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SlaughterFest Promoter Blasted by Wyoming Constituents

(The News as We See It) by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

Wyoming Voters Frown Upon “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis

Wyoming Voters made a Mistake?

HOUSTON, (SFTHH) – In a recent Horseback Magazine interview Wyoming Rep. “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis, who is an avid supporter of banned horse slaughter, lost an enormous chunk of credibility when she publicly announced that she knows nothing of EU regulations regarding non-food animal drugs in U.S. Equines.  With a pedal to the metal the promoter of a convention of slaughter proponents disregarded the scientific fact that U.S. horses are no longer accepted as meat for human consumption in Europe yet Wallis thinks it would be just fine to feed the tainted meat to her constituents in the state of Wyoming, as it is illegal to transport the meat across state lines.

Rep. Wallis has, likewise, stimulated the ire of Wyoming’s constituency with her desire to pass state legislation on relaxing food safety regulations in an effort to enhance her chances at profiting from a Wyoming Horse Slaughter plant and to bolster her families’ “Range” food business.

In a recent letter to the editor, appearing in the Casper, WY Tribune, Robert E. Harrington MS, RS, DAAS of the Casper-Natrona County Health Department slams Wallis and her political cronies for their self-serving ways:

“…Wyoming Legislature is largely composed of “emperors without clothes,” willing to waste the public’s time — and money — dealing with pointless, nay, stupid issues.

HB 11, “Food Freedom,” is back for the fourth consecutive year. After failing three times, one might think that it’s not viable, but no such luck. Rep. Sue Wallis continues her crusade to “free” all homemade food from any and all oversight and regulation.

… are an irresponsible affront to the protection of Wyoming citizens and visitors, and worse, they waste everyone’s time and money. If our legislators can’t find something more worthwhile to do, then we should be re-thinking about what they do, and put someone in there who will actually represent the whole population, and not just a few “radical fringe” zealots.”

Likewise, an editorial in the Wyoming Tribune Eagle jumps all over Wallis’ renegade dreams of opening up a Horse Slaughter plant in Cheyenne:

“There are so many things wrong with this proposal from state Rep. Sue Wallis, R-Recluse, that it is hard to keep track of them. But let’s focus on the most important one: Cheyenne’s image.

Does Cheyenne want to be known to potential employers and possible technology-minded residents (remember, the world’s largest supercomputer soon will be opening here) as a progressive community or as one that imports horses and puts some 7,000 of them to death every year?

Do community leaders hope to attract tourists or chase them away? Are they willing to face a potential national boycott from such groups as the Humane Society simply to allow a rogue state representative and her investors to try to peddle horse meat from Wyoming?

Does the Chamber of Commerce want people to enter town along a newly renovated West Lincolnway only to look across the railroad tracks and see holding pens for horses awaiting their turn in a slaughterhouse, mobile or not?

No, this is not what Cheyenne in 2010 should be about — not to mention such issues as the odors of holding and slaughtering of horses and the environmental implications of such a facility — and its leaders need to consistently speak up until this project is laid to rest for good.

It is true that the issue of what to do with horses as they reach the end of their lives is problematic. And parts of Ms. Wallis’ proposal make sense.

She would bring in the horses, triage them and then move out those that can be adopted or rescued. Unfortunately, the rest would be killed in some yet-to-be-explained “humane way.” Then the meat would be sold — though to whom and for what use remains unclear, given that there presently is no market for it.

But the city of Cheyenne must not be the location for this experiment. If Ms. Wallis wants it so badly, let her propose it for her hometown of Recluse in northeastern Wyoming, about 80 miles east of Sheridan, and see the reaction she gets there.

We are tired of Ms. Wallis trying out her far-out ideas (such as ending inspections on home-based foods) on the people of this state. But we are even more unhappy that she wants to add horse slaughter in Cheyenne to the mix. Local leaders need to tell her to go away — in no uncertain terms.”

