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Abused Twin Peaks Wild Horses Come Home to DreamCatcher

Story by Lisa LeBlanc ~ Charter Member of WHFF Advisory Board

Captive Wild Horses Make Trek Across Nation, Again



DreamCatcher Wild Horse & Burro Sanctuary in Termo, California, brought home 9 Twin Peaks mares, geldings and a foal born to a captive mother that were acquired under Sale Authority and transported to Michigan in February of this year and released them as a herd on September 11, 2011. These animals are from a group of 29 shipped to the Michigan buyer that were discovered in extremely poor condition and malnourished, some a mere ‘1’ on the Henneke Scale, yet the local prosecuter has failed to press charges and 14 horses still remain in the abusive buyers custody, two have already died.  DreamCatcher is willing to home these horses, also.

While the details of their captivity in Michigan are appalling, the focus here is on the victory – that, through the efforts of rescue organizations in Michigan and open communications through a network of dedicated groups and individuals, these 9 animals were granted an opportunity to come home. DreamCatcher Wild Horse Sanctuary is about 60 miles, as the crow flies, from the Twin Peaks HMA where these horses were born and lived until their removal in August, 2010.

First brought to the attention of Michigan authorities by the Michigan Horse Welfare Coalition much of their plight had also been followed by Elyse Gardner on her ‘Humane Observer‘ site. Many of these specific animals have been chronicled on the ‘Where the Wild Horses Are‘ blog  before, during and after their removal, and subsequent existence in Michigan; their beauty in the wild has been captured in photographs that belie the anonymity forced on them through entrance into the BLM pipeline.

DreamCatcher Wild Horse Sanctuary is now providing these horses a forever home and a free-range life close to what they had known in Twin Peaks.

These once proud and free wild horses have experienced the single worst year of their lives – from round up to holding to transport halfway across the country, powerless subjection to an utter lack of care, and then back again. We have chosen the role of self-appointed representatives or guardians for Wild and Captive Wild Equines; we owe these animals the best we can do for them whenever the opportunity presents itself. Please, join us in thanking Barbara Clarke and DreamCatcher Wild Horse Sanctuary for making this past year nothing more than a bad memory for these horses.   Please help if you can.

Running Free, again, as they were before the cruelty of the BLM

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  1. I believe miracles can and do happen , this is one of them, Thank You to all!!! I cried with Joy for them………………………………..


  2. I hope this lady in Michigan will consider giving up the remaining in her care.

    And I hope BLM sees the crack that these horses fell through and will plug it at their end so this never happens again.


  3. It just goes to show you how ineffective and how they lack procedures to follow up on these horses. They have no procedures in place to follow these horses and no means of follow up. All they want to do is remove the horses and burros. Once out of sight out of mind. It appears that they don’t give a damn where they go and its apparent their health and welfare is not of paramonunt
    importance. The BLM is being exposed for what they truly are. Its a tragedy
    that our tax dollars continue to fund this arm of the government. I pray for all of the horses that have been lost. How can these horses every be expected to trust a human being when they are so abused? As Magiclady said, God Bless all those humans who provide love and comfort to these abused horses. It
    has gone full circle now. They left the land that they loved under a torturious situation and now have returned to land where they belong. Why did they ever have to leave? As Americans we should demand accountability for each and every Wild Horse and Burro.


  4. So far, the return and forever safe home for these nine Mustangs has been a miracle – a miracle that happened because of many, many people who truly care and understand and did not give up.
    The original abuser still has 14 Twin Peaks Mustangs in her possession and control and we are all very fearful for their future – to say the least.
    Two died so far …
    So ……….. bottom line is that the Michigan Horse Welfare Coalition and DreamCatcher Sanctuary are still willing to acquire the remaining 14 Mustangs and join them with the others at DreamCatcher. If they cannot be on the range where they belong, then the least we can do is to be sure they are removed from the abuser and are no longer starved, neglected and abused.


    • In my opinion … she now refuses to sell the Mustangs because she follows the pattern of a classic example of a “control freak”. There is no doubt that she does NOT have the best interest of these wild horses as her goal.


  5. There is more of this story on the Humane Observer website. WONDERFUL people at both ends, doing everything in their power to get the Horses back home.



    • Thank You Louie, There personal accounts were beautiful , the mustangs have the ability to touch your very soul, with the beauty which resides in each and everyone of them , It tears me apart to know so many of them are in holding at the BLM needlessly, to know this not a one of us here will rest till they are all freed back to the Land to which they belong and is rightfully theirs, if only we all can find the ways and means to stop this corrupt BLM…………………. and release and return them………………… Freedom Belongs to all them…………………………………


  6. Such extremes of emotion one senses when reading and hearing of these unimaginable accounts of horrific neglect and abuse the horses suffer, then the amazing and wonderful rehabilition and brought to healthy condition, and then on to living wild and free! With thankful heart, I post this, for all who have been saved and cared for, and especially for those who have the joy of returning to live wild and free!!


  7. Its a pity that they are still with this woman. The best thing that could happen to them would have the woman fall into her same old ways. At least the rescue could step in and take them instead of the BLM. I wonder which one is worse?
    Isn’t that sad. But we all pray to God that they will once again find their way back to the land that is theirs. Horses are such wonderful creatures that they know when they are being saved. Again, thank you Dreamcatchers. You have provided them with a miracle.


  8. God BLess all who had a part in this wonderful ending for these beautiful animals. I wish we all could get the additional 14 to Dream Catchers as well. In addition, I wish we could finally see the BLM get what they deserve, a complete shut down from Salazar on down through all the ranks and charges brought to all of them and the helicopter pilots working for their companies. Accountability for all the horses taken from ranges should be demanded and no excuses accepted. God loves these beautiful animals and I hope he will see that all these animals so abused and harmed by the BLM will again see their homes and families. Let’s all demand it. God bless all of you for helping to being this to fruition.


    • dear Grandma Gregg, Thank you for the Link, tears drenched my face to read and see this wonderful miracle, there is nothing as beautiful as witnessing a release to freedom for these absolutlely awesome Wild Mustangs, God Bless all @Dreamcatchers………………


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