Horse Slaughter

Tales from the Darkside of Horse Slaughter

(In My Most Amused Opinion) by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

Horse Slaughter Fans Show Their Ass (burro)

Bill Hunter? ~ Somewhere a Village is missing it's Idiot!

Today, I would like to share some of the hate mail that is picked up by the WordPress filter due to foul language and profane content, so if a few cuss words offend you, please don’t read on.

The curious thing about these comments is that they only come when we publish stories that expose the truth about the country’s head horse eaters, “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis and Dave “Doink” Duquette (that is the name that Davie boy actually registered under on this very blog).  And because of that singular and glaring fact it would tend to make one believe that either this foul mouthed coward is one of the two bloody horse slaughter mongers or someone intimately close to them.

Speaking of twisted, these two maintain a page on Facebook that they set up to promote their failed horse slaughter meeting, the “Summit of the Horse” back in January and still actively post their perverted spew on it like it is an organization or something active/alive.  The meeting, where all of their featured guests did not agree with their pro-slaughter stance, took place at the beginning of January yet they still post propaganda and lies on it as if they just cannot let go of the past and face the present, let alone the future.  In my humble opinion that is pretty blinking bizarre.  In Phoenix, at our pro-wild horse press conference, we had a bigger turn out of both press and public than they did at their Scummit but we don’t pay homage to the meeting by posting to a page that represents a past event.  Such a practice speaks volumes of the intellect, or lack there of, that posts to the past.

Anyway, tighten up your seat belts and swallow any liquids you may be drinking because I am issuing a full -fledged spew alert prior to copying Fred and Bill’s comments and just for clarity, Fred IS Bill as they post only minutes apart.  So this is what the opposition looks like, unaltered, except for a few expletives:

Bill Hunter: You moron horse huggers are causing the real sufferring of horsesnot the kill plants. How f**king dumb are you idiots? We will still ship the damm things to Canada and Mexico with all the f**king anti transportation laws you c**ksuckers pass! GO straight to hell you animal huggin morons!

Fred Hughes:  I think I will cry as I eat my horse steak!!!

Bill Hunter:  Peo horse processing. U uninformed bleeding heart and good ole RT need to get the hell out of the USA. U are all socialist pigs

Fred Hughes:  RT. U are a bleeding heart socialist pig

Bill Hunter:  RT. Get a life!!this blog only post responses from the bleeding hearts. What a crock of BS. Just like our Negro President.

Bill Hunter:  RT. Get a life!!

Bill Hunter:   What a crock. I suppose you bleeding hearts voted for Pres Negro. Good we are eliminating these feral screws!!!

Bill Hunter:  Fitch and the rest of yoi bleeding hearts are f**king idiots!!!!feed the world hungry with clean horsemeat!!

Bill Hunter:  RT you are an idiot and you and the rest of the bleeding hearts are causing more horses to suffer Sue Wallis got RE ELECTED with over 60% of the vote!!!!!!!! Gues she is on the right track!!! You are a waste of air!!!!1

Fred Hughes:  Go Sue and Dave. Common sense and the welfare of animals are on your side. Not these bleeding heaet loons like that sob rt finch!!

Fred Hughes: My ass is wearing thin. U bleeding heart sob’s need to get a life. Slaughter all these feral horses and feed them to our school kids at least they will get a good healthy meal!! Please don’t tell me these wild screws are full of drugs. You people need deported to Iran!!

Bill Hunter:  GO NE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more horse processing facilities needed!!! Sorry Wayne!

Bill Hunter: All of this is BullShoit. R T U R A fing LIAr

Bill Hunter:  RT U R a CoMPLETE. IDIOT!!

Bill Hunter:  You can sell horse meat for human consumption in WY! You cannot send this meat for human consumption to other states, but you CAN SELL IT IN WY and soon NE MT ETC Horse Meat is goods and good for you…….the Canadina GOv has never …that is NEVER found any drugs in the random testing they hav e done! Get your stories straight RT FITCH… are a complete MORON!

Bill Hunter:  RT you are a phony SOB and since you do not post my messages KISS MY ASS!

Well Bill, how’s this for being an SOB; I have just published all of your idiotic dribble and exposed you to the world for being the mentally incompetent reject that you are.  So I anxiously await your next installment because you, Dave and Sue do so much to promote the pro-horse people as you guys blunder and stumble your way down the road of insanity and public humiliation.  We are grateful for enemies such as yourself as you not only shoot yourselves in the foot every time you open your mouth you reload the gun and then blow your own brains out each time you make a comment.

