Horse Slaughter

Disgraced Horse Summit Backer Makes Top of Bad Food Safety Stories for 2010

Excerpt of story by Dan Flynn, contributor for Food Safety News

Sue Wallis has Filthy Fingers into more than Butchered Horses

Number 15 on the 2010 top story list is:  “Wyoming Holds Line on ‘Food Freedom’ for Cottage Foods

Republican State Rep. Sue Wallis of Recluse, WY, is sometimes called “Slaughterhouse Sue” for helping to bring a slaughterhouse to the Cowboy State for processing horsemeat for human consumption.

Wallis is also known for digging into her causes, and for the last three years she has tried with some success for a “food freedom” approach to Wyoming’s food safety regulation.

What she wants is to exempt all “cottage foods,” or foods prepared in home kitchens, including potentially hazardous foods such as dairy products, canned foods, and sauces, from any regulations or regulatory oversight whatsoever.

When she failed the first time, Wallis scaled back by proposing to exempt only non-hazardous foods, including jams, cookies and bread, from regulation.  Since July 1, 2009, that has allowed non-hazardous home-produced foods to be sold at roadside stands and farmer’s markets in Wyoming.

But food safety professionals in Wyoming have attempted to draw the line with that 2009 bill, opposing the rest of Rep. Wallis’ Food Freedom Bill.

The Wyoming Governor’s Council on Food Safety and local leaders like Robert E. Harrington, director of the Casper-Natrona County Health Department, have worked hard to educate lawmakers on food safety.

Wyoming food safety experts argue that licensing and inspection of cottage food businesses allows them to help owners prevent contamination by foodborne pathogens.

Wallis, however, says the “food inspection bureaucracy” has “gone overboard” and is “infringing on our constitutional rights to produce things and sell things and consume things and buy things that they have no justification for doing.”

Food safety survived in Wyoming in 2010, but the threat is not going away in the New Year.   Willis will be back with Food Freedom.

And state Sen. Eli D. Bebout, R-Riverton, is going to be pushing the Traditional Community Events Act, which would exempt charitable and religious organizations from regulatory oversight when they stage potluck dinner or other food events.

Rep. Dan Zwonitzer, R-Cheyenne, want to exempt raw milk producers and set up a “Cow Share” program.

It appears that anyone who has an opposing viewpoint is ‘going overboard’ according to Rep. Wallis.  Her self-elected lack of education drives her ignorance of contaminated food stuffs INCLUDING, but not limited to, human consumption of  the drug tainted meat of American horses.  Food Safety experts must be regarded as ‘extremists’ in her skewed mindset, also...and so the stupidity continues.”  ~ R.T.

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  1. Does (or can she) read a newspaper? Is she devoid of comprehension skills?

    Seems our food safety infrastructure is more than wanting based on headlines over the last fews years….hardly anything close to “overboard”; broken, maybe, but certainly not overboard.

    In the end, what can one expect from an individual hell-bent on serving contaminated horseflesh to any living being, especially humans for the convenience of irresponsible breeders and owners. Stolen and then slaughtered equines are an entirely different matter.

    Question: How does a killer actually perform a med withdrawel period for slaughter equines when there are no current withdrawel periods? She is a research pharmacist now too?


    • Right, Arlene. There are some drugs – called “essential” – that have withdrawal periods, but any drug that has: “Not for use in horses intended for food,” on the label, like bute, is for life.


  2. To me Bute is not even a issue here , Horses are not for human consumption , they were never considered food, they are not cows !!!!! They are a pleasure and a teaching , and service animal….. What part of that does Sue not understand !!!!! and also the BLM, they are another agency that maybe doesnt quite understand just what their JOB is, so maybe I will take this opportunity to explain to them also, They are an agency who is paid by the American Taxpayer to Protect and Preserve The Wild Mustangs, now is that so hard ??????? Anything else they do is not part of their Job…… So they can just stop wasting the Taxpayers money !! and do what they are suppose to do, or Just get out of town…….Anything that has to do with anything else then that is not of their concern !!!!!! What we need to do is appoint an Agency that will uphold what is required of them , our Wild Mustangs are Precious , Whomever or whatever agency takes care of them must make the Pledge, and up hold the R.O.A.M Act this is what the American people should demand, after all That is the Law, any Agency that deviates from this should and will be prosecuted to the Full Extent of the Law………. Jeeze BLM ……..I would also like to take this opportunity to say to Mr. Dean Bolstead I really thought we could count on you, protect and preserve our Wild Mustangs, I thought after a few conversations with you via phone, that you would straighten out the BLM…. Sorry I put faith in you to do this !!!!!!!! Any one from the BLM attending this Summit should be fired !!!!!



