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Desperate Wyoming Horse Eater Shows Her Burro In Illogical and Inhumane Rant

(The News As We See It) by R.T. Fitch ~ President, Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Wallis “Fact” is Stranger than “Fiction”

"...and they let her walk about free?"

“We have done our level best, as of late, in avoiding the urge to out and further expose the depravity of Wyoming State Representative “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis and her mindless lapdog Dave “Doink” Duquette.  I sincerely do not want to be the agent that gives these despicable excuses for human beings any more press or notoriety than they deserve, which in reality should be none.  But news is news and after spending the bulk of the past week listening to professional, educated (how far did you make it up the scholastic ladder Sue, baby?) and noted equine experts decry the inhumane, bloody and predatory act of horse slaughter at the IEC I just cannot let this crap slip by without either comment or publication.  It is without a doubt, fuel for the fire of truth, integrity and higher morale standards.

Below is the latest rant from the blood sucking rat that is cornered into her own delusional filth and fights with lies, derision and lack of intelligence.  You will note that proponents of slaughter have no facts, support or even a solid business case to wield in defense of their sick perversion but like any mentally challenged individual they will resort to illogical spew and in the case of Duquette, four letter words when they run out of staged comments and forget what lie they have told last.

Hide the children and put away any adult beverages because reading the disgusting filth, below, will cause you to say things you may not want to say and twist your stomach into a knot that might take more than just one Tums to unwind.  Psychotic and perverse behavior is difficult to view, first hand.” ~ R.T.

Sick Sue Wallis:

Recently I was interviewed on a radio show that included the Humane Society of the United States‘ (HSUS) Wayne Pacelle spewing venomous remarks like, “horse slaughter is a predatory business where killer buyers outbid people who just want to save horses,” “horse slaughter is inhumane,” “Americans don’t eat horsemeat, and we shouldn’t be supplying people who do,” “all horse meat is contaminated and unfit for human consumption…”  Every single one of these statements is absolutely, categorically, false.

Good people in the horse business are getting a very bad rap from so-called “nonprofits” who are anything but–radical, anti-agriculture activist groups like HSUS and their many offshoots  that target honest, taxpaying citizens so they can “rescue” horses. “Rescue” is code for stealing horses without compensating the owner, and then holding them hostage so that they can be “re-homed” or kept as poster horses to raise more and more dollars. “Re-homed” means “adopting them out,” or in other words, selling them to some kind hearted sucker, often for far more money than they would ever bring in a sale ring for any purpose, and with lots of strings attached.  Innocent horses palmed off on someone who likely doesn’t understand how expensive it is to keep a horse, or how difficult, and who is hampered by very limited options. They didn’t buy the horse fair and square with the right to sell them when they find out they can’t afford to keep them. They have “adopted them into a forever home as their nonhuman companion for which they are solely responsible.” The end results are good people saddled with unnecessarily guilt soaked burdens they can’t get rid of.

The typical horse buyer on the other hand has “rescued,” “re-homed,” and “re-purposed” thousands of horses, done it all on their own dime without a single handout from anybody, and don’t get any credit.  Horse buyers are in the business of finding a purpose for horses that are unwanted, unneeded, or no longer useful.

Of course they profit from it, that is how one makes a living in this country. Last I heard paying someone a fair price for anything (including horses) that they don’t want, don’t need, or can’t keep, and selling it to someone else who has a use for it for a profit is still the time-honored American way.

Horse buyers differ from cow buyers, hog buyers, and lamb  buyers in one significant aspect–the horse buyer has an opportunity and an economic incentive to find out if the horse they just bought might be wanted or useful for something besides meat. In a normal market situation any horse that can be ridden, driven, or even one that is really good at bucking people off, is worth a lot more than one that is only suitable to feed somebody or something. Because it means more money in their pocket, every horse buyer will take the time to find out if they can maximize their profits.

Prior to 2007 people who were good with horses would buy a horse that went through the sale ring without saddle or halter, take them home and try them to see if they could train them, fix some bad habits, tune them up a little and sell them for a tidy profit. If the horse didn’t work out, they always had the option of taking them back to the sale and holding their money together for another try because any horse in reasonably good shape would hold their value as a meat animal.

