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“Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis Publicly Sticks Bloody Foot in Mouth

Story by Steven Long ~ Live Link from Horseback Magazine

Recluse, WY’s Village Idiot Says Poisoned Meat is Good to Eat

The pride of Wyoming, Rep. "Slaughterhouse" Sue Wallis

HOUSTON, (Horseback) – A second term Wyoming state representative would build a horse “processing plant” that would kill up to 20 horses per day in her state despite federal prohibitions against slaughtering chemically tainted horses for food.

Last year, the European Union banned the import of meat of U.S. horses killed at Canadian slaughterhouses because of the likelihood they had been chemically treated with a variety of commonly used drugs containing chemicals such as bute that can cause cancer and other maladies.

Moreover, last year three prestigious American scientists authored a white paper for the medical journal Food and Chemical Toxicology titled “Association of Phenylbutazone Usage with Horses Bought for Slaughter: A Public Health Risk.” The authors were Nicholas Dodman,  Nicolas Blondeau, and  Ann M. Marini.

Yet Rep. Sue Wallis says, chemical contamination of domestic horsemeat is no big deal.

Horseback asked Wallis, “How can your slaughter facility be economically feasible under the prohibition against slaughtering horses that have been given the chemicals horses are commonly administered such as bute, banamine, Ace, and wormers? Almost all American horses are routinely given these drugs, many of which are carcinogenic. What are your plans for dealing with the recent authority given to the Food and Drug Administration over food including horse meat?”

“All drugs have withdrawal periods, and there are scientifically established time periods which any meat animals must be held after medications before they can be processed,” Wallis told Horseback.  “In terms of bute, specifically, every race horse in the country has to have their blood tested for prohibited drugs. Common knowledge on the track is that bute will clear the system in two or three days and that you can be pretty much guaranteed that there will be absolutely no vestige of the drug in seven days.”

Unfortunately, that’s not good enough under federal food regulations, says an imminent scientist who declined to be identified.

“This is generally what trainers believe but people who make such comments don’t know what they are talking about,” said one of the authors of the Bute study. The horses studied in the paper were former race horses who had been sent sold off from their track careers to slaughter

“Race horses don’t get routinely tested for prohibited drugs.  I assume she (Wallis) means if they go to slaughter. Winning race horses get tested for bute to ensure that their levels are within the range allowed by tracks.”

Wallis is a Wyoming rancher from the tiny town of Recluse, population 149.  She has no medical, toxicology, or pharmacology training.

“Drugs of concern have a longer period of withdrawal,” Wallis continued in her response to Horseback’s questions. “Live horses can be tested prior to processing to ensure that there is no vestige of drugs, and carcasses can be tested after processing to ensure the same thing. All of the existing European Union processing plants, and any plants established in the US under state meat inspection programs which by law have to meet or exceed USDA standards are operated under regular audit regimes that require carcass testing. The results are public record and you can find in those public records no residual drug problems in any class of livestock, including horses.”

But experts disagree.

Things that Wallis' dreams are made of

Banned substances like bute are tested by FSIS, the regulatory arm of the USDA, and the results are published in the “red book” which is available over the internet. Further, the results of the testing are problematic in that tests almost never find drug residue in the hundreds of carcasses they claim are tested.  In fact the FSIS has admitted in a Freedom of Information Act disclosure they were testing fat samples for bute, according to Equine Welfare Alliance President John Holland.  Almost all of the bute stays in the bloodstream and never gets out into fat cells producing a negative result.

Wallis was either unaware of the findings, or disregards them.
Bute is banned in the US, Canada, UK, and EU in food producing animals, including horses. There is no safe concentration for meat established by the FDA. Complications can include bone marrow depression, aplastic anemia, leucopenia, pancytopenia, lemolytic anemia, throubocytopenia.

Critics claim the USDA inspectors who worked in the nation’s three horse slaughterhouses did little to inspect meat which was mostly going abroad and to zoos in this country. In fact, eyewitnesses who worked in an Illinois slaughterhouse said prior to its closing they never witnessed a federal inspector inspect a carcass and the meat was routinely sent on to market.

