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Call to Action: Let’s Go Viral for the Wild Horses and Burros

Call to Action by SFTHH and the HfH Advisory Council

Clog the Faxes and Turn Up the Volume

Attention Wild Horse and Burro (WH&B) Warriors across the Nation – Suggested action needed for our wild ones!

Email, Fax and Call your Congressmen/Senators

Please copy and paste this entire post to email and get it out to all your email lists, FB, Twitter, networking groups and blogs asap and ask them to do the same. (Buttons installed at the bottom of this post to make this process super easy)

Then, take the recommended actions listed below:

Congress is working, as we type, on the FY11 CR (Continuing Resolution) and the FY12 Budget. The FY11 CR is due for another vote on or before 4/9. Starting Mon, 3/28 and going through 4/8 we MUST pull out all the stops to call, fax and email our reps in DC to reject ANY increases to the WH&B program budgets which will, in turn, suspend roundups/removals temporarily so that reforms can be implemented.

Congress needs to be pressured from thousands of constituents before they’ll take the right action on behalf of our wild ones. So, here’s our chance to make a difference. Follow these easy steps:

1)  Go to and type in your zip code to get the names of your two Senators and House rep.

2)  Click on each rep name, then click on the Contact tab to get their DC phone and fax numbers and jot them down (save for future use).

3)  Click on the rep’s website link, then the Contact link to get to the rep’s webmail/email page, select ‘Budget’, ‘Federal Budget’ or ‘Animals’ as the Topic, if applicable, cut and paste the Subject and message below into the webmail and send that off.

4)  Cut and paste the Subject & message below into a document addressed to your 3 reps from you, with your address, the date, print it out and fax it to each of them.

5)  Call your 3 reps’ offices in DC and recite to them the message below.

6)  Do the above steps as many times as you can in the next 2 weeks.

Subject:  DOI/BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program – Stop Funding & Stop Roundups/Removals though FY11 and FY12 Appropriations

I am an American taxpayer and citizen who wants our iconic wild horses and burros to be properly protected and preserved for generations to come on their legal Western homelands.

This is not happening with the current mismanagement of the program by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). They are using the sole strategy of cruel and deadly roundups, removals and warehousing of  wild horses and burros at huge taxpayer expense when more cost-effective, on-the-range management strategies could be utilized.

The BLM is, literally,  managing America’s Western heritage to extinction and must be stopped until the entire program is scientifically revisited and completely reformed.

As your constituent, I request you to categorically support appropriations language right now that:

– rejects the additional $12M funding for the program in the FY11 CR & FY12 Budget and maintains the FY10 level of $64M both years.

– suspends roundups/removals in all but verifiable emergency situations while the NAS conducts a scientific review of the Program.

– prohibits the use of any funds to euthanize healthy wild horses and burros directly or indirectly for slaughter.

– funds public/private partnerships and allow conversion of private livestock grazing allotments to wild horse and burro use.

– funds an independent, state-of-the-art census of wild horse and burros on the range and in holding to obtain an accurate population baseline.

– requires truly reformed, humane wild horse and burro handling protocols.

Thank you for your immediate attention. I would appreciate a response from you on whether or not you will support this request in the committee negotiation stage and/or when it comes up for vote on the floor in the near future.

Sincerely; John Caring Public

Come on Advocates, this is one message that needs to be spread around to anyone that you know or who you have met.  If  Wild Horse Annie did it with school children writing letters to Congress we can SURELY do it with the high tech tools that we have at hand.  Make a difference, hit the buttons below and spread the word for the sake of the horses and burros.

For more information on Wild Horses send your friends to visit us, here, at: Straight from the Horses Heart

or these other fine websites

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  1. So many ask what they can do and these actions (and the calls, emails, faxes and snail mails over the past few years) are the backbone of our campaign. The fate of our horses is in our actions and persistence. mar


  2. Viral!

    Can we print out letters and ask others at the entrances to Wal-Marts and other busy establishments to sign and send letters in support of our Nation’s horses?!

