubled and biased welfare rancher country.  With each passing day, the extinction of this national treasure comes closer and closer to a reality.

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  1. Very depressing news. We all had high hopes for Governor Richardson’s plan to pull through for this sanctuary. Its tragic this proposal was not given the long term value credit, that it is worthy of. I sincerely believe New Mexico would have benefited extremely, having a wild horse sanctuary near Santa Fe, one of the top tourist destinations in the world! Short sighted decisions have hurt the horses and the American people once again. Also the international tourists that have shown interest in our wild horses, will surely be very disappointed, and may decide not to visit New Mexico. So sad to hear Mr. Richardson has backed down on the proposal, and the horses.


    • I am finding it hard to believe that this man Bill Ricardson backed down from his promise no matter what kind of flack he would have to endure this man is a fighter , especially when it is somethig he believed in so strongly, i personally would like to know whatr really happened here with him!! There is more here than meets the eye , there is much more corruption then we can imagine…………. i really would like to know what changed this mans mind , i wish he would elaborate on this one……… in fact I I implore him to say the truth !


  2. Heavy pressure from the newspapers that told only a biased side of the story I believe convinced the people that this was a bad idea. They neglected to mention that the Federal government would have helped with the infrastructure and that a non-profit would be assisting in the running of the sanctuary. The newspapers had this as being completely funded by the State.


  3. Remember…this guy is a player “first”. Someone with big Ag influence probably dangled a very fat deal in front of the Gov if he backed down. I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t ol’ Slaughterczar himself.

    Good information though. Thanks for the post RT and super pic!

    What we are witnessing is a big Ag conspiracy to exterminate our equines, wild and domestic. Sad….very sad and the only thing that comforts me is the thought that these killers and destroyers of God’s beauty and gifts will have to face Him eventually. And remember, God doesn’t take kickbacks. For those of you that don’t believe in God (and that’s OK with me), there is always karma. I truly hope in their next life, all the destroyers come back as that which they worked so cruelly to destroy. Who knows, maybe they will wind up at a Chinese slaughterhouse and I don’t wish that on any living being.


  4. This is a national disgrace! Most of the politicians not giving a damn about our nation’s animals is not a surprise, but that stateement does nothing to save these animals that only want to live on the land there were given by Washington abmost forty years ago. The corruption on all levels of government and the private sector is unmatched in our short history! I am totally ashamed of those Americans that care only for themselves and have no concern or compassion for the animals,much less their fellow Americans. How can we expect Washington to be concerned with the animals when they aren’t even concerned the the 10 of millions of humans that are struggling during a time where that extreme wealthy people in large measure caused the near collape of our ecomomy with their greed and short-sightenness. Having said that we can all come together and make change happen; do we have that ability and comittment to the animals? I would like to think so, and I am not ever going to give up on them as long as I have a breath of life inside me. -Paul Hester


    • Dear Paul, I feel the same as you do, our commitment and the commitment of all others here insures us Victory for the wild mustangs……


  5. Very disconcerting. And where is the economic top 3% who loves horses now?? Where is the wealth when the world is burning. If it is indeed true that this lovely blue globe is a learning institution of the most miraculous kind, we must educate our little brothers and sisters in the K classrooms that humans are stewards of this planet and all of creation. It takes a while for these metaphorical infants to get what ‘human” behavior really means. Having dominion does not mean the right to destroy.


  6. THIS IS SO STUPID!!! I’m not talking about Richardson backing out, which is extremely disappointing, but understandable considering that NM (and the whole country) is on “life-support” and going down hill fast.

    Our governers are required, by law, to balance state budgets every year. States can’t print money. The Kingdom of the Feds rules our currency and our lives. Only THEY, in their infinate wisdom, are allowed to pass debt on to future administrations and, tragically, generations.

    I repeat, THIS IS SO STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!!! NM should at Ieast purchase the LAND! Even if it just sits there, I firmly believe it’s value will increase beyond, possibly FAR beyond, $235 an acre.

    NM has other monies set aside for land purchases, but I think it may also be used to keep up state parks, many of which are in a sad state of disrepair. Also, park rangers have been laid off – a loss of EXISTING jobs.

    Richardson began supporting the creation of a Wild Horse Park several years ago, when the state had more money. He should have moved on it THEN, not at the 11th hour!