Bad press, failed businesses, dubious “non-profits” and affiliates haunt Wallis as she promotes her “SlaughterFest” in early January of next year.  A recent “letter” was issued to equine rescues across the United States in an effort to convince advocates to participate in Wallis’ predatory horse slaughter scheme.  The letter was signed and allegedly issued by Utah horse trainer Dave Duquette the stated president of the United Horsemen organization that has clandestine ties to Wallis’ ever shifting collection of “non-profits”.  It was soon discovered that the letter from Duquette, sent under the guise of his United Horsemen, was actually issued by Wallis from one of her many email addresses at Gmail, another strike against truth, honesty and transparent representation.

As Wallis and Duquette head into the holiday season and final propaganda stretch for their Bloodfest the equine community scratches its head in wondering who in their right mind would attend and/or be affiliated with such questionable personalities.

Of course only time will tell but with the deck firmly stacked against her, the renegade Rep. from Wyoming may find it to be an extremely cold and lonely winter in Recluse Wyoming  as a “Lame Duck” session has come very, very early in her newly elected term.

The people have had enough.

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    • I doubt it…she didn’t have clue all through Steve’s interview and either elected to disregard or was too stupid to understand the intricacies of why horse slaughter is banned, here, and US horse meat is NOT welcomed in the EU. She didn’t even understand the Bute issue…not for a second.

      Anyone that would back this person in a business proposition would surely not be on the up and up, not for a second.


      • I should think it would be painfully obvious to potential investors that Sue is dooming their investment dollars to a double flush..somehow i think the chinese would look unkindly on losing face might come with a death sentance..isn’t that what happened with the arsenic in the dog food from China?


  1. Ms Wallis and company must stop eating horsemeat as part of the “Food Freedom” movement. I mean –like really– look what all those chemicals have done to their brains. I implore the people of Wyoming to pack up their children,elderly,and incarcerated and skeedaddle pronto. Perhaps in a big Dodge pick-up truck. When there’s no one left to feed, then the horses will be safe! I’m sort of laughing–this “movie” is pathetic.


  2. @ “…the equine community scratches its head in wondering who in their right mind would attend and/or be affiliated with such questionable personalities…”

    Well, not all of the “the advocates” are standing around scratching their heads and wondering ……some of us want to go to counter-act the pro-slaughter BS and to rub their noses in it right in their own forum, and to show them that YES we care enough to have our voices heard and are committed to meeting the “enemy” head on at every turn at every opportunity.

    After all, they have extended the invitation to everyone,…gotta give em credit for not making it exclusivily for the pro-slaughters. They are welcoming points of view from both sides of the fence. Why wouldnt you want your anti-slaughter voice heard?


    • Because Sue & Co have NO intention of letting any voices be heard that disagree with them. Your anti-slaughter voice will not be heard at best – at worst, Sue will provoke you and then call you an “animal rights wacko zealot vegan.” Believe me, she has NO intentions of playing on a level field.


      • Agreed, Susanne…and why would any advocate want to finance this charade and give them one thin dim?. Being present at this BloodFest would only legitimize their farce and prove to them that we consider the event to be a threat, which it is not.

        I am also confident that any sign of protest will be over-blown and playing right into their hands. It is imperative that we stay in the upper loop and simply stay away. I would not put it past them to “stage” something even if you are not present, we don’t need to waste our time/money and add fuel to their perverted fire.

        (Inside the walls of the convention you would never, ever be allowed to speak…they do not want to hear the truth as we have been actively reporting…they are deaf.)


      • There are advocates out there planning on a protest- they are going to be there one way or the other- support them or not??


  3. The truth is in the horse meat that Sue Wallis has been eating and promoting others to consume.

    She has no ethics, no morals and no decency… the suffering that has been bestowed on one of God’s most beautiful creatures by some most hideous specimens of humanity, will be finally known to them. Suffering will be known personally, yet differently, by these individuals who have no conscience and are driven by insaneness and greed.

    Time and chemicals are on the horses side and our side, and Wyoming’s side!


