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BLM Mismanagement Reason for Wild Horse Death, Abuse and Neglect

Information supplied by the Kalamazoo Gazette‘s Editorial Board

Michigan Newspaper Points at Obama’s BLM for Ultimate Reason Horses Suffered

Once majestic, free Twin Peaks wild horses suffered from not only the BLM’s hellish helicopter stampedes but were sold on the internet for $25 bucks and shipped across the U.S. in a bad business deal gone south with, of course, the horses paying the ultimate price.  No intervention or help from the BLM in this despicable case, but the word is out on their failure.” ~ R.T. Fitch

Twin Peaks Horses before the BLM's intervention ~ photo by Terry Fitch

Twin Peaks Horses after BLM intervention

The story of an Allegan County woman accused of starving a herd of mustangs she had shipped to Michigan last winter presents a vexing question.

As Gazette staff writer Rosemary Parker reported, it all started when a horse owner spotted a deal on the Internet. The woman said she paid $25 a head for 29 horses that were shipped to her in February; her plan was to turn them around to new adoptive homes, and to apply the donations she received for the horses — up to $150 — to an ongoing program to help the mustangs.

But after the animals arrived — wild, in poor condition and stressed from the long trip — most of the prospective adoptive owners backed out, some even though they had paid for the animals in advance.

The situation got progressively worse since the woman couldn’t keep up with maintaining the herd and the condition of the animals deteriorated; local officials started receiving complaints.

What appears to have been a philanthropic act to do good for these wild horses was, in reality, a business proposition that went awry.

But, no matter how it’s viewed, one part of the story that is troubling is the inability of government to act on behalf of the people — and these poor animals — to effectively correct the situation.

The refusal of the Allegan County prosecutor to bring charges against the woman prompted a backlash from horse lovers across the country. But we can’t blame the man. What’s he going to do? Take on the care and feeding of a starving and ill-kempt herd of wild horses?

The remark from county Undersheriff Jim Hull summed up the situation with blunt honesty: “We only do what we have to do right now. There’s no other way to do it. Everyone’s doing three times the work they used to. That’s government in a nutshell.”

And, right now, the sheriff’s department, like every other part of government, is aggressively looking to save money. Taking on the care and feeding of a herd of starving horses is not an inexpensive proposition. Hull said Allegan County has avoided seizing livestock since they ended up covering the care of a herd of pigs and some horses and ended up spending between $20,000 and $30,000 as the case against the owners wound its way through the courts.

“Once you seize horses, you are 100-percent responsible” for feeding and housing them, as well as seeking necessary veterinary care, Hull said. “This isn’t fair to the taxpayers of Allegan County” to take on such a huge burden because of one person’s bad judgment.

Hull makes a good point. And we don’t disagree with the prosecutor’s decision to protect local taxpayers by not opening the county up to the responsibility and cost of caring for a bunch of wild horses.

The problem here lies with a higher power — and we’re not talking about the divine.

Appropriate regulatory protections at the state level could have prevented such an ill-advised undertaking. After all, bringing a herd of wild mustangs into Michigan is no small undertaking.

These old horses were the property of the federal government, which was looking to unload them at a low, low price. When someone in the state of Michigan falls prey to such a deal, and the deal goes sour, it seems only fair that the federal government should bear responsibility for that property — if for no other reason than the sake of those poor horses.

Now here’s an opportunity for a smart state lawmaker to step in and work with knowledgeable groups to develop specific requirements that guard against individuals, well-intentioned or otherwise, bringing large numbers of livestock in to the state without sufficient means to provide for them.

And here’s a requirement upon which the state should insist: Ownership of the property involved must revert back to the federal government whenever these deals fall through.

If such rules were in place, we wouldn’t have had 29 wild mustangs in trouble in Allegan County and taxpayers there faced with the responsibility of paying to rescue them or letting them die.

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  1. The twin peak horses were a beautful herd of horses. I wish BLM would leave the horses alone until they have a sound plan. This makes me sick to my stomach.


