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Horse Slaughter Fanatics Alleged Victory Rings Hollow in America

OpEd by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/President Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Horse Eaters Still Can’t Polish That Turd

(Disclaimer) – if reading one man’s opinion on the current lack of viability on one of the very lowest life forms on this planet offends you, please do not proceed.  This commentary is intended only to enlighten, motivate and empower the self-actualized while confusing the blinded, self-centered and simple-minded.  (Which does not take much)

Wallis Follower at Full Throttle

There is a bell in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that once rang loud and proud for the liberty of the United States of American; founded on truth, virtue and the wholesomeness of strong morals and pride.  It is a symbol that all true, red-blooded Americans hold close to their hearts and stand solidly in support of.  But this past week another bell rang; it was one that did not sing but instead gave out an off-tune “thunk” and sent shivers down the spine of every decent, tax paying citizen in the United States; it was the special interest’s bell of corruption and collusion and it thudded its funeral dirge in the offices of our Congress when a handful of politicians decided to add more funds to an appropriation bill while striping it of language that would protect American horses from being brutally slaughtered on their native soil for the profit of foreign interests; unconscionable.

And the grotesque monster that sat at their feet salivating at the idea of eating bloody horse entrails was the part-time, has-been, slip-shod, uneducated, non-horse owning, piece of bat guano “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis; the fall guy, can’t put myself to say gal, of Big Ag and the unwitting patsy of special interests in the livestock industry.  Let’s all give a big round of applause for the big round state representative of a minor district of the State of Wyoming where the bulk of the population is made up of her own family.  You did your inbred kin, proud.

I will not waste my time nor soil the pages of this fine publication by posting the hysterical “victory” news release that Wallis and her lame sidekick, horse trainer wanna-be Dave Duquette put out but will address the fact that IT AIN’T OVER!  In fact, the public needs to thank Wallis for showing her butt as it has only further infuriated serious horse people and the American public in general.

Over 70% of the U.S. public does not want the butchering of companion animals for the profit of foreign interests to take place on American soil but Wallis and her handful of kool-aide drinking fanatics think they have the upper hand and can twist the system to fit their sick and perverted ways.  Remember, this is not an issue of only a difference of opinion, this is a showdown over morals, ethics and the very building blocks on which this country was founded and Wallis and her big money backers perverted the system only to their detriment.

In the last month alone, the poster child of bloody horse slaughter has disgraced her handful of witless follows by endorsing the actions of a twisted young women who killed her horse, climbed into its body naked for a photo shoot while she goofed on herself and then she ate the horse.  Also, Wallis and her anti-American lap dog, Duquette, forged a picture from a Spanish newspaper of a dead horse and issued a press release on how this is what happens to American horses because of the intervention of Equine Welfare Advocates.  Is this someone or something that anyone with half an ounce of gray matter would want to follow?  NOT!

Want to know why Wallis is the most outspoken piece of garbage on the issue of trying to push horse slaughter forward in the U.S.?  Do you know why Duquette is the president of one of their current questionable and out of whack organizations standing with and for their bloody agenda?  Its simple, and it’s not because they are certifiable and documented idiots, it’s because they are so far down on the food chain that they are expendable!  Totally, 100%, chuck it over the fence, useless and that is why the Big Ag money is backing them.  If they go down, no problem and no one hurt as no one cares and the big boys are kept clean.  But these two idiots think that they not only know something, (no, one plus one is not seven) but they love the stroking and the assumed adulation as their 13 followers sadistically tell them how cool they are.  Barf me with a spoon.

Their backdoor politics, moves and blatant flaunting of the law and public opinion has managed to do one thing and one thing only;  piss off main-stream Americans.

This vermin can hide in the back hills of obscurity and no-intelligence land for only so long but the common sense horse owners and advocates of the United States of America are, as I type, rising up against their misrepresentation and WILL send these dregs from the underworld back into the pit from whence they slithered.  Enough is enough.

America; forget the petitions, they don’t work and even the promise of the President listening to us was trashed as Obama dissed us with his idiot White House Petition site.  Instead, educate your family on the issue, tell your neighbor, your friend, your club, your farrier, your hay dealer, your feed store owner, your friends at your equine association, inform your local newspaper.  Tell the REAL folks what is going on and encourage them to flood their representatives with sane and to the point calls, faxes and emails asking for support and co-sponsoring of HR 2966 and  S 1176 as it ain’t over until the fat lady signs.  Even though Wallis is singing, fat lady and all-inclusive, she hasn’t hit the appropriate or morally acceptable note.