That opportunity to “rescue” and “re-home” horses is now gone, and the total responsibility for the number of suffering, starving, mistreated horses falls squarely in the lap of the animal rights do-gooders who have destroyed the chances for thousands of horses.  Not only are these horses not getting the chance that they used to–far too many bad outlaw horses that are bound to hurt somebody are now getting passed around from person to person because there is nowhere else to sell them. The supply pipelines to the Canadian and Mexican processing plants are plumb full of grade A meat horses and the price for even the best candidates is pathetically low.

In the end, the horse buyer is a savior to otherwise doomed horses. Horses that wind up being processed for food are slaughtered under exactly the same laws and regulations as every other species of livestock. Government inspectors responsible for ensuring both humane treatment and food safety are required to be present at all times that animals are being processed. Horses have to be killed instantaneously with a minimum of stress and no pain. As in all meat production, protocols, testing, and inspection of the meat ensures they provide a wholesome, nutritious, and delicious product to a very willing and appreciative worldwide market. A market that would be even larger if those who would like to use horse meat here in the U.S. had a chance to buy it like any other good meat.

Horses who are killed cleanly and quickly in a regulated and inspected facility that is designed for the unique characteristics of horses, in a process performed by professionals, with equipment designed for the purpose, have a far better fate than any of the alternatives–plus the added benefit and comfort for horse owners of knowing that the horse’s life was not wasted.  There is no fear, no screaming, no being butchered alive–all of that is the worst sort of fallacious propaganda without one ounce of truth. The horses do not suffer and they never know what hits them.

In the choice of being starved to death in the back yard because the owners can’t afford to feed them, can’t sell them, can’t give them away; being turned out to fend for themselves and inevitably starve, die of thirst, or be eaten alive by predators because they don’t know how to survive in harsh environments; to live in misery and die in prolonged agony–every caring person who knows and understand the true situation will make the right choice. The humane and regulated use of horses for meat is the only moral and ethical choice.

But common sense and doing the right thing for animals play no part in the strategy and tactics of radical activists who want to destroy all property rights for animal owners, to put animals on the same moral plane as human beings, and most importantly of all for their fat wallets and long term wealth–make humans the “guardians,” not owners,  of animals so that animals can be represented by human attorneys who would protect the “rights” of our animal “companions.” The anti-slaughter activists have taken up the vilification of every horse business in the country as evil, uncaring, sadistic monsters who love nothing better than to profit off of the pain and suffering of animals. Sadly, they have learned that emotional misinformation is the most expedient method to wring dollars out of the pockets of horse loving people who don’t know any better.

For these reasons and more, practically every horse industry and agriculture organization in the country have joined with thousands of individual horse owners and businesses to oppose all appropriations riders and bills in Congress such as S. 1176 and H.R. 2296 that seek to eliminate the use, sale, or transportation of horses for slaughter. See the findings of the Government Accountability Office’s (GAO) Report on HORSE WELFARE: Action Needed to Address Unintended Consequences of Domestic Slaughter Cessation.

Instead of making things worse for horses and for the people who love them, we ask Congress and the American people to restore the horse industry. We should all be celebrating the true heroes. Those who have dedicated their lives, and work every day to find the best purpose for every horse. Those who make an honest and legitimate business making sure that no horse is left to suffer unnecessarily.  If truth, honor, and a big heart count for anything in this country anymore, then a huge dose of long overdue appreciation is due to every one of the few remaining stalwart, heroic, saviors of doomed and suffering horses…the horse buyers. God bless them.


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  1. I am deeply involved with rescue and re-homing of horses and her comments regarding rescues is offensive…..I would like nothing better than use a deadbolt on this woman the one problem is it just wouldn’t work….gotta have a brain!