The real question is, how long can you survive in that mode, sooner or later the handful of followers you have are going to get wise to the fact that your position has no merit nor is it buoyed by facts, in essence, your done, fried, cooked, finished.

So stick a fork in it; you’re a gone pecan and no one cares so nighty night, Bill, Fred, Sue and Dave, sleep well with your nightmares of horse blood and gore because the boogey man is looking for you and the good guys are not going to intervene.

Bye bye, losers!

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  1. Ignorance is no excuse for lack of compassion. There is enough people out there who are still but to find out how cruelly and consistently animals are being treated, and the so called cruel, are going to be a minority in the end. For sure. Most do not want to be part of a murdering machine. ‘Cause, frankly, they have feelings.

    Thank you R.T. and others for showing us what’s really going on.

    Love to all



  2. Ignorance is no excuse. Most people do not want to be part of a murdering machine.
    The land belongs to all, and the horses are part of that land.


  3. Thanks for sharing this RT, I needed a little humor tonight. Maybe they were drunk, or high from the residue in the horse meat they so love. I wish he was smiling in the photo above, I have the feeling he is one of those ignorant hillbillies with out teeth, and proud of it. He also needs to learn to use spell check! Thanks again RT It was a blast 🙂
    Keep on keepin on!


  4. You can see by their rantings and misspellings, that they are off the deep end!

    Real men do not speak as these misfits are trying….

    Try as they may, morality, justice, preservation and the law will prevail!

    There are not many women who would admire this kind of junk and if they did, they would be in the need of shelters for protection and preservation for themselves.

    We can see now, what we are truly having to deal with!


  5. R.T. those guys are hillbilly hicks that are so illerate they can not tell their head from their ass because they look the same. Karma will bite them all in the ass someday, or better yet maybe one of the horses that they think they are going to slughter will kill them. Karma baby.


  6. Awesome response RT! The inflamitory posts are beyond childish. If there was even one iota of merit to anything either of these fools have ever spouted, they sure don’t bother backing their words with proof. Anything against slaughter on their summit page gets deleted and the person posting gets blocked. Both SSW and Doink do the same with their own pages. If they didn’t have anything to hide, why bother deleting posts? They both know other people might find out the truth so they block anyone who even suggests opposition.


  7. Yee Haw sounds like a good ole redneck hoe down!

    Gotta love them rednecks with their third grade education!

    Wonder if Bill knows what spell check is, kinda doubt it!

    Sure would love to kick his skinny ass all the way back home!


  8. Well, these a_________, sound like they have no upbringing what so ever. They are the type to eat anything in site, it might taste like chicken (steak) He looks like it, too. Since they only know one kind of language & they like to kill and eat what ever comes first. Heaven for bid the family pet. (it might taste like chicken)


  9. I like horses (hug hug). They are honest and direct. They can sniff out a fraud and a hater a mile away. If they could talk, I believe they would ask reasonable questions, and use the answers to help out their herds and avoid danger. I fear that these two (one??) characters have been eating dog food from Canada, drinking toxic water from a mine,smoking something medicinal. I really do like to know what we’re dealing with– and IMHO— these two (one??) are just dangerous losers–hanging around under a streetlight, badly in need of stronger language–those words are pretty tired. This was better than anything on TV. Thanks RT–great article–they need an extreme makeover!


  10. The one GLARING comment I couldn’t help but notice was that of “you bleeding heart” so and so’s, blah, blah, blah. That and all the ridiculous grammar! Why is it that a “bleeding heart” is SOOO awful in their book? Is it because, GASP, dare I say it?, they HAVE no heart!! If this is true, and they really have no heart, I almost envy them, because they have absolutely NO compassion, and thus NO PAIN. I have a heart, and it aches and breaks every single day because of people like Sue and Dave, et al. So, I stand PROUD to be called a “bleeding heart”. At least I HAVE ONE!!!


  11. Are these the same 2 guys from Deliverance? Or maybe Brokeback Mountain? They’ll eat anything and probably screw anything too.


  12. Well there you have it. I posted an opinion on their fb page (slaughterhouse sue) and was very respectful and factual, they deleted it and blocked me. Just to show that the horse slaughter folks will hear nothing from the opposition.

    We on the other side like here on RT’s blog will post what they have to say and not delete it. Personally I’m glad RT posted the oppositions opinion.

    Oh and I agree the village is missing an idiot or two or three or four… you get the picture.


  13. Where the (bleep) are all the Cattle Fellas??! If I was a cattle fella and these fools were tryin’ to roll horsemeat into my beefy backyard during THIS economy, there’d be some even filthier language showin’ up on Facebook!

