Wyoming Equine Terrorist Tests Legal Limits in Latest Libelous Meltdown

Opinionated Intro by R.T. Fitch ~ Author and President of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

“Slaughterhouse” $ue Wallis Puts New Org at Risk with Rant

Most folks change their underwear everyday, but not Wyoming’s radical, ranting, small town, part-time, State representative, “Slaughterhouse” $ue Wallis.  Instead of donning clean undies, everyday, she prefers to fabricate and reinvent a new organization in which to hide behind.  Yup, that’s right, in only the last few weeks she has gone from “United Horsemen” (AQHA spawn) to “Unified Equine Equine” (a failed front to bring in foreign investors to slaughter U.S. horses) to now the illustrious “International Equine Business Association” which consists of ole $ue, (who never gets out of Recluse, WY on her own dime let alone go anywhere “international”), a Canadian horse slaughter big-wig and some dude who is supposed to represent the “Eurpean” Union (honest, that is how $uzie spelled it, remember her limited education) Mexico, Argentina (I know there should have been an “and” there but I am pulling direct from Wallis’ debacle)

Stunned and in a tail-spin from multiple defeats across the United States Wallis is seeing her coveted, bloody horse meat slipping between her pudgy little fingers and while in her death thralls she is lashing out with defamatory accusations at well respected animal welfare organizations across the land.  If not careful, Wallis will find herself back in bankruptcy, once again, when lawyers come knocking on her commune’s door.  The firewall that protects her inflammatory computer’s rhetoric will not protect her from the truth and the very laws that she pledged to uphold for the state of Wyoming and the United States.  She has failed, miserably, to represent not only her fine constituents but the office that she holds and the American political system overall.

Below is her latest insane, in my opinion, and defamatory attack that reaches so far as to issue a petition to veriify her madness and please, take note of the nice beefy “Meat Horse” in her logo.  A good friend of mine observed that the poor horse is not on the proper plane to represent $ue’s true intentions.  Although running away, as depicted, might seem appropriate to us the equine would better represent Wallis and her disturbed henchmen if it was hanging from a hind hoof on a chain with it’s throat slit, that’s the sort of image that lights this denizen of perversity up and truly portrays her wretched life’s legacy.

You be the judge but be sure to put the cup of coffee or Coke down because any sane person will surely choke when they read this crap.  Honest, you just couldn’t make this stuff up:

Petition to Support the Horse and Livestock Industry
Submitted as is our Constitutional right, to all governments asking for the protection of our right to own and profit from horses and other livestock, and for our families to lives free of threat, harassment, and fear.
Livestock businesses, particularly those businesses which buy, sell, and transport horses, or seek to humanely process horses to serve a legitimate worldwide market under USDA regulation have been singled out in vicious, unprincipled campaigns of stalking, harassment, and threats promulgated by radical animal rights organizations.
In order to accomplish these terroristic activities the Humane Society of the United States, their affiliates such as the Equine Welfare Alliance, Animal Angels, and many others trample on the rights to life, liberty, and property guaranteed to equine owners and businesses by state and federal constitutions, and by the rule of law in the United States.
The International Equine Business Association is being formed to protect an ancient and honorable way of life, and to promote a valuable sector of animal agriculture. The opportunity to become a Charter Member will become available on May 7th, 2012. In the meantime, you can find information about the Association and membership at IEqBAssn.org.
Please take the time to sign our Petition to Support the Horse and Livestock Industry:
You can sign it online in a system that will automatically mail letters to your congressional delegation, or you can print it out, take it to your local sale barn, arenas, feed stores, ag meetings…wherever horse and agriculture people gather.
When you have signature sheets ready to return, please scan them and email them to petitions@ieqbassn.org.
We support those who seek to enrich their lives, and their fortunes, through the legitimate ownership and use of the equine species and other livestock.
We are petitioning for protection of businesses and families from the unethical activities perpetrated on livestock owners and enterprises that include abuses such as:
Illegally trespassing on private property for the specific purpose of videoing privately owned animals, and then editing, taking out of context, and adding commentary that is designed for the sole purpose of defamation.
Edited videos, manipulated images, and inflammatory rhetoric are held and strategically released to media and internet outlets in such a way as to inflict maximum harm to reputations, to seek the imposition of criminal charges with the resulting financial, emotional, and societal harm, and to destroy any ability to profit from equine businesses.
Posting of the personal contact information of business owners, their family members, clients, sponsors, and customers, including addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and websites of private individuals and their family members and inciting others to harass and threaten innocent, law abiding, citizens.
Targeting legitimate businesses and individuals and circulating lists of names, locations, and information for the sole purpose of encouraging the stalking, harassment, and interference with legal commerce.
These self-appointed vigilante groups prey on the hard-working, tax-paying, legitimate business people of the livestock and equine industry, use misleading propaganda to raise funds and garner support, and seek to completely destroy the viability of the equine industry.
Therefore, we the undersigned are calling upon the President of the United States, the United States Congress, and all state, federal, tribal, and local governments to protect and uphold our constitutional rights. On behalf of our businesses, our families, our children, and grandchildren, we the undersigned ask that our rights, our privacy, our ability to make a living in our chosen profession, and our spiritual, emotional, and bodily safety be protected and ensured by all means necessary:
Click HERE to sign online
Click HERE to print a .pdf file
The International Equine Business Association works to protect the international horse industry, and to promote the use of horses and equine products in commercial enterprises