    Take Action: Nevada Predator Program Harms Wild Horses and Burros
    Citizens concerned about wild horses and wildlife have an opportunity to voice opposition to this wasteful, destructive and inhumane federal program. The USDA is accepting comments on an Environmental Assessment for Predator Damage Management in Nevada. The predator-killing efforts in Nevada focus on 19.6 million acres of BLM land, including Herd Management Areas, which are utilized extensively for livestock grazing at the expense of wild horses and burros
    The USDA is accepting comments on an Environmental Assessment for Predator Damage Management


    • Nevada predator program? I don’t understand what that means. According to the BLM Wild horses “don’t have any predators”. If the horses don’t have any predators how can the cattle?


    • “Predator Damage Management in Nevada.” Wildlife Services is proposing to implement a program to manage damage from predators including coyotes, mountain lions, ravens and other species that cause damage to livestock, natural resources, property, agriculture, or human health and safety. The pre-decision EA analyzes the potential environmental effects of a proposed integrated wildlife damage management program and alternatives.”

      I SCREAM AGAIN! Don’t these people have something better to do?

      If man would just keep his mitts out of it… the environment would take care of its self.


    • Well Just look at her , tells a story doesnt it, on what not to eat !!!!! Hey i wonder if she uses an old bra strap to hold her pony tail ?????


  4. I can’t sit here and not comment on this. S.510 the fake food safety bill has NOTHING to do with making or keeping food safe. We battled this bill for almost three years. I can almost recite it line by line. The target of the bill is home producers and family farms and ranches. The intent is to drive these people out of the market ending competition and forcing all of us into consuming nothing but gmo, highly processed and nutrionless foods full of chemicals, herbicides, pesticides and synthetic agents. The bills secondary focus is forcing as much of our agricultural product into export as possible. The only provisions in the bill that pertain to anything about food safety or inspection are nothing more than the re-iteration of HACCP> Self inspection for corporations.

    The only provisions in the bill for enforcement, fines, fees, licensing,and possible prison terms, were all focused on family farms and ranches and home producers. Also forcing them into conveying title of their property to Premises ID……this means the USDA acting as agent of the federal government is now the actual owner of the property and the rightful owner is now referred to as an “operator/manager”. This land is being used to hypothecate the national debt and is put up as collateral against all the money borrowed.

    Family farms and ranches are seldom the source of food borne illness. In the recent instances of supposed food contamination from home producers, FDA only said there COULD be link to these producers….not that there ever was in actuality. Foodborne illnesses are almost always the result of point of processing contamination from unsanitary conditions and the co-mingling of foreign products dumped into our food system uninspected. Google “China contamination imports” and spend two or three days reading what all they dumped into our food supply while USDA/FDA looked the other way.

    As for Wallis, she simply tried to tie her horse slaughter crap to the food bill and attempted to make them sound like one and the same. Neither has anything to do with the other.

    As for the situation in Utah…..the federal government owns and/or controls 86% of all land in Utah. Any cattle ranching wil be seriously curtailed as the mining outfits move in along side the gas and oil drilling companies. Utah is a veritable gold mine for the federal government. While the D.oI is selling the coming land theft as protection of the scenic, historic and watershed areas, the BLM document highlights the propaganda tactics to be used to convince the public they are only trying to save special areas of the US. ITs UN Agenda 21 non-human habitat biodiversity zones. Wild lands preservation! Land theft!

    I am with you all on stopping the slaughter of these herds and letting them exist as they were meant to, but there is far more to this than appears on the surface. Dairy foods have been targeted recently only because Cullen-Agri-tech is poised to move in and take over the dairy industry across the country. This is a New Zealand based company that worked thru the land grants university of Georgia along with the USDA. the intent is to end all domestic dairy operations in the US, turn it all over to New Zealand which has publicly stated that its intent and focus is exporting as much of the dairy product as possible out of the US.