    • She might not have the brain needed for the dead bolt to “take her out”, BUT it COULD leave her in the condition I have see some horses in after NUMEROUS HITS that did not even knock them off of their feet!!! At least it could render this worthless waste of oxygen MUTE!!!! WHO IN ANY FORM OF RIGHT MIND would even want to be NEAR her, let alone KNOWINGLY ADMIT to associating with the likes of this????? SHE is what nightmares are made of!!!!


  2. “There is no fear”, she says about horses at slaughter… then what are they feeling and thinking during their last hours of their lives? What would you be feeling and thinking if you were in their place, Sue?


  3. Yeah, SS…KBs are wonderful peeps and the Fuhrer made the trains run on time…good guy!<sarcastic tone, of course)

    Batsh*t crazy woman!


  4. Looney Tunes… she needs a one way, all expenses paid, “luxury” trip to Mexico in the back of a cattle truck, mid-August or February and a reserved, front row seat to her favorite slaughter house.

    Not one week, but two… you can do it Sue!


  5. Well she is right on one point. There used to be horsemen who would buy horses at auction, to try them out, tune them up and find a new purpose for them. As a kid I worked for a gentleman who did this. I rode anything he brought to the stable. Under his guidance, this was an incredible education in riding skills and horsemanship. Some horses needed training and some needed rehab. Most found good homes in less than a year, and the stable owner had a reputation for selling decent horses at good prices.

    Trouble is today purebred breeders have pushed to provide “registered” horses for every prospective owner. The “grade” horse, or any horse sold without papers is now looked down on. I offered one of my home raised horses (along with a place to keep her) to my 12 year old niece, who is horse crazy and has never had a horse. One of the first questions asked about this “gift horse” was “Is she registered?” Really??… She is, but my first horse wasn’t and we won ribbons and trophies all over several states. I was at least the 4th or 5th owner of that horse. My mother kept him when I got married and her grandkids learned to ride on him. He was eventually buried at the stable where he was boarded.

    Today, breed associations have provided breeding incentives to encourage more production of registered animals. When the most popular breed on the planet is gauged by artificially stimulated production rather than by demand for the product, we have a problem. These are companion animals who can’t be housed at the typical home and normally outlive the life phase of the person who wants them. Breed associations need to discourage over breeding and start promoting uses for older horses. It wouldn’t be that hard to do, and it would certainly be the responsible thing to do.


    • Responsible? Since when is it “responsible” to take away the God-given right of AQHA members to breed their horses any way they please and register as many horses as they possibly can?

      Aren’t you a red-blooded American who believes that our property is our God-given kingdom and profit is our God-given inheritance, Diana?

      I feel sorry for you. God bless you. Signed, Queen Sue W.


      • BUA, I think she said the People should be responsible and Care what happens to the horses they breed. Not just breed a bunch and pick the best ones for training and sell the rest to who-knows-what.Even the “back yard breeder who wants a darling baby from his/her mare is at fault if they don’t have the money or facilities to care for and train it. There are so Many good horses out there that need adoptions.
        We have two Mustangs at the stable where I board. One is the sire of a coming two year old. The sire has been gelded now, and hopefully they will both keep their loving homes.


      • Dear Shirleyvh,

        You responded so kindly and civilly to my comment, it makes me feel really badly. If you go back and read WHO signed my comment (the last five words), you’ll see, I hope, that I was mocking those who treat horses as mere property, useful only for the profits (and prizes) they bring their owners. Sorry it didn’t come through as I intended.

        I wish the two mustangs at your boarding stable many years of happiness. And I am 100% in support of adoption, to the point where I cringe when I hear about horses being bred in backyards and by big-time breeders.

        Clearly, satirist Jonathan Swift I’m not.

        Signed by BlessUsAll (NOT by Queen Sue W.!)