$ue Wallis, United States . Bill des Barres, Canada
Olivier Kemseke, Eurpean Union, Mexico, Argentina
Equine businesses that have experienced adverse and negative impacts to their business, or to their personal lives as the result of animal rights activist abuse are encouraged to contact IEBA – info@ieqbassn.org

“May I Barf, now?” ~ R.T.

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39 comments on “Wyoming Equine Terrorist Tests Legal Limits in Latest Libelous Meltdown

  1. Hi. I love reading your updates. You have great passion and wit. I am from Canada and was wondering if you had much information on who Bill des Barres is??


    • Mr. DesBarres is a spokesman for the Horse Welfare Alliance which is very pro-slaughter. The HWAC also shows Bouvry Exports, Canada’s largest killer of horses, as a supporter. Mr. DesBarres is also an Appaloosa breeder.


  2. Olivier Kemseke, the IEBA rep for the “Eurpean” Union, is a co-owner of Chevideco in Belgium and France and Inter-meats in Mexico. He was a co-owner, with other family members, of Dallas Crown in Kaufman, Texas. In 2006, Charlie Stenholm (working for Olsson Frank Weeda) lobbied for Dallas Crown against the federal horse slaughter ban. In 2010, Stenholm (according to this UOH news release: http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs066/1102207109251/archive/1102978892360.html) personally escorted Sue Wallis and Dave Duquette to an interview with the Government Accounting Office (GAO). Interesting that a lobbyist who represented a slaughterhouse takes people with slaughter interests into an interview – a FIRST interview – with the GAO about horse welfare since the closing of horse slaughterhouses. Impartial? You be the judge.


    • Oh, yeah, in the Constant Contact archive linked above, you’ll also note a picture of Wallis and Duquette in conference with Steve Kopperud of Policy Directions. The IEBA is now using Steve Kopperud’s Washington D.C. office address as their mailing address. Interesting, huh? Policy Directions is a lobby firm led by Frankie Trull, who was instrumental in obtaining passage of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act.

      You’ll also note, at the top of the linked CC archive, a photo of Wallis meeting with Frank Nicely, the state representative who’s been pushing pro-slaughter in Tennessee for years, and Stan Butt of the Tennessee Equine Council and the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association. Tennessee Walking Horses… they’re lean but the breeders made a whole lot of ’em.


      • And oh yeah, again… At the end of the Constant Contact news archive, there’s a picture of Wallis and Duquette stumping for funds at the Simon Bucking Stock Sale. Joe Simon is a well-known kill buyer who supplied the Bel-Tex slaughterhouse in Fort Worth. Kemseke, Stenholm, Kopperud, Wallis, Duquette, Simon, Butt… from meat man to revolving-door lobbyist to state legislator to kill buyer to breeder, they’ve got the horse’s Circle of Death just about covered.


