Does Coyote-Killing Rick Perry Support Big Bend Burro Slaughter?

Story by Peggy Fikac of the Houston Chronicle

Gun Wielding Texas Governor May Have Shot Self In Foot

Gov. Rick Perry — who’s bragged about gunning down a coyote on a morning jog (to save his daughter’s dog, he said) — is steering clear of a controversy over the shooting of burros in Big Bend Ranch State Park by Texas government workers.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department — overseen by a Perry-appointed commission — has killed “50 some-odd” burros in the park since re-instituting the shoot-to-kill policy last year, said Brent Leisure, state parks director.

Or in parks-speak: “We have undertaken a practice of using lethal means for burro control … It was really our only safe and effective alternative in controlling that particular invasive species.”

An online petition campaign is seeking to pressure Perry and the state agency to stop killing the burros.

Parks and Wildlife has posted a “fact sheet” on its Web site about the issue.

Critics contend the killing of the burros is related to the reintroduction of desert bighorn sheep to their native area, saying it’s ultimately meant to satisfy “wealthy hunters.”

Leisure said there are no plans for the sheep to be hunted. He also said the re-establishment of the bighorn sheep isn’t “singularly” related to the burro slaughter, which he said is meant to protect the overall ecosystem.

Asked about the petition drive, Perry spokeswoman Lucy Nashed said by e-mail that “the governor expects Parks and Wildlife to act in the best interest of Texas’ land and species. Would refer you to them for any other questions.”


  1. The constant evasive BS of officials in the face of public pressure…. what a bunch of wimpy clowns they are – when one would ask the burros, they wouldn’t agree this is “in the best interest” !
    From: TCourt5096@ To:
    Sent: 10/12/2011 9:47:36 A.M. Mountain Daylight Time
    Subj: Blame game ?

    The fact that your actions caused a national outrage is clear, but to blame rescues is way off.
    Your office got bombarded with the dismay of Americans who feel that shooting burros is not the right thing to do. So you divert the dismay of the public by blaming rescues having failed ??
    What efforts has your state undertaken to work with rescues or the public to assist ? One would think the constant eliminating / killings of wildlife is already the wrong approach, but seems to be the American way lately. Instead of cherishing and applying a management plan that is humane and consists of modern 21st century values, Texas retreats to the dark ages when in the face of public outrage they now blame rescues for this mess.

    It is a sad state of affairs to know that your jurisdiction has no better excuses to offer. Shame on you and your boss Rick Perry.
    Monika Courtney, Colorado

    From: “Kevin Good”
    To: <aabelcarrola@ Subject: RE: Wildlife Questions
    Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2011 11:28:05 -0500

    Your question was forwarded to me for response.
    Feral burros occur in only one state park at this time. Texas State Park policy is to control all non-native and feral animals that may occur in all parks in order to preserve the natural resources of the park system. This policy extends to animals such as feral hogs, aoudad sheep that occur in many parks, as well as burros at Big Bend Ranch State Park. The number of resident burros is variable, as the park is not fenced. Because burros cause damage to the ecosystem of the park that is home to many species of rare, threatened and endangered plant and animal species, burros and other feral animals are subject to live trapping and relocation or lethal control by shooting. Because more than two years of efforts by rescue groups failed to remove a single animal, burros are removed by shooting when staff can do so in a safe and humane manner.

    Kevin Good
    State Parks Division


    • And Mr Good, other than shooting burros and letting 2 years lapse with an apparently incompetent rescue (2 YEARS?!?, REALLY???), what has your agency, repeat YOUR AGENCY constructively attempted to do other than immediately resorting to a Draconian method that ONLY (which your agency did BEFORE the rescue failed) results in burro death/extermination through 100% mortality?


      • He fails to mention that the rescue really was not there two years, they set up a trap that was there two years, and had an animal entered it they would have died, because it was not monitored. He failed to mention that where they took PVDR to set up was the sight of a massacre not to long before. He failed to mention that the Texas Bighorn Society is calling the shots. Period.


      • donkeyscando:

        I figured there was something stinky about the response from Good, ergo my questions. Thanks for responding.


  2. If Governor Perry had brought a Burro along with him, he wouldn’t have had to carry a gun. They are nature’s natural coyote repellents.


  3. So Perry carries a gun on his morning jogs? Yep, that’s who I want for my next President. Not. Mankind, such an arrogant species; our detrimental impact on the environment is far greater than any other on the planet.


    • Can’t fix stupid or multi-generational events of same.

      BUT, supposedly that rock has been painted over and that is not the official name of the ranch (whether leased by Perry’s family or owned). Wanna bet the good ol’ boys that use it, still call it that in spoken word?


  4. Being in the state of Texas for such a long time, I feel I have the right to speak up about our low-life governor!!!! He’s lower than pond scum, could drain the pond & still not find him, I firmly believe he could run right along side Palin & keep up w/her & her shooting anything & everything that moves on the face of this earth…Between he & George W. our state is pretty well destroyed, you can see what W did his two terms as President, if for some reason, Perry should be elected, I fear more for this country than ever…it will be a gun-toting, shoot to kill whatever, no SS, no more insurance (we now have over 1 million kids w/o insurance) May the lord have mercy on the entire country!!!!!!


    • The most recent Republican debate aka “roundtable” was limited to economic issues….different format, different rules. No one could ask questions save for moderators and candidates only of other candidates.


  5. “Because more than two years of efforts by rescue groups failed to remove a single animal,” Excuse me? Can anyone come up with names of these rescue groups or the people in charge of them?????!!!!! I’m really tired of “government officials” (city, country, state, or national!) pissing on my leg and the trying to tell me “it’s raining!”


  6. This might be useful
    The Persian Horse’s Blog


  7. I just called to complain at Perry’s office. Told them burro should be considered native here and that they contribute positively to the ecosystem, in fact, restore it. I made several other points. Will he change his mind and order a pro burro policy. Miracles do happen …


    • I sure hope so. Craig will you be at our town hall meeting on the 17th of Nov. at the Granada theater in Alpine? We are going to have an open discussion about how the park is usurping their rights as citizens to protect their local cultural heritage. The burro is as much a part of the region as Poncho Villia, cactus, and the wax makers.


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