    But I digress; apparently this week is my week to wax romantic about cattle fellas.

    Given the erudite and pithy reparte coming from these two (hack…) gentlemen, education is obviously high on the pro-slaughter List of Priorities. Because this is the caliber of person groomed to work in a slaughterhouse – morally bereft, mentally deficient & rabidly anti-Horse.

    You could almost hear them spittin’, couldn’t ya??


  14. Oops, hit the enter button instead of return. LOL All joking aside, thanks for posting this, RT. Now let’s move on with what’s REALLY important here and stay focused on the main issue – STOPPING THE BLM PERMANENTLY on this issue. I was in Phoenix and heard the rep say they were canceling further gathers through 2011. Our energy, focus, and efforts should be focused on our representatives to block any further additional funds being allocated to the BLM, as well as turning this around to returning horses to their homeland and getting the welfare cattle off that same land. Also supporting Madeline in her goal of the mustang sanctuary. Reading this drivel tells me we have them on the ropes with their slaughterhouse plans, and we need to keep our energy and efforts on the main goals – not be sidelined in a verbal pissing contest. It’s a waste of our time, we’ve had a our laugh, now let’s start dealing with the people in power that can affect the changes we all want. Time’s a-wasting here while OUR horses are crammed into pens in Ohio, South Dakota, and Oklahoma! Onward and Upward! Blessed Be!


  15. Someone suggested that the human race is becoming dumber. However, I do not believe that is the case. What is the case is that 200 years ago only the educated were literate and published. Today however any illiterate moron can be published worldwide on the internet. Based on their poor grammar and spelling, neither of them appears to have completed the fourth grade. Their rantings, vulgarity and racism only attest to the fact that their values are no longer consistent with the values of the majority of the American people. They know that and also know that their bigotry and speciesism are untenable positions. What does one do when confronted with the irrational and illogical nature of their long held beliefs. Rant, rave, cuss and in general display their ignorance. They are surely prime candidates for a Darwin Award. Publish them RT they are their own worst enemies. If this is the horseback culture Wallis wishes to say, I say please let it die the sooner the better.


  16. I have not laughed this hard in ages! Thanks, RT!!! Apparently even the stoopid have a**holes, I mean opinions. LOL


  17. Tee Hee. I love this. I agree that it does read as though they have not been blessed with usable IQ. Hopefully this will all be done and over with asap. The horses need to stay. We need them. I need them, free and unbothered. I don’t like the idea of the birth control either, I fear that will alter them greatly. Mother Nature is NOT the cruel beast Walls says she is. If that were so the Mustang wouldn’t be the amazing horses they are today.

    I’m ok with taking a select few from the population as long as the right people are doing the job. If we take the ones who are hurt, wouldn’t survive or wouldn’t survive for long. The healthy AND the beautiful need to stay free and unhindered. I know horses well and know that they mourn, they feel loss and the recognize friends and relatives even after years apart. It is ok to be a bleeding heart for them. It proves we are real humans who actually care and pay attention because we care.

    What’s not ok is, well everything I’ve seen lately on the videos. The late gestation running of mares, physically attacking a burro who reminds me of Mahatma Gandhi in silent, still protest and so on. It is shameful, the whole thing smacks of the way the Native Americans were and still are treated. It’s wrong all around. It would be nice if we would evolve to be as the horses are. I hope that we will one day.

    “One can measure the greatness and the moral progress of a nation by looking at how it treats its animals.” M. Gandhi I just love that man, so smart, so gentle. This is what we should strive to be and not greedy idiots bent on destruction of gentle strength.

    Thank you Mr Fitch and everyone else who knows the heart is right and can see it when its there. You do good things for this world and we all need more of it.


  18. Uh, almost speechless, but not quite. The absolute ignorant meanness of this kind of person makes my resolve stronger that we on the light side must stand up, speak up and out shine the darkness. oh and go purchase a weapon in case one of those freaks ever ends up at my door.


  19. I watched the end of the Tudors last night, and when two noble men died a White horse carried them to heaven. It’s nice to know the producers of this movie, saw the horse as a saving grace, not chop meat for rich Europeans.


  20. funny but also kinda scary – they are out there – literally and figuratively – had a strange encounter here in RI just a couple days ago with our chimney sweep’s helper – same thoughts, ideas – although not as “descriptive” or “literate” – he won’t be cleaning our chimney again next year!