Yet Wallis claims such inspections aren’t necessary anyway. “This is because common sense procedures are used by the meat industry to make absolutely sure that animals are held for appropriate withdrawal periods before processing if they have been administered veterinary drugs. “

“This is nonsense,” said the scientist. “It is true that animals alive or dead can be tested for drugs but this has nothing to do with the lifetime ban of drugs like bute, Ivermectin, Naxcel, acepromazine and others that are NOT allowed at all.”

Finally, Wallis appeared to be oblivious to passage of a sweeping new food inspection law that will give the FDA vast powers over the nation’s food supply. The Senate passed the bill on November 30, and the House passed a much stronger version earlier. The new law diminishes the power of the USDA in food inspections.
Yet Wallis said, “The FDA has absolutely no jurisdiction over meat. Never have and probably never will. All meat is regulated by USDA/APHIS. The food bill recently passed has absolutely no effect,” Wallis said.

Not true again says the scientist. “ If she bothered to read APHIS, she would see the list of banned substances for horses sent to slaughter for human consumption.  The FDA does have jurisdiction over drugs in animals and humans.  The FDA has vets in their office and they make the determination as to which drugs are banned in animals sent to slaughter for human consumption.  Bute is banned in all food-producing animals, including horses.”

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  1. sue is” mystery meat”..I have a post up on facebook about the slaughter summit, and have been hit today by pro slaughter/pro Andi Harmon,the author of Oregons Living Legends, a book about oregons mustangs..she is a BLM volunteer in the Burns dist, and oregons living legends is listed as a “sponser of the upcoming summit in I outed that information and asked for a clarification, as in my mind there is no such thing as a wild horse advocate who is pro slaughter of wild horses, at least in the world I know>
    I find this very interesting and entertaining, as i go check everyones profile and am forming a pretty good profile picture of people ‘who support slaughtering horses, ..first off none of these people- but andi- live in the west-all live in the south or were raised there and in close proximity now, 1 is from Canada and one from Alaska.. go figure..none has seen a “wild Horse” nor the ranges they live in..nor cattle allotments nor an EA or RMP for that matter-all but a couple are recent high school graduates and about 50% have children from what I can tell..none can or do read and or retain, as most skipped right over the summit article, and that they own horses and are pro slaughter, many barrel racers and rodeo clowns..also go figure..One reminded me that Andi takes Orphans from the BLM and bottle feeds them..and I pointed out that cattle ranchers bottle feed orphans all the time-not from the goodness of their heart but from their pocketbook-cause eventually they will be far, I haven’t run across a comment that is even worth an argument, but after I check them out, I block them in case children are reading..LOL..So in the course of things, I have managed to get some of these folks out of the closet get their names and get a look at their faces and form some opinion on what went wrong with their childhoods, unfortunately some of these slow thinkers put their childrens pictures up for their profile how bright is the bulb in that closet?? I have always wanted to know if they resembled Sue..and the answer is..yes they do…


    • Also if you go read their posts-you will find they are obsessed with bat Maure..who knew??? should I have this all published in a scientific journal, new species of feral human/bat combo in US and Canada??


    • Bad Karma has that sort of an effect upon one’s appearance. Bloating, oily hair, lack of desire to shower, disregard for what sort of gender clothing you wear…that Karma thing is pretty deadly and eating the flesh of a sentient being does not make many friends with all that binds us. I think that brain damage fits in there somewhere, too.

      Maybe it’s my age or some sort of male menopausal thing going on but I just don’t do “stupid” anymore and this poor example of the species and her “Drain Bamaged” sidekick Doink have my fun meter pegged at Empty, big time.


      • LMAO..leave it to your “wit” to chase the blues awy..think I am going to go pour my bottle of “bad Karma” down the drain, before I become Drain Bamaged……


  2. I do not believe Sue is misinformed. I think she chooses the facts she reads and what she does read she simply twists and spins until it fits into her own agenda of blood and greed. To allow her to hide behind the cloak of “misinformed” allows a certain state of grace that I do not think this sickening person deserves.