    And when the both the Santa Fe New Mexican and Albuquerque Journal are against you, especially using scarcasim and name-calling, whatever you’re proposing is essentially doomed from the start.

    It’s no news “people stuff” will trump conservation, wildlife, and especially wild horses, every time. Less than 1/2 of 1% of PRIVATE donations go to animal welfare charities. Animals drool. HUMANS RULE!

    The bulk of the NM ESF money has already been spent or promised. The remainder will be dumped into the General Fund.

    Richardson was on his way to North Korea when he made this announcement. The reason he’s had so much success dealing with those dangerous creeps is that he totally understands the importance of “saving face”. Maybe he’s attempting to “save his own face” in case a political appointment comes his way.

    Richardson was elected despite accusations of impropriaty, accumulating more during his tenure. Many haven’t gone away. He’s a charismatic man, but not a saint by any means. Some folks have said they’d like to see him head the DOI. I think confirmation would be iffy, at best, because of all his “baggage”.

    New Mexico is known for its hospitality – especially of you bring your wallet! An excellent, well-thought-out plan is already in place. At this point, it comes down to dealing with the NM Nature Conservancy. I don’t know if they’d sell (or be allowed to sell) to a private party, but, “Hey, Madeleine, wanna buy a ranch where people are actually FRIENDLY?”


      • Linda…take a deep breath, release. After that, understand that the filter picks up things…not perfect or an INDICTMENT; been there and done that…RT ought sell TShirts that say I’m Awaiting Moderation for the MUSTANGS. Of course that’s a jab at Congress never listening to our concerns.

        BTW, the pork (insult to porcines) that the trolls of Congress (both parties) seems to be causing a BIG flare….maybe we can get the Senate to recognize that you don’t give more money to losers.


  7. Don’t be so depressed, guys…the “park” was not designed for wild horses as much as it was for people and pocketbooks… I have said many times in these blogs…there IS already 200 wild mustangs in a sanctuary in New Mexico…this is where there needs to be attention…The New Mexico Horse Project…it has been going on down there for 12 yrs. This could be improved and used as a model for more horses. The land that the Gov. wanted to buy was some of the most expensive real estate in New Mexico…the same amount of money could have been used to buy 5 times more land for the wild horses in another location….you all did not get the big picture on this one…read this website…more land procured for the horses is what is needed…time for another tack.


    • Golde, I’ve been to the NMHP website several times, subscribe, and have been in contact with Carlos by email. I consider what he’s doing a good thing in general, but, from what I understand, he’s dedicated to saving and breeding Spanish Colonials, not saving wild horses in general.

      He’s also begun cross-breeding Mustangs with other breeds (probably Quarterhorses), and intends to sell them for ranch work to support the Project. Again, maybe a good thing, maybe not so much, since there are already so many horses out there that need rehoming.

      I don’t think most ranchers woul choose to adopt from rescues, because proper written contracts include “the right of first refusal”. If some dispicable person sends a rescue horse to the sale barn, they’re in breach of contract and can be sued. THIS DOES HAPPEN, and people who turn personal horses over to rescues need be cautious.

      Choose a place that is willing to provide PROOF they not only protect and defend their horses, but also prosecute abusers and oppose slaughter. Some say, “We don’t take a position on slaughter.”, mostly because they don’t want to lose pro-slaughter donors, but that may not be the only reason.

      Some rescues sell rather than adopt out, giving up all control of the horse’s fate. Some don’t do effective follow-ups or follow-ups at all, and have no idea what’s happening with the horse unless someone contacts THEM. And, as I said, some do send horses to the sale barn.

      I’d rather put my friend down humanely than take any of those chances.


  8. I still am a firm believer that the Media is our best form help for the Mustangs , there are people out here who love horses and respect them for what they have done for us throughout history, who just dont know what is going onout here, we have to inform them and the only way to accomplish this is through the MEDIA, they have the power to reach people and we need this more then ever now……….Freedom for our Wild
    Mustangs is and should remain a given, most americans still think they are free they have no glue, what is happening to them the horrors they are forced to endure by the very hands we pay to protect them, PLEASE PEOPLE i know i am right I feel in my soul this is the answer for the Mustangs, please indulge me on this, we have right here some of the most HIGHLY KNOWLEDGEABLE on our mustangs,people here are the best writers I have ever seen anywhere, we can do this , please engage these awesome talents here for our mustangs, we all right here hold their tickets back to the freedom we gave them……………… WE CANNOT LEAVE ONE STONE UNTURNED, LETS GET THAT MEDIA ATTENTION , WRITE ARTICALES HAND DELIEVER THEM TO THE MEDIA MAKE THEM NOTICE US ,WE ARE THE MUSTANGS ONLY HOPE…………THERE IS NOTHING MORE POWERFUL THEN THE TRUTH AND WE CAN DELIEVER IT TO AMERICA IN THIS WAY ……..


