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“Sunday is the day that we like to give our readers something uplifting to read and to absorb.  I must admit that after the events of the past week it has been pretty slim pickings here at Straight from the Horse’s Heart, but amongst all the bad news, a glimmer of hope has come forward.  One of our readers submitted a report, via a comment, that her 12 year old son wrote on the night the congressional committee decided to strip language from an appropriation bill, behind closed doors no less, and leaves open the potential option of preparatory horse slaughter returning to the United States.  Although the content may not be uplifting (mom says there are a few errors but heck, he is 12) but the intent is pure gold.  This school report breaths life into the future and hope that even young Americans “get it”.  Hence the reason we fight on, for them, for their generation and for their future.  We need to ensure that we leave for them a compassionate society, one that does not eat their friends and a country that revels in its symbol of western freedom, the wild horse.  A special thanks, to the young contributor.” ~ R.T.


Young Americans "Get It" ~ photo by Terry Fitch

You may have picked the wrong day to give me this assignment.

Something you may not know is that I pay a lot of attention to what the government does, especially if it concerns my family. The government did something today that will affect us all. The house and senate voted for the AG Appropriations Bill. How will that affect us all you may be wondering? It will affect us all in the way of higher taxes. The government agreed that they needed to lower spending, especially in this economy, but that didn’t happen. There was a “rider” an amendment in the bill that was supposed to be stripped from the bill, but, the rep’s, behind closed doors, kept the amendment in, in a 3 to 1 vote. What is this amendment and how does it affect us? It is an amendment that has been kept OUT of this operating bill since 2006.

This amendment allows for USDA inspectors to go back into horse slaughter houses and inspect the meat. Yes, that’s right, horse slaughter. We here in America do not eat horse meat, and there are not enough inspectors to inspect the food we have or that comes in. On average, most meat production facilities are inspected every 5 years. Does that make you feel safe? I know it doesn’t make me feel safe. But, now that the amendment to allow inspectors to be in a facility that we don’t even need has been left in, the taxpayers of America will have to pick up the cost.

What is the cost? The cost for 1 year is 5 million dollars, yes, 5 million dollars to inspect horse meat that doesn’t even stay in America and is shipped overseas to places like France, Italy and Japan, where the cost for the meat is around $20 a pound. Why should we have to pay for that? You may be wondering where do percent’s figure into this? I will tell you. In the U.S., 70% of Americans do not want horse slaughter in any form. That 70% is based on 100% of the people who even know about it. Not every American knows about this, so it is very likely that far more than 70% would not want to have horse slaughter in the United States. Especially if they knew that their hard-earned money was paying for it just so foreign owners can make a profit.

There is 0% benefit to the United States for having horse slaughter facilities. Some say it will create jobs. It will. Low paying jobs that have more drawbacks than positives. Horse theft rises 30% when a slaughter house is open. When you look at the overall picture, it costs more to have a horse slaughter facility in your area or state.

Now, I know you are wondering, how do I know all of this? My mom has worked every day since 2006 to stop horse slaughter and I have learned everything I know from her. There are more percent’s I could give you to show why they are not needed, but I would have to go look them up. All point to keeping horse slaughter out of the United States. But, greedy politicians that don’t care what we think they only see the dollar signs.(deals made behind closed doors) It is a very sad day – again, in America, for its people and its horses

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  1. This young man is already more of a man than many of those sitting in committees who are making bad decisions. And, I hope he keeps writing – he’s a REALLY GOOD WRITER!


    • Amen to all of everyone’s comments!!! This young man is GOLDEN!!! His mother is to be commenced for raising such a wonderful, intelligent, and concerned son!! He is beyond his years in caring and compassion with his ability to so completely articulate and put across his feelings AND knowledge of what is going on in this crazy, mixed up world. God bless him and his family, we most definitely need more individuals like him.


  2. Dear Debbie , you are right this young man is Golden, he speaks way beyond his years, I am Proud of him, as i am of all here…….. Compassion is a huge word when applied in any regards to horses and their plight from the Murderers who kill and slaughter them out of Greed…………………… Please everyone copy this letter if it is ok to do so and send to your Senators……………


  3. Thank You RT you have managed to take the edge off a humiliating week …………..I am so happy to know that there is one young man who is wise enough to know what exactly happened that day behind closed doors…………….