    • I also agree, Morgan. I’ve thought for a while now that Sue KNOWS the truth, she just doesn’t CARE. I do think she is mentally ill – not enough to be committed or anything, but wouldn’t a person have to have a few bats in their belfry to twist the facts as she does, hoping to be able to feed tainted meat to other people? Gotta be sick!


  3. This Sue is sicko, sicko. She needs her head examined as well as her counterparts. THey are insensitive, inhumane, and one wonders what else they have or are doing on the side and with what. One wonders if they are doing their slaughterhouse in some back building now and then will say it’s their new slaughterhouse that will now do their “20” a day damage. THese people should be watched. I would afraid to have my kids anywhere around them. And, to think, the people of Wyoming elected this woman(????). What were they thinking? Is there a strange generation of individuals in the state of Wyoming? Makes one wonder since it appears that all these people are wacky in their decisions.


  4. I agree with Susie and Barbara, Slaughterhouse Sue looks like a man and it amazes me the state of WY re-elected her? Are you kidding me?!


  5. Unfortunately this horse eating uneducated spinner of tales and out right lies is influencing the BLM. In Pennsylvania we call the people who are sponsoring the summit rednecks. It is a derogatory term. There is the song of course: If ___ then you may be a redneck. I went to the posting to look at speakers and sponsors of the summit it does not include any manufactures of equine products such as tack, grain etc so it would be hard to boycott them but on the other hand I am very happy to see that the companies whose products I purchase weekly are not anti-horse. There are criteria that establish someone as an expert: education in their area of expertise (except Grandin) who on the list has a doctorate in veterinary medicine or a degree in animal husbandry? Perhaps 1 or 2 others. Second an expert musthave made a significant contribution to their field. Recent high school graduates? I tried to find Slaughter House’s education but I only find a high school degree. I have been told in response to my post The Requirements of Justice that I am an educated idiot. Perhaps I am but I would choose a board certified surgeon to perform my surgery any day over the local butcher. Yes she has been butchering animals for years but being a butcher does not make one a surgeon nor an expert on slaughter. If Slaughter House Sue is an expert it must be in bullshit, fraud, and the spewing of infromal fallacies parading as logic. What a shame that in our country this sort of person can receive so much attention and support from the government.


  6. How this individual is allowed to put out this kind of garbage, unchallenged by her constituents, fellow legislators and big time media absolutely blows my mind.

    Frankly, I don’t care what she looks like; it’s the ugly that comes out of that mouth that really bothers me and the special interest trolls that support her.


  7. I just joined PEER. Join, click on federal and then white papers. 30 some pages exposing corruption by the BLM and other documented removal of mustangs for slaughter. No wonder no one want to touch them. Here a short excerpt. Tried to copy and past but did not work for the whole document,

    Horses to Slaughter — Anatomy of a Coverup within the BLM (April 1997)
    The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) within the Department of Interior is the agency mandated by law “to protect and manage wild free-roaming horses…as components of the public lands.” Yet, the BLM has tolerated and in some instances facilitated the routine and illegal trafficking of wild horses to slaughter. The agency has obstructed efforts by its own law enforcement officers to expose commercial theft of wild horses, fraudulent adoption schemes and fictitious “sanctuary” herds not only to avoid embarrassment but also to maintain the flow of horses off the range. more >>


  8. what a ‘hippo-crit’ that woman is!! check out the family Wallis ranch and first one notices most of the cites are from early 1960s (before madcow disaster) and then one reads on the WALLIS RANCH own words. Drugs in meat cause cancer and quotes like this!

    “”Our beef is raised naturally, without steroids, hormones and antibiotics.””

    ref link


  9. and as a note the home ranch website was recently split into that grass meat website (above). Heres the old and recently changed- family ranch website..note they raise draft mixes. I had noticed draft mixes on their old website aswell. Geeee wonder where all their ‘retired’ drafts are??????


