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Saving America’s Horses Film Receives Rave Reviews

Initial Screening Deemed a Success

Saving America’s Horses – A Nation Betrayed is about a journey of courage, honor and betrayal in a country divided; inspiring great hope for compassion and protection of all horses and burros from cruelty.  This film explores the chronic absence of humane treatment for equines once designated as food animals in the US, and brings to surface two opposing arguments which are ironically are based on the same primary foundation of equine welfare. The film takes a look at  economic and pollution history associated with the past operation of horse slaughter plants in the US; and also briefly explores the lethal health risks to humans as associated with the consumption of known toxic substances that are administered to US horses on a regular basis.

This film takes you on a compassionate journey into the hidden world of horses. We meet three horses; two former athletes… champion and loyal racehorses, and a wild horse that was once free to roam the open prairies. The stories about these majestic horses take us across the dramatic backdrops of America’s beautiful countryside and into the secret world where bidding circles change their lives forever.  You will fall in love with these horses and come away rooting for the world to respect them. The spirit of the horse is captured through the voice of America’s 1st Nations people. Expert testimony as presented by the nation’s top equine experts reveal the truth about what happening to America’s horses and also offers some viable solutions and alternatives.

On March 27th, 2011 at the Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival the film played to a packed house and was later lauded as a shocking eye opener to all that viewed.

A revelatory statement of animal cruelty in the racing industry. From my own first hand experience as a former TB breeder and owner, I was unaware of this inhumane, common practice of the brutal slaughter of “non performance” racehorses.” ~ Cate Crismani, publisher of trueCOWBOY Magazine

This film tells the full circle story of the betrayal of the horse.  From ex-racers to mustangs, from profiteers to BLM this film tells it all.  Saving America’s Horses will stand as the mouthpiece of the horse for a long time to come.   This film will not only speak to the seasoned advocate but thoroughly educate the many that are completely unaware of the horrors you face simply because you were born a horse.  The interviews that detail the duplicity practiced by horse organizations, veterinary organizations and our very government still sound in my ear.  When Michael Blake was interviewed his statement included the talk he had with the ex-director of BLM who confirms that BLM does indeed send horses to slaughter.  With the education and the subsequent call to arms this is a very important film.  It would be impossible to see this film and not be angered and determined to speak up for the horses.” ~ Morgan Griffith, Wild Horse Advocate.

“”I very much appreciate this fine and revealing film on the horse nation and how both domesticated and wild horses are being treated in America today. The film is a tour-de-force of technical film making and covers an impressive scope of issues associated with horses. This film should be mandatory viewing for every American or world citizen!” ~ Craig Downer, Wildlife Ecologist

Official Trailer

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  1. Yeah Yahoo!!!! Katia…..Thank you so much for breaking through to the world…and exposing the cruel truths about our beautiful horses……May this film reach every heart in America…as well as every corner of the planet. It has been a long time coming for this exposure…….Thank you , Katia,for your perseverance…and heartfelt dedication to the horses……it is time.


  2. I am crying with joy , this morning for our Wild Mustangs, not only because of the 2 wonderful movies for them , but also Ted Turner has joined the Board Saving Americas Mustangs, in my heart i know now they will be saved. Tde Turner is going to Washington dc to speak for Our Wild Mustangs on April 14, 2011………… All I can say is Thank You !!!!!!!! Visit Madeliene Pickens website for more details…………….


  3. The voice unafraid to speak, “R.T” . Come on people blogs are passé’, $5.00 a month from each and everyone of you to a horse rescue or wild horse advocacy group will do more then your words. We already have the voices ( R.T. Laura Leigh, John Holland, Vicki Tobin, Craig Downer, Ginger Katherns, Madaline Pickens. etc); to support these horses what they need is not our thanks but our bucks to get this job done finally. Get those debit/credit cards or check books out today and send one of them your money to help these horse issues. DO IT NOW Not tomorrow


  4. I’m confused. Did I just see the documentary on this site or is there more to it. Where could we get a copy of the film to show in our community and schools. Thanks to you RT and to all who are keeping us informed and motivated to take action for our horses.


  5. Just watched this snippet. I can hardly wait to see this documentary. I know a couple of years ago they were looking for funding. I don’t know if that has occurred but we have a number of people who saw the documentary and spoke about it.

    FYI–Larry Wilcox use to be on CHIP’s. Was a motorcycle highway patrol officer. In his off time he was a cowboy. Even that ole cowboy spoke up about this movie positively.

    So not every cowboy is a horsehater.


  6. Also, does anyone have a clue about what kind of model Bob Abbeu uses to keep his needle stuck repeating that wild horses reproduce at a 20% rate?


  7. A powerful and pertinent film that should be watched to the extent that The Cove was watched — and heeded! If you want to contribute to my ongoing efforts for the wild horses and burros, this can be done through PayPal by calling up the website of my 501 c 3 organization, the Andean Tapir Fund at and pushing the paypal button. I am going out on Satuday to fend for the wild horses of the Ely BLM District to uphold the humane charges that have already been brought and to meet with local sheriff and will also be touring some of the herd areas. Gas has become quite expensive lately. The Andean Tapir Fund mandate includes defending, protecting and preserving wild horses and burros. Any consideration would be appreciated.


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