We are NOT out of the fight and these despicable excuses for human beings have not won, in fact they have not even come close.

Keep the faith and turn up the volume.  It’s time to clog the faxes.

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  1. Thank You RT I am inspired also……. there is no way I will ever allow this betrayal of Our American Wild Mustangs………………………………


  2. RT, your words ring out strong and true – thank you for articulating so well, what so many of us feel. Canada’s link to these fanatics is appalling and embarrasing. We’ll continue in our quest here too – for the horses! (In Canada, support Bill C-322!!)


    • in answer to your question , Marge ,this is copied from ; WILD FOR LIFE ACTION NEWS;
      For Immediate Release
      Nov 16, 2011
      Wild for Life Foundation,
      Los Angeles, CA
      Since 2006, Congress has prevented horse slaughter in the U.S. by cutting funds for inspections of horse meat from its annual Agriculture Appropriations bill, but the fate of America’s horses has been undercut by THREE MEMBERS of Congress in one swift move. There has been overwhelming support by the American public, the horse community and the House of Representatives to include defunding language in the 2012 Agriculture Appropriations bill but special Conference Committee members
      Representative JACK KINGSTON (R-GA), SENATOR HERB KOHL (D-WI) and
      Senator ROY BLUNT (R-MO),

      And this is the info I found on H.R.2966
      Latest Title: American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act of 2011
      Sponsor: Rep Burton, Dan [IN-5] (introduced 9/19/2011) Cosponsors (100)
      Related Bills: S.1176
      Latest Major Action: 10/4/2011 Referred to House subcommittee. Status: Referred to the Subcommittee on Livestock, Dairy, and Poultry


    • Thank You RT !! Noone but NO One can “tell like it is ” better than You and the Knappster!!
      And in answer to you question Marge, this is copied from,
      Wild for Life Foundation,
      Los Angeles, CA

      Representative JACK KINGSTON (R-GA), SENATOR HERB KOHL (D-WI) and
      Senator ROY BLUNT (R-MO), REMOVED defunding language FROM THE
      FINAL BILL in the 2012 Agriculture Appropriations bill


    • Really? I have a huge circle of friends, all horse people. All compassionate owners who take stellar care of their horses at every phase of their life cycles and none who utilize slaughter as part of their business practices. In this circle, only the most naive and inexperienced believe that horse processing can be safely eliminated to the benefit of horses. To ignore the plight of those who the last 4 years have proved will continue to go there despite the best efforts to eliminate horse processing is a cowardly act of denial that serves none but the most selfish of purposes.


      • Dear Lorri Canada has four operating horse slaughter plants and they are facing the same problems the US is! This last week alone I received three calls from people trying to find homes for their horses they could no longer care for. Slaughter is not the answer it is part of the problem! Stop breeding! The quarter horse industry and the throughbred industry are still producing tens of THOUSANDS of foals each year! This needs to stop! The Kentucky Derby has a twenty horse gate! Slaughter is about YOUNG HEALTHY FAT horses being purchased it is not about the thin, old sick horses! Who wants to eat old, sick horses? NO ONE! And the horses are not raised for meat! They are full of drugs that even dog food companies do not want in their product because it kills their customers, the dog! Slaughter is not the solution it is the problem that allows this insanity to continue!


  3. I am in Canada but could someone please forward this picture and article to every USpca so this woman never gets near animal for any reason??
    Lady, wash your face you look like an azz with all the blood on your face Shocked by pic and article? Sad to say I am shocked by nothing anymore which in itself is pathetic,


    • The picture is taken from the TV show ‘Game of Thrones’ on HBO. The character in this *fantasy* series was married off to a warlord reminiscent of Gengis Khan, and as part of one of their rituals, she must consume a horse’s heart while pregnant (to ensure that her son has the heart of a horse, or something). The culture is shown to revolve very much around horses, to the point that they nearly worship them…hence this ritual. It’s *meant* to be extremely barbaric, and as she was not raised in this culture, doing this is extremely difficult for her. But you don’t say ‘no thank you’ when you’ve been forcibly married to Gengis Khan, now do you? (Not if you want to live, anyway.)

