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The False Bottom at the Bottom of the Barrel in Wallis World

Guest OpEd by Vicki Tobin ~ VP of the Equine Welfare Alliance

Just when you thought Wallis couldn’t stoop any lower…

These comments really hit home as both my wife, Terry, and our good friend and Director of Wild Burro affairs at Wild Horse Freedom Federation, Marjorie Farabee, have had their lives turned upside down due to the wild fires in the Magnolia, Texas area the last 10 days.  The fire has come just scant miles from both of our ranches.  Terry still has an evacuated equine guest or two with our rig locked, loaded and ready to roll with the herd while Marjorie has many of her 107 charges off in alternate areas.  There is nothing either funny or at all related to eating horses regarding REAL responsible horse people attempting to save the lives of their valued equine charges.  But the sick and twisted Wyoming State Rep. “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis and her impotent lap dog Dave “Doink” Duquette can see an opportunity to slurp up horse blood at every turn, even in a tragedy.  Their perversion is despicable.  Thanks Vicki for continuing to expose then for what they are, the very dredges of human society.” ~ R.T.

Duquette and Wallis discussing new ways to slaughter and BBQ the American Horse, Wild or Domestic it just all about eating horses

Surprise! It can be done.

We are all saddened by the losses from the wild fires in Texas and helping where we can. While many of us from out of state can’t help on the ground, we are providing information on ranches that can temporarily house horses, who to call for help and moral support.

Are you wondering what the Texas wildfires could possibly have to do with horse slaughter? I thought the same thing when I received a call last night saying “they’re” now using the wildfires to call for slaughter. Being the skeptic, I asked for proof. This exchange took place on Saturday between 12:18p and 3:22p on Facebook. And of course, she never misses a beat to slam Senator Landrieu and HSUS.

Poster: I don’t think anyone is against helping. My friends in Texas would help me I’m sure, however, I have nothing to give. Our own drought here in Arkansas has limited our supply and then dealers sell promised hay to someone else, well it all becomes about the $$ signs. We desperately need horse processing and soon, I foresee a time in the not so distant future where there is no hay to buy from anywhere and no place to sell the horses.

Wallis: Desperate times call for desperate measures — we need as many people as possible to hear loud and clear what Belinda Merritt just expressed! This is awful, and we all do whatever we can, but without the long-term permanent ability to do the right thing for horses that can’t be supported…everybody and everything suffers way more than is right or necessary. It is tough enough already.

Wallis: By the way, all you Texans — one Senator that really REALLY needs to hear from you about the perfect storm of drought, fire, and inability to sell horses that you can’t keep is Kay Bailey Hutchison who has consistently supported slaughter bans. You need to make sure her phone lines and email networks are LIT UP with nothing else! Comment from me: When did KBH ever support slaughter bans?

Wallis: Same for Louisiana – and Sen. Mary Landrieu – she needs to hear from as many horse people as possible. Tell her about the SUFFERING that is happening BECAUSE OF lack of ability to sell horses. She doesn’t understand horses or the people who love and care for them every day. She needs to listen to HORSE PEOPLE not professional fundraisers who don’t own horses or spend any of their resources to help them. And, oh by the way, where is the HSUS/PETA folks…any of you been getting any assistance from them? I didn’t think so…

Wallis: Ok – since I’m on a rant, put Sen. Lindsey Graham, South Carolina, on that list! We know there are some good folks in your state who are doing everything they can to get a humane horse plant up and running. He needs to hear from you!

Wallis: And EVERYONE who has Senators who are supportive of and working for the horse industry like our Wyoming Senators Mike Enzi and John Barrasso – call them and ask them to reach out to all of their colleagues like Hutchison, Landrieu, and Graham to NOT BRING ANY AMENDMENTS that will only increase the completely unnecessary, wasteful and agonizing suffering of horses. Point out what is happening in the fire/drougth stricken Southwest, and the flood devastated Midwest. Talk about a triple whammy!!!

2nd Poster: Where is Ms. Money Bags Madeline Pickens with her billions. I am surprised she hasn’t coughed up a few $$$ for Texas.

3rd Poster: all i ask for from others who are reading this are prayers. And now since i know which senator in tx to contact you can bet i will be getting on that and all the others!!! It is sad that others make money off of someone else’s hardship, and it will only get worse with the weather, lack of food, and no slaughter plants!! What about the horses here and other areas who are going to need medical care for long periods and may still live dependent on medical intervention, or not be of value to the owners? The quine rescue homes were over populated before…..what now?!

Many horse owners have moved their horses to safety and helped neighbors and friends move their horses before moving themselves. Those are the “horse” people that Wallis never acknowledges. They are the horse people that comprise the horse industry, not the bottom of the barrel that sell out their horses for a quick buck and use a heartbreaking tragedy to further their ill conceived agenda.

The late John Hettinger said it best, “We have no desire to point a finger at anybody or hurt anybody, but the lowest common denominator cannot be allowed to prevail any longer. We must end the slaughter of horses.”

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  1. Those two are so sickening that pic just about made me throw up.
    BTW Senator Rand Paul ( R-KY and Tea Party ) has sent me 2 form letters now that appear to support horse slaughter. I personally handed him a folder with info in it about wild horses on one side and slaughter on the other and have called his office too in D.C.