  4. Perhaps there is hope for our future after all. Would love to give this little man a big hug and a well done.Kudo to his mother for teaching him values, and the great example she has set for him to get invoved and speak out!


  5. Just what I was thinking today. We who have been in this battle for years DO stay in but pass the torch to younger generations to work with us and carry on with their own zest & zeal. Thank you young writer. We know we-will-never-stop and we know we have more troops & warriors: FOR-THE-HORSES ❤


  6. This maybe a small blessing in disguise …Canadian horse slaughter plants all proclaim they need more horses to remain profitable..Our Goverment in all it wisdom…which like any Goverment..could put all it smarts on a match head..gave one of the French owned plants a grant of 2 million dollars..I’m thinking without the USA horses coming north..that will close several plants…with only half the horses available, that will also maybe have the European owners to say no new plants…I know it’s a long shot but it’s a hope..profits will control this issue..people’s opinions don’t…


  7. I agree Mom, your young man has more sense that many of our politicians. I would encourage him to write his letter to President Obama, his Senator and Representative. He should also send a copy to the head of the Senate and the House of Representatives. We can win this issue, we did it before and we can do it again like in Illinois. I am going to send a letter to the COWARDS who acted in the night like theives. They are terrorists in their own country. They have used their power for greed and hopes of kick backs from these foreign countries. I just wonder how much money has flowed in the back door to these “Horse Terrorists.” I know how much money they are willing to spend based on the fight in Illinois to rid our state of that House of Horrors. Mayor Bacon of Kaufman, Texas also knows about the fight and how much money they are willing to spend. They also fought a very hard battle to rid their town of their Houses of Horrors. I would ask these ‘”COWARDS” IF THEY ARE WILLING TO FEED THEIR FAMILIES THIS TAINTED MEAT. Its bad enough many of the countries in the world do not want our tainted beef due to Mad Cow Disease and other diseases found in the meat. Just like the “Coward Senator Burn” who took the protection of our wild horses and burros away,
    they too are “Terrorists and Cowards” jeopardizing our beautiful horses while hoping to gain recognition and monetary gains for their power and greed. I always ask for God’s help in this battle against our equine friends. We must always remain viligent warriors for our beautiful horses.


  8. Nov 20, 2011 @ 00:34:55
    Friesianfan, thank you for sharing your son’s letter with all of us. You must be so proud of him. Seeing his letter makes our future look a lot brighter. He should send or fax that to the President and to your state legislators. You could even send it to a newpaper. It won’t be that long before your son is old enough to vote.


  9. A plan is forming:

    Linda Horn
    Nov 19, 2011 @ 14:03:28
    You may recognize this or something like it, since I’ve posted it on several Facepook pages:

    “I think everyone needs to remember that, to Congress, the horse slaughter issue was one of the least important parts of H.R. 2112. It was a “Minibus” bill that, essentially, had to be passed, just as the “Omnibus” bill that brought us the Burns Amendment had to be passed. In both cases, the changes were intentionally made in Committees, guaranteeing there was no way to debate, alter, or remove them. Politicians know exactly how and where to place controversial and odious amendments to assure their success. Now, more than ever, we need to respectfully remind our Representatives and Senators that, while we realize the necessity of their votes on this bill, they can still stand for the protection of American horses.”

    Congressman Moran has been contacted, and said that the best way we can help him is by sending postcards or other cards (not faxes or emails) to his Washington office. They don’t have to be complicated. Just a short message thanking him for his efforts and encouraging him to keep fighting the good fight. We should contact the sponsors of S1176/HR2966, because this may help them as well.

    This is Paula Hooper Denmore’s response to my initial comment: “… it could work in our favor, and we may be able to push S1176/HR2966 out of committees by sheer force of numbers. We obviously will not get it by money. (Note: The next part is CRUCIAL!) I’ve been talking to my Progressive friends on other sites. THEY ARE READY TO HELP US. We need to be willing to help them with school kids health, using cuts in military spending, as wars are winding down, to put soldiers and others to work on infrastructure at home.”

    IMO, there are many groups with networks (some of the very large) who would be willing to help if we reach out to them, offer our support in exchange for theirs, and, most importantly … follow through! To get the numbers we need, we have to cast the widest net possible.


  10. I have found the three members of Congress who have almost thrown our equines under the bus. I suggest if you are as disguested as I am that you give these members a call and thank Representative Sam Farr for his lone vote on this issue.

