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European Commission Food & Veterinary Office Releases Mexican Horse Slaughter Report

Report Courtesy of Animals Angels

Effective Traceability of Drug Residues Questionable

The Food and Veterinary Office carried out a mission in Mexico from November 22nd to December 3rd, 2010. The objective was to follow up on previous visits and to check if import requirements for horse meat into the European Union are being followed. The inspectors visited four slaughter plants, three collecting center and one US export pen.

Animals’ Angels received the inspection report today and we are currently reviewing the details. While the FVO concluded that the overall conditions had improved, multiple areas of concern remain – especially in regards to the current traceability of horses imported from the US.

Findings of the Mission Team included:

EU approved slaughter plants:  Two out of five establishments visited did not comply with EU requirements due to deficiencies in slaughter hygiene and water quality as well as the presence of untraceable carcasses. Non-traceable carcasses were in contact with EU eligible meat. No export certificates will be issued until issues are resolved

Reliability & authenticity of sworn statements made by former horse owners on veterinary medical treatments are not verified, even with the presence of positive results.  19 samples in 2008, 9 samples in 2009 and 6 samples in 2010 tested positive for residues of substances, the use of which is prohibited in the EU. All of these horses were covered by a declaration stating that no treatment was administered to the animal. USDA does not take any responsibility with regards to the origin of the animals and to the authenticity of the sworn statement.

Data presented to the Mission team showed that between January and October 2010, 5336 US horses in 631 consignments were rejected at the border due to advanced pregnancy, health problems or injuries. 62 560 horses were shipped to slaughter in Mexico during that time period. When the mission team visited one of the US export pens, 12 of the 30 animals present were rejected.

Click (HERE) to read entire FVO Report

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  1. This is horrifying that 62 560 horses were shipped to slaughter houses. I want the numbers to be zero. Horse meat is not for human consumption. This is disgusting.


  2. What else is really horrifying is what happened to “5336 US horses in 631 consignments were rejected at the border due to advanced pregnancy, health problems or injuries.” ???
    I skimmed over the report, but didn’t understand much of it or what they are going to do about the “problems” regarding general and specific hygienic requirements.
    I can’t believe the only problem they founding regarding the treatment of the live horses was ONE horse with its legs tied together? The report said “although the action plan in response to the recommendation of the 2008 report was not satisfactory, the current situation in relation to animal welfare controls had generally improved” So what does that mean? Prior to 2008 lots of horses used to have their legs tied together? For such a lengthy study it doesn’t seem like much was accomplished or is it just me?


  3. While I appreciate being informed, THIS does nothing but make me SICK, AND, even MORE ANGRY than I was before!! I would rather NOT read this type of article, or, see those poor, dejected horses & the looks on their faces, the awful sadness & fear!! When someone actually has some bit of real GOOD news to pass on, please do. We fellow horse lovers/advocates already know too well what happens to horses bound for slaughter, we do not need to have it thrown in our faces, it’s the people that don’t know, that need to be educated. Share with us when you have something good for the horses to tell us, like NO MORE HORSE SLAUGHTER!! I’d like to hang every last murderous idiot that “works” in those places, upside down, let them die a slow, agonizing, painful, terrifying death, just like they do to the horses, oh, & don’t forget to stab them brutally in their necks & spines first!! SORRY, I guess I got carried away! There is NO “excuse” for anyone to willingly or otherwise, work in such evil places, those people can find something else to do, I don’t care how poor or disadvantaged they claim to be, come to America, jobs are plentiful!!


  4. P.S.: Sorry, again, that last line/sentence was meant to be sarcasm. Not racist, I would say the same thing about anyone doing that kind of “work”, regardless of the country or the people involved. It just makes my blood boil. This is the only place where I can vent my feelings to fellow horse people. Sorry if I offended anyone(except for the horse killers!!).


  5. Valerie, I’m with you. I want to read – “Today is a day to rejoice> The United States will no longer be sending horses to Canada or Mexico for slaughter” That would be the best news I would ever hear except for one other and that would be BLM stops roundups and returns wild horses and burros to their home ranges and runs the cattle from those ranges. This would be the best news that I could receive.

    What has happened to the human being thay will kill horses in this fashion? God help us all as this is atrocious.


    • WE do already know what’s going on, but what about those that don’t who read this blog? How are they to learn if we all “preach to the choir?”

      Also, it behooves us to learn every thing we can so we can answer those who want to reinstate horse slaughter here in the US. Did you already know that the EU found conditions unacceptable in the Mexican plants? I didn’t before I read about it in this and some other blogs. Now I can throw it in the face of the pro-slaughter activists when they try to say that the meat from our horses is perfectly safe. It is NOT, and hopefully the EU will investigate the Canadian plants too, for they are no better. The rules are being completely ignored or they wouldn’t be taking American horses at all.

      I guess having been inside a real horse slaughter plant helping friends of mine to look for their stolen horses before they were slaughtered makes anything I read seem pretty tame. Besides, this isn’t about ME. It’s about the horses, This article is actually GOOD news anyway. Someday, the EU is bound to wise up and stop accepting American horses at all, and this is a step in the right direction.

      This ain’t purdy and never will be. Suck it up, and let’s get this madness STOPPED!


  6. Valerie- it is gratifying to read your comments about the people who work slaughtering horses. I have often had the same reaction and felt so frustrated trying to express my total disgust!


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