  2. It’s ashamed that when anyone, in anyways, gets connected with the BLM, they are the fast track to annihilation.


  3. If the BLM is going to offer such bottom of the barrel prices for these animals, there should be caveats to the buyer – like any reputable BUSINESS – which is what the BLM is.
    These are older horses – they could give a rat’s ass about humans. Less than a year ago, the biggest concern these animals had was where they were gonna eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. And in the blink of an eye, their lives are ruined forever: Rounded up, wrenched from their home and families, driven to Litchfield – if they’re lucky – Palomino Valley’s a helluva lot further – poked, prodded, marked for life, the stallions surgically altered, immuno-compromised from the stress, THEN less than six months later, before they’ve had a chance to recover, rounded up AGAIN – shipped half way across the country for days on end to a person who may have had the best of intentions but these horses – in additon to still being wild are of an age where they will probably NEVER have any use for people. (After all that – would you??)
    Did any of the geniuses who sold her these animals ever once consider asking what her intentions were or offering some words of advice or caution? Hell NO. They were just tickled to be rid of them.
    HOW in the Corn Blue Hell is this better than when they were living at Twin Peaks? How can anyone with eyeballs look at those horses and not weep in anger at such utter destruction.
    Does the Bureau EVER take responsibility for the suffering crafted by their idiocy?


    • This is how the Wild Ones enter the slaughter pipeline, tens of thousands (conservative) have been shipped across the border so that the kill buyers can make a few bucks. They disappear from long term all the time for 25 bucks a pop or less. That is another of the BLM’s dirty little secrets, they don’t sell them directly to slaughter but they sell them to those who do.

      Your wild and free American heritage becoming a filly filet in some foreign country, it turns my stomach.


  4. Do you suppose, R.T., that this back-door access to “cheap” BLM horses in long-term holding is what our friend SS was salivating over the prospects of landing? They’re right in her back yard, aren’t they? There’d be little in the way of transport costs, and paying $25 a pop, she could make a pretty profit, couldn’t she? Plus they’d be drug-free, right, which is what EU guidelines demand, right?

    It seems hard to believe this is happening in America, home of the free, land of the brave. Criminals getting away with cheating, lying, stealing, murder, and being paid handsomely with OUR tax money to commit their dirty crimes. On top of that, they are encouraged, sanctioned, protected by our courts, our legislators and our president. I feel like I’m in the twilight zone. I have to purposely not put myself emotionally in the horses’ hooves, or I think I’d go crazy.

    Keeping me sane is the knowledge that good is more powerful than evil, that good prevails over evil, and that evildoers destroy themselves by their very wickedness. The BLM reminds me of the Wicked Witch of the West, who melted away when water was thrown on her because she was so dry and brittle from having had no blood (no warmth, no heart) in her for years.


    • Actually, the EU would not take any American Wild Horses because they don’t have a passport verifying that they are drug free over the past six months but they could be held and there can always be tricks done with the pen…the dark side will always find a way to circumvent the law.


  5. Even if several people start out on a journey like this you can never tell what the elements will do or if the people will continue to agree with one another. Get everything on paper and know what you are getting into with sufficient long range funding. Wild horses need space, family and constant feed and water. It is expensive. Wild, traumatized horses are also fragile. Adequate and funded wild horse preserves would be a nice development for saving bands from our disappearing herds. Not non breeding ones but managed family bands, until there is space to let them run in. Where are some working alternatives for our captured wild horses? Nothing seems to be following through!


  6. R.T. is there any UTD news about the fate of these horses? After I saw this on Elyse’s blog, I looked on Dreamhorse and there was an ad posted for this woman and these horses. It was about her “adoption” program and gave a # to call. That ad is no longer there. There is also no new information on Elyse’s blog. The pictures of these horses are heartbreaking.


  7. I hope Judge England is aware of the outcome of these Twin Peaks horses since that case is still pending. Their plight speaks volumes about the BLM’s methods and its “adoption” program. I understand there’s an interested party in California who has space close to Twin Peaks. Stress or no, I hope they are eventually returned close to home due to the lawsuit or the kindness of this individual.

    Even a novice has enough common sense to know it would be very difficult and slow go to socialize an older mustang. My vet’s comment was that even IF one succeeded, the process would have to be repeated with every person it came in contact with – other family members, the vet, farrier, etc.

    I very much wanted one of these Twin Peaks horses due to their old cavalry blood. But as the muleskinner with a gorgeous, well-trained mustang, whom I met at a Civil War re-enactment said: “Lady, don’t try this at home.”


