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New BLM Wild Horse and Burro Honcho Sends Advocates Into Twilight Zone

(In My Humble Opinion) by R.T. Fitch ~ President  Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Aliens Take Over Washington D.C.

"Don't Ask Me Nuttin" ~ Joan Guilfoyle, new chief of BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program

Please excuse me while I slip off my sport coat, dress jeans and Sunday boots.  We’ve been busy, the last several days, at the first annual International Equine Conference in D.C. and proper protocol required that I look, and act presentable.  Which, I might add, was quite a chore when it came time to introducing the new director of the BLM’s broken Wild Horse and Burro program, Joan Guilfoyle; you know, the federal employee who appeared in an article in the New York Times, last week, spouting misnomer, incorrect facts and high school girlie sort of spew about how much she loves the pretty little horsies; that’s the one.  It’s time for me to put my muck boots, crumpled straw hat and holey jeans back on because we got a few stalls to muck out.

Well gang; ole Joan volunteered to “introduce” herself to the equine advocacy community during this outstanding and one of kind equine convention.  At first glance that was sort of cool and even kind of gutsy as there was not one living soul in attendance that agrees with her agency’s ongoing war and helicopter massacre of our federally “protected” wild horses and burros.  Plus, many of us have yet to scab over from the abuse and arrogance doled out by her predecessor, Donn Glenn, who  was a documented two-faced  stooge and puppet for his boss, BLM Director Bob Abbey…BUT, and there is always a butt with some being much larger than others (and this one is huge), she would not answer any questions.  Like a seagull she wanted to fly in, crap on our picnic table and then fly out, and we agreed.

Being one who has no opinion and spends lots of time sitting on the fence over major equine welfare issues I had a  little bit of difficulty in swallowing that lack of transparency, disclosure and goodwill but (there is that butt again) I was told, even by my wife, that perhaps this would be a new beginning and that we should strive to build bridges instead of chewing at the pilings like I enjoy doing.  (You see, Terry is a nice person and is always seeking ways to make things right between folks; she is the good side to my personality and to this day I don’t know what she sees in the other)  So I agreed to bite my lip and go for the gold, “be a good boy, R.T.!”  So off to the conference we went.

There really must be a rather twisted, yet enjoyable, sense of humor to that great spirit that guides our lives and opens up a variety of doors that we can choose to enter because when I stepped into the hotel’s lobby elevator, to head up to the conference room, who do you think was in the elevator…yeah, you got it, Joan, and thrown in for additional comic relief and Twilight Zone flashbacks was our good ole BLM buddy, Dean Bolstad.  I thought that I had died and gone to heaven because you know that I just could not keep my snarky little mouth shut.  Dean and I politely greeted each other, and he next introduced Joan to whom I promptly quipped:

“I sincerely have to give you credit for voluntarily walking right into the den of lions.”

“What do you mean?”, she asked, “I don’t get it, den of lions?”

Dean harrumphed and I instantly knew that the horses and burros were in a bind and my lip was going to be bleeding while I bit it off during the course of the upcoming morning.

We exited the elevator and as we walked down the hallway I continued,

“I will be introducing you, this morning, and understand that you do not want to answer any questions while in front of the audience but would you like to make yourself available for interested attendees during the break?”

The new director of the Wild Horse and Burro program quickly snapped her reply,

“Oh no, simply no questions what so ever.”

“Why is that?”, I asked.

And out of her mouth came a response that made all of time stand still,

“I have only had my job for five weeks and I really don’t have a full understanding of it, yet.”

You know that scene in the movies where the main character is standing in a hallway and all of a sudden the reality of the scene is lost as the hallway suddenly stretches out into infinity with this sort of vertigo instilling “whoosh” type sound effect comes into play; IT HAPPENED TO ME!!!  Somewhere echoing inside my vacant head I heard myself scream;

“What sort of dumbass, idiotic, lamebrain remark is that?  Did you not post or apply for the position that you felt your qualifications and experience were well-balanced against the federally documented requirements and expectations?  And after five weeks if you don’t have a clue as to the scope of your responsiblity and the associated deliverables that you are held accountable for shouldn’t you be begging someone, somewhere to help you pull your head out of your ass as not a single soul in the private sector would still be employed in a management position if they didn’t know what it was all about after sitting behind the desk for OVER a MONTH?”…then my heart began to beat again, my mind cleared and I muttered, from my real mouth,

“That’s interesting.”

So the time came to introduce the clueless leader of the BLM’s Wild Horse War Department and I calmly walked up to the podium, said what I was required to say, bit my lip, evacuated my bladder and excused myself to the men’s room to throw up every last bit of moral fiber and good conscious that I had.  It wasn’t pretty.