    There has not been one instance where FDA proved or could actually positively link food borne illness to any dairy here in the US. They made the charges and then assembled a case to suit it.

    I am sure I have angered many of you by posting this but i see no sense in contributing to the misconceptions here. Wallis is simply trying to co-opt a grassroots movement to keep the government out of family farming and ranching in order to make her slaughterfest activities seem reasonable. The woman is not in her right mind.



    • Marti,

      Food production and safety are very complicated issues. I agree with some of your points, but I also disagree on others. One example is the dairy “industry” and it’s subsidies, price control issues, etc. Historically, the Federal Government has been buying out dairy farmers since the 1970s. I don’t think that has much to do with New Zealand based on the timeline of that program, but I agree that corporations are currently skewing markets from grain, oil prices to shutting out the little guys and controlling what goes on the shelves at markets. And the corps can’t get to India and China fast enough with OUR resource supported ag products; check out the amount of forage export on the West Coast and see what it is doing to hay prices in several western states for people that NEED that stuff HERE. It’s disgusting and explain to me why California’s hay/forage report comes out of the USDA office in Washington State?

      However, many states are encouraging their local, small farms with multiple programs (farmers’ markets, open space preservation, land use taxation). Although the USDA is a thorn and a joke re: organic labeling, many local farms in my state are finding increased interest from consumers, restaurants and even the big grocery chains for their products. Nationally, the “organics” is growing each year regardless of the higher cost…smart consumers get it.

      BTW, how was the FDA involved with dairy? Seriously, I thought that was strictly USDA except for the fortifying of dairy products. Is it the pastuerizing process they regulate?…I learn something new everyday!

      I will agree that the governments do seem to harrass the little guys and look the other way for the corporate crooks. The stories I have heard from my neighbors who are farmers, ranchers, custom butchers, farm supply, etc…geez…it’s depressing what those folks go through!


  5. Marti, THANK YOU! The intent is to confuse and we need CLARIFICATION. It is far better to understand what is really at stake, here.


    • I agree! My research has lead me to believe the same thing- this is not a good bill- big corporate interests and agri-growers are fueling this fire. The little guy will be put out of business. Imagine no more road-side stands with homegrown tomatoes, corn, etc. There is wording in the bill about farmers being exempt, this does not mean “family-farmers” it means BIG OLD corporations. Check out the bill summary in govtracks.


  6. the key here will be to keep Wallis and her evil deeds and phony press releases seperate from the issue of food safety. This makes me sick that this despicable woman has tried to tie her slaughterfest to the food issue. But, knowing who at least one of her compadre’s is in this it doesn’t surprise me. Both women are self serving bloated cows and will do anything to advance their own causes. We need more exposure of this.

    RT…….when can you come back on Truth Squad and update everyone?



  7. I think I’m confused…are we talking the food safety bill that just passed in Congress or the one ding-dong in WY is peddling?


  8. They are one and the same bills. What Wallis was touting was the Testor-Hagen amendment that supposedly exempted family farms and ranches. This got dropped from the final verison for the most part and the S.510 was inserted as an amendment to the recycling bill…..that bill was passed unanimously. Dirty Harry then gutted the recycling bill and substituted s.510 as an amendment and passed the assault on food production and supply that way.

    I can’t believe Wallis. Even if the bill had anything to do with food safety, what connection would it have to slaughtering wild horses? Personally, I have wondered if this isn’t really about depleting possible sources of food as the building food shortage, or at least the one being staged, begins to affect us. There is some reason these animals are being hunted and destroyed and I am not sure that we know what that actual reason is just yet.

    RT…….how about January 5th? Its a Wednesday….our new show night. Drop me a line and let me know.



  9. Good Grief…there are over 15 agencies involved in our food system.

    I googled it and clicked on a few answers to my question……WHAT A FREAKING MESS!!!!!!!

    Update…voluntary recall of curly parsley and cilantro…thanks Feds for keeping us safe….NOT!!!


  10. Arlene Orlando. You covered it well in your reply above. Sue Willis is a disaster to the human race. She should be locked up and the key discarded. Better yet, maybe we could give some good food to our zoo lions. They would love her and her Dr. companion. What an idea. We could even have Salazar and Abbey join the festivities. HA HA. I would even love to bring the wild horses to watch.


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