      • You probably hit the nail on the head with this. Meth is a real problem here because it’s cheap and easy to make. And, it makes you totally nuts – just like these sterling examples. Or, maybe they have eaten too many bute/ivermectin/etc. horses?


  21. It always amazes me at how brave people are with their words on the internet i.e. when they are out of easy strangling distance of who they are attacking.



  22. It is has been my experience that people (and I use the word VERY loosely here)
    always resort to bad language when they are wrong or losing a battle.
    Just by the way – do you think that the village REALLY misses it’s idiot. Probably
    glad to be rid of it!!!


  23. disgusting doink & slophouse sue can take this worm food and slink back into the hole in the manure pile that they crawled out of, now that they have made known what we’re up against! i can’t believe that they are not the least embarrassed…..if this is the fine example of horse slaughter proponents that we’re dealing with! this idiot is quite the feather in slophouse sue’s cap. maybe she promised to buy him some teeth.


  24. However, their elementary attempt at bravery had it’s limits when these backyard mudpoachers mentioned the President.

    Were they fearful of the White House?

    We know they have no clue of what respect is.


  25. Seriously..why aren’t the cattle people/beef producers going ballistic over all this?? They stand to lose money to horsemeat vs beef, although getting rid of wild horses from public “cattle ranges” benefits maybe it’s a fair trade off for them.
    I am not impressed by the arguments put forth by these people. Cursing and name calling are not reasoned arguments…they are the fallback position of those who know they are in the wrong and have no validity to their position. The more F***ings and A*****es etceteras there are, the more they bring out the bleeding heart tag…the more you have to know they have no ground beneath their feet. Let the world see this and they will see the pro slaughter movement, at least these guys, as what they are: bigoted, unintelligent, flailing, horse hating idiots. (and very, very funny).


  26. Today by 4:30 Wyo time..comments need to be on on roundup and massive PZP of wild horses…PLEASE, go to one of the petion sight sign and add your own personal comment about using PZP-22 for 0 herd growth and genetic destruction and inbreeding of the herds, brothers and sisters fathers and daughters sons and mothers of a few horses ..will be all that is left to breed ..John Denver filmed this video of the Red Desert Wild horses…watch get mad and go COMMENT!!!


    • Sandra, will you please send me the link to the John Dever Red Desert video? If only he was still alive. What a shame he lost his life while so young. There were rumors the plane crash was no accident BTW.


      • That was really beautiful. I loved that guy, saw him several times in concert, had all his music, watched all his movies. I was crushed when he died. Glad to see he still lives on in things like this.


  27. I can think of another pro slaughter individual. Scary. This person told me directly to my face–don’t you think any horse over the age of ten would happily give his life to feed the hungry?

    The wild ones FERAL????? The only reason these morons call them that is because that takes all the Federal Protection from them. Not that BLM gives a rat’s rear end in the first place.

    They call them that because–follow this analogy for a moment. Someone chucks you on the cheek egging you–what’s ya gonna do? Keep chucking and keep egging. They’re asking for a fight. So when you finally swing back on them–they “won” of sorts.

    That’s about the mentality we’re dealing with. Stay calm and cool in this environment. Do not stoop to their level. Easy to say but hard to do in the moment.


  28. Wow Sue and Dave, you must be so proud to have these guys as your “supporters”. Gee, R.T. guess you really got to these hillbillies.


  29. BTW – RT – it could have been a lot worse.

    One of them could have said

    “You shore got a purty mouth……..”




  30. Send to this Email addy
    in your own words. I got this info from The Cloud Foundation site and added my own comments. Do by 4:30 today WY time..


    Dear BLM:

    I support the BLM’s Rawlins and Landers Field Offices for their proposal to manage the wild horses of the Red Desert Complex on the range through the catch-treat-and-release (CTR) method when there is an actual excess which is not the case now. However, I strongly oppose the planned removal of horses, including yearlings and foals, within the Complex and the removal of hundreds of horses living outside the boundaries of Herd Management Areas (HMAs). This is not necessary and will cause deaths and injuries with the use of helicopters.

    The following alternatives must be considered in developing a final plan and environmental assessment for the Red Desert Complex.

    • CTR methods that capture horses in a minimally intrusive way and in a manner that preserves the integrity of herd social structure throughout the CTR process. Bait/water trapping must be considered as an alternative to helicopter roundup.

    • Relocating the 300-400 horses outside the Great Basin Divide HMA back into the designated area instead of removing them, and remedying the conditions that are causing horses to leave the HMA.

    • Leaving the 200-260 yearlings, foals and other horses on the range and accommodating slightly larger population levels through reduction in livestock grazing pursuant to 43 C.F.R. 4710.5(a).

