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Wild Horse Protest Press Conference

Courtesy of Simone Netherlands and Elyse Gardner

Part One


Part Two

Part Three

More to follow when made available

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  1. The lines are drawn. The Bold and the Beautiful battle the Ugly and Deceitful Cowards. They dare to speak Truth to Power. We are so fortunate and grateful to have such Wonderful People as these to speak for all of us.


  2. You all are heroes for the wild ones…..thank you is too weak a word….but I extend my gratitude and heartfelt thanks to you all for fighting for our beautiful wild horses .


  3. Ginger great job. RT fabulous job. Simone terrific job.

    I can’t wait to see the rest. Thanks for putting this up here.


    • Too bad F&G won’t work with BLM to increase the lands for the Pryors and remove that Godawful fence. Oh but that would be too easy.

      I don’t trust BLM when they say there out of money for roundups the rest of the year. There is too much history of their lies.

      I do however one suggestion that I will send to BLM. It’s this. Every member of the Advisory MUST attend one gather per fiscal year. From pre-gather activities to post. And no special access. When they attend roundup day with Laura (or whoever) they get the same warnings with law enforcements with the hands on the butts of their sidearms. Then when the horses go into the black hole of the BLM no special access–they are not to be given any knowledge of what happened to those horses. They see exactly what we see.

      I also think animal abuse is something we become sensitive too. What we perceive at one time may change as we become more aware of roundups and things that occur. I was horrified to see that man hotshotting a wild burro. That animal had no way to understand what that two legged wanted. Beating on animal that is so tired they can’t get up is abuse.

      Military calls it sensitivity training. I think that’s a good term for what I’ve noticed and become aware of. I may not be able to cite every case but I think I’m better at noticing things today than I was two years ago.

      There has to be better way for everyone to “get what they want” without all the fighting. Advisory board members who sit and read pamphlets while advocates are speaking does little good. Board members who sit there with their arms crossed in front of them is defensive posture. What in the world does that man have to be defensive about? He is there to listen. He may not agree–thats fine. But being so defiant should be enough to have him excused from the board.

      Sorry for the rant. Three cheers go out to our advocates who spoke, who watched online and do their best every day to stand up for the horses.


      • Gee, don’t apologize for your rant! It was a fine one, and it also kept me from having to type all that myself. 😉

        I look at the pictures of those Bored Members and I get, as my mother used to say, mad enough to spit nails! They could at least be polite enough to pretend to listen. What a bunch of self-important creeps.


  4. Thanks all for the clear message. Wish I could have been there.
    Hopefully Abbey feels the love – what else need be said ?? The Board needs adjustment and become balanced. One of us needs to get on that Board – to truly represent the best interest for the American mustangs and burros. Little faith do I have in “reform” as long as they keep piling more horses into the waste pens. I only hope the cut on round up budgets will reflect a true stop to the eviction, and not an introduction surprise soon to having all those in holding become subjected to another propaganda gig, which we all know what it is.
    Reform is possible, the proposals and resources have been delivered – if reform is their intent, then go for it, Mr. Abbey. Show us you know what you are talking about and deliver your promise for the horses’ sake. The time is now, not when or if.
    Maybe the work of the last two years has helped laid an option for a better foundation to build that house… for one, BLM should appreciate the input, dedication and assistance from all of us – not treat us like an enemy. Together we could do so much – so if reform is on the agenda, we, us, ought to be made part of it, specially Madeleine’s sanctuaries – these horses deserve better than wasting away like prisoners in the country that has more land available to envision such eco-sanctuaries, the ground work has been done, now go for it, Mr. Salazar and Abbey.


  5. It is not just America’s Wild Horses and Burros that are at risk. For any of you that have signed petitions, you have probably seen that the Lynx, the Wolves, the Mountain Lions, the Bison–all are in the crosshairs of the various governmental agencies. It is all of America’s WILDLIFE that is being threatened–any and every living thing that stands in the way of Private Profit.


  6. Did anyone look at the 2011 BLM Budget??? They are wheeling and dealing land right and left, buying, trading, leasing. It’s all there in B/W. The amount of money they are spending on expanding and yet the horses and burros get -0-.

    Wild Horse and Burro budget starts on pg. IV-71 -IV-82. But you have to look at the entire budget to see the wheeling and dealing.