  9. Another factor may be that the Governor, who just recently escaped ethics charges around the time of his nomination by Obama (after a failed run for the Presidency) and then removed his nomination. Maybe that ghost is still haunting him and the players in those issues are reminding him of his “duty”.

    Payback and compromise can and frequently will end the dreams of compromised humans….too bad it is the issue that suffers the most in the end (wild equines, food safety, environment, etc).

    On another note (and this is the height of hubris), the US AG just announced that they are going to sue the living daylights out of everyone involved in the Deepwater Horizon disaster. Now let’s see….hmmmm….government idiots at DOI repeatedly failed to do their job (and in some cases, were found to be corrupt), one woman (the recently appointed head of MMS [industry insider] got fired) and the Federal government is going to sue?????? OH PUHLEEEZE!!!! Mr. Holder, get off your easy to sue the cash cow (BP, Haliburton?) arse and clean up DOI!!!!!!!!

    Talk about hypocracy and the pot calling the kettle black!


  10. lOOKS LIKE WE ARE THE HOPE THEY CAN DEPEND ON… I have never seen anyone here back down……….. We have The documented prove now we must present it ! we have pictures from photographers who have taken photos some can only dream about taking, Now we must use them like never before !


  11. $3.1 million is petty cash to many of our athletes and actors/actresses – let alone other excessively weathly folks such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, etc. I WISH that some of these millionaires+ would stop living such excessive and materialistic lifestyles and use their money for the good of others – including animals – including the wild horses. Seriously – this sanctuary could still happen with a generous donation from somebody weathly, or even a combination of several weathly friends. I just don’t understand…………….


    • But Gates, Zuckerburg and Buffet ARE giving away their cash and encouraging other bazillionaires to do the same with the sign on campaign. My understanding is that Mr. Buffett lives quite modestly and Gates far below the wealth he has accummulated.

      However….I don’t see squat from them for animals; enivironment maybe, but not specific animal charities. I hope I will be corrected.


    • $3 million in government dollars is nothing. Wouldn’t even have missed this money. But we will miss the horses when there gone.


  12. I just read what Linda Horne wrote and I think she misunderstood one of the newsletters. We are not crossbreeding any of our mustangs. I was givin a Poco Bueno mare and what I am going to do is breed Poco’s for our ranch work. We will be selling them as time goes on. We never sell or breed mustangs for sale. Also no one individual can afford to protect all wild horses it has been tried over and over again and it always ends up in failure. Dayton had to reduce his herd from almost 1,000 to around 500 as I now understand it. I run over 200 horses on my land, approx. 30,000 acres because each mustang needs between 50 and 125 acres per head. That is why I continue to purchase land and set up more preserve.
    The main problem that we face with the wild horses is that we are talking them to death. More horses have been rounded up in the last five years then in the last twenty. The best plan is to stop talkin and start buyin the land and setting up places for the horses. Buy the leasees if you can afford the land.


    • Carlos, I TOTALLY misunderstood!!! Please accept my sincere apology. And PLEASE don’t anyone pass on something I obviously got so wrong!

      I do think mustang blood would be a good thing for improving breeds. We’ve probably all seen Quarterhorses so muscled-up they can’t get out of their own way, thoroughbreds with such skinny legs it’s no wonder they break down, and all kinds of horses with terribly soft hooves.

      I’ve read about Colonial Mustang Registries, and I think you can register “color” mustangs – paints, palominos (do buckskins, grullas have registries?), but I don’t know if they can be double-registered like domestics. BTW – I was excited to see that “Horses USA – 2011 Annual” named Mustangs as one of their “15 Fabulous BREEDS”. Great photo and article!

      I’m really concerned whatever “feral” horses the BLM does allow in the HMAs may be ruined by the current experimentation. Now there’s talk about putting geldings out with stallions? I can’t see that working out unless the geldings form separate bands and stay far away from the mares and studs.