With a sore and beaten spirit I dragged myself back to conference room and subjected myself to a vintage high school dissertation on “what I did over the summer” except it encompassed an entire, self-centered life.  I felt faint so I began pushing my pen into my right eardrum in an effort to center myself.  I heard something about how “I always liked horses” and the hilt of pen disappeared into my skull.  “I like being in D.C. cause I can ride my bike to work”, I found a pencil on the registration desk and began to work on my left eardrum because I could still hear.  “I come from Minnesota, the land of the lakes, and I like to do water things”, the pencil disappeared into my brain faster than the pen, I scanned the area for a firearm to finish myself off with but none came into view.  “You need to come out to a roundup and see what goes on, it will really, really help you understand how much we love the horses and are dong what is best for them.”  My next conscious memory was waking up in the ICU at Alexandria General.

Dumbfounded, shocked, aghast…an entire Thesaurus of expletives does not even come close to the feelings experienced by that room full of intelligent, professional, aware equine advocates as the self-adulating pearls of governmental brain washing fell upon the conference room floor.  It was stunning, unreal and at the very best, just plain stupid.

But to the rescue, with vital oxygen and Adrenalin in tow, rode Ginger Kathrens who was the very next speaker and the conference was saved from the terminal case of dribble and BLM disrespect and disconnect.  We shall forever be proud and thankful that Ginger stepped up to save us but the taste of idiocy and unfairness still lingers in my mouth today.

“I get to tell you what I want but you can’t say anything to me cuz I said so” is the BLM’s new leader of the Wild Horse and Burro program’s mantra.

“If I begin to talk you might realize that neither myself nor the BLM leadership knows the first thing about what we are doing and that we fully intend to do all of the wrong things that we have been doing for years simply because, (insert evil laugh) we CAN!”

Let me repeat what I said as Joan left the podium,

“Consider this a good opportunity, Joan, to connect names with faces because you will be hearing from us on the range, in the media and in the courts of this great country!”, because ladies and gentlemen, we ain’t going away and nobody is getting away with thinking that WE are THAT stupid.

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  1. Surprising? Nope!

    Disappointed? More like heartbroken….again.

    RT…that was a fantastic recount and was very funny in spots, no matter how sad the result (another validated dumba** at DOI).

    Ms Guilfoyle then Ms Kathrens…talk about night and day.

    Thanks to eveyone for behaving during the “children’s hour” at the IEC. I hope we can get more info from other attendees.


    • Please sign Wild Mustang Robin’s petition on the White House site to restore the 1971 Free Roaming to its original intent – that no person or organization would be exempt from our responsibility to treat animals humanly. Just visit “wh” dot “gov” and then “/41I”. I need 5000 signatures by October 25th. Thanks for your support. Here’s the link:


  2. Sad … sad … sad. The only good I can take away from this: the DOI’s (ultimately) underestimation of our intelligence can work for the good of our Wild Ones. Yes it is insulting … but it is a definate weakness in their strategy! Weak puppeteer = tangled up puppet … ready for a fall. ;D. Or does Abbey smell defeat … and is intentionally throwing this gal under the bus?


  3. RT…it’s only 7 am…and after reading this I feel like a shot of whiskey!!!! (and I don’t drink whiskey!)…geez, OMG. ……..Thanks you for being there…and the bright side of this is..if there was ever any doubt by anyone out there about the BLM….well, if they don’t get it now….I’m not sure what else could prove the ineptness if the BLM!!!!…… I have said before…”IT IS BETTER TO BE THOUGHT OF AS A FOOL, THAN TO OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND REMOVE ALL DOUBT,JOAN….”


  4. Nobody but nobody but RT could have written such a awesome account for the BLM spokesperson because from reading the account that is all she is, a better name is the token fall girl. !!!! What a waste ,but the BLM are experts at that also…. BLM had the unmitigated gull to send her, and as for Dean Bolsted, did he even open up his mouth ?????? Yes RT I would have tossed my cookies , but not in the restroom right there on the table(or perhaps right in her lap)( or right on Dean )………. I tried to make this symposium but could not !!!! It must have took unimaginable strength to be so close to those two……. All I can say is How Dare they come there and refuse to answer any questions, again they waste tax payers money, with pure BS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> My heart and Soul breaks for the innocent Wild Mustangs made to suffer the horrors of this totally defunct BS spewing imbeciles who have absolutely no no conception of what they are doing !!!!! Thank God for Ginger to save the moment with her intelligence and caring for the Wild Mustangs……Any photos of Dean Bolsted I would really like to the face of the man who had the nerve to invade our symposium with nothing to benefit our Mustangs………………. The very nerve of them…….. I think both of them should have been thrown out ………………………….. Sorry , just saying what i think !!!!


