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Duquette/Wallis Use Facebook, Again, To Spread Verified Untruths

Statement from the Equine Welfare Alliance

The Despicable Duo of Depiction Do It AGAIN!

Wallis and Duquette doing what they do best; masters at rumor, innuendo and out and out lies

Yesterday, Dave Duquette and/or Sue Wallis posted libelous comments on one of their Facebook pages. The comment was that Equine Welfare Alliance (EWA) was “harassing” a publication and threatening to contact their advertisers and boycott them. This is of course, totally false.

The publication contacted us today and said they contacted Wallis and Duquette and told them that EWA did not say any such thing but there is no retraction from Duquette or Wallis and the comments on the thread are continuing to grow. We are being called “terrorists” and one poster said we should be sued for trying to shut down the publication.

Instead of stepping up, retracting the statement, and stopping the thread from growing, Duquette and Wallis are allowing comments to be posted on a totally false statement. This is nothing more than an attempt to discredit EWA, our members and the work we are doing. We obviously hit a nerve with our press release that publicly released the supplemental complaint filed by Dr. Fazio asking what happened to the additional 155 tickets that were sold above the 147 reported to the prosecutor as well as other unanswered allegations.

I know many of you have seen the post and we ask that you do not contact the publication. They are well respected and we don’t want any further fall-out on something they never said. We will also be providing a copy of this statement to the publication.

The same kind of thread had appeared before the summit about our supposedly harassing Temple Grandin. In fact, Dr. Grandin must have realized the extent of this disinformation because she announced publicly that United Organizations for the Horse/United Horsemen could no longer use her name in any way.

Duquette and Wallis obviously have still not learned that their lies always come back to bite them. I suppose it would be asking too much to expect a public apology…

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  1. Ron White….”Ya’ can’t fix stupid!”

    But you certainly don’t have to put up with it…thanks RT for the update.

    I hope all will heed the call to NOT do whatever it is that we here are NOT doing.


    • If you have not seen the posts it is worth the visit. Recently one went up on how we are all about the money. It is obvious that these bozos have never worked with, or for, a non-profit because it is all about OUTFLOW not INCOME. Our books are wide open and there are no skeletons in our closet or in our past…clean and green. How many of you, out there, are making an income from being an advocate for the horses…oh, yes, I forgot about that big juicy check that we all get from HSUS every month. In fact, Wallis and Duquette have stated that dozens of movie stars, singers and celebrities get their money from the HSUS. These two must have eaten a few too many mushrooms.


      • “Beauty fades and dumb is forever” Judge Judy. These two idiots belong together. Ignorance is bliss with these two. Nothing surprises me any more with these two. Same old habits.


      • I still am owing another advocate for help getting to DC for the March for Mustangs!

        Big bucks?….. there are none!

        Dedication, love for freedom and justice, beauty and the God given rights of life, freedom and family, there are many!


    • Dear Nell,
      I respectfully request you do not insult Bevis & Butthead again by associating their good name with that of Slaughter Sue and the Duke O’Doink. Thank You. 😉


  2. The press release was all about their money and the strange things that went on with their “raffle”.

    When grown adults publicly put in print LIES, and Duquette does this often (how about the attack on Simone where Duquette posted that Wallis never left her chair -LIE!) you know that they have something to hide…besides needing serious counciling and a summons.


  3. There WERE “strange” things going on with their raffle! And Wallis and Duquette knew it and tried a cover-up at the Summit. They appeared to be nervously joking and laughing about it. “Someone” got a “truck,” but it was vague who & why & how. I hope these charges continue against Wallis. And sounds like charges should be filed by EWA against Wallis/Duquette. As for Temple Grandin, Wallis continues to make unsubstantiated reference to the “approval” of Ms.Grandin to Wallis’s methods of horse slaughter and thereby indirectly implying Grandin approves of horse slaughter. To my knowledge, this has yet to be confirmed. Bottom line, as Wallis continues, she digs her hole deeper. Verified FACTS & the TRUTH win…although it sometimes takes a zig-zag track to final destination.


  4. About the terrorism–how is Simone Neatherlands? How is her broken arm after being physically shoved out of the Slaughter Summit?


  5. Take a stroll back to January on this blog:

    When Netherlands entered the room to cover Grandin’s speech, the Recluse, Wyoming politician allegedly exploded. Attendees had to be passed over by a hand held metal detector to enter the room. Netherlands had just gone through the device and had walked 15 feet into the conference to take her seat when Wallis approached.

    No violent incidents by equine welfare advocates have ever been reported to Horseback Magazine.

    Netherlands described the incident.

    Injured Equine Advocate Simone Netherlands
    “Sue Wallis came storming at me, she grabbed both of my arms and she immediately started pushing me out while she’s saying things like ‘You misrepresented yourself, you’re not with the press, I saw you on TV last night,’ she was like really screaming.”

    “I said, Ow!” Netherlands continued. “I said, ‘Ow! Please don’t touch me, but she just kind of shoved me backwards out of the conference room. When we were all the way out she finally stopped touching me.”

    “I said, excuse me, I’ve got press credentials, will you please check them out?”

    She said, ‘Well, I’m taking it away. I don’t want you here and they are going to escort you off the property.”

    Wallis did not call hotel security to professionally remove the woman until after the incident when Netherlands was in a hallway outside the meeting room.


  6. Let’s not forget the huge number of cattlemen supporting the Scummit crew. Here’s more info on one of United Horsemen’s new leaders:

    According to this report, she just happens to also be a spokeswoman, trained and coached, by the Cattlemen’s association. As noted in this article, a thinking person has to wonder if the beef industry is looking to expand their market through a new meat, horse meat. Sick puppies! We all know meat consumption is down and declining as medical professionals explain it is not healthy to eat a meat heavy diet. This looks like it could very well be a desperate attempt to build a new niche market by an industry pummeled by changing tastes and consumers who are getting smart about their health.

    But you’ll never see any disclosure that the UH and their cohorts are funded by the beef industry as they continue to lie about advocates having ties to and being funded by HSUS and PETA. Does anyone actually know an advocate who is being funded or paid? No, no one does because, as RT said, how ridiculous to claim any advocate is getting PAID by these humane groups. Where do I sign up?

    Surely all of us are out of pocket for copies, printing, faxing, postage, travel, phone calls and all the rest that go with advocacy, not to mention those many advocates who are funding rescues left and right to physically help discarded horses, abused horses, rehab them and place them in loving homes.

    We certainly do not see any effort of any kind by UH and the scummy horse eaters to support any rescue group. Where are their affiliations and ties to real rescues they are donating to? Where are their charitable acts to help down and out horses? The ones they claim could be rehabilitated in their so-called “Unified Equine system”, where they claim to have a Rescue and Rehabilitation program – where is it? Why isn’t it already in place now, saving horses? I’ll tell you where – nowhere, because they do not help them nor wish to help them. It’s all a smokescreen, another lie concocted to deceive the masses into believing they are helping when all they really want is to kill them all so they can make money off their backs. It’s hard to think of a more disgusting bunch than these, although those puppy millers rank right up there – the same ones the UH Development Director fought so hard to protect in Missouri. Ugh…. lying horse eaters and puppy mill operators, lowest of the low.


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