  8. Makes me want to barf, where are peoples brains?????? I have lost my faith in Mankind from this one….And these people go to Church on Sunday?????? And think that they are saving themselves ???? And then they do this kind of thing during the week, I think Not !!! This also makes me ashamed , what kind of people are these, ??????? Where is their compassion…………..(THIS IS IGNORANCE).????????? This is un acceptable behavior and there is no excuse for that………………….By all parties involved…………….


  9. Seizures of animals are a tough nut to crack. Many jurisdictions refuse to seize because of one issue….money.

    I saw headers about this situation but didn’t read the entire story….it seemed confusing. No one in the state could help? Nonprofits? Horse breed associations? No one at the National level could help? National nonprofits, breed associations?

    I’m surprised that the citizens of Michigan didn’t band together to make a difference. Yes, I know…things are tough all over.

    I would have thought that the Ford Motor Company would have had the savvy to reach out to a group of mustangs, of which one of their most revered and successful models is named after. The Ford Mustang has a ton of cachet and has made billions for the firm.

    Bigger issue here is the covert dumping of wild equines in holding; short term finding care and placement for 29 Twin Peaks mustangs can’t be that insurmountable.

    Guess it is.


    • This is what has me puzzled too. No-one would help? Neither the woman or ASPCA or local animal shelters or anyone else? What about a foster the horse program or donate to care for one horse? It would be better than letting them starve. What about choosing a few and forcibly removing a few of them, lightening the load and working on the few to get them re-homed? What about offering to start one of those prison programs or consulting horse trainers about showing off their skills by training them? How about a fund raiser?

      They may not have a big chunk of money to pay for the feeding of all of them. But this sounds like if they can’t do everything at once, they do nothing. You don’t have to take the whole herd at once. It’s preferable. But if it’s not doable, break the problem into one horse at a time. But doing NOTHING suggests a total lack of creativity.


      • Read the comments at Kalamazoo editorial….people did offer to help.

        Ms. Bad Business Person and lazy, money-conscience local LEOs balked.

        Without local LEOs, can’t move the animals….and it still continues.

        Yeah the bigger issue is the problem with DOI (SURPRISE!) …but in the short term it has been about the idiot humans and the neglect of the animals.

        And this is just one “found” example.


      • These horses had an offer of safe sanctuary. Read Elyse Gardner’s blog. They could have been safe a long time ago.


      • I spent the morning backtracking the Kalamazoo Herald articles (about 13 since June 6th) and reading all the comments. The comments are more telling than the articles. There’s lots of familiar generalities, but there are folks in the community who seem (emphasis on “seem”) to know what’s gone on from the beginning, and this person’s history (including Mustang adoptions) before the beginning.

        Some are probably “blowing smoke” or may have an axe to grind, but others could be credible. The question is, if the DA filed the case, would they testify? If you testify against your neighbor, you have to live with the consequences. If you don’t, you have to live with your conscience. Seems like a no-brainer, but, when the rubber meets the road, it can be a hard choice.

        From what I read on Elyse Gardner’s blog and links to “Where the Wild Horses Are”, the BLM was contacted on June 20th, with a follow-up the next day. Why didn’t they step in immediately? Even if they chose not to get directly involved, this terrible situation certainly merited investigation.

        The BLM still could and should prosecute this case, based on a single line in the Bill of Sale: “Purchaser agrees to provide humane care to the listed wild horse(s) and/or burro(s).” There’s no time limit on “humane care” anywhere in the document. The only excuse I can think of is extending the Burn’s Amendment’s “without limitation” to include “without compassion”.


    • It is. Out in the world of ordinary folk this many wild horses in need is very daunting. If the point was to keep them together then I can understand the desire to keep them free as possible and not handled. Even then, it is a very big commitment and every time you move them you can lose someone. Older horses should never be removed from their home ranges. Not ever. That we have so many in LTH is insane for the cost and the loss of so many to sale authority.