  5. Oh Oh Oh…….and WHAT????
    The new director of the Wild Horse and Burro program quickly snapped her reply,

    “Oh no, simply no questions what so ever.”

    “Why is that?”, I asked.

    And out of her mouth came a response that made all of time stand still,

    “I have only had my job for five weeks and I really don’t have a full understanding of it, yet.”

    Does this now mean I will get that” brain surgeon” job that I wanted and no skills required????

    R.T., this means the puppet string’s are going to be in full action!!!!

    The video I watched yesterday, where the BLM and the Wild Horse advocates asked if they could get the the allowed footage to observe, the one woman was asking for Joan and had a hard time pronouncing her last name, well i guess it won’t matter much….

    I guess all we can do is hope, stay positive that somewhere in that woman Joan with the hard last name to pronounce is a heart and a mind to use it.

    Glad that Ginger came to the rescue and set thing’s straight, was Joan taking notes?

    God Help the horses and burro’s…


    • Answer ……….then what may I ask are you doing here???? Just wasting tax payers money??????? all creditability is lost immediately ……


  6. R.T., you should have had on your muck boots listening ( or busting your ear drums) to Joan G. She had 5 weeks to learn all the BLM BS but not the truth.
    Great article !! You nailed it again.


  7. This is for Joan, what’s her last name?

    and for any that have not seen this, it is ABSOLUTLEY appauling and heartbreaking..


  8. I can’t believe I missed this…but I don’t know that this old Nu Yawker could have behaved like a lady. Another magnificent waste of taxpayer money, employed to be an airheaded valley girl who loved My Little Pony. This is what they put in charge of the genocide of our beautiful symbol of America’s Wild and Free Spirit? SHAME ON YOU! SHAME, SHAME, SHAME…


  9. “You need to come out to a roundup and see what goes on, it will really, really help you understand how much we love the horses and are doing what is best for them.” What?? Did she really really say that? Let’s go–print this phrase out and bring it with you–it’s her permit to us to be there! Hmm notice the word “roundup”–it should be “gather” right? She must get down with BLM talk–right now she may be a truth speaker–more than she knows. We really really do know how much you care for the horses–and it ain’t pretty. Why are we paying these people? More anger here…..


  10. Well penned my friend. It was good to see you at the conference. As a public servant and policymaker it’s simply unacceptable that the new BLM Wild Horse and Burro leader would refuse to take questions after presenting the bureau’s positions on the grounds that she doesn’t ” have a full understanding of ” her job yet. Imagine if a policymaker that was voted into position by the public took that stance.


  11. Your post is hilarious! Can you believe with all the hardworking, talented, skilled Americans out of work – about 12 million and millions more underemployed at Walmartish type jobs- this woman got a high paying job in charge of the stewardship of our disappearing wild horses by saying she likes to ride her bike and play in the water.
    unbelievable. The Palin of wild horses.


    • Well said! This is a little BLM joke to keep us distarcted in the midst of a Nazi-like extermination of America’s Wild American Mustangs.


  12. My favorite part of her personal ad like speech was ” If 40,000 people just adopted 1 wild mustang, we’d have our problem solved” I almost lost my breakfast with that one…. I also couldn’t help but cough the words ” Bullshit” when she stated Wild horses don’t go to slaughter….


    • She didn’t have the audacity to say that did she? How bout if the BLM would stop rounding them up and stop adding to the stockpile, they might have a hope. What a dingbat.


    • Hi Brogan
      Excuse me Director G but don’t my taxes in essence PAY the board bill for the wild ones still out there–much less the ones in prison?

      Turn the horses back out. Costs the taxpayers nothing. Cattle people can buy (GET THAT–BUY)whatever range they need. At normal everyday price that you and I pay. Not this welfare stuff that’s been shoved down everyone’s throat.

      To Director G–well you really have some BIG cahones thinking you could just come into a conference–blab your mouth and not take or answer any questions. Even OJ was smarter than that.

      Get ready because Bobby Boo Boo is really going to let you take the fall for this agency. Why in the world did you even bother to show up to this if you weren’tmgoing to entertain questions?


  13. Oh my! The BLM has done it … AGAIN!

    My immediate reaction was “The Peter Principle”, but I think the “Dunning-Kruger Effect” is more appropriate. It can be applied to almost all elected officials and government appointees.

    Dunning and Kruger proposed that, for a given skill, incompetent people will:
    1. tend to overestimate their own level of skill;
    2. fail to recognize genuine skill in others;
    3. fail to recognize the extremity of their inadequacy;
    4. recognize and acknowledge their own previous lack of skill, IF they can be trained to substantially improve. (“Trained” by whom, to parrot what? Three guesses, and the first two don’t count!)