    • Increasing the dangerously low allowable population levels or AML’s for wild horses within the Complex, particularly in the three HMAs that allow only 60-85 horses.

    In addition, the EA and final plan should include a complete analysis of:

    • All forage allocations (AUMs) within the complex.
    • Predator-killing activities within and around the complex.

    Thank you for your consideration.


  31. R.T., get ready for another Dark Side eruption!

    Iowa Big Ag doesn’t want anyone to show the world their dirty business. And the state legislature is overwhelmingly on-board with hiding the abuse!


    “On March 17, 2011, the Republican-dominated Iowa House of Representative voted 65-27 to approve a bill criminalizing secretly recording factory farm practices.”

    “The manager of Iowa’s bill, Rep. Annette Sweeney, stated that she hopes the bill will encourage and empower people to report cruel practices to authorities rather than making them public.”

    The Iowa “authorities” will do … what? Felonies for the whistleblowers, while abusers get off with misdemeanors … or NOTHING! Everyone needs to be vigilant about these types of bills being introduced. DISGUSTING!!!

    P.S. “… similar proposals (are) popping up in other states including Florida …” Now who goes undercover in Florida to expose horse/animal abuse and backyard slaughter?


  32. Oh, that was the funniest thing I’ve read in a long while. How can anyone take the tirade of cretins seriously?? Thanks for sharing R.T. (don’t bend over)


  33. Hmmm, these guys probably only have one tooth between them, and are married to their sisters… Funny stuff, maybe they could get themselves real famous on Country Fried Videos. Bill Engvall would have himself a real hoot with these two.
    R.T., you’re the man. I love and respect and thank you for what you do, but I’m only halfway through “Straight From the Horses’ Heart”, and I’m already out of tissues. Please keep up the good fight, they need you, and so do we. Oh yeah, and don’t drop your soap…


  34. The day one of my kids came home from school and told me they had “horsemeat” for lunch” would be big trouble. Companion animals?!? In America? If it happens once – it will start happening everywhere. I wish someone would forward this site to CNN or Fox. They are always looking for some juicy racist news and illegal news. I’m not sure how to forward it or I would. Or maybe someone can tell me how to do it. It’s always about the money or they wouldn’t be doing it. I would also like to get the addresses and locations of those slaughter plants in other countries – like yesterday. Anyone know?? These people have gotten into the government cookie jar and its time to shut them down. I’m for NO more roundups now!!! The BLM keeps having meetings to identify the protestors and keep them busy….nothing gets done really. Stonewalling the public. It is their MO, their Policy. They have OUR money to be in court, pay attorneys, and have straight-faced panels. They keep negotiating away this and that and how its handled and a million others things until the horses are all rounded up. They are absolutely contolling the agenda, the language, and direction. They let us think we are making headway – hinting at sanctuaries and methods. Appeasing us. They have us asking them? Then they let yokels ‘adopt’ or bid with straw buyers that take our horses to slaughter anyway using the insiders information from BLM to clear the decks for special interests. Milking the taxpayers has gone on long enough. We’ve got to focus and hit the money. Stop it from the top while the economy is weeping. They do not think like we do. They do not care about the horses. It is just another resource to manage and exploit. And who will protect the horses from their protectors? Please, let’s hit the money!


  35. If slaughter houses had windows, you bet there would be more bleeding hearts not eating meat! The public doesn’t know what horse slaughter looks like, and the three yahoos don’t want them to know!

    We just need to keep on educating, writing, talking, ralllying, and organizing. R.T. you are one of the many eloquent horse leaders who speaks with authority and truth which enrages those cann’t. Great Job!


  36. Dear Bill & Fred (If in fact you are stupid enough to use your real names…which I am sure that you are! Haha!!)

    If you are going to exercise your right to disagree…FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, LEARN TO SPELL!! You obviously have been fed a load of BULL poop, by Sue & Dave. From the sounds of it you are all inbred relatives. How do you think that an angry misspelled, illiterate rant, bearing no facts, will stand up to educated people??

    By the way, congratulation on your 15 seconds of fame! How is it working for you?? By all means keep talking….if nothing else, it gave me a comical insight into stupidity.

    RT, and all of the other advocates, please keep the positive articles, and information coming! With every new finding is more ammunition to help our friends in need. I appreciate all of your hard work.


  37. must’ve learned a couple of new words and were trying so hard to show their (lack of) intelligence…they just don’t get it! it’s this mentality that continues to make anti-slaughter an uphill battle….


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