      • THANK YOU so much for all your information. It took me quite a while to follow up on all these people. I should have read comments first!! “they’ve got the horse’s Circle of Death just about covered” is a perfect description of ss and group. I cannot believe she has not been lifted up to congress for a barbecue grill.


    • Thanks for the link Nancy! It made me laugh (cry first and then shake many head in disbelief) after going to the link. Right on their own page I went and checked out the youtube about the mismanagement of wild horses. I can not believe that they have that link on it when most of the comments I read were against the video and for the freedom of the wild horses. Again it proves when crazies they are. Who would put such a damming video link up. Geezzzz!


  3. Sue Wallis has misused her position to profit for her own persona gain…..AT, the expense of taxpayers and our horses blood. This woman (and, I use that term lightly, along with a deep gag), is so ill fitted for the position she holds….if she REALLY wants to be a part of the slaughter industry, then there are plenty of slaughter plants already in operation who I’m sure would give her a job? They just don’t slaughter horses.

    Her own state doesn’t even want this despicable industry there. WHY won’t she listen to the people she is getting paid by, TO listen to?

    There really has to be some sort of moral and ethical issue here, regarding her position and the way she is using it??? If there isn’t any laws against such conduct for politicians, then there SHOULD be!!

    She needs to be removed from her position and charged with fraud, failure to perform her duties for the position she holds, and blatantly deceiving the public….also, making threats in Missouri!!!!!

    Heck….Bill Clinton couldn’t even get away with a blow job…..so, why is SW being allowed to REPEATEDLY get away with what she’s doing?

    She may be financially bankrupt….but she’s also morally and ethically bankrupt!!!


  4. They had better start worring about REAL violations of private/property rights:
    More Pork for “Big Pig”
    April 10, 2012 by ppjg
    Debbie Coffey Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved.
    “The words feral, non-native, and invasive species are now being slung around by government agencies like mud in a pig pen.”
    In what can only be described as a slaughter of private property rights along with the livelihoods of small farmers, the Director of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources declared that pigs with certain physical characteristics that are found on breeding or sporting facilities, are considered “invasive species” and need to be destroyed. The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) won’t compensate facilities for their financial losses. If facility owners refuse to comply, the DNR will convict them of a felony.
    Mark Baker, a pig farmer in Michigan, owns Bakers Green Acres. He served in the Air Force for 20 years. He has a family. And recently, he has been worried that a SWAT team will show up at his farm to kill all of his pigs and to arrest him as a felon. According to a recent Cadillac.com article, Michigan State Sen. Darwin Booher “estimated close to 2,000 small farm operators could be put out of business as a result of the order.”
    Michigan DNR seems to be making up its own definition of “invasive species.”
    Senator Booher said DNR’s “…definition of an invasive (swine) species is not clear.” “For example, the order defines the ear structure of an invasive swine as both erect and floppy, depending on if the pig is a hybrid breed or not.”
    Not only that, it seems that DNR’s definition is totally different from that of the National Invasive Species Council.
    The Invasive Species Advisory Committee for the National Invasive Species Council clearly pointed out that “It is also essential to recognize that invasive species are not those under human control or domestication, that is, invasive species are not those that humans depend upon for economic security, maintaining a desirable quality of life, or survival.” (The Invasive Species Definition Clarification and Guidance White Paper, April 2006)


  5. R. T. I must protest. Your eloquent writing assumes that Sue Wallis can understand you. You use words like defamatory and illustrious, and string together phrases like “inflammatory computer’s rhetoric”…tsk tsk You really thank she got the book larnin to unnerstand sich? I’ll bet after she reads one of your articles she burns up a Funk & Wagnall. Lord only know she can’t spell ‘google’.

    I think you should consider dialing back the vocabulary to better serve the needs of Sue and her constituents…you know like maybe 2nd grade level?

    As for the rest of us just keep feeding us the behind the scenes skinny and we’ll pass it along to every corner of the earth to assure this b-tch isn’t even welcome in her own church much less the halls of government.


  6. SS should be investigated by Congressional ethics committee and recalled. HSUS, Animal Angels, and EWA should sue her for slander.