    They won the 2000 Nobel Prize in Psychology for their report: “Unskilled and Unaware of It: How Difficulties in Recognizing One’s Own Incompetence Lead to Inflated Self-Assessments”

    They have quoted Charles Darwin:
    “Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.”

    Also Bertrand Russell:
    “One of the painful things about our time is that those who feel certainty are stupid, and those with any imagination and understanding are filled with doubt and indecision.” (In this case, doubt about keeping your job if you dare to speak out. I don’t think any BLM employees are “indecisive” about that!)


  14. ROTFL while shaking my head at how we managed to get this dingbat to deal with. I’m just reading about her presentation and I feel like a dear in the headlights–stunned. Do they actually PAY her or is she just a BLM candy striper? Fasten your seatbelts, dealing with her is going to be a bumpy road.


  15. Recieved letters from NC Senators who know BLM is acting without regard to our Nation’s iconic Mustangs. I included the letters in the primer, ‘Facts of Life’ in Accordance with the Natural World’s Universal Truths.
    Because the only way to change something is to bring it into the light. We may not be the generation who succeeds, but with a lot of hope and hard work, maybe the next generation will. ‘Facts of Life’ teaches youngsters the ripple effect and environmental respect.
    The war is not over.


  16. R.T. thank you! i could not do that at all. i say what i mean and i say it as bluntly as possible! Good Job! same old, same old. will it ever change?


  17. R.T., you came away with renewed vigor. Notice how, once again, they hand the hot potato to a woman? Maybe she’ll make a good shield and they can all hide behind her.


  18. Wait a sec? Wasn’t this the lady who said something about one horse in a thousand will get hurt etc?

    I smell a puppet. Excuse me while I go barf. What was the point of her coming to this convention if she wasn’t going to take questions? Okay so someone asked something that she didn’t have the answer to–write the question down, find the answer and post a response on the BLM’s website.

    5 weeks and she still doesn’t know the full scope of her job?

    And oh by the way just what do you think Laura’s been doing for the past two years? Spitting lies? Sorry but video doesn’t lie. Josh has been caught on tapes numerous times hitting exhausted animals. And handling wild horses isn’t for beginners. They are going to rear and buck. They are going to be confused. They are going to call for their families.

    And shocking them with hot shots IS NOT THE ANSWER. Hitting horses in the face with whipsticks (the sticks with the plastic bags on them) IS NOT THE ANSWER. Overloading pens to the point that horses can’t stand IS NOT THE ANSWER.

    The system is broken. It is has been so abused that no one really knows the rules cause BLM makes rules up as they choose to.

    I’m glad dear Ginger was there to save this after that. I’ll bet she she was usual calm self assured self. The dear lady who knows Cloud–who he has chosen to let speak human for him–in situations like this.

    Excuse me while I go hurl again.


    • My favorites: when a cowtwit flaps that whipstick in a horse’s FACE, expecting it to move FORWARD (you know, TOWARD the object of it’s fear??!), then pokes it in the butt with a hotshot when it doesn’t repond.


      Helicopter pilot flying into the faces of horses already headed toward the trap. Even the horses pause and you can almost hear them thinking, “What does this thing WANT, ferchrissakes???”

      Five weeks; Lord, have mercy….



  19. Dear Ms. Guillfoyle,
    If you think that all of us in that room listening to your propaganda about how great the BLM is believed you, think again. None of us are gullible and we found your statements offensive and patronizing.

    Also, all of your background information that clearly showed a very limited knowledge base about wild horses and burros was truly nothing less than astounding. If you are that naive about wild horses and burros, perhaps this is why the disgusting employees at the agency brainwashed you so you could write a speech filled with misleading statements and frank lies about the BLM and told you not to answer questions.

    I continue to believe that the Wild Horse and Burro Program at the BLM needs to be dissolved. Every single employee in that program needs to be fired (yes, including you Ms. Guillfoyle) and all of the FTE positions need to be moved to a new agency that is created by Congress with the mandate to PROTECT and PRESERVE our wild horses and burros and to only intervene when absolutely necessary.

    I am ashamed, disappointed, disgusted and embarrassed that these people work for the Federal Government and will certainly do my part as an citizen of the United States to dissolve the agency. It is rogue and corrupt and they don’t deserve to be paid by the US taxpayer. I wholeheartedly agree with RT that if she were in the private sector claiming that she didn’t know anything because she was only on the job for 5 weeks, she would have found her office door locked the following morning and her personal items packed in boxes outside the office door. You would have been fired and out the door Ms. Guillfoyle.

