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Loomis Withdraws Horse Slaughter Amendment

Update from Vicki Tobin ~ Vice President of the Equine Welfare Alliance

Wyoming Congresswoman Shot Herself in the Foot

Cynthia Lummis (WY) has withdrawn her amendment that would have countered Moran’s amendment by striking the language defunding inspections. I missed her but heard from several that saw her speaking that she was not a happy camper and appeared very angry.

I spoke to Jim Moran‘s office earlier today and we probably won’t see any activity on Moran’s amendment until tonight. The amendments are under title 7 so they have a way to go.

Thank you all so much for your hard work. There is still a bit of time to contact reps, if you haven’t already.

A big round of applause to Simone Netherlands and her crew who were working into the wee hours of the morning faxing letters to the House Reps. The letter was endorsed with support from EWA, Animal Law Coalition, The Cloud Foundation, Habitat for Horses Advisory Council, Americans Against Horse Slaughter, Animal Recovery Mission and of course, Simone’s organization, Respect4Horses. You can read the letter on RTs blog –

Let’s hope it is smooth sailing tonight with the full house approving Moran’s amendment and then on to the Senate for the next effort.

We’ll post an update after tonight’s activities. Until then, only postive thoughts and cross all body parts!

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  1. Huge Thank Yous, to all here and there !!!!! for every ones hard work and Labor of love put into this ………………………………. i know it must go to Senate now , but i know everyone will keep right on with it…………………………


  2. Also, thanks to ALL of the wild horse advocates, especially Carla Bowers, who sent out e-mails reminding people to pass along the word to ask others to call their representatives. We have a very strong group of people working many hours for our wild horses and burros.


    • Congressman Moran and Congressman Burton, I salute you! You are heroes to the horses, and to us!



  3. To Simone Netherlands and the group, they worked very hard and fast into overnight faxing etc.Your hard work paid off, and another step forward for the horses. Baby trots I call them 🙂
    As for Cynthia Lummis, your work did not pay off, you came across as an idiot being led by a nose ring by none other then Sue Walrus. Where ever you go on this issue we will be there, even the urban tree huggers!


    • Let’s hope Sue NOT a POET Wallis changes her job and stays in Recluse writing her Poems, that are not poems but madness with words.


  4. As part of Simone’s team who spent the night faxing and faxing, I’d like to say thanks to all the help we had. What a great organized group of warriors. Thanks to Simone for your leadership. What a great letter you put together. Thanks to my horses for letting me sleep in an extra half hour this morning.

    And who knew there were so many free trials on internet faxing!!


  5. On behalf of animal rescue and welfare everywhere, I want to say what a pleasure it is to work with Simone, R.T. Fitch, and all the organizations that have come together to represent the truth with horses. Thank you Rep. Moran and Burton for having backbone to state what you did today with confidence! Cynthia Lummis and Sue Wallis have a nasty way of twisting facts and misrepresenting the truth. It’s extremely sad that they are allowed to be in American government in the capacities they exist in.


  6. Kudos to everyone who steps up everytime and makes it all count for the horses! I know I’m helping from here, but you all on the front lines are my Heroes and Sheroes!! Blessed Be!


  7. Congressman Moran and Congressman Burton spoke so boldly, fearlessly, and more accurately than I have seen a politician do regarding the horses today. l hope people who are ignorant about this whole thing were moved by it. They covered a lot of horsey ground in 5 minutes (felt like they had 1 minute) MAN it was nice to see our voices/plight coming from them and being on target !!! To me they look as if they put a big dent in the slanted view they’re selling everyone. It was a joy do work with everyone last night, and get the word out. I’m ready for the next round!


    • Correction to my post ~ “To me they look as if they put a big dent in the slanted view they’re {meaning Slaughterhouse Wallice and company} selling everyone.


  8. First of all thank you from the bottom of my heart to Simone, R.T. and the other Equine advocate organizations that continually fight to protect America’s horses: Animal Law Coalition, The Cloud Foundation, Animal Recover Mission (ARM) and Americans Against Slaughter. The leadership these people exhibited in providing the information, not to mention the passion, for us to successfully fight this is truly something I will always be proud to be a part of.

    I consider it an insult to my intelligence that Sue Wallis and Cynthia Lummis can say to anyone that they “love” horses and don’t want to see them suffer. Their misguided, self-serving position on horse slaughter is reprehensible. They want to slaughter horses to make money, and they will never convince me of anything else.

