Horse Slaughter

Music Video: Eatin Horses is Just Wrong

Music, Video and performed by Lacy J. Dalton and Dale Poune
Ode to Slaughterhouse Sue and the Butcherin’ Crew

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  1. I never thought it was possible to write a song about this subject in a respectable but direct fashion. Somehow you all pulled it off and I am thankful that we can share this with others. So many people have forgotten who we are as the caretakers of this beautiful earth. So many God-loving people have forgotten what it says in the Bible. Thank you for including Leviticus 11! That is priceless. I pray we defeat this with new laws, and protect those four-legged family members from an ugly ending. Thank you for sharing this!

    OMG, love the next song about picking winners too! ((((Hugs))))


  2. Yeah: “what kind” eats horses??? For these incomparable animals, there’s not a single reason in the world that justifies their brutal deaths. Be kind: euthanize.
    Work to pass S1176/HR2966, the federal bills banning horse slaughter for human consumption.
    Now that’s kind and considerate.


  3. Thank you! And you had the courage to show the horrific process that people need to see.

    I hope it doesn’t get pulled from the net…people need to see it and they killers need to be reminded of their evil lies.

    Gotta go get a tissue……


  4. You are all quoting the old Ceremonial laws in Leviticus 11 (Old Testament)
    Please read Acts 11 where Peter sees a vision of the unclean animals and God says “slay and eat”. “What God hath cleansed, that call not thou common (unclean)” (New Testament)


  5. That said, I don’t think I could eat it either. But we shouldn’t stop others. There does need to be more restrictions, though. It’s a shame to see good riding horses go for meat.


    • Sorry…I didn’t quote Leviticus The artist did..

      I don’t agree with human consumption horse slaughter because of the process, the animal and the dirty meat. I’m further along than the OLD Testament, but I will say those Ten Commandments are more than recommendations and the Psalms are are a teensy bit special, among other passages…ceremonial my b*tt.


      • I was referring ONLY to the laws of the unclean animals as stated in Leviticus 11. Those were put to an end in Acts 11. The basis for those laws was that they not be used in sacrifices. (nor eaten) Hence, OLD CEREMONIAL LAWS. Sorry for the confusion.


    • Buck:
      Who eats horse meat? Would you feed your family tainted meat if you knew it
      would cause them to develop many illnesses including cancer? Do the
      research, even with appropriate laws the scum bags will continue the torture
      and inhumane treatment should these hell holes ever open again. Read
      Paula Beacon’s account of her towns(Kaufman, Texas) plight with the slaughter
      house. Also, read about Cavel, Intl in Illinois. They consistantly were sighted for
      violations which they never paid even after they closed. No horse deserves to
      end their life in this undignified manner. If you truly love horses, you never want
      to look into their eyes at the trucks pull up and they unload the horses who have
      no idea what is before them. Sick people who support slaughter. There is ALWAYS
      another way.


  6. Thank God RT, the ball is rolling. Slaughter is now being exposed for what it truly is..Thank you Lacey for getting the word out there..I hope the radio stations tap into your song.


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