    In summary, If you want to come back and present at the conference next year, you are going to have to do better ie TELL THE TRUTH


    • Ok Dock , Don’t get a knot in your knicker’s. She’s not worth the effort even though she is a disgrace being placed in a leadership role with this corrupt agency. She is clueless, brainless and now spineless. Where are the puppet string’s? I hope we get some good new’s soon. She just took the wind out of our sails on this. But the Truth will eventually surface, soon I hope. Anyway we need to give Laura and R.T.and others in the cause much needed support to keep reporting, exposing and so . Just cool your jets, She’s not worth the trouble.


    • “I continue to believe that the Wild Horse and Burro Program at the BLM needs to be dissolved. Every single employee in that program needs to be fired (yes, including you Ms. Guillfoyle) and all of the FTE positions need to be moved to a new agency that is created by Congress with the mandate to PROTECT and PRESERVE our wild horses and burros and to only intervene when absolutely necessary.”

      Thank you for saying what I have been spouting for years. This is really what needs to be done and this woman is definitely the fall guy. She will never be able to answer any questions if she is not going to be a leader. She obviously is a figurehead with no power. She will never be the person we negotiate with. How long before she understands? Try ‘forever’.


    • Amen, sister! And I had my first job review at 6 weeks! Which was a first, but employers in the private sector are demanding more and more, not less. What she can’t answer any questions whatsoever? Why? She is IN CHARGE OF THE PROGRAM!!!


    • GOD BLESS YOU Dr. Marini!!! You have said it all so wonderfully!!! I fully agree that this abortion of an agency needs to be FOREVER REMOVED, DISBANDED, and never again put into any form of responsibility over the lives of animals that the individuals currently with this group so OBVIOUSLY and OPENLY HATE!! Why else all of the lies, b.s. and HIDDEN HAPPENINGS??? To be so ignorant to think the WE THE PEOPLE will actually CONSIDER, let alone BELIEVE your DRIVEL tells me that YOU only see that mirror you keep looking into and are avoiding the real world. The time is now for US to be rid of this agency that is NOT and HAS NOT for better than the last 50 + years, EVER DONE ANY GOOD for the MUSTANGS AND BURROS!!! My hat is off to all who attended and kept their tempers and cool… I honestly don’t believe that I would have been able to after hearing this Joan Guilfoyle actually admit to her ignorance on the job. …. I would have lost it right then, so thanks to all of you who were there and didn’t cause the scene I am afraid that I would have been guilty of… Idiots like her just totally piss me off and as I grow older I have gotten to the point that political correctness is b.s. as is the need to be polite to idiots. I just hope and pray that this is the year when we can totally eradicate our nation of this governmental mismanagement program called the Butchers of Lands and Mustangs, headed by Ken Slaughter-Czar with his feather brained buffoon Joan at his side now.


  20. Good write up R.T. – It is too obvious only names and faces have been changed in the upper echelons of the BLM equine “management program” but arrogance and stupidity are still alive and well in those imperial halls of shame.


  21. That was really “Painful” to read. She doesn’t even know what she is doing there. yet she got the job? Sounds like she will be the next patsy having to conform to what the BLM wants her to do. In a few months she will be grey, lost hair, and big dark ciricles under her eyes from all the stress she will come underfire for. Is she ready?


  22. Cannot believe what I am hearing!!! This lady has no clue!!!! Nice job RT. Sorry I couldn’t be there! Our economy is in the …..mudhole, so the BLM has to go! That would save us time, money, and…….horses!


  23. IEC Facebook page has a link to a new NYTimes link about the final conference day and Ms. Gurfuffled, Guillable….err Guilfoyle….not bad for our side actually.


  24. RT, Maybe find out if these BLM people have kids, and start there. Get their children on your side about the horses and then let them start to work on their parents…. hardly anyone can refuse to at least listen to their kids???



    READ IT, because I about fell out of my chair:

    I have always known about the nonregulated, not-raised-for-food-for-humans aspect, but my second prong of attack has been that it (HCHS) is unfair to traditional, legitimate US meat producers and jeopardizes THEIR EXPORT reputations (and no, I don’t want to discuss antianimal Ag and vegan issues.)

    You gotta read it.


    • Well if nothing else there goes SS position about how bute is out of the horses system in 24 hours. Her argument that its out of the blood system may be true but bute in the meantime has gone and hid in the flesh.

      I think she’s hit the kool aide stand one too many times.


      • The important thing is that this piece is in a reputable trade publication….and you can comment, reasonable uncensored and ease of posting.