      You’re so right about buying land and setting up private preserves. No surprise it all comes down to money and how to get it. IMHO, there also has to be PROPER management, as any responsible rancher would do on a finite piece of land. Unless a preserve can buy more, land, I consider proper management to be taking horses at an appropriate age – 2-3 for handling and basic groundwork, nothing too physically demanding, especially riding, until at least 4 – and training them for adoption, not sale.

      I feel so irresponsible asking this question, but here goes: Do you know if the BLM removed any Bordo horses earlier this year? They were on several “Gather Schedules”, and then disappeared. Now they’re back for January. I think the numbers are pretty much the same: 44 to be taken, but if they removed before the herd will be in terrible trouble. I got busy and didn’t follow up with the Soccorro office – a reason, but certainly not a good excuse. BAD ADVOCATE!!!


    • I was just reading an article about a skin condition that horses get that can be fatal, can’t remember the name. It’s characterized by thin skin that ulcerate, horses can’t tolerate sun. The story stated not to buy any horse whose pedigree no matter how far back included Poco Bueno. Would this be the same that you are breeding from?


  13. Here’s a novel idea: how about we set up areas on our public lands where wild horses are permitted to roam free? We can set many of these up all across the Western states where the wild horse currently lives. They will be free to live in these areas unharassed by man. We can call these, oh I don’t know, Herd Management Areas or something. And we can make it a federal law by unanimous vote that they are allowed to live wild and free on these lands. Just an idea.

    These horses have been bequeathed millions and millions of acres of land by the American people. Why are we letting a corrupt agency convince us otherwise?


    • This is more than an idea! This is what should be done after all it BELONGS to THEM, makes all the sense in the world……..We dont need to scrablle for land for them ?????????? We just need to return it to them!!!!!!! How do we get back what rightfully belongs to them?????? Thats the delemia………………… We take it back thats how……………………….


  14. Good Gravey…read Carlos’ post.

    Back to Richardson…he is a man always in search of a government handout re: employment and/or presence. He buckled because he weighed the options…the wild ones lost (as do the citizens).

    And honestly, we wouldn’t need the level of effort we are at now if the trolls at states and Fed weren’t doing what they are doing in the first place in violation of the 1971 Act…THEY GOT LAND. THEY GOT PROTECTION. THEY GOT CONSIDERATION!!!!!!! Congress spits in their (and our) faces.


    • Denise, if the “good gravy” is for me, I again accept total responsiblity for my misunderstanding and apologize. Carlos, I promise to check with you if I have questions about something I’ve read or you’ve sent me.


      • Linda…the gravy was for everyone because I felt that his response was important.

        And you construed this to be directed at you because? The remainder of your post I will not venture to decipher. I don’t understand it, plainly put. (also, postings have overlaps and time delays)

        Remember, it’s about the equines…always them first and foremost. When I respond to people re: disagreement, I believe I’ve always been specific to whom and why.

        Let’s move on.


      • Denise, the reason I thought you might be directing “good gravy” at me is that I spent way too much time and effort writing my apology and the stuff you don’t understand. By the time I was done, your’s was one of the first comments I read.

        The rest of the stuff – crossbreeding, registration, experimentation, management, etc. – is just me asking questions, blowing off steam, and stating my own opinions. I really need to stop making comments for a while. It’s so tempting to get in the mix, but I have a lot of things to do off-blog.


  15. Demand is right !!! Thats is the way, !!!! What is the LAW , is the Law it needs to be upheld…………………………………….There should be no problem here………… They are the ones that should have the problem, they are breaking every law ever written to protect the Wild Mustangs.


    • We are not breaking the law. The wild horses are not breaking the law. The government is breaking the law. Don’t let them spin it otherwise. They are breaking the law.


      • But the law regarding the wild ones has NOT been enforced, twisted and comprimised by the likes of Burns And the trolls of same have not been held accountable for science, numbers or even humanity.


  16. It concerns me that everyone on this thread is ready to burn Gov. Richardson at the stake. I am not a fan or political supporter of Bill Richardson, but by all valid reports, he fought hard for the wild horse plan. His proposal had to gain enough votes to go through, and he was fighting against many committee members who had their heels dug in against him. The head of the committee was very outspoken and critical of the idea from Day 1, and never listened to a word Richardson said about how the plan could bring in tourism money. Richardson postponed the vote twice, trying to change minds and rally votes, and when it came down to it, he was unable to do so. Rather than pushing for a vote and losing, he withdrew the plan. Maybe he has another idea up his sleeve.

