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Fringe Horse Slaughter Faction Infuriates American Public

Guest Commentary by Vicki Tobin ~ Vice President of the Equine Welfare Alliance

Bizarre Behavior Leads to Questions on Personal Ethics

“Several days ago we ran an article on the outrageous efforts of Wyoming state rep. Sue Wallis and Dave Duquette, of “United Horseman”, to block an anti-cruelty bill aimed at outlawing the inhumane practice of “horse tripping” in Nevada.   With a long record of insidious and despicable escapades behind them this latest trip into the dark side has seemed to touch a nerve in sane American’s across this great nation.  The article has been shared across the internet and went viral on FaceBook with multiple comments on the total lack of moral fiber and proper ethics displayed by these two charlatans.  With the myriad of comments and emails flowing in we have selected the comment posted by the Equine Welfare Alliance’s Vice President to showcase, here, today.  Vicki Tobin sums up the situation and shines the bright spotlight of truth on these bloody denizens of the dark and dank.  Take it away, Vicki…” ~R.T.

"United Horsemeat"

Their problem is they need a gimmick. And the gimmick is try to equate every welfare bill as a first step to something else. That’s not paranoia. It is a calculated agenda to try to scare the legitimate horse industry sectors and turn the horse industry into a meat industry. They attack HSUS because they are the largest welfare organization. There is another large respected organization that is getting back to its horse roots and they will be next on the hit list. What they won’t admit is that they already have a large lobby with the beef industry and farm bureaus. But that would require admitting they are all about the meat industry and not the horse industry. Other than breeders, they have no major support from the horse industry.Every year they invent something new and this year is it the slippery slope on steroids.

They claim to want a horseback culture but horseback culture doesn’t include abuse to horses or having to inflict harm on a horse to make a living. That is, other than the horse slaughter business which is not part of American horseback culture but a foreign meat business.

Their statements are an insult to anyone in the horse industry. The horses earn billions and deserve to be treated humanely and afforded a humane death. What would the rodeos be without horses? What would the racing industry be without horses? It is the horses that earn the money and bring the spectators and for that, they are rewarded with people like Dave and Sue claiming to be for their welfare but refusing to support any legislation that benefits horse welfare, not supporting any type of after retirement care or to be providing a humane death?

They need to understand that the horse industry is not a meat industry. Time to put the horses above their ridiculous agenda on bashing welfare organizations. It’s about the horses, not who is proposing legislation.

Did you see Duquette’s latest comments on the TRF issues and using that as an example to promote horse slaughter? Hey, Dave, you do realize that every one of the horses at TRF has had bute. Way to go, Dave. Never sway from your faulty agenda and publicly post your refusal to follow regulations. That instills a lot of confidence in your “regulated” plant. I guess the regulations will be your regulations and not the law. BTW-we still have “processing” but no legitimate welfare organization is going to send horses to slaughter. The horses wouldn’t be at TRF if the owners took responsibility for them but let’s put the blame on TRF. Let’s keep over breeding and then blame the rescues when they can’t take anymore horses or get in over their head. Whatever you do, don’t try to help them, just blame them while you promote producing more horses than the market can bear.

Vicki Tobin

Click (HERE) to learn more about Rep. “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis

Click (HERE) to learn more about Dave “Doink” Duquette


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  1. I think it’s hilarious that they (the horse meat lovers) think they are so smart when their motives and agendas are SO TRANSPARENT. If they REALLY wanted to “help” horses and triage them to rehab, retraining, etc., they could open this “center” RIGHT NOW and help rescue horses. And, the reason why they aren’t doing this is……wait for it……because that is another front for basically their horse meat plant. Why on earth would they spend money retraining and/or rehabbing a horse that is basically only worth meat price when they could butcher it and make a killing (pun intended).

    Do they REALLY think we are that stupid? Apparently, THEY are that stupid. Nice letter Vicki…


  2. Excellent piece, Vicki. From what I’ve read, they’re more about propping up their “product” (What a horrible way to refer to a horse, or any animal!) than “rescuing” anything. They want the flesh and bones of dead horses to pave the way for their “industry’s” profits.


  3. There are no words…I will never, ever understand….Acute personality disorders? Mental illness? The scary thing is that, they, like Hitler, Jeff Warrens, CORRUPT government, everywhere,.,is in power. Evil somehow knows no bounds. Is it like the lion, who has no compassion for the buck he/ she takes down? ..although the lion , unbenownst to him, is also at great risk. After all, man is the ultimate predator….and predation apparently is the rule to everything. I am sorry, but I have lost all faith…..Is it an “evolution” thing.? .If so, evolution is taking too long to make a difference.


  4. I think someone needs to find out what Suie & her side kick are eatting next & put bute in it. Opps, I didn’t say that.!
    Thank you for keeping us informed.


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