  10. Less than one year after illegal capture by the BLM, once vital and thriving wild horses are starving under the “care” of man. And this is just one story we know about. Less than one year in captivity and wild horses are starving. And the BLM could care less. Such a travesty of a program. To sell a majestic wild horse for $25 is a sin. You can’t even get a cat at the humane society for that and I bet my local humane society wouldn’t adopt out an animal to me if I said I was going to turn around and sell it at a profit. Any horse sold by the BLM that is found to be in grave condition needs to be the sole responsibility of the BLM to rescue and place in a safe place. See how they spend ALL their money on the front end of capture and none on the back end of adoptions? These horses need to get to a sanctuary.


  11. Take the time to go to the editorial link and read the comments. As I suspected, without the seizure the animals couldn’t be rehomed and the “owner” did not exercise choices offered to her….orgs/folks did reach out to her (if that post is correct based on the journalist[not editorial staff] that has been working on this story).


    p.s. I am going to respond to the moron that says this problem is because we don’t slaughter…enough. What an assh*t!


    • He probably works for the BLM. The real animal abuser in this case is the BLM. You don’t take wild wolves off the range and sell them like dogs for $25 a head. With 50,000 more to go, one can only imagine the statistics of abuse. I think the BLM 1% mortality rate from round ups is way off. They need to take into account all the horses that end up in the wrong hands in that mortality rate. PS BLM to take healthy horses thriving independently and peacefully, harming no one and nothing, and reduce them to this in less than one year is the same as the worst animal abuser out there.


      • I agree, and add…
        BLM lies (and that is possibly their best quality). They have lied about numbers of injuries and fatalities, and how many they sold, and to whom.
        They abuse, torture, terrorize and kill innocent and defenseless living beings.. They can not be trusted on any level. They have proven this many times over. If they said it was raining… I would highly doubt it… because they are nothing but liars. They twist everything to their own advantage, so they can continue on their evil course of mahiem.
        I don’t even want to know “what makes them tick” because it must be so evil that anyone with a heart would be repulsed and sickened by that information.
        It is increasingly more disturbing that legislators seem to turn a blind eye to this situation, and continue the huge cash flow to the culprits.
        We HAVE to stop them! We have to rally more people, and get everyone calling, mailing, and going in person to all the legislators,


  12. A California sanctuary, DreamCatcher offered these Wild Mustangs from Twin Peaks a home from the very minute they heard of this animal abuse situation back in May and the Michigan Horse Welfare Coalition offered to help to care for them all and to foster them until they could travel and because of the lack of cooperation of Ms. Wendi Bierling, the “accused animal abuser” and the Allegan county “officials” they are still in Michigan and many are still in the hands and control of the original abuser this very minute! The MHWC and others have helped to care for the Mustangs they could get away from the abuser, mostly the ones the accused abuser didn’t like (the bays and blacks – who it appears were eating the wood on the barn because they had not been fed and were starving – pics available online – MHWC). Although some of the horses had or had been exposed to strangles when they arrived in Michigan February, you can see in the online videos that they had been fed and were not starved until they got into the hands of Ms. Bierling. The starvation was the fault of the “accused” (and her “friends” and husband who saw it happening and allowed it by looking the other way – accessories to the crime) but to top off the tragedy, if law enforcement would have done their job … they all could be at their new forever home at the sanctuary today.
    Per the law, the Allegan sheriff has committed a crime by NOT seizing the animals and delivering them to a safe place and the failure by the sheriff’s office to take action on the part of the animal neglect is in itself a MISDEMEANER offence. (Michigan Law) “MCL 750.52 – Duty to Enforce Provision – This statute provides that it is the DUTY of the officials involved in animal cruelty investigations to ARREST and PROSECUTE those committing the offenses where there is knowledge or reasonable notice of the acts.” Numerous photos and eye-witness accounts add up to far MORE that than “knowledge or reasonable notice”! “The failure or neglect by an officer involved t do so may result in a misdemeanor.” The Allegan officails have done nothing to help these animals. So Allegan county officials ……… what’s it going to be? Follow the law or not??? Just exactly who is enforcing the law in Allegan County? Ms.Bierling or YOU? It is not too late for Allegan county to make this very bad situation into a good situation by seizing all of the mustangs and sending them to the sanctuary.
    Any animal lover who is interested in helping by writing letters to the county officials or BLM or pledging to help to transport any of these animals to the sanctuary, you will first want to view these (below) websites that have proof of the abuse and then take whatever action you can to help them. IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO HELP THEM. Videos of these Mustangs in January before going to Ms.Bierling:

