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Utah Legislator Introduces Resolution Opposing Dead Bill

Press Release from the Equine Welfare Alliance

Horse Hating State Legislators Crawl Out From Underneath Rocks

Chicago (EWA) – On February 1st, Utah Senator David P. Hinkins introduced joint resolution S.J.R 11, titled “A Resolution Expressing Opposition to Federal Restoring our Mustangs Act.”  The resolution expresses opposition to federal bills H.R. 1018 / S. 1579, known collectively as the ROAM Act. The only problem is that the ROAM Act was from the 111th Congress and no longer exists.

The ROAM act was passed by the House of Representatives on July 19, 2009 but was never taken up by the Senate and died with the end of the 111th Congress. Though initially popular among wild horse advocates, growing suspicion that ROAM could be used by the Obama Administration to implement its “Salazar Plan” caused it to lose support.

The “Salazar plan” would remove mustangs from their native habitats in the West, sterilize them, and leave them to die out on Midwestern feedlots. So intent is the Administration on this plan, that it rejected a private refuge plan offered by Madeleine Pickens, wife of oil billionaire T. Boone Pickens. That plan would have left the horses on a large tract of their native lands which the Pickens had purchased.

S.J.R 11 culminates a massively misguided campaign against America’s wild horses and in favor of restoring horse slaughter. Nearly hysterical Legislation introduced in many Western states has often been based on incorrect facts and has included some incredible language.

A 2009 bill by Ed Butcher of Montana was actually passed making it impossible to sue anyone wishing to build a horse slaughter plant in the neighborhood without first posting a forfeitable bond equal to 20% of the cost of construction.

The Butcher bill was apparently based on the mistaken belief that US horse slaughter plants had been closed by frivolous law suits filed by (as Ed Butcher described them) “two bit hippies”. All three US plants were in fact closed by state laws prohibiting the slaughter of horses and or the sale of horse meat for human consumption.

Horse slaughter plants have indeed been notorious for their discharge violations, and attempts have been made by municipal governments (not activists) to close them on that basis. The Dallas Crown plant in Kaufman Texas was fighting a legal battle against the town of Kaufman when it was ordered closed in 2007. The plant had violated its sewer discharge limits for years.

Likewise, the Cavel plant in DeKalb Illinois had been in continual violation with its sewage discharge requirements between its rebuilding in 2004 and its closing in September of 2007. But none of those violations closed the plant for a single day. The Cavel operation moved to Saskatchewan, Canada where it was eventually closed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for “health violations”.

Armed with this information, the town of Hardin Montana actually passed an ordinance (2010-01) to protect their community from a slaughter plant Ed Butcher announced he was going to help open there.

Perhaps the most outrageous bill (LB.306) was introduced this year by Nebraska Senator Tyson Larson. LB.306 would make it a punishable offense for any animal rescue or humane organization to refuse to accept an equine offered to it.

But despite all these strange, probably unconstitutional bills, the Hinkins’ bill is the first to require time travel for its implementation. Perhaps Hinkins can make up for this problem with a bill requiring arriving airline flights to announce “Welcome to Utah, please set your watches back two years”.

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  1. Far too typical of too many legislators in too many states. Contacting them is like talking to a blank wall. Their narrow minds are so clogged with erroneous information, or from the influence (spelled MONEY) of those with agendas to push, that they simply refuse to hear any opinions or information that conflicts with what they want to do. Thankfully I do not live in hinkins’ district but his ilk make me embarrassed to admit I live in the same state as ones that think (term used loosely) as he, the Cattoors, and the Holmes do. If anyone reading this is so unfortunate as to live in his district, please do all you can to get him voted OUT at your first opportunity! If nothing else will work then file complaints against him for being stupid!


    • R U in Utah? I’m in Cedar City and looking for the Horse Advocates here. I learned that a huge one lost his life in an accident a couple of years back, a Mr. Sewing?
      I’m very embarrassed to live in this state with their NON ANIMAL LAWS, people here treat their personal pets like Live Stock!
      I’m from CA!