    • Well said Jill and RT you guys said it all, If protesters are there they will not be given voice, and this Summit is to be considered the most non threatening meeting , it is Insane to say the least, all of these people attending are to be considered totally insane , and it will be clear to anyone who has any common sense, all of the attendees will just be proving without a doubt that they are without any………..In fact they may even be doing the Wild Mustangs a favor………….showing how totally ridiculious they all really are, and there ideas hold no merit whatsoever…………..


    • Well said Jill and RT you guys said it all, If protesters are there they will not be given voice, and this Summit is to be considered the most non threatening meeting , it is Insane to say the least, all of these people attending are to be considered totally insane , and it will be clear to anyone who has any common sense, all of the attendees will just be proving without a doubt that they are without any………..In fact they may even be doing the Wild Mustangs a favor………….showing how totally ridiculious they all really are, and there ideas hold no merit whatsoever………….The American People Love their Magnificent Wild
      Mustangs, and will not listen to their Uneducated ranting of lies ……….and deception…………………………The BLM will be seen for what it truly is, A waste of Taxpayers money !!!!!


  4. Plain and Simple…….she is a joke……and her lack of education, sense and decency is finally coming back to bite her in the backside! Btw, it was difficult to keep any conversation about her “nice” : )


  5. This just in….

    Sorry it’s off topic but it’s centric to Wild Equine Advocacy, especially for Nevada Advocates: Newly elected governor Brian Sandoval will not retain Ag Director Tony Lesperance. It’s a little snack-sized bite of good news but tasty nonetheless.
    Now if Gov. Sandoval would just stay out of Vegas for the next five or six months…

    The Virginia Range Horses and those who care about them may be able to breathe a little easier.

    Now, back to our story:

    This may matter less than a mole on a gnat’s be-hind but I would hope for the city of Cheyenne and the state of Wyoming to understand – they are NOT judged, in my eyes at least, by the antics of the representative from Recluse.
    She is.
    Wyoming is the definition of wide open & old school; people still respect their elders and a person’s word is given and meant. Most of us aren’t given to blaming the citizens of an entire state for the shenanigans of a cloistered few. While we may have a parting of the ways in some areas, from my viewpoint, this is not one of them.
    I live in california, ferchrisakes!


    • (((((YEAHHHH))))))!!!!!!!! Lesperance is gone! What a Christmas gift….seriously.

      Now the only question is: Is he going to be replaced by another wild equine killer or someone worse(if that is possible)?

      Remember ol’ SS of Reckless, err Recluse, WY won with over 60% of the vote….somebody must agree/like this dingbat.


      • Frankly, I wish for a few other things to “hit” him in the hinney as he is walking out the door. But don’t be surprised if he lands softly on his feet into a corporate or county Ag situation with cushy pay to boot (pun intended).

        Still wondering who or what worse will replace him…again, don’t be surprised.


      • Oh pooh…I was trying to say “Hiney”…not “hinney” (isn’t that a female mule?

        My apologies to the equine mule community….they are more than awesome.


  6. I find it amazing the people re-elected her,,,,surely they must have known where she stands on issues. Of course, when you think about it, we’ve have officials re-elected,over and over again, that have made many bad decisions. )-: Really happy though they see her for what she is and speaking out. This woman is pathetic and it’s good that the people of Wyoming are waking up.


    • I’m not surprised one bit…just disappointed.

      Not sure how stupid and selfserving, uneducated and lazy many Americans can be? Look at Congress! Got to give the voters of her district one kudo…at least they drug their butts out to vote…most Americans don’t (vote, that is).