    • I TOTALLY agree! R.T., all of you – including Paula Bacon – need to sue the pants off of $ue! OMG! I didn’t mean to dredge up such a picture in everyone’s imagination! SO SORRY! GAG!


    • Lisa:

      I agree. This woman has broken every decency that one should have. She is despicable. Why can’t something be done to get rid of her. She is not representing anyone that has any brains and has disgraced all good Americans. I don’t understand how this idiot got elected in any way shape or form by good American citizens.


  7. I really like this piece. The tone of the article is entertaining – the kind of thing people who have not yet converted to our cause will read for the sole purpose that it makes them chuckle, and, in the process they will be educated.

    I’m really afraid of this new twist in SW’s approach, as we’ve seen Obama and his henchmen launching an all-out attack on freedom using the Homeland Security card to attack whole food, and other popular causes that hurt the bottom line of the agribusiness interests that our president sleeps with after a long day of “the change we can believe in” speeches.

    People in our movement that discount the extremity of the threat we face from Homeland Security, Obama’s overreaching, and SB510, simply aren’t following current events.

    I’m hoping that the equine welfare movement will soon multiply its sway by beginning to identify its natural allies in our country to the benefit of our horses and the rest of the nation as well.


  8. Brilliant, R.T. You always get it exactly right. It is disheartening how this person and her henchmen wrap their animal cruelty and nonsensical views up in the flag and the American spirit. They are the furthest thing from what American represents. All the phony Americana, their bogus 501c3s, and defamatory name calling can’t conceal their black hearted cruelty and greed. They are unfortunately merely stooges for a predatory foreign corporations like Chevidico that want to torture our horses and ruin our environment and communities for their profit.


  9. If you look at the ones who have signed her petition you can see who her followers are. They could not have read the same petition I read if they signed it so willingly. It is totally against the First Amendment and our Freedoms. They want to limit any action that they don’t like even if it is abuse and negligent. They cry about us taking their private property rights away because we love horses but then they want to take our rights away to media or any kind of news. They want to just close that steel door behind them and do what ever they want to animals. Sorry NO, that is not going to happen. Anyone having their name on that petition should be really embarrassed when someone finally transcribes that mess for them. Evidently they can’t understand anything they read. I feel very sorry for them and their horses and other companion animals. But I am most sorry for their kids who have been raised is such a hateful environment.


    • Lynette: Let’s hope if these peoples children see their parents supporting this kind of thinking, they will forever HATE THEIR PARENTS FOR WHAT THEY BELIEVE IN AND ARE SUPPORTING. THe parents may be stupid and cannot reason, let’s hope their children know better and don’t want anything to do with them after they find out about what they are supporting.


  10. I read it and my first response was WTF! I won’t reiterate the rest of it. The terms pathological liar and sociopath did come to mind. She fits into all characteristics.


  11. The woman is an uneducated moron who perceives herself as a Ph.D. in ethics and political theory but lacks the innate mental capability to grasp the abstract theoretical concepts that grew out of the Enlightenment. First, no where does our constitution say life, liberty, and property. Those were the words of the British philosopher Locke and were NOT made in reference to the US which did not exist at the time of his writing. Jefferson borrowed them and changed Locke’s phrase to say “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is not part of the constitution but rather the Declaration of Independence. Further, as far as I know our BIll of Rights states the rights of Americans not foreign investors. Before she inserts her foot in her mouth and attempts to speak about terrorism I suggest she read people like Luban or Smith because she apparently has no comprehension of how terrorism is defined. “Terrorism is intentional violence against noncombatants who are not appropriate targets of violence. Its purpose is to instill fear in the population as a means of changing political policy.” Please Dr. Wallis tell me how you equate peaceful protest and engaging in the political process as acts of terrorism. Really you are being stalked. I cannot imagine anyone who would venture to Recluse to follow you around. Remember none of our rights are absolute and most legal scholars accept Mill’s principle of direct harm as the most acceptable liberty limiting principle. Also remember that capitalism is grounded in utilitarian ethics and from that perspective a person is a sentient being. So if you can grasp the concept. Slaughtering horses is NOT a protected right because it causes direct harm. Finally learn to spell. Europe has an “O”. I am so very tired of your pathological behavior. You are not a major political force so get over yourself. Your time might be better spent pursuing an education.


