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Animal’s Angels Investigates European Horse Meat Trade

Information supplied by Animal’s Angels

Consumers of Horse Meat May be at Risk

Horse Meat ~ photo courtesy of Animal's Angels

Animals’ Angels went to Europe and met with veterinarians and other animal welfare organizations to discuss the issues involved with the horse meat imports from Canada and Mexico. Animals’ Angels believes that it is of utmost importance to create more awareness among European consumers in regards to where the horses meat is coming from, the cruelty involved in this trade as well as the potential risk of drug residues. The meetings went well and we are excited about the possibility of a campaign on both sides of the Atlantic.

Additionally, the investigators looked into pricing of horse meat at butcher shops and the protection offered by the “Equine Passport”. While the ways to obtain the passport are slightly different in the member states (, all passports require the owner to fill in information if the horse can later be slaughtered or not. This decision can’t be changed later, even if the animal is sold. If the owner chooses that the horse can be slaughtered, all medicine ever given to the horse has to be recorded in the passport by the administering veterinarian. However, there is no guarantee that the veterinarian really does that.

Once a slaughter horse arrives at the plant, the passport is checked. According to a veterinarian, who used to work at a horse slaughter plant, he has witnessed horses arriving with a “no-slaughter” passport and all of them were rejected. A violation could carry a fine of several thousand Euros for both the plant and the shipper.

Prices for horse meat found at butcher shops were $17.80/lbs -$19.00/ lbs for the filet, $13.00/lbs-$16.00/lbs for a roast and $10.00/lbs-$13.00/lbs for horse meat sausage.

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  1. If we can STOP HORSE SLAUGHTER< they would be no Need to .I concentrate on the STOPPING of Horse Slaughter it is Barbaric inhumane nasty practice that should have been abolished many years ago…………………..


  2. Wonderful. I suppose you guys saw the article about that high end Ontario restaurant (la palette) putting horse meat back on the menu because but ends up in the horse’s liver (or is it kidneys) and they don’t serve the organs..only the steaks. So their vets say its okay…blah blah blah. Its going to take alot more children’s deaths to convince them. This is just obscene what they are doing to the horses, the children…and all for what? The almighty dollar bill.


  3. PS. I have to commend Animals Angels for their diligent work trying to convince the EU that horse meat is toxic. It seems that they always have a comeback to them/us. The smarter thing to do would be to try to reach the people. If there’s no demand, there’s no money and if there’s no money….no reason to slaughter..a pyramid effect. We need to consent rate harder on getting the ban passed and spend less time on everything else IMHO.


  4. I’m afraid stopping the trade in horse meat is down to those of us call who call ourselves horse lovers. Horses are not afterall bred for meat consumption they are indescriminately bred by the racing industry; by misguided horse enthusiasts and to supply the leisure horse industry amongst which I am one. It has to be stopped at the breeding motivation end and in order to do that the horse racing industry must change radically and horse enthusiasts must accept that horse owner ship is going to cost a lot more than it does. I’m talking the taxing and regulation of anyone who wants to breed, own or sell on an equine. Lets face it, the meat trade serves a purpose and horse enthusiasts are guilty of supplying it.


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