    And my most heartfelt thanks to Representatives Moran and Burton for their courage to speak the truth about the incredible brutality inflicted on these magnificent animals, the terror they go through as prey animals are something the human mind cannot even begin to fathom. To even think about what we as a country have done to hundreds of thousands of horses over the years makes me physically sic. Horse slaughter is NOT euthanasia, which is in my mind what Lummis and Wallis are trying to sell.

    Americans do not eat horses. Period. Find another means to add to your bottom line Ms. Lummis and Ms. Wallis; you cannot have our horses.


  9. Each step brings us just a little bit closer to our goal!

    Thank you to ALL! We all worked hard on this victory and deserve that pat on the back AND a big ‘ol Margarita! 🙂

    I know first hand that Simone & Co. worked their little fax fingers to the bone last night.. Thank you’s all around there also!

    Let’s keep this ball bouncin’ .. We’ve got some tough tasks ahead.. We need to stop the totally insane BLM from spaying.. (Really?) our Mares in the field .. Our work is cut out for us..

    We need to keep on our Senators too, to have the vote go all the way this year, NOT stall out on someone’s desk!

    Let’s keep Rockin’ Mighty Horse Warriors!

    High 5’s & Huggs all around! 🙂


  10. I just have to say…I am SO proud to be American today! Thank you Simone and everyone who worked so hard and so diligently on this task! YOU GUYS SO ROCK! And BIG HUGE shout out to Congressman Moran and Burton. My true blue American Heros now! Can not speak enough good words about these two. Just keep up the good work ladies and gentlemen…the horses sure do need as many good people on their side as they can get. The horse eaters just do not want to give up do they? But then neither will we!


  11. Slight correction! The defunding language is part of the bill so they don’t have to vote on the amendment. We don’t think it can be derailed at this point but we are monitoring. When the House bill passes, there will be no funding for horse inspections.


  12. Thank you everyone for all your hard work! What a wonderful group of horse advocates!! SO many spent hours faxing letters in to the wee hours of the morning,..then, others made follow up calls today. What a pleasure it is to “know” and work with you all! Thanks especially to Simone for heading up the crew…it was a huge undertaking, but she did a great job and everyone made it happen!
    Thank you to our voices in Washington…Rep Moran and Rep Burton (and others as well) and for their continued support on this issue. You ROCKED today on the Committee floor! You really told it like it is!! Keep up the great work everyone! We will win this, and hopefully our horses, someday soon will be safe from the horse slaughter industry….all horses, both wild and domestic, deserve respect and humane treatment throughout their lives.


  13. Thank you Congressman Moran and Congressman Burton and all of the horse advocates who are giving there all for this to go all the way. YOU ARE ALL HERO’S AND GOD BLESS YOU AND THE AMAZING WORK YOU ARE DOING.


  14. Thanks to all who worked so hard and through the night on this–as well as to the Heroes of the House, Congressman Moran and Congressman Burton! Hope they will inspire their legislator friends to see the light, and put the forces of greed, corruption, and evil out of the horse business for good. Sue Wallis, Dave Duquette, and all of your friends–that means YOU!


  15. I am just so proud to be part of Respect4Horses and proud to know all my fellow Horse and Burro lover’s…..I am so proud of all the Organization’s that work so hard to change the tide for our 4 legged friends.

    I am awfully honored and proud of Sir Jim Moran and Sir Dan Burton for their stance today and the absolute clear picture they painted for all to see. The compassion, the truth, the fact’s and for speaking our conviction’s for the horses and burro’s, it was powerful!!! I love tears of JOY!!!!!