    • AMEN Diana!!!! My first horses had no papers either and I learned SO MUCH from them and had the time of my life doing so!!!! Papers weren’t ( back in the 70’s) what one based an animal on. We did the gymkhanas and some of the BEST runners/winners had absolutely NO PEDIGREE BACKGROUND to be found…TOTALLY unregistered, but beating the socks off of some that had papers longer than your arm!!! My late mother-in-law fell in love with this big black and white ( plow horse type) mare and bought her from the young man who was selling her, and little did she understand that MAGGIE was a barrel horse like NO OTHER!!! She had feet like pie plates and a head like a mack truck, but that horse could do barrels like a runaway train on the downhill track!!! Papers were no where near that mare and she beat everything she competed against before mom got her… She was a pistol to ride and gave you your money’s worth. Mom only bought her to look at her and love her..and Maggie lived beyond 34 years with her. Papers were NOT the selling point here, her being a big black and white mare was!!! Silly maybe, but it made two individuals VERY happy with the deal… I now do have registered stock but still do not believe there needs to be foals every year..


  6. OMG……I have never seen so many lies in such a short order. First to say we are anti-agriculture is ridiculous. I am a farm raised “child”. Have chosen to live the farm life ALL of my adult years. Second rescues do not steal horses. People call us begging us to take them. We make no profit. Most horses that come to my rescue are in deplorable shape and I will spend up to 10 times what I ask in an adoption fee. You never recoup your expenditures and really this isn’t important. What is important is finding a good, loving and responsible owner. EVERY owner is screened, there is a home inspection, an adoption application and a contract. Not one horse has left my rescue without a complete understanding by the adopter of the expensense and needs of a horse. Nor has a horse left here that there wasn’t a thorough checking of the potential adopter. Many adopters have been turned down here and will continue to be turned down, because they were not responsible in getting innoculations, farrier care or didn’t have the finances to properly provide these needed things. A thorough interview reveals most underlying potential problems that could arise. I would rather every horse rescued stay here for a life time than adopt out to only bring the horse back into a situation that it has once been saved from. I have yet in my 53 years of life met a horse that could not be turned around mentally from damage done by humans. It might take several years of patience and bonding, but really is there not a living thing that deserves no less? NO adopter is stuck with the horse, they have the option to rehome or bring the horse back. But in rehoming, we the rescuer must once again inspect and approve of the new home. We don’t spend, often years, bringing a horse back to health to not be diligent in the care of the horse after it is rehomed. We don’t profit, most of us do this with the majority of funds coming from our own pockets. We do without personal needs, wants and desires in order to make the world a better place for both horses and humans. Here we will not rehome an elderly horse with any issues of health. They stay with us & interact with special needs children, at risk children, emotionally traumatized children and these Wallis throw aways accomplish miracles every day. The opportunity for every day folks to rescue and rehome exists as it always has and because of what I do, I hear from exactly these kind of horse owners almost daily. How this sick woman could state that horses are killed cleanly is beyond my comprehension. I would like her to suffer the fate of a honing blade repeatedly stabbed into her spinal cord and tell me this is a clean kill. Maybe a dull nail repeatedly popped at her skull to ensure she understands the captive bolt. I think her death would ultimately be far more merciful than the 100’s of thousands of horses that have suffered horrific torture pain and agony. We won’t even go into horrific transport injuries, starvation, dehydration and FEAR. To state our horse meat is safe, leaves me in hysterical laughter as I just read the Ireland bute report. Never mind that Europe has found bute in AMERICAN horses that had forged, fraudelent papers saying they were bute free. Corruption and deceit is all this sick woman knows. There is so much evidence to refute every lie that spews from her face that it is amazing to me she continues to make a bonifide ass of herself. May the gates of hell await her for the horrific cruelties she has supported and profited from. As for her anti-cruel, regulated horse meat propaganda. We’ve already been there Sue Wallis. You can lie to the public, but there is irreputable data from our own government that there was nothing safe about the meat, nothing human about their treatment and it cost the tax payers of the slaughter towns beyond their means to fight foreign owned companies that paid NOTHING in fines and not once were they truly held accountable for any of their crimes. You, Sue Wallis are a bonified, lying, moron.


  7. OMG barfing is eminent after reading that Spirit of ipecac ………………Horse slaughter is a word that needs edification from the English Language the sooner the better. As for SS and her dummy they need to just plain go away !!!!!!


  8. “God bless them” now that’s a doosie susie! You don’t care no more for the people you are ranting to than the horses you want to kill! It is so obvious the truth and you are strangers.