  7. I cannot resist topping Sue’s poems…Over the River and through the woods, there stood Sue Wallis holding the goods. With poem book in hand the other the Bolt, she grabbed that poor horse to give it a jolt. While reading her poem to keep the horse calm then calling to Dave, why is this taking so long……………………………………………… 🙂 You could picture SW, slaughtering and not feeling any kind of regret…
    Well, “her” poems are certainly an indication of a very disturbed mind. It has been said by Temple, as per Andi Harmon (pro-slaughter)that Temple believes the Horses need to be left on their land. So just maybe Temple will suprise them, with a NO CAN DO. I beleive Sue Wallis is so full of ego and from reading all about her and the things she has accomplished in RECLUSE (which is what I’d like to see her become), it certainly has given me an indication of her mind set. Sue should have continued driving big trucks, suits her well. On Summit of the Horse they say they have contacted the FBI, so they are definitley trying to make horse advocates look like extremists. @CJ, they have stated on SOTH that they will NOT allow any of the advocates in the Summit, so there is no open invitation to us. I completely inderstand advocates wanting to go, it is a passion for the horses that is very heartfelt and deep.


  8. Well, thank goodness for the vision of the Wyoming Eagle Tribune, Casper Wyoming Tribune and Robert E. Harrington! The ramifications to the State of Wyoming would be endless, aside from the horrific cruelty of it. Then add to it the endless litigation it would generate from health and environmental ramifications. Talk about turning a beautiful, pristine area into a _ _ _ _ hole.


  9. What I want to know is why a 4th or 5th generation cattle rancher wants to kill and eat horses? What is wrong with beef? Why isn’t she promoting HER beef? Come on, Wyoming is known for having more cows than people.! And thanks to SHARK for exposing the cruelty of rodeo to animals the Cheyenne rodeo may be hurting. They are advertising on TV right now every two minutes for everyone to get your tickets for the rodeo in JULY! It seems a little desperate to me. This may not be what everyone wants to hear but people like Sue Wallis need us to pray for her heart to change. She is a lost person with no compassion for living things and is to be pitied. Can you imagine? Someone who is around horses and still doesn’t get it? Only those who get it know what she is missing.


    • Many ranchers want a payout at halflife for their equines (not all of course)….they like the “I don’t know where they will wind up” auctions….but TB, QH and Arab (the most notorious to include color breeders) like the option too….(I could say more graphically, but would be awaiting moderation and in the end…it doesn’t serve our cause).


    • EXACTLY!!!
      Has the Cow suddenly become a species of concern in Wyoming and we didn’t get the newsletter??
      97,000 square miles and cattle are struggling?
      The #1 agricultural product? Why aren’t cattle fellas just a wee bit angrier – that an elected representative is touting an industry that doesn’t even exist rather than supporting the big one that does?



  10. The more I read about this person, note, I did not say woman, I am amazed that anyone would vote for such a person. She is nuts. That anyone would listen to her and her coharts, buffles me. Wyoming, wake up, or she will drag you through the mud with her. She is making Wyoming look very bad. Pay her back and get rid of her NOW.


  11. You know last time I heard, checked or researched, ol’ SS never done no eatin’ of horsemeat. Please correct if required because I’d love to have a date/time stamp on same. In fact, I thought I saw a “quote” from the equine meat miester that said, “I ain’t never had none”. I hope to be corrected and maybe someday soon, she and the horsemeat hags will too.


  12. The people of Wyoming are realizing they have made a huge mistake, give them time they will all take her to court, hense she ll be gone soon………..


  13. I cheer with everyone on this forum every time I see Wallis’s slaughterhouse plans subjected to public ridicule. But none of this changes the fact that 100,000 domestic horses each year are sent to slaughter in even worse conditions that domestic slaughter afforded. I wonder what folks on the forum think about why we cannot seem to make progress in eliminating this sickening practice. I have thought about it a great deal and realized that the voice of horse-lovers is audible and significant when it comes to opposing slaughter, but it is barely a whisper when it comes to acknowledging the huge numbers of unwanted horses and offering a sane, rational and humane alternative to slaughter. By not doing these two critical things (LOUDLY acknowledging the unwanted horse problem and LOUDLY offering a humane, rational alternative), we make it so easy for legislators to ignore our voices. So what would everyone think about trying to get some momentum behind the idea of legislation which significantly taxes (or significantly additionally taxes) the registration of horses for racing and showing? Let’s raise our voices to eliminate the problem where it starts in a self-feeding and rational system where incentives to breed for the purposes of showing and racing are reduced (thus fewer horses born into a system where they will likely be discarded down the road), and public funds are actually raised (as opposed to spent), which can be used to support rescue and rehabilitation. I am not an expert and feel I must be missing some fact — this just makes too much good sense to be true. Experts on the forum – any thoughts?