  16. For those in the world that speak for citizens that do not share your visions of horse slaughter, be aware, we are watching. I have witnessed a group of focused, committed people, diligent in their duties for years on end to stop madness. Senators with the courage to be vigilant and true on this issue, advocates taking time out of their busy lives with one goal in mind, save the defenseless, speak for the voiceless. There comes a time when you must take a stand against the inhumane treatment of animals for profit, jobs or for economic benefits. In particular, horses should never be included in a for-profit scheme. It has been our majestic horses and our hard working little burros and mules that helped build this magnificent country into what it is today. The reason that I can speak out against this type of violence, against these atrocities committed on the horses and burros, day in and day out, is because they gave their blood, sweat, tears, and freedom for hundreds of years in order that I may have this glorious freedom of speech. They have fought in our wars, brought the cattle in from the outer regions of our country, pulled double their weight in hauling the pioneers out west (look where that has gotten them) and last but not least, continue to teach us the lessons of love, loss, patience and courage. They continue to help all of us. Damaged, fragile people overcome debilitating problems from war (soldiers with PTSD), children with Autism (that find their voices after many years) and other deficiencies that come along with this “human condition”. I, for one, will stand up and be counted with these wonderful organizations. They have never backed down from this issue or from people that have made them cry, sigh, and despair over the senseless deaths of these beautiful animals. Thankfully, they have been on the front lines, fighting for justice for them and their right to exist. I was deaf, dumb and blind to the many cruelties perpetrated on them, all for greed. These organizations have never taken “No” to the answers given from people that believe that these animals do not have any rights. They have fought many, many years for the horses and burros, and thankfully, to their credit, saved many. Let me just say this, it is an honor to work with all of you. I will have your back, anytime, anywhere, at any place to help put a stop to horse slaughter in any form, until this corrupt, illegal, and heinous crime is stopped. You have been watching this insanity and cruelty for many, many years, now it’s our turn to help you watch. I am aware now, there will be more us coming into this awareness, and they too will be watching.


  17. PS~and for you Cynthia Lummis~I have an email from Sue Wallis calling us idiot’s, from a legislatures mouth, hmmmmm, pretty scary thinking she holds a legislative position and now seeing yourself act in such a manner, I am seeing why our country is not running up to par, we need to clean house!!!


    • Excuse me! SSue calls US idiots when her very own hip-pocket Rep. doesn’t even know her amendment has already failed a court challenge? DUH?


  18. My heroes! Representatives Moran and Burton. I know that you were not alone in your resolve, and I appreciate each and everyone of you. I know it must have been a bit embarrassing when Rep. Cynthia (you know I love you) Lummis got her panties in a wad. We were all watching, so we know what it took to back her down. Thanks again so much. We will be calling on you once again to rid our nation, once and for all, of the threat that our horses will end up slaughtered ANYWHERE! Then there will be a real celebration. I know how hard it is to run a campaign every two years. We will be there to support you and the others that backed your stand..even if we don’t live in your district. I promise.


  19. Thanks to everyone here and to everyone who comes here to work for our horses, both wild and domestic. Thanks R. T. for giving us a place to come to exchange information and hear each other’s voices.

    I loved the link. What a hoot!


  20. This may sound corny, Thank You Senators Burton And Moran, Were not done yet. We Still have the BLM to contend with. The Same pattern of Behavior with This agency. Something more needs to be done about them.


  21. The Senate counterpart has yet to be handled through committee and floor vote.

    BTW…Lummis is on CSPAN talking about small meat packing/slaughterhouse and broadband.


  22. To all of those, that would harm and eat our Equine, both domestic and Wild… Watch out! We will stand up against your barbaric practices, and the horrific slaughter, of our domestic horses, and Burros.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for having the courage to stand up against those that would do our nobil animals harm.. To Congressman Moran and Congressman Burton.

    And, to Slaughter House Sue, WHAT PART OF NO!….. DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND….. You need to find another line of work, Sue. The Force is not with you!


  23. I just look at each and every one of you people who do things NOT out of motivation for self gain, or in search of only their own gratification, (like really most people do) or only worried about their own issues, and then I see that every single one of you is worth the weight of ten thousand bad people. And that’s exactly how we are going to tip the scale of justice, together.

    The horse warrior army is gaining strength every day, you better believe it Walrus and Lumnuts. Hooray for the generals of the army, Mr. Moran, Mr. Burton, and Mr. Conyers and Mr. Grijalva too, oh and not to forget Senator Landrieu. And hooray for the luitenants R.T. and John and Vicki and Laura and Ginger and Kudo (and there are many more) And an even louder hooray for the warrior soldiers who take on the hardest task and risk their lives, and hooray for the horses who carry us, who lead the way, and who make the sacrifices. We are here, in formation assembled on the field, ready go to battle and win this war for justice once and for all.

    “Never interupt your enemie while they are making a mistake”. -Napoleon Bonaparte
    (and thats pretty much all the time)

    Justice is the sword we carry. Carry it on warriors, carry it on.


  24. Thank-you Congressman Moran and Congressman Burton, for what you said, you are wonderful human beings !!! Please continue the fight everyone and let’s get behind Senator Landrieu and see the passage of S1176 so we can end this evil once and for all in our lifetime!


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