        I have made many comments, along with Vicki (the KING of rebuttal) on many paper’s site (especially editorial), blogs, etc. While we here focus on the inhumanity, I have been educated in Ag and Vicki has a calm and logic that I could NEVER achieve…but starting at ABR and then leaving and remaining warriors for truth friends, Vicki and I, along with other notables have been banging our heads against the slaughter wall for over 3 years reminding the killers that US Equines are not a regulated food source AND I have always believed that exporting US Equine flesh jeopardizes all legitimate, hardworking meat producers in the US and has an unfair advantage (however limited the demand driven export numbers).

        It is possible that legitimate food purveyors are listening.

        BTW, the NYT article leads to a “Green something” or other, but it says that DOI says they don’t sell to slaughter. BS!…not direct or officially, but they know where these equines end up (you’d think the breed registries would figure that out too to stop the flood of “cheap” equines on the sales market). When searching for a “missing” racer in NoCal, I found out that the holding lots on the northern US border and the kill lots in CAN check and record freeze brands. Now who do you think freeze brands in the US….or the most? Who do you think TOLD THEM TO TRACT THE FREEZE BRANDS?????? One guy told me they don’t bother on chips or lip tattoos. Interesting.


  26. I do think this is somthing to keep an eye on. Apparently they are after uranium:

    American Energy Fields, Inc. Enters MOU With American Nuclear Resources LLC for Purchase of Colorado Plateau Mining Properties

    Wednesday, February 23rd 2011
    American Energy Fields, Inc. is pleased to announce it has finalized a memorandum of understanding to acquire from American Nuclear Resources LLC a significant portfolio of properties on the Colorado Plateau in southern Utah and southwestern Colorado.
    The portfolio includes past producing properties in the Uravan Mineral Belt, located within 50 miles of Dennison Mines Corp.’s operating White Mesa mill, and within 16 miles of Energy Fuels Inc.’s proposed and newly permitted Pinon Ridge Mill. The Uravan Mineral Belt has produced over 100 million pounds of U3O8 to date. In addition to past production, Yellowcake Mining conducted a drilling program on the Uravan properties in 2008.
    The portfolio also includes properties in the past producing Marysvale District, the Henry Mountains District, White Canyon, and the Cottonwood Wash area.
    The total portfolio consists of more than 8,000 acres of unpatented lode mining claims on Bureau of Land Management (“BLM”) land and a Utah State Minerals Lease consisting of over 1,500 acres. As some of the properties have produced uranium in the past, the infrastructure is in place to commence near-term production, contingent on fulfilling permitting requirements.
    Company President and CEO, Joshua Bleak, stated, “We are excited to acquire this portfolio of past-producing uranium properties. The entire Colorado Plateau region has a significant history of uranium production. As past producers, we hope to bring these properties into near-term production, capitalizing on the vicinity to operating and proposed uranium mills.”


  27. We had better ferret out the information for ourselves as to which corporations and which people covet the land that so rightly belongs to the Wild Horses and Burros AND to the American taxpayers.


  28. So Bob Abbey’s parrot doesn’t want to talk? We are paying this woman’s salary and after five weeks being on the job doesn’t have the knowledge to say anything; nothing to offer on the position she has accepted! I have to hand it to R.T., Ginger, Dr. Marini and everyone else who politely sat in the room and did not call her out for the puppet she is! At next year’s conference, no one from the BLM should be allowed to attend if they intend to provide nothing to the conference, only show up to see what the opposing side is up to.

    I do want to thank her though for inviting everyone to witness firsthand how humanely the BLM conducts the roundups. She obviously thinks we are as clueless is she is! If it weren’t for Laura Leigh, we would have no proof of the cruelty that goes on at the taxpayers’ expense.

    There are now three different petitions started regarding the BLM and the roundups on Obama’s new “We the People” Petition site. It is unfortunate that three have been started as each petition has to have 5,000 signatures before Obama is required to issue a statement on it. Here is a link to all three as well as the HS petition. Everyone please create an account and sign each one. I am sure people are somewhat skeptical that petitions actually do any good, but if Obama has to issue a statement, that is a start. He has ignored us long enough.!/petition/protect-wild-horses-and-burros-reform-inhumane-interior-department-management-program-wastes-tax/MYTbsKg6!/petition/restore-free-roaming-horses-and-burros-act-1971-its-original-intent-no-organization-or-person-be/YNvBf2Cf!/petition/stop-all-wild-horse-roundups/mgMMmZcq!/petition/support-ban-horse-slaughter/q30gJg1k


  29. Just the way Bob and Ken like their subordinates, puppets that don’t speak or answer questions from the pesky American people!