  2. It seems that the good people don’t go into politics. They go to work, pay their taxes, vote, and obey the law. It is the con artists that run for office and get appointed to government positions. I know that there are exceptions, but they seem to be in the minority. It really is time for a thorough House Cleaning.


  3. It seems as though our government is HELL BENT ON KILLING THESE HORSES and we all know our government doesn’t do anything they don’t make money at-who is really getting these horses if we are not allowed to go on private property to monitor them where are they really (NO ONE BOARDS 30,000 plus horses) are they even there anymore? The private land owners and the cattle ranchers using the land should be investigated and see if the money they are paid is going back in the form of political campaign money and to whom. And now a new roundup company, is this company owned by the Salazar brothers or someone they know? HOW WELL ORGANIZED HAS EVIL BECOME? WE NEED TO START FOLLOWING THE BLOOD MONEY MAYBE THEN WE WILL GET ANSWERS.



    As the Utah 2011 legislative session gets underway, state Rep. Curt Oda wasted no time in introducing a bill that reflects his legislative priority. He is not using his position as a legislator, however, to try to create jobs, improve schools, or protect children, for example. Instead, his bill, H.B. 210, encourages the torture and killing of animals

    Woman may face charges for threats against lawmaker
    By Jasen Asay
    Standard-Examiner Davis Bureau
    CLEARFIELD — Police are serious about following up on threats directed at Rep. Curt Oda, R-Clearfield, in reference to House Bill 210.
    Sergeant Kyle Jefferies said police sent charges to the Davis County Attorney’s office on Monday against a 54-year-old woman from Clinton, who e-mailed Oda after the lawmaker announced he wants to change the state’s animal cruelty law and make it legal to kill feral animals.


    • Yes, it is accurate. Thomas reflects HR1018 as referred to senate. I don’t know why they don’t state passed by house but when you see referred from one house to another, that means it passed. HR1018 passed the house on July 17, 2009. Since the senate didn’t act, both bills became invalid when the congressional session ended. Thomas reflects the current information for the congressional session.

      I hope we have new bill numbers this session….


  5. This entire thing is beyond CRAZY STUPIDITY!! Absolutely unbelievable. How did these IDIOTS get into office in the first place?? I certainly did NOT vote for any of them! As already stated, at least on the pictured sign, you can’t fix stupid. The people that are supposed to be in charge of our country & our government, scare the “you-know-what” out of me, & that is an understatement!! Yes, they need to be kicked out of office, locked in a padded cell (or, maybe not, the hard walls would do more damage!), or, locked behind bars, for LIFE!! YES, America, it IS time for a MAJOR REVOLT!! This is supposed to be “the land/home of the free(?) & the brave”, the question is, “Are WE??” We made the laws, they’re supposed to be “by the people, for the people”, the question is, “Are they??” If we got these inept fools in office, we CAN get them OUT! This has gotten beyond just a crusade or battle, to save OUR wild horses, this is a direct assault on all of us, & all that we hold dear. Because we love these creatures, THEY want to persue them & destroy them, hoping to destroy us & crush our spirits. I think our government has forgotten how America was made, how hardships made us stronger, made us persevere even more, made us NEVER give up. The shame is that America’s wild horses (&, other wildlife as well), are made to suffer, all in the name of selfish greed & hatred.


  6. At the beginning of each year there are fools who rise up their ugly heads and bring forward their stupidity showing the voters just exactly who they voted for. Start taking names people. These are the same fools we want to make sure do not get elected again.
    With the millions of registered voters screaming, you would think our president would step in and put a stop to the farce the BLM calls “gathers”. If this continues much longer, there will be a revolution like nothing this country has ever seen. The mustangs and burros are national treasures and our own government treats them as if they were wolves attacking people’s children. They need to wake up because if they don’t, there will be millions of mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and the likes, marching across this entire country. Then again, maybe that’s what it will take??


  7. Reason and money can stop slaughter. And I think a march would bring those two factors to media attention. Horses are a National Treasure. Please read equation to omit over-population in horse industry with fair taxes and committees at
    This site reasons once all horses are taxed people will treat them respectively, including our government. Demands to restore Mustangs’ indigenous rights will be more likely to be respected as well.

    Anyone friends with Oprah? She can handle the cattle association.


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