      I have no intention of defending a make-believe culture or the characters as portrayed on TV. But I do think it’s important to point out that that is a picture of an actress and it’s fake blood on her face. The woman in question did not actually eat a horse’s heart!


  4. RT did you see the wonderful rebuttal that wild horse prevention wrote? It was beautiful, amazing and oh so on point.

    I did see that garbage mail that the WH sent me. I knew it was canned. And for the life of me I couldn’t grasp why our petition was even addressed.

    Gee I just have a huge question. Who in the blazes are we too vote for next year? Romney? Definitely not Perry. There is another Republican-can’t think of his name…Or Obama again? None of the choices seem all that appealing. I’d take Obama only because you know what you aren’t getting with him. I don’t know a thing about the others in terms of honesty and fairness.

    But to be honest I CAN’T STAND OBAMA! I really wish he’d stepped down–that would solve my dilemma about not voting for him.

    Anybody have some ideas that we could bat around here…?


    • This was posted a few articles back and may help you:

      Simone Netherlands
      Nov 16, 2011 @ 16:04:11
      if you want fingers pointed, point at this: campaign donations from the farm bureau, AVMA, Pfizer and the AQHA to : Kingston, Nelson, Blunt, Kohl and Hutchison.
      If you want to know which legislators are still honest, all you have to do is look at which legislators are animal welfare friendly. Because that means that they have rejected campaign donations just to stand up for what is right. These legislators are the only honest ones left.
      Pretty easy way to determine who to vote for isnt it? Respect4Horses has a vote4horses page on facebook where it is easy to find out who voted for what and who is a co sponsor. We need a manager for that page as I cannot handle the work load anymore.
      For next voting season, make signs similar to campaign signs that say do NOT vote for this legislator, his record is inhumane, or something like that, or he wants to slaughter horses. Put it right next to the legislators campaign signs.


  5. Now with OWS movement , it is time to get it together and show people what a RACKET the wild horse and burro program is ! What a waste of money ! What corruption ! Get it out to them that the removal of the mustangs is just the tip of the iceberg . That following will be fracking , mining and more killing of wildlife and destruction of habitats . It is super important that wild horse advocates get hooked up to other environmental groups and anti-tax waste groups and find common ground and work together .


  6. You can use any public forum to spread the info , videos and testemonials about horse slaughter . Obama does not seem to realize that the same media that helped him get elected can also be the media that takes him down . Go on pet forums , craigslist ,blog pages and whatever you can write on . Call your radio stations and try to get into a live show to talk about it . I think that right now we also have a good chance to be heard as so many people get p..ed off with the way things go in America .


  7. You’re right R.T., it is a showdown…BIG TIME. There just might be some good that comes from it. It’s getting a lot easier to see WHO are the culprits and it IS galvanizing the REAL folks. Americans are angry, and with good reason.


  8. Don’t forget this quote from Sue Wallis promotion of the NEW group that she has just formed “Included in the initial rollout of benefits to U.S. residents is the provision of a legal defense network of attorneys and counselors expert in animal and agricultural law. Legal defense services are provided through a contract with the Cavalry Group. The Cavalry Group provides legal defense from: Unreasonable searches of your farm, ranch, or animal related business; seizure of your animals or property; fines or fees associated with false claims of animal abuse or neglect; destruction of property by animal rights activists; and other various assaults on your animal enterprise and business,” Benefits to US residents? Doesn’t she mean “owneres of slaughter houses” There is no benefit to keeping the public from knowing how their food is raised and treated from birth to slaughter! This is serious folks, get out there and call, email your friends, public media, stand on a street corner anything, just help us in our fight! Most people are just giving this lip service that is not going to do it, we need action!