    Three websites that have photos and recent information on this tragedy:
    None of us can do everything that needs to be done for our wild ones but all of us CAN do the best we can do. “So shines a good deed in a weary world” – Willy Wonka


  13. Another reason the USA should have a body similar to that which we have in the UK. The RSPCA ( Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)is a charitable body with the right in law to bring prosecutions for cruelty and neglect. The police here hand cruelty and neglect cases over to the RSPCA who impound any animals and look after them until the court case is settled, They will attempt to recover costs from any one convicted but otherwise all costs are from charitable income, seems to work very well indeed. You need to get a similar body in the US,Nation wide well coordinated and working with the local police, and with the LEGAL POWERS to do something.


  14. Poor Ginger,
    Yes, you are right. In addition to breaking local laws in her county and state, this woman has committed a federal offense by not providing humane care to these animals as is clearly stated in the purchase contract between she and the Department of the Interior. Both the Michigan BLM and the California (Eagle Lake/Twin Peaks) BLM are aware of this animal neglect and have done nothing. They are like the local Allegan County Michigan Sheriff’s Department and the Allegan County Animal Control and the Allegan County Prosecutor … they just want it all to be swept under the rug and can’t wait until the whole mess becomes “old news” and is forgotten. And yet this minute … many of the mustangs are still in possession and control of the woman who tortured them for months. The least we humans can do for them is get them far away from her and to a safe home.


    • Go get ’em, Grandma! I hope everyone’s read the two Sale Authority documents.
      Bill of Sale:
      Sale Questions Form:
      There are several questions which, depending on her answers, could be useful in a lawsuit.

      Since both these documents are issued by a Federal Agency, and the Bill of Sale is signed and countersigned, any false statements can be considered breeches of 18 USC 1001, Lying to the Government.

      I found this in a law article re 18 USC 1001: “Did you know that it is a crime to tell a lie to the federal government? Even if your lie is oral and not under oath? Even if you have received no warnings of any kind? Even if you are not trying to cheat the government out of money? Even if the government is not actually misled by your falsehood? Well it is.”

      Pretty scary stuff, but scaring people often leads to positive outcomes. In this case, a registered letter (or perhaps a single phonecall) from the BLM should have her begging to VOLUNTARILY surrender these poor mustangs to the MCWC.

      BLM, here are some before and after photos of these abused Mustangs (“neglect” is a form of “abuse”!). Saving these Mustangs would take only moments out of someone’s day. You have the power to make all the differerence if you the right thing, right now!


      • OK….I’m oversimplifying again but, if somebody wants to help these horses they should approach Ms. Bad Business person and find out what she wants for the horses. I suspect, because of demonstrated bad reasoning and business skills, she is asking ridiculous sums and LOVING the attention……especially since law enforcement (including DA) don’t want to spend the money to resolve the situation. That in and of itself is just plain disgusting. Imagine getting beat up by your spouse and the local LEOs say they’ll be there tomorrow because they prioritize abuse because the have a murder victim that is more important than you?!?! Oh, that works. Idiots!

        You are supposed to get smarter with less money….not lazier or more stupid. BTW, did local authorities EVER reach out to citizens or nonprofits or breed associations?….or did they not have the money for that either?


      • Yes Denise, this has already been tried. A very gracious monetary offer was made and because (as you said) she likes the attention she is getting (and playing the “poor me” act) she has refused to sell the horses (except some she didn’t like) to anyone she thinks might be against her – which is everyone who has looked at the starvation photos.
        Local authorities (Allegan Sheriff and Animal Control) did not have to “reach out” for help for these horses … many private citizens and MHWC all reached out to Allegan officials first … offering care/feed/money … but the officials did not follow their own law which required them to seize all the animals (16 counts of animal neglect – and no seizure!).


      • “Can’t fix stupid!”…Ron White.

        BUT….because the horses were not seized, there will be no resolution. In the end the equines will die. Shame on Allegan County AND the freaking state of Michigan…..SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!!!! If I were the state house or Governor, or even Ford I’d be embarrassed beyond belief and kick some “Allegan County A$$”!!!!

        At a minimum, the county could monitor conditions on site and encourage surrender. And if Ms. Bad Business Person won’t cooperate, coordinate with volunteer orgs and people and transfer the equines via seizure. The county wouldn’t have to pay one cent in upkeep, etc. only the legal action.