    Those who betrayed our horses: Senator Herb Kohl, D-Wi -202/224-5653,
    Senator Roy Blount, R-Mo -202/224-5721, and Representative Jack Kingston,
    R-Ga -202/225-5831

    The lone supporter for our horses: Representative Sam Farr, D-CA.

    I have called those who betrayed our horses and indicated how disgusted and disappointed I was with them when funding should be put in other places. And NOT for the funding for USDA inspectors should horse slaughter plants ever open in this country again. It could be our tax dollars to the tune of 5 million dollars.

    If we are to win this fight we must commend those who stand with us. I hope that you will take the time and make these very important calls. I am told that the Ag bill will be coming up in Congress for a final vote in December. It all can be so confusing. Thank you RT for keeping me educated.

    May the “Force of the Horse” be with you all.


  11. Pulling Linda’s comment forward as it might not be seen otherwise. This is a a way to start…POST CARDS
    Linda Horn
    Nov 21, 2011 @ 12:10:20
    To send thanks and encouragement to Jim Moran, here’s his address:
    Representative James Moran
    2239 RHOB
    Washington, DC 20515

    Also, a horse-loving gentleman created two photo/message/pre-addressed postcards to Jim you can purchase through Zazzle (including at bulk discounts). This inspiring message is from him:

    These are the direct links to Zazzle. One card is complete, and one can be customized.


  12. Linda Horn
    Nov 21, 2011 @ 12:15:52
    He also created a card to thank Representaive Sam Farr, the only one on the committee of four who voted to protect our horses from slaughter. It’s complete, but you can change things by clicking “Customize it!”.

    If you’d prefer to send your own card to Sam, here’s his address:
    Representative Sam Farr
    100 W. Alisal Street
    Salinas, CA 93901

    I may use the messages for inspiration, but will create my own cards. If I had kids at home, I’d be gettin’ out the crayons and warmin’ up the scanner!


    • And remember, anything that goes through the postal mail in DC to legislators (postcards, letters, packages) are screened first. Screened for poison, like Anthrax…and whatever…bombs and all. So mail, once sent, takes a couple of weeks, or more, to reach designated Reps. A-n-y-w-a-y, could be a nice HOLIDAY CARD too, as well as a *NEW YEAR! ~*~ We Pass-The-Ban ~*~


    • I just visited there great post card will purchase many to have my friends fill out sign their names , Now here is my question are they any to send to the three very unwise men, I cannot let them just melt into the wood work after the horror they are going to cause…………………….I forgot to mention that when i was 9 yrs old we lived very close to a Slaughter house, It was on west 65th street in Cleveland ohio,,,, I lived on 47th st…….The slaughter house was right by a skating rink that would go to every Saturday, back then we walked, Louie , it was so Horrible I was only 9 yrs old the smell would invade not only your nose but would invade your very soul, how many times I cried, can you imagine my horror the day I decided to sneak there with friends to see what that horrible stench was, what I saw that day !!!! was enough to make a small child PUKE , and that is what we did all 4 of us, I was sick for days……I saw cows being hit in the head with huge hammers, , i saw men kicking and doing things to those cows that was so disgusting i fainted……. it was the unimaginable horror,I still to this very day have that smell in my nose it never goes away………………… the neighborhood reeked with horror death ,i had to be taken to a child physiologist so did the other 3 children……………. it took a long time to recover from that day……..still today the mention of Slaughter sends such a freezing cold chill up my spine i can barely keep from fainting…………….. What I saw that day will never go away never as hard as i have tired to let it go , I live with this scene……I witnessed that day…………so should the three men that opened those gates to horror hell.. suffer with what they have released ……..


  13. Arlene, that might be a really good thing for you to point out to your Congressmen. As a child, the effect that it had on you has never left. As a Nation, we now associate these horrors with the pictures of people who endorse Horse slaughter….and it sticks like glue. The minute that I see pictures of any of these people, the first thing that I associate them with is the horror that the slaughter plant investigators have uncovered.


  14. Louie, to this day it is very hard for me to even talk about it, it rakes it all up again…………………….I still get the freezing cold shivers at nite……… although the nite screaming stopped many years ago…….I do not want them to start again………………. I have a block on all that I saw that day, i cant remember all the horrors I saw that day , but i do know there was other unmentionable horrors also……………………………………………..


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