  9. “(HSUS) Wayne Pacelle spewing venomous remarks like, “horse slaughter is a predatory business where killer buyers outbid people who just want to save horses,” “horse slaughter is inhumane,” “Americans don’t eat horsemeat, and we shouldn’t be supplying people who do,” “all horse meat is contaminated and unfit for human consumption…” -Sue Wallis

    Can someone point out the venomous remark? I can’t seem to find one. They seem like pretty straight forward statements of fact to me.


  10. Geeze RT, you left out the best part: the title for her ‘Op Ed’ —

    “Killer Horse Buyers are Heroes and Saviors”

    Seriously Sue Wallis? … SERIOUSLY?


  11. True RT, One just wants to IGNORE. However, this latest “rant” by Wallis does deserve some comment. Not point-by-point, as it is so absurd. Most importantly, and most seriously, she is certifiably deranged. And I do not comment like this lightly. This Op Ed reads as gibberish. Like a “word salad” of those afflicted by schizophrenia/mania. I am not saying she has the aforementioned, but who knows. However, she is certainly delusional. Paranoia. With anti-social/sociopath thrown in. If one has a serious mental disorder, there are always one or two more disorders thrown into the mix (DSM: Axis I & Axis II). Wallis is receiving her Karma. She will lose many zombie, illiterate followers. If Congress reads this!!! If the read was not so frightening, it would be a laugh. Yes frightening. For she is just about completely over the edge. Who, what, where will she take out her next rant and/or action?


  12. This is truely the most crazy collection of lies that I have ever read. That a good horse person would be comforted knowing that they gave their horse the wonderful honor of being killed just so that some other deranged person, who must not be able to find any other source of “good and delicious meat”, can keep from starving???? Come on, I thought ourr goverrnment officials are supposed to be intelligent….You are so right Ronnie, this woman is so dillusional, she certainly has a very unknowledgeable mind of knowing what real horse people want and appreciate, or even how we take care of our horses. Please, someone, get this horrible woman out of this business that she thinks she is an authority of. I consider myself a “normal” horse person, and the only radical people are the ones who are trying to promote the “alternative” of horses being killed for meat. That is immoral and obscene. We don’t eat pets!!!!!!! We take care of them!!!! And many people are finding ways to do that!!! Barf is right!!!!!!


  13. Rescue is a code word…huh? Excuse my BULL@%$# but JHC does this woman ever look at the web to see exactly what is going on?

    Let’s see there is currently a horse called AJ Nugget. He’s really tall, bay. Thin–way to thin. Maybe a 2 on the Henneke scale (but not quite sure). Boy is he gonna be something once he fills out.

    Then Joe at TBFriends ALWAYS writes about horses in trouble. Joe regularly loses horses because even though he “rescued” them a lot have been so STARVED that by the time he gets them its too late.

    And let’s for a moment take a look at the wild horses. Cattlemen of course want the horses gone because that would be less competition for valuable resources. And I can certainly understand that they don’t want the horses trespassing onto their lands. BUT they don’t own the land they have grazing rights too–the taxpayers do. They lease the lands at super low cost. If the horses were given back ALL the lands they were given in 1971 and managed at those numbers (not culled MANAGED) they would see that there isn’t a glut a of wild horses. If anything maybe they took TOO MANY. Shocking thought isn’t it?

    SS you suffer from talking out your hind end. It’s really rather unbecoming of a politician. Not sure that there is a cure. But I know getting off the roasted bute on horse probably would help. But never tasting roasted bute on horse–it might be one of those things that make you totally addicted from the get- go.

    BARF is about all I can politely say to this nonsense.


  14. CALL your Senators….they need to hear from you ASAP. Give them the FACTS…3 CENTS on every dollar made from slaughter. This DOES NOT negatively impact the Horse industry.

    Since the last horse slaughter plants in the U.S. were closed in 2007, foreign-contracted kill buyers have taken American horses to Canada and Mexico for slaughter. These horses were DENIED GOOD HOMES when the buyers OUTBID legitimate owners and horse rescue groups. The USDA has determined that more than 92 percent of horses sent to slaughter are in good condition.
    Slaughter is not equivalent to humane euthanasia, nor is it a necessary evil.