  30. No one has yet mentioned the story Guilfoyle told about her days as a Whooping Crane field researcher. She has done this kind of work for a number of projects, and went on in some detail. The part that got me riled up was her breezy comparison of the similarities between “gathers” and field work with the cranes, because of the “early hours, exhausting schedules, etc”!! Apparently, she was not aware we would find her comparison shallow, cruel, and self-absorbed, since she was only taking the humans’ condition into account. The abject terror of the horses and burros stampeding in front of the helicopter must be a mere sidenote to the study parameters! Her recommendation that we “attend a gather to see for yourself” was laughable, as we know that exact thing they do not want is for us to “see” anything! She must think her escorted high-level mucky-muck entourage visit is typical of the access “anyone” might have. I was wanting to make her an analogy that “seeing” a “gather” is about as useful for learning anything about wild equines as viewing Whooping Cranes from a duck blind in hunting season while the rifles are blasting away.


  31. Well I cant help but smile after another great day of lobbying. Although these issues are so serious, didnt we all just have a grand time at the IEC, a wonderful togetherness and meeting of the (ever so brilliant) minds. How you make things so funny R.T. is priceless, best presenter ever, with pencils in ears and all.

    P.S. 1. Dean Bolstadt was a lot more willing to talk to everyone and answer questions by the way.
    P.S. 2 I wonder if Joan is starting to understand the meaning of Lion’s Den already?


  32. Ms. Guilfoyle does not have a “full understanding of her job” as she has only been there 5 weeks?! !!! When I saw her photo here, above, I got the chills. I watched the web cam of the BLM Advisory Board Meeting, Phoenix, AZ, March 2011. I could be wrong, but I distinctly remember her presence. Actually, she was in-your-face throughout as she was the one at the front of the room, taking “notes” on the large paper board. And almost glued to Chairman, Robin Lohnes. If I am correct, that was the Advisory Board meeting where the Board kept bemoaning no roundups this summer ’cause no federal money. Tongue in cheek of course, as the mockery of the advocates was obvious. And Guilfoyle was paramount. She almost could not hold back smirking. Yes, my stomach churned looking at her at this Board meeting. A nasty one, she is. And I have come to trust my instincts, gut feelings. And! she was all in black…just like “feral” horse hater, Don Glenn. Oh My! But But But (pun intended) a thank you to RT for a true laughing-out-loud: “Like a seagull she wanted to fly in, crap on our picnic table and then fly out, and we agreed.” (Apologies for rambling…its late at night/early AM:)


    • Ronnie, This makes her more sinister for sure… 5 official weeks with some many months of exposure with ‘guidance’ from above. She has been the observer for a while. Glad you recognized her.


  33. I WAS HORRIFIED ,I LAUGHED BECAUSE R.T. DESCRIBED THE EXACT THINGS I DO MYSELF WHEN I KNOW WHAT AM GOING TO HEAR WILL CAUSE ME TO GO UP IN FLAMES ,ERUPT LIKE A VOLCANO OR EVEN ON RARE OCCASIONS CRY! SAME USELESS,GREEDY ,WASTES OF SPACE THAT HAVE GONE BEFORE THIS IDIOT WOMAN,TALKING MOUTH IN AN EMPTY BEAURACRATIC SUIT!!! SHAME ON YOU joan you neither deserve or get capitol letters,take your empty headed blm rhetoric somewhere else we are on to you,we are not and will not be fooled! I can read a 500 pg book in 2 hours and you don’t have enough information on a job you were hired for five weeks ago and you are’nt informed enough to even listen or answer any queastions at all! pammey62


  34. Maybe Director Abbey had her sent to area 51 where they perform the Stepford wife surgery on BLM employees to make sure that they preprogrammed to only repeat certain words and phrases like about how amherd can double in size every four years.

    I don’t know we think that she would have received training. We learned at our meeting that the BLM’s so called Wild Horse and Burro Specialist do not receive any training for their jobs either.

    I agree with Ann. The Wild Horse and Burro Program needs to be removed from the BLM. Personnel could be eliminated to a skeleton staff, and their grazing and mineral permits could be authorized by a private contractor.

    Would we want teachers teaching our children who think children are just pests?


  35. To write DOI/FS some may think that we think that FS is under DOI. DOA and DOI are the Departments while FS/BLM/NPS/FWS are all agencies. So if we did an analogy, we could write it like: FS : DOA. :: BLM : DOI. Another way we could write is is DOA : DOI :: FS: BLM. Items not a good sign when one actually begins to internalize acronymnyze.


  36. As sad as it all is, you made me laugh out loud – thanks to you and all the equine advocates for trying to help the Bureau of Land Mis-Management and the Wild Horse War Department see the error of their ways, too bad their eyes and ears are closed, I wish we could vote them out of office…


  37. Saving Mustangs and burros is our passion and our common goal. The BLM Wild horse & Burro Program must change to achieve that goal. Achieving that goal will be impossible without roundtable discussions between the advocate community and government officials to exchange ideas and come up with a workable plan for the future.

