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Could the Issue of Water be the Motive behind the Destruction of Native Wild Horses

Report from PPJ Gazette’s investigative reporter,Debbie Coffey

Interesting Possibilities about our contemporary “Range Wars”

At water rights hearings at the Nevada Department of Water Resources, farmers and ranchers of Eureka, Nevada seem to be caught between a rock and a hard place.  Several articles have been written about their plight (links below).

But it seems like something “bigger” is happening.  It is, and it’s probably happening to you, too.

After the most recent hearing, I saw a flyer on a bulletin board in the hallway.  On it, the American Water Resources Association (AWRA) described a conference about Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM).  The flyer linked IWRM to the Global Water Partnership and the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg.

Does this sound as “American” as apple pie to you?  Or does it sound multi-national and make you wonder how this might relate not only to our water rights, but to our constitutional rights here in the U.S.A.?

The conference aims were to explore IWRM in detail from both “US and international perspectives” and ask questions like “Can the USA implement IWRM?” and “How can IWRM best be implemented?”

However, the bigger question should be, do you want your property (and our United States) to be governed by  international laws?

Click (HERE) to read the story in it’s entirety!

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  1. It sounds like IWRM may one day be ruler of the once free world! Good find, Deb!! They need to be watched by every freedom loving human!


  2. Good Grief! More control of our water??? We are being robbed of more of our natural resources and Constitutional rights every single day! They are trying to drill under NY for gas right now too. This stuff is coming down BIG TIME!

    Yet, we continue to go about our “fluffy” little lives as if this was not happening! it is not “JUST” our Wild Horses! WAKE UP AMERICA ! Or you just may wake up to a Brave New World … tomorrow!


  3. We are victims of our own capitalist society. ALL our politicians and judges put capital above all else. If our American Mustangs were commodities they would flourish but since we have sold our air, oceans, mountains, water, and land to corporate greed our Mustangs are but a speck in the grand theme of things. SADDLY, when we finally run out of energy we will have to live somewhat as we did before it. Horses will once again become a commodity if we all survive the chaos. Till then we live on a ship of fools.


  4. Ever since I can remember,Nevada has had a water problem I have been there when you couldnt get a glass of water with Dinner, Yet the Mustangs flourished, Sorry, Im not buying that……………….just another poor excuse to maim and murder Mustangs…………………….. There is no viable excuse to murder Mustangs……


    • The water wouldn’t be the issue that it is if man weren’t screwing up nature–mining and fracking alone (Big Money Energy Interests disguise what’s really happening) can use and/or pollute huge amounts of water, leaving less for any living thing–including people.


  5. Anyone following the Yellowstone River-Exxon/Mobil debacle?

    I want to know why SALAZAR IS STILL THERE!!!!???????!!!!

    Gov Schweitzer (D-MT) seems to be a wee bit whiny about it. Thought he hated wild equines. Appreciate correction.


  6. This is a SHOCKING EYE-OPENER!! I had heard this was happening but now its in print. What is the matter with the American people? Do they not see Obama is selling us down the river? I only hope it is not too late to save us and our freedoms.


  7. Cattle use so much water they are going to drain the Ogallala Aquifer in 50 years , cattle have also polluted 90% of the surface water on public lands in addition to causing a huge dead zone in the gulf of Mexico where the Mississippi River drains into. Cattle also are a huge cause of global warming.
    Also they are not good for you to eat and are treated with horrific cruelty. View links;‘the-dr-oz-show’/


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