    • Faith,

      Awesome post. Where she is getting this is from attorney and registered lobbyist for the Defense Department Frank Losey who advised Missouri resident and pro-puppy mill advocate Mindy Patterson about how she should go about trying to defeat a ballot initiative in Missouri supported by HSUS that would have banned or limited puppy mills. The animal agriculture industry is currently embracing a misguided plan to undermine the moral authority most U. S. citizens offer HSUS.

      One of Mr. Losey’s talking points was to use the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, which is where the less than honorable Representative from Recluse, Wyoming, has gotten this idea. I won’t go into the Act. You can google it if you want to see what is in it. The less than honorable Representative from Recluse, Wyoming, is modeling her petition on this. People who signed this may have been at the Summit for “We Want to Kill Horses and Make Big Money” or they could have viewed the videos. HSUS was portrayed as terrorist organization with Mr. Pacelle being characterized as the most dangerous domestic terrorist in the country. I could hardly believe that anyone with any sense at all would make a statement like this in public, particularly when it was being video taped. Mr. Losey was one of the unsuccessful attorneys for the Feld enterprise law suit against Ringling Brothers. At the time of this Summit for “We Want to Kill Horses and Make Big Money”, this suit was ongoing. Since then I read a press release that implied that the plaintiff’s (HSUS was the main one or only one). Mr. Losey said that he had been up against Wayne Pacelle 30 times and he had lost 30 times. He begged the audience to keep an HSUS and if HSUS did anything that appears to violate the tax code to contact the IRS. He went as far as to give the group the number of the account he had opened, so they could make sure that whatever they reported would be properly filed.

      What really bothers me here is that any time there is some threat to anyone in animal agriculture, the PR people make sure they include HSUS. At the Summit of “We Want to Kill Horses and Make Big Money Even these Horses End Up Killing Whoever Eats Them”, when talking about how radical animal rights groups are, how extreme they are, that they want to end the meat industry, they want to end animal ownership, propaganda that any rational person would seriously question, speakers used the name HSUS/PETA. To me this indicates that the speakers at least knew that HSUS was not responsible for the actions of other animal rights group. I have never heard of the Animal Liberation F? or ALF which seemed to be responsible for the biggest transgress. However, accurate attribution of trespass, undercover video, and destruction of property are are not the point of this propaganda. This propaganda is designed to get everyone who owns an animal to believe that HSUS is a terrorist group that wants to destroy animal agriculture. It was hard to watch a 40 or 50 year old man telling these wanna be horse killers that they would know their enemies because their enemies are VEGANS. They told the group that vegetarians were alright, but VEGANS were the true enemy. VEGANS are the dangerous terrorists.

      This is the irrational mind set that we are dealing with. How much better it would be if the Animal Agriculture Sector would cut lose the puppy millers and the horse slaughter issue. Neither of these elements are part of traditional animal agriculture. I am not sure about the dynamics, but I think a lot of this may be coming from Missouri. Mindy Patterson, a leader in Sue’s attempts to bring horse slaughter to Missouri and return horse slaughter to the U. S. may be connected or she may be a tool for Mr. Losey’s battle with Wayne Pacelle lives there. Mr. Losey was previously an officer in the Air Force which should command some respect, but he’s canceled that out by his attempts to frighten farmers and ranchers so they will jump on his big “We are all in this together boat.”

      It’s really too bad that the industry is trying to shoot the messenger, but even worse is that they don’t seem to even care whether they are pointing in the right direction. Lies, deception, fraud, personal agendas masquerading as genuine issues—it’s really sicking. What is worse is that these farmers and ranchers (the followers, not the leaders—the leaders like Charlie Stenholm, Frank Losey, and Karen Budd-Falen know exactly what they are doing. They parse their words very carefully and they appeal the worse fears of the ranchers and farmers.

