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  1. Thanks so much, R.T. for the audio update, so glad things are really going good, so glad the conference was a HUGH success!!!!!!! I kept up with as best I could, please keep up all your marvelous work…


  2. Glad you took the time to see the wild ponies. Don’t forget, their government managers want to make the herd smaller!! I wish they had an evacuation route for the ponies from both of the islands. They live at the edge of a rising ocean.


  3. Thanks for the update!! Hope you make it to see the Corolla horses also! They are at a little over 100 strong but the government wants to cut the herd down to sixty odd horses. Certainly hoping this does not happen, as it will not make for a viable herd and only make more room for high dollar condos. In any case, please enjoy the eastern wild ponies and your stay on the coast! Thank you for your particitation at the conference and keeping us abreast of all the issues!


  4. Thanks to both of you for such great reporting! Have no idea why your emails are blank when I get them, but I’ve been coming to the blog and just clicking on “recent posts” – my motto: I WILL READ IT! LOL Looking forward to your return to Texas and getting emails from you that aren’t BLANK! Both of you are held in our hearts and minds, along will all the others that were at the conference, as the greatest of leaders. Until you’re better paid, THANK YOU SO MUCH!


  5. Wild equines of the the Mid-Atlantic? How cool is that!

    Terry…gotta have photos….puhleeze….or bet yet video. I hope you have the time to talk with the VFDs that do this (although it is a different situation and they aren’t perfect, but a He**UVA lot better than DOI/DOA).

    Safe journey RT and Terry…the folks of the Delmarva and outer banks can be odd, but they are essentially special and good humans.


  6. Chincoteague Ponies–my very first wild horses I ever saw.

    Ponies in the water–please show pictures!

    I knew you were going to be busy–so I calmly waited til you posted. I had no idea you were QUITE THAT BUSY. But I look so forward to hearing all about things.

    For next year–any idea of a date?

    You should know that guess who was in town Sunday night while you were rallying at the Capitol? Obama was in SF/San Jose. Guess he was too chicken (pun not intended) to stay in town…


  7. Thanks for the word. Can’t wait to see pictures. Maybe next year (with a little help from God) I may attend the rally 🙂


  8. thanks for the update R.T., great to hear your voice & I can’t wait to see Terry’s pics of the horses in water. I talked to Garnet & Arlene & it just made me miss being there even more. Glad it was a great experience. Looking forward to next year.


  9. Just a reminder -Asateague which is in Virginia – does the annual pony swim roundups to make money for the fire company who owns them, by selling the horses.
    Chincateaque, which is in Maryland does not do roundups. The ponies are managed by the Park Service. They use PZP. Each mare is allowed just one offspring.


  10. OOPS. And I know better!
    Assateague is MD – not rounded up
    Chincoteague is VA – Rounded up
    I believe RT said he saw the VA Chincateague Ponies

    Assateague has a great management program


    • Not to worry…the Mid-Atlantic wild equine thing is so much different than the West massacres….although BLM is involved with some HMAs off the DELMARVA in interior VA and Carolina’s.

      That Delamarva is a tough nut to crack because of the islands and the boundaries of those states. But it is a beautiful, fascinating place all the same.


  11. Thanks for the audio post, RT, and also can’t wait to see Terry’s pictures of the Chincoteague horses…. !!!!


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