    I’m as outspoken as anyone against the enemies of wild horses- BUT I think it’s important that we don’t become ‘junk yard dogs’- yipping and snapping at everything that moves. Credibility matters, and when we so easily turn on someone whose good idea didn’t work out, we lose some of the little power we have.


    • Excuse me, Ms. Nash (and I respect you)…I didn’t burn him. I said he is a political animal with issues. Sadly, he doesn’t have the “chits” to make the sanctuary happen. Fine and frankly, he shouldn’t need to with the 1971 Act involved.

      Now my question becomes:

      (1) He didn’t think this out?

      (2) He doesn’t know what a flame issue this is?

      (3) Who is he really playing?

      C’mon…this guy knows the game inside and out. Why did he propose something that was really never going to happen? These players calculate when and where they eat breakfast and whose hand they shake.

      Let’s get real…he was fishing off the backs of us/US and the wild ones.


    • I know for a fact that Richardson is a horselover, with horses of his own..vowed not to go to DC without his horse if elected President..I believe his effort was sincere. chalk it up to “politically unfeasable” and tuff economic times-NM struggles anytime, and imagine it is worse these would have a difficult time selling the idea in oregon right now with having to cut a billion dollars from the state budget..Lets be reasonable, at least he had the guts to one else did


      • I agree, Sandra…his heart is in the right place but I would have liked to see it researched further before going public…maybe something else will be made available that is even a better fit.


      • I live in Farmington, the largest “unknown” city in NM. San Juan County is the “breadbasket” (make that “oil and gas basket”) for the state. Local unemploment was at 10.2% BEFORE winter set in. Now that bad weather is upon us, there’ll be even more O&G layoffs. Field work won’t pick up until spring. When SJC is in a mess, NM is in a bigger mess. We don’t have the “name recognition” of Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Taos, or Las Cruces. We just pay the bills. And right now, the wallet is empty!

        BTW, for anyone who wondered why Bill Richardson went to North Korea, you should know by now. He literally pulled the fat out of the fire, and got them back on track for nuclear inspections as well.

        And, as Sandra said, Bill Richardson is a horseman. During Calico, I called his office to find out if there was anything he could do. His aide and I talked for almost 20 minutes. Actually, he talked and I sobbed. He told me a governor can’t get directly involved with something happening in another state, but he would pass on my concerns, because he knew how much the governor cared about horses.

        So cut the man a break. I believe his efforts were sincere, but, with the “human” economy in the tank, there wasn’t much more than a glimmer of hope for this innovative project.


    • He’s trying to get the NKs to calm down so the SKs will calm down and eat North American MEAT….for starters. The NCBA has been on the push beef to SK for the last couple years…then “mad cow” had a flare. Hmmmmm…we feed our meat for humans animals that are herbivores not only meds in the crap fattin’ up lots, but we mix in animal by products like blood meal, bone meal, etc. Read it and weep folks…it has been going on for decades. Plus, frankly I think the SKs think we lie. Surprise, surprise!

      BTW..horsemeat in the US is catergorized as BEEF VARIETIES on their export death rolls. Don’t believe me? Check out the USMeat Export Federation website and find out how our equine companions are categorized. If anyone can find “horsemeat” give John Holland a howler, because they lie there too….so does USDA.


      • I didn’t think anyone was buying US beef anymore? Guess I need to go look at those export records.


  17. Although this is a set back, we should all just stay on our path and keep moving forward.

    “Permanence, perseverance and persistence in spite of all obstacles, discouragement, and impossibilities: It is this, beyond all else which distinguishes the victorious from the defeated.” -Simone Netherlands

    Justice is the sword we carry, pick it back up, because when truth is on your side, all you have to do is keep waiving it in everyone’s face.


  18. I’m so sorry to hear that Gov. Richardson caved in. I do believe in Madeleine Pickens idea and I think we should try to encourage more of these. Oprah Winfrey loves animals and she has the $$, does anyone have a connection to contacting her? She would be a great person to have publicly on our side. I think we should keep fighting for the horses to be returned to their ranges, but be prepared with sanctuaries like Mrs. Pickens has endorsed. THis would be the only way we can save all these beautiful animals should the ranges not be returned to them. We have to think outside the “box” as well, so we have alternatives. If we don’t, we surely will loose our valuable, gorgeous wild horses and burros, not to mention, our domesticated horses as well. Let’s try to work both angles, just in case. It’s worth saving these animals.