      Rather than spending so much time, energy, and money to bring down HSUS, they people would be far better off to look at themselves and their industry, to listen to the concerns of consumers and people who live near very large animal production centers. The more they try to hide, the more it looks like they have something to hide. People where I live are very concerned about what is in their food. They are angry with Monsanto and see it bullying its way into our agriculture insisting on creating seedless fruits and vegetables,so that they can control the food industry. People want the USDA to stand up to Monsanto and quit caving into whatever it demands. There is a growing awareness that certain chronic illnesses can be caused by or worsened by certain substances in foods.

      I guess farmers and ranchers aren’t aware of programs like Dr. OZ or Sanjay Gupta’s special reports with a Cleveland Clinic Doctor who has a diet that can reverse serious heart disease and part of it involves completely eliminating meat and animal products. These folks reach a lot of people and like HSUS, most people trust them because they are considered experts.

      Sorry this is so long, but I thought it might be helpful to those of you who have not been following this to know where this whole terrorism thing is coming from. I watched the Summit of “We want to kill horses and make big money even if horse meat kills people” ten months after it was held. By that time I had had the chance to see that what struck me as totally ridicules and looney, was being taken seriously.

      It makes me ill that people like Charlie Stenholm, Sue Wallis, Frank Losey, Dave Duquette, have the opportunity to influence government policy while well-educated, experienced horse people, and equine welfare advocates are dismissed. The less than honorable Representative from Recluse, Wyoming, tried to characterize us a radical, extremist, and even terrorists saying that we did not understand animal agriculture. Really, so many of the people in the equine welfare movement have adopted rescued horses, worked with rescues, and are often part of animal agriculture. We later learned that the less than honorable Representative from Wyoming has never owned a horse, so when we talks about wanting to save “our” horse back culture or the horse industry, she is intentionally misrepresenting her life style.

      The less than honorable Representative from Recluse, Wyoming, supports the food industry. She is part of the jams and jellies world. Those are products people eat. Now she wants to be part of the meat industry. She is not a member of the horse industry. Nothing could be further from the truth. If she is trying to get slaughter plants opened and that is her only solution to equine welfare problems. She is all about the meat. There is nothing about her that is for about horses. Just because she toys with words doesn’t make anything she says true. Charlie Stenholm essentially gave a lesson in how to succeed in being deceptive during his “Land and Politics” talk. Sickening that these are the people who have access to power and influence.


      • I am from Pa and we passed a New Dog Law which has effectively closed most of our puppy mills. I have worked with our state HSUS director on various issues. She has helped us draft legislation to de-privatize the humane police officers. At least here our farmers do not support horse slaughter and the head of our state AG committee is not only a supporter of the new dog law but animals in general. We are getting support from the farm bureau regarding the humane officers. I am a college professor but I also, by myself, manage a farm with 21 equines. My experience with the farmers in this area lends me to believe that the cattle people are a breed unto themselves. One time I emailed Ms Wallis to ask her where she was getting the theoretical ground for her claims slaughter was the moral thing to do. She sent me a perversion of Aristotlean ethics the likes of which I still cannot imagine. I realize where she is getting the terrorism crap but she or whoever wrote the article for her is severely lacking in their knowledge of ethics and political theory.
        Yes I understand the ethical issues associated with Monsanto, genetic engineering of food and the lack of research on the effects of GMO’s in our foods. It is an issue I teach in biomedical ethics. I find it amazing that these people can as you say influence our government. It is truly a sad state of affairs when truth and education take a back seat to ignorance, lies, manipulation and deceit. Finally I am sick of her claims to be associated with the horse industry. I have cared for horses and many other animals for years and a good percentage of my earnings go to the farrier, feed store, vet, and tack shop and yes the backhoe when the sad day arises. I have had horses who lived to over forty. The older they get the more they need and the more we pump into the economy. I stand by my assertion the woman is an uneducated moron.


  12. This woman is like the creature from the black lagoon. Ugly, Enormous, Full of Hate and Blood Thirsty. She is going to lose because she is so dead wrong and so dead stupid. After reading the article i did feel like barfing; but I wouldn’t even waste my vomit on a slug like $ue.