      • Agree, agree, agree. I hope you and others will contact BLM and tell them exactly what you just told me and ask them to file federal charges.


  15. So collectively, is there anything WE can do to help these horses? We can see the good plan gone bad, and we can point fingers at the officials who SHOULD be held accountable for this mess….but what, if anything can we do to HELP?


  16. Dear “Magic”
    Read the blogs and look at the photos. The blogs have links to the Michigan Horse Welfare Coalition and DreamCatcher Sanctuary who are working along with private individuals to save the horses from their abuser. Contact them. The blogs also have email/phone numbers of the Allegan officials. Contact them. You can also contact the BLM in Michigan and in California – Eagle Lake office and then go right to the top … California BLM and Washington DC. You will not be alone in this – many are with you. Thank you.


  17. Monday’s Update from the Kalamazoo Gazette:

    Allegan mustang update: Officer completing inventory of horses’ whereabouts

    From the comments, Bieling can’t remember the lies she told to cover the lies she told. Still no prosecution, but, as of the 25th, it hasn’t been ruled out. Some commenters to previous stories said she bought Mustangs for $10 each (including pregnant mares) and her contracts and bills of sale reserved the right to recover foals from adopters or buyers after they’re weaned. She requires that stud colts can’t be gelded. Word is she wants to start a Mustang breeding program.


    • Yes, this seems to be the truth and why people dropped out of the project when she revealed it. This is what did her in.


    • Yep … I think you have got the picture. Thank you for the article and I would suggest that the comments be read also. They seem to be written by people who know her intent and can see through her lies. Yes … word has it that she does/did want to participate in a breeding program – as the wording in the contracts prove. Also, you will want to know that these Mustangs were not the first Mustangs she acquired … apparently she had a few before … at least one white/grey mare which was finally gotten away from her when it was also in very bad condition … general health and feet way over grown to the point it could barely walk. Word also has it that she plans on sending some of the foals to someone who is planning a big Mustang breeding program – thus the foals “can’t be gelded” for two years and other contract stipulations. Word also has it that she is/has made arrangements for at least one mare to be bred to a Fresian (sp?) for one of her buyers. WORD ALSO HAS IT THAT SHE PLANS ON BUYING MORE MUSTANGS. So ….. although any of us can end up having financial troubles … there is NO excuse for the starvation of these animals. I know that a couple of these 29 horses died “in her care” previous to the MHWC becoming aware and the county being notified of their starvation situation. None of us can solve all of the problems for these horses but we can all do a little something and hope that until all of these animals are removed from her possession that we will not give up and if that means writing letters to the Allegan County officials every single day … or contacting the Michigan Horse Welfare Coalition who have been sticking their necks out to save these horses since they learned of the condition of these starved animals or if it means contacting the DreamCatcher sanctuary and offering help … whatever … please do a little something. The last I heard was that the sanctuary still is offering a “forever” home to all of these abused horses … let’s “get ‘er done”!


  18. The local DA dod not prosecute. This gave this woman time to send some of the horses away… if they were indeed sent. The Sheriff wanted to arrest her. I do hope something is done and the horses get seized by the group that is trying to help. The woman has possession and it gets very complicated and meanwhile the horses suffer.


  19. Just too shocking – the County officials should be prosecuted – for gross stupidity along with this barbarian female.


    Five mares, one foal and three geldings out of the original 29 Twin Peaks Mustangs have been saved and are being prepared for shipment back to DreamCatcher Sanctuary in California – only a few miles from their home land. This is due to the months of hard work, buckets of tears and sleepless nights of many people including DreamCatcher Sanctuary and the Michigan Horse Welfare Coalition. These horses will be heading back in just a few days and although financial pledges for some of the transportation costs have been sent … more donations are sincerely needed as well as sponsorships for the horses care after arrival. This is urgent – these horses have been through a horrible experience this past year and any bit of help for them to have a peaceful and safe forever life will be greatly appreciated. You can mail donations to DreamCatcher Sanctuary, PO Box 9, Ravendale, CA 96123.
    Phone: 530-260-0148
    More information and photos are being prepared for Elyse’s blog “The Humane Observer”.


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