  10. Beyond the assurances that the FDA makes regarding the safety of eating flesh foods, most people in the know are going organic, local or grass/range fed these days or eliminating meat partly or entirely from their diets. Research using reputable independent sources will detail the nasty stuff in most FDA inspected “safe” meats.
    Ms. Wallis’s claims to the safety of horse flesh which is saturated often monthly and even daily with toxic chemicals is highly suspect. Beyond what is often inflicted on domestic horses re toxins, chemicals have been found in the far reaches of our lovely globe and permeate almost everything further adding to the complexity of toxins in our bodies.
    I have attached just one of many links to info. on meat eating, this from Dr. Andrew Weil one of the leading experts on holistic and healthy nutrition in this country beyond the reaches of bought and paid for by the corporate/industry puppets.
    I urge anyone reading this on whatever side of the fence to think long and hard on what such slaughter facilities would mean in terms of contamination for the hosting community’s water table and environment, bitter misery for the animals involved which has been thoroughly documented in most concentrated containment/processing arenas and last but not least, what this so called food source would be as a highly suspect and most likely carcinogenic substance.


  11. Come on, folks. Let’s not stoop to attacking personal looks, that’s Duquette’s style. There is plenty of material with the ridiculous statements she makes.

    This latest statement, which is similar to a previous email exchange, is a shining example of spinning and twisting rules/facts. The FDA and EU prohibits bute in ALL food producing animals. Ivermectin is prohibited in equines. When something is prohibited, that means the animal can NEVER go to slaughter for human consumption. So the question remains, Sue… Since almost all equines in the US have had one or both of those meds, what horses will you slaughter? And that is but only two of the prohibited meds that are routinely given to equines.

    Again Sue, US horses are not bred or raised as food animals. They are raised for many purposes, all being a non-food animal. In our country, non-food animals are humanely euthanized, not slaughtered. You can call them livestock, farm animals or whatever but that doesn’t make them a food animal. And your failure to recognize that is still not addressing the cause of the excess horses. You have to address the over breeding and work to provide resources for those that have fallen on hard times and cannot afford to care for their horses. Slaughter does not address either. It hides the cause as it has done for decades. Did you see where Ireland stated that after the cull, the problem would be solved and it was a one-time cull? Did you also see where they said that many of the horses could not be slaughtered for human consumption because of lack of passports? Do you understand? So why is it that the US keeps slaughtering excess horses but continues to produce them every year? The excess horses will all be slaughtered this year. Why will there be more next year?


  12. No matter what regarding horse slaughter: drugs, pollution, captive bolt, inhumane, science, ecology, FDA, USDA, EU…etc… Wallis’s “plain & (very) simple,” main goal..OBSESSION (!!) is to ((((KILL HORSES! )))) Many mental disorders she has. She fills the criteria of pages & pages of the Psych “Bible”: American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders>>The DSM. And I’m not kidding~~


  13. They don’t have a clue. Any new veterinary drug that comes on the market has to be first proved to be safe and effective on the species for it’s intended use. In addition drugs for food animals have to prove withdrawal periods for each species to the satisfaction of the FDA. No drug company is going to prove withdrawal periods for horses because it isn’t cost effective. (No one is going to quit using Ivermectin because it prohibits their horse from slaughter.)

    Many of us have not heard of the European “passport” system for horses. I have a horse registered with a European breed where they issue such a passport. In addition to his pedigree and registration status, it includes pages for tracking every veterinary treatment in his life signed off by a veterinarian.


  14. Just a note. Today is the last day we can make a call to the White House (202) 456-1111 to prohibit additional funds of $12 Million dollard more to corral the last remaining 10,000 wild Mustang horses (correct me if I’m wrong) in the wild. There are more Wild Mustangs in detainment camps than in the wild. Please call. There will be a hold, but, if every voice is heard they can’t ignore this forever. Oppose the FY-2011 Funding of BLM’s Wild Horse Roundups. Here is another pasted-in petition from the ASPCA. to save our beloved Wild Mustangs.

    Dear Animal Advocates,

    As you may know, Congress is currently trying to pass a federal budget for fiscal year 2011. Unbelievably, although the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Wild Horse and Burro Program is widely known to be broken and unsustainable, the House of Representatives has approved increasing its funding.