  2. I’m pulling this post forward. It may not have been seen by everyone and I think it is important.

    Beverly Levitt
    Sep 13, 2011 @ 07:03:55
    I was told yesterdy we are losing because pro slaughter activist are so well organized, calling with one point, money and using a zip code in that state for each Senator they call (dirty politics as usual). Which is what this is all about and all our Senators are concerned with in our economy, money. It is vital that we stick to the points listed above & show no emotion about the inhumanity being served upon our horses. We can take that issue up later with SB1176. We need to stay on this folks! They need to be reminded that it is illegal for pro slaughter to pay for their own inspections and that it is foreign interest that will run these plants, violating every environmental ordinance we have, leaving the tax payer to foot the legal bills to try and enforce our laws! There are much needed inspections here for our own food & food shipped in from abroad that tax dollars should be used for. Not satisfying the pallets of foreigners! Thank you folks for all your hard work & dedication in keeping us streamlined and on point!


  3. I think this is such an important point to make in conjunction with the cruelty of slaughter. You have to counter the claims that slaughter is a necessary component of the Horse industry.

    The GAO report failed to take into account the simple economics of supply and demand. Horse slaughter encourages production of excess horses that continuously feeds the slaughter pipeline. The horse industry does not produce meat and the insignificant revenue from horse slaughter that represents 3 cents on every $100 earned, did not and will not take down the horse industry.


  4. Here’s a little more unnerving piece of info to add to this. U.S. Sen. Max Baucus from Montana says Congress is moving closer to allowing U.S. horses to be slaughtered primarily for their meat with a move that allows inspections of the facilities. Dem. senator Baucus has been backing an idea to allow the Dept. of Agriculture to again start inspecting horse slaughter plants. (He wants to be able to open a plant in Montana)
    I found this in my local newspaper from yesterday. The story was of course longer, but this is the jest of what he is promoting.


    • Thanks for reminding folks here, Jerry.

      I asked all concerned to “google” Baucus that his boasting (which SS is sliming any page she can find to push the boast).

      This goes back to my post on the “EWA Calls All Advocates to Action” thread SFTHH put up.

      They a re BRAGGIN” folks! They think they got plants back in the US in the bag….partly because the Obama (remember the Hopey, Changey Thing) are weak on real leadership and corporate rollover change.

      Contact your Fed Senators and use the points Vicki gave us….NO EQUINE SLAUGHTER IS INHUMANE>>>TALK ECONOMICS!


  5. WE CAN NEVER LET THIS HAPPEN,,,EVER! I am going to make my own comments to those ill educated legislators. These people are TOTAL BOTTOM FEEDERS – LIKE VULGERS WHO PICK THE FLESH OFF OF ANY THING THAT THEY CAN. I know that there has been publicity regarding places that people could take their horses to be out of harms way. What a sick
    sick B__________! All of us in the horse community should be banding together to help each other. If you have extra stalls or available places, we all should try and help one another.


  6. Just to clarify, when the 2006 law was passed, the USDA cut a deal with the slaughter plants to let them pay for inspections. This has already been challenged (HSUS took it to court) and the federal court ruled it is a violation of the federal meat inspection act.

    The two plants in TX were already shut down by state law when the ruling came through so Cavel challenged to the Supreme Court and were allowed to operate under a TRO until the SC determined if they would even hear the case. Before the SC made the determination, the state law was passed in IL. Even that didn’t shut them down until after two court challenges (federal district and 7th circuit court of appeals). When they lost in the 7th circuit on September 21, 2007, they appealed to the Supreme Court and they shut down because they were not granted a TRO to operate (as in previous challenges). Finally, in June of 2008, the SC refused to hear their case and ended the challenge of our state law. This is another example of the cost to our government and local communities. In addition to the waste water violations they continually challenged, they paid virtually no tax and yet, used our hard earned tax dollars for OUR court system, challenging OUR laws. I attended the district court case and the waste water violation discussions with the DeKalb sanitary district. If you want to listen to the ridiculous arguments they used in the court of appeals, it’s posted on my site – – scroll down, click on Cavel and it’s on the 3rd page.

    I’m on my last nerve…. They claim to want humane, regulated slaughter and yet, they can’t follow the laws we have, they ignore EU regulations, falsify paperwork and the most telling vision that nothing will ever change is that the slightest change to make life more tolerable for slaughter horses, like banning double deckers, they oppose. They are already trying to find a way around the new USDA rule on double deckers. Wallis thinks the “Tribes” should be exempt because their horses are smaller and won’t hit their heads. Honest, you couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried.


    • Good refresher course Vicki!

      “A person has a right to be stupid; they do not, however have a right to abuse the privilege.” Just saw that quote and thought of Doink and SS.


  7. Hope everyone is safe and sound. I live in Montgomery TX and I was ready to pack the horses, dogs and cats in the truck and trailer and leave. I pray for those that have lost their homes and belongings.


  8. Whoever thought Sue could sink as low to “fit” under an ant and then Dave Doink, rite under her, it’s their pattern….it’s to be expected… low they “DO” go!!!!!


    • Thanks for the visual (DD under SS), Jeannie! Now I am sick! These two will do anything it takes. Too bad being a liar isn’t illegal! Sneaking the USDA funding in then bragging about it wasn’t the brightest move they ever made! It’s a wonder they even come up with this stuff. Wonder who’s doing the thinking?


  9. I lost my cookies looking at the photo above……………..arnt those two a likely pair, Sorry they remind me of a ventriloquist and her Dummy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,he should be sitting on her lap…………………………….What ever poccesses them to actually think Slaughter is humane ………………I would really like to think that those two do not even exist ………………….. They certainly are a really bad joke………………………………..


  10. Talk about jumping on the bandwagon and trying to push forward your nefarious agenda on other people’s suffering. What absolute scum!!


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