    Postage is costly, can we stand at the entrances and hand out something that will make it easy for the general citizen to take a stand for the horses? We will need to inform them of the atrocity taking place, the law that is being broken and the lives and the precious freedom being taken.

    Can we do this?!


    • I’ve done Walmart a number of times for a local rescue. Just standing at the door didn’t bring as good a result as having a table as well. If the store manager approves, have a table at both doors.

      Re: Petitions. Signing on a table is more effective (and less cumbersome) than standing with one. It also gives you more time to interact with those who are interested. Keep petitions brief, and in type large enough to be read easily. Many people won’t sign anything long and involved, or in “fine print”.

      If possible, have other wild horse literature, fact sheets, photos (mostly inspirational, some of the gathers/holding that aren’t too graphic), etc. “Coloring pages” for children work very well. Make sure they have a positive message and include at least one website.

      If you have kids who want to be involved, by all means bring them. Kids relate to other kids, which brings parents/adults to your table. Keep the message POSITIVE. If possible, they should wear wild horse-related apparel, and/or carry a “coloring page”. Anything with a foal appeals to girls. Boys like “action”. Have your kids let EVERYONE know they can get a “coloring page” AT THE TABLE. Adults shopping without their children/grandchildren often pick things up to take home.

      Explain to your kids they’re the “attention getters”. They should stay near the door and direct folks to your table, where adults provide information and ask for signatures. Don’t pressure anyone to take a handout or sign up. Believe me, they’ll let you know.

      Be prepared for occasional negative comments, and try to move those people on quickly. Don’t get into a confrontation! Just be pleasant and “agree to disagree”.

      And remember, most people are in a hurry when they leave stores. Don’t get discouraged if folks ignore you or hurry away. Just move on. It’s especially important your kids understand this.

      No matter where you choose to advocate for wild horses (or anything else), put yourself in the place of those you want to attract. What would appeal to you? What would turn you off?


  3. Yes, let’s! And they need to cut more than $12 million. Cut all funding for round ups. All of it, except if there is an independently verifiable emergency for removal.


  4. …and at every Horse Show/Function we attend this, and every, year till the madness STOPS.

    May I suggest “Make ‘Em Listen Monday” or “Tip the Scales Tuesday” or “Flood the Fax Friday” (you get the idea!). Not that every day isn’t a good day to contact the ‘officials’, but if we ALL on a certain day of the week barrage them with our letters, faxes and messages…why…they’ll think it’s a revolution. And it IS.


  5. Grass root campaigning builds momentum by expanding pressure and getting more people involved. The last two years have brought exposure and educated many in the dark. I ask that you all get involved again, if you haven’t done so. Remember Kennedy’s words: Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country…. WE MUST DO THIS FOR OUR WILD HORSES AND BURROS and OUR LEGACY for future generations to behold with American pride in the very concept on which this nation was built : FREEDOM which must be preserved for the inhabitants of the range, who are unlawfully evicted from their homes and ripped from their families.
    PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT and ADD YOUR VOICE for this crucial moment – it can make a difference !!


  6. Another good place to network is busy feed stores. Although I have had run-ins with the AQHA crowd. But the exchange helped bring other people over to ask questions so it was all good.


  7. How about Pet Stores? You would be apt to find people who love and respect animals there and they are often very busy on the week-ends.


  8. I am on it . sending everywhere in Ohio……. my computer is Smokin !!!!!! Monday my phone will be Smokin also


  9. R.T., this is a great idea. We have to this for the wild horses!

    I got my copy “Stright From the Horse’s Heart”
    I love it.
    Thanks so much for signinng it. Amanda


  10. This is an easy way to ping your reps in Washington, including President Obama, on a daily basis once you are signed up. A daily basis is what is needed here to get our message across loud and clear. It only take a minute to register at


  11. Please stop the useless bloodly roundups of our wild horses and wild burros.Save our wild horses and burros………Linda Glass


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