    • So let me get this straight about Suzys new association. Sure looks like the fox is not only guarding the hen house, it is also getting paid to do so. The pro slaughter alliance has contracted/created another company who will create a “do not slaughter list”. This list will double as a lame attempt to comply with the EU passport system. This is hardly a third party, it is a partner. (Fail the on the legitimacy test). In addition, this partner will charge a fee to register our horses and sell us a microchip. The AVMA vets will get a fee for implanting the chip. A portion of the fees charged by these groups will then be given to Sue and her crew use for her newly formed lobby/association. This lobby/association will then use your money to defend the very people who most likely to stole your horse in the first place. Then you will get a call telling you how much it will be to get your horse back. In addition this newly created lobby/association promises to defend its members against unjust searches, and prying eyes of inspectors. Funny, but if you are doing nothing wrong, you generally don’t have to form an association to prevent inspections. I rarely hear anti slaughter people claim that AC came to their place again (and again and again). The irony is that by paying this “partner” to register our horses not to be slaughtered, we would be indirectly financing the very people who are accused of committing inhumane/criminal acts in the first place. But then again, there will always be claims about how inhumane the horse slaughter business is. Lets just call a spade a spade. No matter what euphemisms that these press releases use, horse slaughter is NOT humane. So yeah Suzy, you better hope lots of people sign up for your program- your legal teams are going to need lots of cash. They will be busy trying to defend against all the violations your groups members commit


  9. AWHPC Statement on the White House’s “Canned” Response to Our Wild Horse Petition

    If you signed the Wild Horse and Burro petition on the White House’s “We the People” website, you have received the same canned response that we received from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) director, Bob Abbey.

    We are as frustrated and disappointed as you are with this insulting and dismissive response to the sincere concern of thousands of American citizens who seek reform of the costly and cruel federal Wild Horse and Burro Program.

    We wanted to share our letter to President Obama’s chief of staff, William Daley, highlighting the inadequacy of the response and the White House’s utter failure to consider this issue, as promised in the “We the People” initiative.

    To the thousands of you who took the time to sign the petition – WE THANK YOU and promise to continue to fight for our wild horses and burros. We hope that you will continue to join us.

    18 November 2011

    William Daley, Chief of Staff
    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
    Washington, DC 20500

    Dear Mr. Daley:

    I am writing on behalf of the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign and the thousands of Americans who signed the “We the People” petition titled “Protect Wild Horses and Burros; Reform Inhumane Interior Department Management Program That Wastes Tax Dollars” to register our grave disappointment with the November 17, 2011 response from the White House. The petition calls on the Obama Administration to stop the Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) from wasting millions of tax dollars to roundup and remove wild horses by the tens of thousands from public lands in the West, and to instead implement a cost-effective policy to manage these national icons on the range using proven and humane cost-effective methods.

    The White House’s canned response to this petition, signed by thousands of American citizens, was authored, not by a White House policy official, but rather by BLM Director Bob Abbey – the very individual responsible for the mismanagement of the federal Wild Horse and Burro Program, which is the subject of the petition.

    In unveiling the “We the People” initiative, the White House promised “a new way to petition the Obama Administration” and that “White House staff will review” the issue. However, there was nothing new in the response. The White House merely delivered the old familiar BLM rhetoric that has been used for the past several years to rationalize the agency’s mismanagement and waste of tax dollars. Included is the touting of a “new strategy” that is being implemented despite the receipt of tens of thousands of public comments opposing the majority of the strategy’s components.

    Had we, the people who signed the petition, wanted a response from the BLM, we would have written to the BLM. Or better yet, since the response is just a cut-and-paste of BLM propaganda, we could have read it on the agency’s website and saved ourselves the considerable time and effort it took to log into the White House’s website and sign the petition!

    President Obama has the full authority to reform the federal wild horse and burro program and could do so with one telephone call to his Secretary of the Interior. The fact that the White House didn’t even take the time to review this petition is a slap in the face to the American citizens who believed in the President’s promise that their concerns would be seriously considered. As a result, we are left to conclude that the entire “We the People” website is little more than a re-election campaign gimmick.

    We conclude this letter with a final plea for President Obama’s attention to this issue and a request for a meeting with White House staff to discuss badly needed reform. To such a meeting we would bring wild horse and range experts to discuss the humane, cost-effective solutions, which have already been proposed but continue to be ignored by the BLM and Mr. Abbey.

    It’s time that President Obama intervened in this issue to fulfill his promise for hope and change for the future.

    We await your prompt response.


    Suzanne Roy
    Campaign Director
    American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign

    AWHPC Founding Sponsor Advocacy Sponsor

    The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign (AWHPC) is d


  10. Thanks so much R.T. – you put everything into words I’ve been thinking and feeling these past few days. Let’s take our collective shock, anger and disbelief and channel into positive, constructive energy for America’s horses! WE are the 99%!