    • I disagree with you that America even has an ‘unwanted horse’ problem at all.!!

      It is a fact that there are HALF the boarding stables, half the racetracks are closed(land sold)and the majority of URBAN land is ‘zoned’ no horses. Half or less of horse shows and other sports aswell. The regular horse owner market has shrunk also, because people don’t have enough land to keep a horse or they are zoned out- there are no fairly close reasonable price boarding stables, few close-in feed/supplies. Or they just can’t afford a horse. Closein ‘decent’ boarding for my city is 900 a month 😉

      The market is gone, been gone and yet BREEDERS are still breeding likes it 1969!!! What the heck is wrong with those big ranches? (and the amish-my god they are the HEART of the slaughter-pipeline..always thought the Amish were godly people..but they cant seem to shoot an old horse!!??!!!) There is not a close-in urban horse industry anymore!

      If 1,000 of the largest quarterhorse, arabian,TB,standardbred, Amish horse-eaters BREEDERS, each STOPPED 100 foals a year..THERE is that 100,000 number the pro-slaughter are always WHINING about as ‘unwanted horses’

      There are NO ‘unwanted horses’ …just 100 foal a year breeders..1000 horse breeders responsable for the entire years slaughtered horses.


      • I reply to myself.. see what horseeaters plan is. They will breed horses to slaughter. Her buddies ‘partners’ will step-up their breeding to meet their needs. They will ship by rail live and frozen.

        They are looking to fill a market with some ignorant starving country or maybe fight for a piece of the canadian eu market ‘drug-free’.meat with the other kill-jobbers. Or both. They created the term ‘unwanted horse’ to create a basis for tax free, grants, Gov. help

        Think they really want to ‘help’ horses and people if the slaughter was off the table? replace by euth and compost…would Sue still have a “horse charity?” Nope


      • Amish folks evidently think its okay to send their ‘old worn out horses’ (who have served them well) for slaughter. They then must believe its okay to eat horse-meat. My question is why do they not kill and eat their horses themselves? They butcher their own pigs and cows… why not their horses? Sauce for the goose I say!


  14. Laddy- The majority of horses going to slaughter are Thoroughbreds and Quarterhorses. Unfortunately, the AQHA has a very loud voice and spends a lot of money promoting slaughter as a viable option. The Thoroughbred industry seems to be (voluntarily) coming on board with funding retirement foundations and re-training ex-racers for new careers. The latter also applies to Standardbreds. I like the idea of a “tax” on ‘professionally’ bred horses as well as stud farm licensing. You have to have a (dog) kennel license to breed in many states, so why not for horses? You also have to have a license on your dog so why not on your horses? Great ideas from great advocates and humanitarians. Unfortunately, their pockets are so much deeper and they are so much greedier than we are.


    • yes, the Thoroughbred industry has really stepped up to help their breed, more than any other horse industry has by far!


  15. Thank you everyone for the thoughtful responses. Do you think there will be much (or any) press at ‘slaughterfest’? If nothing else, it might be good to be heard by media on the subject of taxation and licensing fees. And regarding the 1,000 breeders churning out 100 foals per year, I agree that this is the problem but it does create ‘unwanted horses’ – not so say that people like us don’t want to rescue them (we obviously do), but the funding simply does not exist. Even though ‘unwanted horses’ is an unpalatable term, acknowledging some sort of problem I think would enhance the credibility of all of us who want to be heard.


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