    Please read, sign, and circulate this petition to President Obama as soon as possible. Thanks for your consideration.

    “Reform Federal Wild Horse & Burro Management Programs and Related Policies”

    “Affirm federally protected wild horses & burros are living symbols of the American West, held in trust for the American people. Urge Congress to repeal the Burns Amendment to the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horse & Burro Act for lack of ethical procedure. Place a moratorium on wild horse & burro removals, except in verifiable emergencies, until Interior & Agriculture Secretaries provide complete, accurate information on all related matters since 1971, roundtable meetings conclude, and the BLM website posts all materials in easy access formats. Meeting criteria: voters divided equally between government and wild horse & burro advocates, including peer-reviewed experts, plus one neutral party; held at convenient times/places; majority rules. Post all minutes and a final report in a timely manner.”!/petition/reform-federal-wild-horse-burro-management-programs-and-related-policies/KlDTT2ls?


    • Linda I tried to sign this petition but the White House site seems to be having a problem, wont let me sign in, doesnt recognise my password and when I ask for verification to be sent to my e-mail it never arrives in my inbox? Will keep trying.


      • Lori, there are so many people having problems I think the code was written by a janitor! I was frustrated as well. It kept telling me my email address wasn’t valid, which is strange, because it doesn’t have any trouble finding me when it wants my money!

        So I googled “can’t sign we people petition” (or something like that) and someone said after you create your account, you have to sign out and sign back in at the bottom right of the exact same page (the place with type so small you can barely read it!).

        So I went to the anti-slaughter petition, followed those instructions, and thoguht it was no dice. Then suddenly a long, yellow rectangle appeared, saying it was sending an email with a link for confirmation. The email arrived, complete with a computer-generated password, but the link wasn’t live, so I had to copy and paste to my browser.

        And it included this warning: IMPORTANT: If you created your account in the process of signing a petition on We the People, you still need to click on the “Sign this Petition” button on the petition’s webpage.

        I’m beginning to think Obama’s folks came up with “We the People” to keep the masses from calling, faxing, and emailing the White House. Well, the masses are beginning to rise up and “Occupy the Nation”. It may not work the first time, but we have to keep trying or “We the People” will join the mustangs as nothing but a memory!


      • Thanks Linda, I will try that again, I registered with this site about 2 weeks ago and have signed several petitions to date so it was a bit strange that it happened.


      • I had the same difficulty,could not register.Maybe it was beginning to scare Obamas crowd.,a knock on their BLM,must be becoming an embarrassment for them..
        I receive sometimes 5 requests from ,Barack,Michelle Al Gore etc per day inviting me to meals,meeting etc all for as little as $3 donations to help fight those Evil Republicans..Obama is only interested in 1 issue now his re-election.
        If all on these sites wrote to Obama and told him to disband his BLM Thugs otherwise you would be voting for one of his opponents in 2012,I beleive there would be a reaction.


    • Great!! I am trying to get this around on Fb and to associates… thanks for this!!

      This is the only petition that wants to repeal the Burn’s Amendment and create a moratorium and get into constructive face to face talks with BLM to change the future management of the wild horses and burros. Please sign this petition and all the other good horse petitions at the White House!!!


    • Well that sure did solve the problem, I use Enigma as my browser, I remember now when I first registered having problems and having to try IE to register, so I tried that again and it allowed me to reset my password, but I had to close the browser completely after resetting it and log in again in order to be able to sign. Geez they really suck with their site, having to copy and past the darned links too is archaic to say the least too. So I will be posting on all the White House petitions that if you want to have any luck, sign up or register only using Internet Explorer and then close everything after doing the confirmation step and relog in and it should work!!! Geeez. Thanks so much for the suggestion Margaret.

      Selwyn good idea on the e-mails regarding no support unless we get a response.


      • lorischmidt it is not important whether he replies or even reads any,but at the moment he is so hungry to be re-elected that he has an army of vote-hunters and $3 donation-hunters.I have been invited to dinner with Barack,Michelle,Al Gore to name but a few.It is at least 4 a day.
        If enough letters go in there are enough of his lackeys around,think of it as repetitive advertising.


      • Lori, glad you finally found the key to the We the People! I had read folks were having issues with other browsers, but forgot to mention it, since I was using IE. Sorry about that! Maybe Obama has a deal with the “corporate person”, Microsoft, or Bill & Melinda Gates as private citizens. If so, I bet they chip in allot more than $3!


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