    The BLM plans to use this funding to remove another 10,000 wild horses from public lands next year. If this happens, the population of mustangs warehoused for life in government holding facilities would swell to 45,000—to the tune of $50 million in taxpayer money. Meanwhile, privately owned herds of cattle are allowed to graze on the same land that was “overcrowded” with wild horses.

    We do have a chance to stop this: the Senate is still debating the 2011 federal spending bill, but the deadline to make changes and pass it is midnight on Saturday, December 18.

    Now is the time for the Senate to hear, loudly and clearly, that Americans are tired of wasteful spending on mismanaged, inhumane government programs such as the Wild Horse and Burro Program.

    What You Can Do
    Please act fast—send an email to your two U.S. senators urging them to vote NO on any version of a fiscal year 2011 spending bill that allots money for the removal of wild horses from our public lands.

    Visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center now to send your email.

    Thank you for taking action for America’s wild horses, who, without your help, could soon become extinct.

    Your fellow advocate for the Wild Mustange and Burros,


  15. My understanding of bute is there is no safe withdrawal period. Even the EU stepped up to the plate and passed a law that said once a horse is administered bute he can never be slaughtered for human consumption. The reason? Bute is TOXIC to humans. It was given to people some 40-50 years ago and then found to destroy bone marrow. Bute does not withdraw from the horse no matter how long ago he was given it. He could be given the drug as a yearling and still 20 years later can not safely be slaughtered for human consumption.

    Why do keep hearing the same bs from this woman? What part of “bute does not breakdown” does she not understand? Why does she continue blathering about slaughtering when the drugs horses have been given routinely have been shown to be toxic to humans? Does she not understand about food safety?

    I thought Governor Stupid was bad. As bad as Governor Stupid has been for CA at least he isn’t as dangerous as SS. He at least pays attention to food safety protocols.


      • Suzanne is correct and that is how the EU regs read, a dose of Bute and that’s it, done deal.

        It is considered forever which makes Slaughterhouse’s claims so insane…she ignores not only the law but the science.


      • Bute is one of the longest withdrawal drugs commonly used. It used to have a 21 to 40 day withdrawal for cattle depending on the does, but has since been changed to not to be used on food animals.

        Banamine used on cattle, swine and horses has a withdrawal period of about 4 days for meat for cattle and swine and somewhat less for milk. Not to be used in horses intended for food.

        Lutalyse used in breeding. For cattle – no milk discard or preslaughter drug withdrawal period is required. For swine – no preslaughter drug withdrawal period is required. for horses – not for use in horses intended for food.

        That does not mean that it stays in the horses system forever, It means studies have not been done to prove that horse meat is safe at any time after the med has been given. Those studies never will be done because the drug companies gain no profit by doing the study. Telling the horse owner he can slaughter his horse for food after this drug won’t increase the sales of the drug.


  16. “…European Union processing plants, and any plants established in the US under state meat inspection programs which by law have to meet or exceed USDA standards… ”
    Did she really say that? So EU plants have to meet USDA standards? I thought the USDA stopped inspecting horse slaughter plants in 2007? When did the government reinstate USDA inspection of (potential) horse slaughter plants? The USDA is so understaffed its a miracle there are no more recalls than there are.


    • She is referring to state inspections, not federal. Even with federal, the bute laden horses were sent to slaughter without a second thought. The rules on drugs are set by the FDA. The FDA bans bute in all food producing animals. Hence, the USDA was not following guidelines so Wallis stating that the state follows USDA guildelines is a joke.

      She will spout that no traces of bute were found but when you aren’t doing the correct test to detect bute, of course you’re not going to find any.

      Without a passport system it is virtually impossible to guarantee that any horse is safe for consumption.


  17. Could there be a bit of collusion going on between the BLM/Department of the Inferior and these slaughter people? Have they been given the idea that they are going to get the American Mustangs that have been rounded up and whisked out of sight? They have not been given the same drugs as domestic horses, have they? Why is there such a big hurry to geld the stallions.? Why is Bob Abbey going to attend the Horse Eaters’ Summit?


  18. to Louie …otherwise BLM would be standing in the street carrying signs to protest this ” summit ” –to protest any construction of a slaughter house–to protest the extinction of the wild horse.


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