  11. Very Uplifting RT, Thursdays was a Blackday for all true horse lovers, I kept ruminating to myself what happened, angry and grief stricken for the horses of America. I felt they were betrayed by those of interest once again, thank you for the positive reminder it’s not over. And yes, I was one of those people who kept pushing that worthless White Houses website petition (unbeknown to the author of it) what a waste of time. My personal preference have always been personal letters and verbal contacts….Thank you again!




  13. Is it the OSM or that other ‘mining and minerals’ that Bob Abbey was made head of this fall?

    I think Abbey wants to teach everybody how the BLM screws us all over by appearing to follow procedure like EA’s and all that and then blithely traipsing off to do what the polititians want them to do, anyway.

    No, I am not happy with them — birds of a feather flock together.


    • Quoting Bob Abbey from the above-linked pdf:

      “I recommend that the subcommittee evaluate the feasibility of using the Forest Service and BLM’s land use planning processes as the mechanism for identifying the appropriateness of making available specific tracts of public lands for mining. Both agencies’ planning processes are open to public scrutiny and input and include opportunities for state and local governments to participate as cooperating agencies.

      Mining claims could then be staked and development proposed on any public land deemed appropriate for such use as determined through a land use plan decision. Whether a mine would ever be built depends on a number of factors including having a sufficient mineral deposit that is economically feasible to mine. The agencies’ final decision would be based on site specific analysis, much like is done today. Under this scenario the agency, with industry and public input, would have the opportunity to review any mining proposal as part of its overall multiple use mandates. The final decision would be based on science and other contributing factors but not on requirements found
      in an antiquated law. ”
      Bob Abbey


  14. My fingers are at the ready ~ fax isn’t working, but snail mail and email will work just fine. Also sharing on fband other social networking sites, and talking to coworkers, and anyone who will take the time to listen is an avenue to educate. It’s amazing how many folks really don’t realize this is happening.
    I agree petitions mean nothing. Email after email to Sherrod Brown, OH were met with ‘nothing in front of me but will keep your concerns in mind in the event blah, blah, blah’ ~ insulting and infuriating. No more votes for you mister!
    Hmmmm, I got rid of the rats in the barn with cats….but how do we legally rid ourselves of the likes of SS & her faithful companion???


    • My son did his best to educate while doing his MATH school work. We too are in OH, and I know just how you feel, sadly. Here is what my son wrote (Keep in mind he may have a few points that aren’t exactly right, he is 12 – our future – doing his best to help the horses where ever he can)
      You may have picked the wrong day to give me this assignment. Something you may not know is that I pay a lot of attention to what the government does, especially if it concerns my family. The government did something today that will affect us all. The house and senate voted for the AG Appropriations Bill. How will that affect us all you may be wondering? It will affect us all in the way of higher taxes. The government agreed that they needed to lower spending, especially in this economy, but that didn’t happen. There was a “rider” an amendment in the bill that was supposed to be stripped from the bill, but, the rep’s, behind closed doors, kept the amendment in, in a 3 to 1 vote. What is this amendment and how does it affect us? It is an amendment that has been kept OUT of this operating bill since 2006. This amendment allows for USDA inspectors to go back into horse slaughter houses and inspect the meat. Yes, that’s right, horse slaughter. We here in America do not eat horse meat, and there are not enough inspectors to inspect the food we have or that comes in. On average, most meat production facilities are inspected every 5 years. Does that make you feel safe? I know it doesn’t make me feel safe. But, now that the amendment to allow inspectors to be in a facility that we don’t even need has been left in, the taxpayers of America will have to pick up the cost. What is the cost? The cost for 1 year is 5 million dollars, yes, 5 million dollars to inspect horse meat that doesn’t even stay in America and is shipped overseas to places like France, Italy and Japan, where the cost for the meat is around $20 a pound. Why should we have to pay for that? You may be wondering where do percent’s figure into this? I will tell you. In the U.S., 70% of Americans do not want horse slaughter in any form. That 70% is based on 100% of the people who even know about it. Not every American knows about this, so it is very likely that far more than 70% would not want to have horse slaughter in the United States. Especially if they knew that their hard earned money was paying for it just so foreign owners can make a profit. There is 0% benefit to the United States for having horse slaughter facilities. Some say it will create jobs. It will. Low paying jobs that have more drawbacks than positives. Horse theft rises 30% when a slaughter house is open. When you look at the overall picture, it costs more to have a horse slaughter facility in your area or state. Now, I know you are wondering, how do I know all of this? My mom has worked every day since 2006 to stop horse slaughter and I have learned everything I know from her. There are more percent’s I could give you to show why they are not needed, but I would have to go look them up. All point to keeping horse slaughter out of the United States. But, greedy politicians that don’t care what we think they only see the dollar signs.(deals made behind closed doors) It is a very sad day – again, in America, for its people and its horses