  15. OMG!!!!!!!!!!
    I only got half way…..I don’t think I want to read the rest. If this is the “time honored American Way” I am insulted as an American, she is Not an American, and I am embarrassed to be American!! The Canandian and Mexican slaughterhouses are “plumb” full of grade A meat horses: just sickening, twist and churn the stomach.
    OMG I don’t even know which part to scream about next. Professional in the slaughter houses! She had better get her plumb ass down to many slaughter houses and listen how quiet, clean they are. No screaming, pain, no butchering alive!!! All that is lies from all the internal video documentation depicting horses repeatedly stabbed down their backs and necks, falling into pools of blood, quivering, screaming, still alive, hung upside down, throat slit, eyes moving, blood running down, while the next one edures the next brutal torture from the next professional, who is his “saviour” OMG…that I will puke now on!!
    In her demented mind the rescue “do gooders”…(did she go to school?) are destroying thousands of good horses chances because of saving the misbehaved, mistreated “outlaws” UGHHH! We better start killing people that need guidance, misbehave…hey how about all the prisoners or mental institutions….lets just start killing them!
    What she fails to point out is how many people rehabilitate horses, any animal, some with no pay, into working, contributing animals. They earn incomes and can sleep at night while providing jobs for good means, saving lives not destroying, butchering for the mighty dollar. How did she put it …” time honored American Way”! Sickening. She forgot the part that horses are not classified as livestock. They are a companion.
    Apparently the Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse industry has no fault in this faulty system of unwanted horses. Over breeding for the perfect horse, casting perfectly good horses into the hands of “do gooders”. She probably would vote for the same in humans. No limits on the breeders tho??
    Somebody better save her now cuz she is in for a rough ride on one of those outlaw do gooders!
    I better stop now before I don’t .
    I didn’t even finish it either.


  16. The devil has truly picked a “sub par” minion in SS. Her words have gone beyond ridiculous so as to be nearly laughable in their insanity and lack of logic. I would be laughing if I wasn’t so busy gagging!!


  17. With apologies to my very old horse……. I think Sue has been nibbling on his haunch–he is full of Pergolide/strongid daily and a dozen other drugs. At 36 he can not walk a very straight line, his vision is diminished. He will be humanely euthanized when the vet and I agree that his life has run out. Not to worry pal–Sue won’t get you!


  18. Wooo-weee what whirling dervish was that that just blew through my computer. Even reading her rant makes me dizzy. There was a time when Sue’s rants disgusted me but now they are so off the top insane they leave me only feeling like I just closed the door on the old time, snake pit insane asylums and am running to the sanctuary of my car. On my list of things I am thankful for……Sue is not my neighbor.


  19. May I suggest this help for SS?????
    The Many Faces of Equine Therapy

    By Meghan Vivo

    For decades equine-assisted therapy has been used in dozens of ways by diverse populations of people. But not all forms of equine therapy are the same. For example, some programs for troubled teens spend the majority of time drawing metaphors between horse behavior and human behavior, using the horse’s responses to gain insights into the adolescent’s emotions.

    Other equine therapy programs focus more heavily on getting on the horse and riding, allowing the natural experience of horseback riding – complete with its frustrations and joys – to form the adolescent’s therapeutic experience. This emphasis on horsemanship is a hallmark of Turn-About Ranch, a residential treatment center for adolescents on a real, working ranch in southern Utah.
    Beyond Equine Therapy

    The equine therapy experience at Turn-About Ranch is different from other therapeutic horseback riding programs. Rather than simply walking a horse across an arena or teaching commands and discussing the communication process, students at the ranch have the opportunity to experience authentic trail rides and cattle drives (after learning the basics of caring for their horse, such as saddling and bridling, mounting and dismounting, and safety precautions).

    Because it a real, functioning horse and cattle ranch, a student’s stay is replete with genuine ranch experiences that aren’t forced or fabricated. Students develop a relationship with their horse organically by doing real ranch work, with instruction from second- and third-generation cattle ranchers and horsemanship experts.

