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America’s Youth Appeal to Obama to End Horse Slaughter

News Release from the Equine Welfare Alliance

It Worked 40 Years Ago, It May Just Work Today

Equine author and president of the Wild Horse Freedom Federation R.T. Fitch is one of Jo-Claire Corcoran's Grandson's biggest fans, here proving it by showing a picture of the pint-sized protester at a late September protest in D.C. last year. ~ photo by Terry Fitch

Chicago (EWA) – Jo-Claire Corcoran of the Equine Welfare Alliance’s Research Team has launched a children’s letter writing campaign to end the slaughter of American horses. Canadian partners have launched a parallel campaign aimed at stopping horse slaughter in Canada.

A similar campaign forty years ago resulted in the passage of the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burros Act that was passed on a unanimous vote in both houses. Jo-Claire commented,

“As Wild Horse Annie proved in 1971 congress listened to the children of this country. Sometimes we do not give our children credit for their ability to comprehend. Children growing up on farms which raise animals for food, are aware those animals are going to slaughter to become food, they understand those animals were raised for that purpose.” She added, “My grandson understands the difference between animals raised for food and animals that are not raised for food.”

Horse owners and advocates were outraged at the back-room sub-committee meeting that removed language that defunded federal horse inspections without a full house and senate debate. “It is deplorable”, commented EWAs Vicki Tobin, “that three legislators were allowed to ignore the voice of the people and decide the fate of horses across our nation.”

The concept came to her when Jo-Claire’s six year old grandson heard a newscast stating the President had signed the appropriations bill and could mean that horse slaughter would resume in the U.S. He innocently asked his Grandmother “why is the President letting them kill horses?” He is also aware that their horse had been saved from slaughter.

EWA is getting a tremendous, positive response from parents, schools and teachers in both countries.

“This is a civics lesson for children of all ages”, explained EWAs John Holland. “Our governments, both the United State of America and Canada provide the right for their citizens to petition their government to bring about positive change when something is wrong. Children need to know that as citizens in these countries, they have the right to have a voice and a right to be heard.”

With parental consent, EWA plans to offer sample letters for publication in the local papers of the children.

 To learn more about the campaign in Canada and the U.S., please visit

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  1. I always say our children our our future. When I commented on the infamous 202/456-1111, line regarding the Cloud horses, I asked the woman if all of our wild horses and burros are removed from the range, what will be left for our children? Will they only remember the sight of sad and dejected horses living in pens or dirt lots or shall we choose to leave them with robust majestic horses thriving on the range in large herds? I think with the involvement of both adults and children we will possibily bring shame to these people who care nothing about our beautiful horses. Animal Welfare Institute also had a special page for the wild horses which children could color and send into their representatives and senators. The tide could just be changing, although not fast enough for most of us and our horses/little burros. The more the issue is kept in the fore front the less it is likely to be forgotten. We do have a wave and it is sweeping. When we protested during our fight to end slaughter in, our state, the state horse council had the nerve to pass out stick horses to the school children, but didn’t tell their teachers that they were supporting the slaughter of our horses. When I saw what was going on right on the steps of our capital, I stopped a teacher. I told the teacher and all the children what they wanted to do with our horses. The teachers were appaulled. The children went over to the group and gave each and every stick horse back to the slaughter supporters and said we don’t want you to kill horses. So they can and do make a difference. I wish we would have taken a picture because it was amazing. We must also be vigilant with our state horse councils because some of them are in the pockets of the evil ones too.


  2. I wish them luck to get Obama to respond. As Me and a friend went to 2-3 schools here in our community. We had letters, hearts, and messages from the kids here. Sent them to our wonderful president, that was 5 yrs ago. We never even got notification of any sort. We know he received them or his staff, it had to be signed for. There were about 150 signatures. What a disappointment to the kids who really cared.


    • Its too bad you didn’t notify the media that the children were sending the
      letters. I guess we all want to believe that all that we send is seen. All of the other schools get the media involved and that’s what we should do from now
      on. Or better yet send them to your Senator to present to the President. At least you have a contact from the community.


  3. Priscilla, we have the support of Congressman Moran’s office to help with the publicity etc. we are hoping to have thousands of letters to take and hand deliver. We are getting the word out and I think the times are different now. People are angry about the defunding language. Join the page on FB and let’s get those letters in


  4. I love the fact that these kids are getting involve! The first time I got involved, I was 8 years old, and saw a round-up on the evening news of wild horses. I was so upset, my parents told me to write to the President – it was Nixon at the time.


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