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The Mustang Mansion: Building a Bridge with Creativity

Information provided by Melody Perez and Animal’s Angels

Rolling for the Wild Mustangs

Melody Perez ~ Artist, Singer, Songwriter of

A creative passion for the horse as a child and rebirthed with an affection for the wild mustangs of North America fine art painter Melody Perez relocated to the west two years ago with a vision to get back to her artistic roots only to discover the plight of wild horses and burros as she researched for painting equine subjects. Her painting technique is vivid and realistic as she re-creates on canvas the spirit of these living legends and the land they dwell upon.  Her first original painting was of a young stallion from the Sand Wash Basin HMA in Colorado. Little did she know the path she would begin as she continued to paint the Mustangs. Her first trip to the range was at SWB last year photographing the wild ones and building a portfolio to work from as well as experiencing the connection to the wild on the rangeland. Her passion continues being fueled by trips to public rangelands, wild horse sanctuaries, and participating in training events with the Wild Mustangs. Over the last year and half ‘Running Horses Studio’ has participated in countless art shows, equine events, mustang competitive and adoptive events, painting onsite at sanctuaries, to helping coordinate benefits and working with diverse organizations to help bring awareness and education around our wild horses and burros.

This year Melody has acquired a vintage ‘tincan’ RV, aptly named ‘The Mustang Mansion’, with a full tour scheduled for 6 states already this spring and summer. The Mustang Mansion is loaded with mustang artwork, books, DVD’s, educational materials and a myriad of other enticing items to win hearts to the Mustang. With murals of the western landscape and its wild inhabitants on the exterior of this little ‘Mustang Mansion’ it is an eye grabber for the passerby and curious of heart.

As Running Horses Studio crosses western states in this Mustang Mansion, there will be a collaborative work of bringing public, advocates and Management Authorities together in hopes to create working relationships bringing education, awareness and viable solutions to ensure the preservation and humane welfare of our wild horses and burros. Presently we are seeing wonderful cooperative and collaborative events in the works helping to achieve this goal. Together, we can make a difference for the wild equines of the United States of America.

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  1. I love Melody’s paintings. I think her Mustang Mansion project is a great idea and worthy of support by all WH & B Advocates.


  2. Thank you R.T., your help in promoting this worthy cause is so appreciated. This will bring the plight of the the wild horse and the slaughter issue to the a segment of the public that we have a hard time getting to. Her work speaks for itself, and people will be able to see the beauty that we already know.


  3. Thankyou RT for posting this on your site…I truly believe the combined efforts of all will make the difference for our mustangs as we collaborate and combine our talents, skills and diversity among us into one energetic goal! Some of us have the gift of art, photography, poetry, song, writing, giving financially…the combined effort of all…not one is unique, but together all are a powerful force of movement. Melody


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