  7. When Our Wild Mustangs and all of our wildlife is threatened, We are all threatened, Freedom is all of ours, None Display freedom as well as the Wild Mustangs, he belongs to us without question he gives to us without hesitation, we in appreciation of him, gave him land to roam free on, we cannot let anyone or any greedy agency take it away from him…………….. they have earned it throughout History !!!!!!


  8. Great job, All.

    I highly agree with Margaret, get that BLM Borad out there! Oh, & change their names so no one reconizes them!
    Thank you all who are fighting for the voiseless


  9. The Humane Observer released two more clips of the press conference. Wow, I don’t who picked the people who spoke but it was VERY WELL DONE.

    Next to George Knapp–Michael Blake you became another one of my heroes. I have never heard you speak before but all I can say is WOW and DOUBLE WOW!

    As for Laura she is another wonderful mentor. Please listen to her. You won’t be disappointed.


  10. Sorry if this does’nt come threw but I found this, a little healing for the soul. You would think our government would use our horses in promoting the spirit of American freedom instead of a means to an end.


  11. From Laura’s blog, ART AND HORSES:

    Right now be sure to get your comments in on the strategy document. It is interesting that many seem to be getting interesting responses from Deb Collins at the BLM. Seems the woman that adamantly insisted, face-to-face at Silver King, that the BLM website is the most accurate source of information… at the exact time the removal count was off by over 100 animals and the whereabouts of three loads (including the load I followed to Gunnison prison) were glaringly absent from the exact website she continually parrots is accurate… is again insisting that comments are not accurate because the videos and emails come from groups making money on this.

    I slept in my truck the last two nights. Last I saw Deb Collins she had a new dye job and a french manicure. Nice government job… bet she has paid vacation, health insurance and a retirement fund. I wonder exactly who is putting out info to keep income coming in?


    We should have a CALL IN day to Senators:

    Tell Senators: No Budget Increase for BLM Wild Horse Roundups
    Last month, the House passed a 2011 budget bill that included a bipartisan amendment, introduced by Rep. Dan Burton’s (R-IN), to deny the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM’s) requested budget increase and cut the budget by $2 million in order to “send a very strong message” that the agency must reform its wild horse and burro program. (See news story.)
    Unfortunately, the Senate version of the budget bill for the Interior Department includes a $12 million increase for the BLM’s wild horse program, without language preventing the BLM from using any of the funds for additional roundups.
    The full Senate could vote on this budget bill by March 18.


  13. Senator Mary Landrieu, is a real friend to the Wild Mustangs and Burros, I saw her fight diligently for them at a meeting last year , she is essential , we must contact her ………….I will email her today !!! Please everyone email her , she will fight for the Mustangs and the Burros , we need her …………………


  14. From IDA:

    You are invited to attend the next hearing
    March 24, 2 p.m., Sacramento, California
    Our lawsuit against the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) continues! We won’t give up, and you’re invited to attend the next hearing in Sacramento. We want the Judges to know that there is a large contingent of people who really care about protecting wild horses and burros. And we need you to balance out the BLM people who will be in the gallery, silently willing the Court to rule in their favor.
    When: March 24, 2011, 2 p.m. (Note: you should check the Court’s website listed below on March 23, or check with IDA, to confirm the hearing hasn’t been postponed, which does happen occasionally.)


  15. Hi everyone, thank you. All the parts of the press conference are not up on my youtube channel. I have a weird youtube name: Fjalar14, but its me.
    It is in 6 parts. It took me forever to upload them all, 7 hours per part!
    Sorry for the delay, but the whole conference is complete now. Now I am working on the comments from all the awesome advocates that were there.
    We had over 40 comments and they all kicked butt!!


  16. corrrection, sorry, it said all the parts of the press conference are NOT up on my Youtube channel, I meant they are NOW up on my youtube channel. Cant delete these comments after they are up. My youtube channel is Fjalar14. Thank You!


  17. If you haven’t seen this already, check it out:

    Craig Downer is stepping up to Demand Justice for Ole Sister! He is willing to personally drive to Sheriff Watts office in Ely, NV to file a formal complaint of Animal Cruelty in the case of Ole Sister. Recently DA Kelly Brown told Brooke Boone that he never received the report from Sheriff Watts. Please donate what you can to help pay his expenses (gas, food lodging), goal is $300 to be raised ASAP to Demand Justice for Ole Sister!


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