    Through horsemanship classes and hands-on experience on horseback, students learn how to communicate with horses while contributing something to the ranch. At the end of the day, students don’t look back and see a day filled with therapy; they see the fruits of their labor, knowing they accomplished the day’s tasks by cooperating with their horse, the staff, and their peers.

    “Everything that happens here is therapy – from cleaning the bathroom to hauling wood to controlling a horse,” says Myron Carter, the barn program director at Turn-About Ranch. “With all of the animals around, students develop a strong connection to life – the life within themselves, outside, and around them. The students realize they’re not some separate entity – they affect things and things have an affect on them. When they see an animal born or maybe a sick animal die, they learn how vulnerable life is and how precious it can be.”

    Bringing Out the Issues

    Therapy at Turn-About Ranch isn’t forced; it comes about naturally as behaviors that caused problems at home begin to surface. Because working with horses requires patience, commitment, and focus, underlying emotional issues are certain to come up. In addition, the horsemanship experts at the ranch strategically choose horses for each student that will likely stir their emotions.

    While some therapy sessions are scheduled in an office setting, the majority of individual and group sessions occur spontaneously out on the ranch. The therapists work with the students in the field doing ranch chores and processing demanding situations, which builds trust and rapport.

    “We take teenagers, who don’t necessarily know how to control themselves, and ask them to control a large animal that may not want to be controlled,” explains Dave Treanor, a program supervisor at Turn-About Ranch. “Then we process through the frustrations and life lessons as a group. As the students build trusting relationships with the horses, that trust translates to us and other authority figures.”
    A Lasting Impression

    The combination of real-life ranch experiences and time spent with a therapist sparks the process of change. Students learn communication skills, coping mechanisms, and traditional values through hands-on experiences that leave a lasting impression. In fact, because of the memories and bonds they create, many teens choose to return to Turn-About years later to visit the staff or work on the ranch.

    The students at Turn-About love working with the horses so much that the staff has had to set a rule, “If you ask about horsemanship, the answer is no.” “We can’t keep them off these horses!” says Treanor.

    One Turn-About student explained, “Working with the horses is my favorite part. I used to have my own horse but I had to give it up because of my bad behavior. Ranch life is hard work, but it’s fun. I’ve been really positive here, which is surprising because I was always so negative before.”

    Hopes for a Brighter Future

    For Carter and Treanor, who teach horsemanship to the students at Turn-About and truly live the cowboy lifestyle, their goal isn’t necessarily to make the teens expert riders. Instead, their hope is that the teens build the strength to deal with the problems in their lives, that they learn to respect and appreciate other people, and that they have the desire to solve life’s problems rather than waiting for someone else to solve them.

    When asked what it is about Turn-About Ranch that makes the program so effective, Carter said simply, “There’s something special teenagers connect to out here – being out with a horse in the country, you can’t help but feel something spiritual.”

    Whatever form of equine therapy you choose for your struggling teen, the benefits of working with horses are undeniable. Young people learn patience, compassion, and responsibility, as well as communication, decision-making, and leadership skills, while realizing (often for the first time) the extent to which their actions affect others close to them. These life lessons apply not only in a riding arena or out on the trail, but also to a teen’s everyday existence at home and in school.


  20. I feel like I’m reading something from the Twilight Zone. How in the h— did this creature(Sue) ever get into action without some sane person recognizing her dumb ass attitude? Surely along the way someone should have noticed she is not quite normal. I guess it is too late to stop her without being suspicious !!! It is just beyond reason that someone so cruel is still living and breathing. Please ,someone stop her in her tracks.


    • Unfortunately, unlike the rabid dog that she is, we can’t just shoot her ass and call it a day!! Instead we have to put up with all of the political bull shit that is being spewed and most of it by her. One day she WILL trip and fall and when that day comes, we all will be there to see it happen and keep her down. Unfortunately, until then we must continue to watch her and slow her down as we can and bring to light all of here lies and rants that make sense only to her demented brain.


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