  15. Thanks for speaking my disgust and heart R.T., I am so angered but also empowered to stomp all over their unmoral pompous behinds and then take them behind the barn for a special prayer meeting. Thanks for helping me and others truly vent the truth. Burn up the phones, the faxes, the pc’s, the new, radio, everywhere. Stay focused and assertive for our horses.


  16. Has anyone heard of any response to the “We the People” petition against horse slaughter? I’ve heard exactly nothing. I wonder who they’ll get to write the response for that one – Sue herself?




  17. This was done behind a closed, they didnt even give us a change to to stop it !!!Lies, Cheating all at the expense of the Beautiful innocent horses, they will continue to suffer because the Greed of a bunch of liars, who use them for their own greed i am devastated for them, The horses never had a chance on this one, makes me sick turns my stomach………………………….. Those 3 men will live to regret what they have done , of this we can be sure…………The smell of death now surrounds them for the horror they are solely responsible for……………………………. Filthy bastards……………………….


  18. Friesianfan, thank you for sharing your son’s letter with all of us. You must be so proud of him. Seeing his letter makes our future look a lot brighter. He should send or fax that to the President and to your state legislators. You could even send it to a newpaper. It won’t be that long before you son is old enough to vote.


    • Actually, He wants to send them something and after reading what he wrote, I am considering doing just that! If the future doesn’t want it, what makes them think we do now? He is quite aware of the politics that go on (Ok, blame me for that one for yelling it over and over) when it comes to Washington and I think he may just hit a nerve with some of them 🙂 Can’t hurt to give it a shot! Thanks for your support of my son as he speaks out and carries on with his beliefs.


  19. What you said about media and papers etc is exactly what i’ve been screaming! The more publicity the better! Your right…it ain’t over till its over and i haven’t seen the end yet!


  20. The term horse fanatic being used to refer to us is wearing very then for me,,,,,, What we are is Horse defenders, who are mad as HELL, …… Technically speaking they are all GREEDY Horse Murderers………………………. who cannot see past the end of their nose with greed………………….. they have no logic………………….and can not prove that there is any logic in their Murderous CRIMES>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. it all boils down to PURE GREED………………………..


  21. Well done R.T.! Believe me when I say this Equine Warrior felt every word written, like it was written from my own heart. I know it is not a good Christian thing for me to wish for her to choke on a horse steak, but I do it daily and am wiling to go to the box and do my Hail Mary’s 🙂

    These folks are beyond evil, the worst of the worst liars and as we all knew ole Sue Wallis stands to profit hugely off this whole matter. I still believe she has abused her powers, abused her 501(c) status and a group of unbiased peers needs to investigate her abuse of powers, which has now proven to be for personal gain. My mom always said, be patient, give em enough rope and the wrong doers will hang themselves. The only wrong thing about this idea, is that while we wait, horses die and they die ugly deaths. I don’t have that kind of patience, I want to see her taken down now, for her abuse of power and our bills passed into law.

    To read on UH one of her kool aid drinking, greed possed idiots question was “when do you think we can start hanging ponies” (no doubt while salivating). They are in high celebration over there. Let’s make sure we crash the party and end their sick celebration once and for all by getting these bills passed!!

    May God always walk beside you R.T., as well as Laura & Terri while you stand against this evil that lies within the pro slaughters hearts and our politicians on the take.


  22. I just can’t fathom their ideas!! It is just enabling those irresponsible owners and breeders to keep proliferating unwanted horses just to be used for their capital gains and then discarded like yesterdays garbage!! It reviles me of those in office who make choices for us! I didn’t sign up for that:( It was a disheartening blow when I read Wallis & Co announcement – I hope and pray for all animals; not only horses that relief will be quick and soon.


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