    • Oprah has been notified long ago…again…from an above post…”Don’t be so depressed, guys…the “park” was not designed for wild horses as much as it was for people and pocketbooks… I have said many times in these blogs…there IS already 200 wild mustangs in a sanctuary in New Mexico…this is where there needs to be attention…The New Mexico Horse Project…it has been going on down there for 12 yrs. This could be improved and used as a model for more horses. The land that the Gov. wanted to buy was some of the most expensive real estate in New Mexico…the same amount of money could have been used to buy 5 times more land for the wild horses in another location….you all did not get the big picture on this one…read this website…more land procured for the horses is what is needed…time for another tack.


  19. What a shame!!! New Mexico governor doesn’t realize how this affects the wild horses. He must be an anti-animal person. Doesnt’ he realize how important this is to wild horses???


  20. The latest post at the Texas Mustang Project is vitally important. I tried to put it up on several of R.T.’s most commented posts, but nothing has taken. I may now be considered a “spammer” by WordPress.



    • Success! I don’t want to repeat this on more SFtHH posts and get shot down again. Maybe a couple of other folks could? Also, could someone put it on the Alex Brown blog? I don’t know the procedure.


      • Again, nothing personal just the auto-spam filter’s aversion to links. I will catch them when I can. Remember, I am about to light out on a three day adventure in an effort to get home before Christmas and the moderation thing might be hanging while I move.


      • Thanks, R.T. Safe journey and hurry home soon. No matter where Christmas finds you, the best of the hoidays to you and Terri!


  21. It figures! We all should have known better….if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t!! That man was either paid off, or scared off, by someone, either that or he was just a two-faced -astard all along! Just think of all those nice thank-you letters & calls he got from horse & animal lovers everywhere. I’m sure he had the last laugh, at the wild horse’s expense!! NEVER trust ANYONE in government positions, EVER!! Good “intentions”, or not, Gov. Richardson should not have opened his mouth & inserted his foot in the first place, unless he was genuinely sincere. Yes, if there is already a wild horse sanctuary in New Mexico, more effort should have gone towards improving, & adding more land & wild horses there. Wishing all a warm, safe, & happy Holiday! Merry Christmas to all, including horses everywhere!! 🙂


  22. just for laughs, read BLM bulletin..”if we don’t get rid of all these wild horses there will be 230,000 by 2010..seriously that is some kind of miracle of reproduction, considering anyone wathing these roundups sees 1 foal and sometimes 2 in a band of horses..there is NO 20% reproduction..we need to do our own headcounts..that is if we could get into the prisons to even see the horses..That in itself is a story..They tried to charge Carol Walker 350.00 to photograph the horses in Canon City..Is it any wonder the adoption program is a complet failure..Photographers are offering to donate their time to get pictures out there of the horses so people will adopt them and get them homes, BLM will not let the photographers do it and say they can’t because of budget constraints..they are blowing all our wad of taxpayer dollars on the helicopter roundups and then sticking us with a LTH bill, because their adoption program is woefully deficent and underfunded..cancel 1 roundup and you have a million bucks to get some pictures out of there..I got all my Studs out from Adobe Town thru Carols pictures…someone needs to give these dedicated photographers the credit they are due for saving some of these horses-and I am not talking about the “sleppes”, who post pictures of wild horses only to say, ‘but they must be removed for the sake of the horses” to keep them from starving-but never post pictures that show starving horses..Oregon wild side-being one


  23. I am not in the habit of sticking up for any Government Officials, but i am making an exception here for Governor Richardson, It is true he is an avid Horseman, and I believe he truly wanted to have this Preserve for the Wild Mustangs, and I dont believe he is done with it either, this man fights for what he believes in , do not sell him short on this ………………..He has lots of guts, and it will take a lot to stop his efforts for the Wild Mustangs………………..If this didnt work ill bet he has a Plan B…….in the making……………………..He is dedicated as we are, this is a set back yes , but i am confident he will return with a better idea…………….and get the backing he needs…….to implement it !!!! We must believe this is true, it will happen…….


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