  13. Why can’t someone just shoot Sue Wallis, & put her (& the rest of us!) out of misery!! We’d be out of misery because we wouldn’t have to worry about what she does next. I have started seeing those beautiful Wyoming vacation ads on TV again, you know, the one with the herd of horses in the corral who suddenly decide to stampede & jump over the fence to freedom. Then you see this breathtaking scene of a herd of horses galloping away. I keep thinking, ever so sadly, how many of them will end up going to slaughter, end up on someone’s dinner plate! It makes me shudder! I think this ad is very deceitful & misleading, considering the “queen” of horse slaughter resides there! If old Sue wants horse slaughter, & wants both foreigners & Americans, herself included, to eat horses, why hasn’t the state she represents ok’d a horse slaughter facility? Maybe, because they don’t want it either! Probably bad for tourist business, just guessing. I certainly wouldn’t go there on vacation, no matter how beautiful Wyoming might be. I wonder how someone so stupid & uneducated can even get into politics in the first place. I guess those like “her” are like roaches, once you get them, they’re hard as heck to get rid of!!


    • Cutting off your nose to spite your face! Not everyone in WY is in her county or votes for her. And happily for me that’s one less person roaming the Tetons getting in the way!


  14. $uzie dear no one is telling you that you can’t breed and sell. We’re just saying that you can’t slaughter for human consumption an animal that has been given meds known to cause harm in humans. This isn’t about animal advocates or activists–it’s FEDERAL law that you can’t slaughter an animal that has toxic meds in it for human consumption.

    I don’t know about any of the others out here but I have NEVER seen your address posted anywhere–except maybe your Rep address which is public knowledge. And having never been to Recluse I know I haven’t bothered you or anyone in that area PERIOD.

    I am NOT some nut job out here. I’m just me. I don’t “belong” to any group or organization. So woman to woman–please move out of the country, raise your horses there and slaughter them. Sorry but I don’t wanna be paying for some government inspector who doesn’t even inspect getting my tax dollars.

    Why don’t you do as so many in WY do and raise cattle? As abhorrent as it sounds they even now have bison farms where they raise bison special for slaughter. Don’t know nothing about it since I REFUSE to eat bison. Just saying.

    Woman to woman please go home to Recluse and do the job your paid to do. Represent the good people of Recluse and her surrounding towns. Quit forcing us to spend money on telling you why you can’t do that!


  15. One thing to remember is she is trying to ramp things up by calling us activists and terrorists. Even her husband got I on things a week or so back when he called us Nazi’s.

    I can’t say ignore her stench. It’s not gonna go away. Just don’t let it make you boil over!


  16. This Kemseke guy is part of the family that owned Dallas Crown. I remember the name from documents at kaufmanzoning. He was one of the ones who fed Paula and the town council a bunch of lies about what Dallas Crown would be doing if allowed to open a plant. Ah, the more things change, the more they stay the same.


  17. Hahahaaaa!!
    If you’ll listen closely you can hear Sue sobbing at nite and if you keep reading this blog you can find out how she and her gang of evil are grasping at their last traws in desperation.

    A Petition begging for protection, bwaahhaha. They better start working on gathering signatures for that petition that they will need when they get to hell.


  18. I was listening to the local news tonight and heard the the USDA was cutting back on meat and poultry inspectors to save money. If that is the case, Sue will be out of business. That would save us a lot of time and trouble. Has anyone eles heard this?


  19. Another point to this is that in this country no one has a right to work in a particular industry. You might like to raise Hippogriphs, but if no one wants to buy Hippogriphs, or if Hippogriphs present more of a danger to humans than a benefit, then you don’t have the right to demand that the government (i.e. every tax payer in the United States) has to subsidize your misguided view of what it is like to have a business in a capitalist economy.

    Just think about all the generations of men and women in Appalachia who have mined coal and lived in coal towns that are now being put out of business by the President’s energy plan. They aren’t crying and whining that the government owes them a living. No. There are scientists and engineers hard at work trying to find ways to produce coal in ways that are less harmful to the environment or this natural resource will remain in the ground. Coal is WV. It pays for almost everything else in the state, but no one believes that coal is untouchable, that coal has to be produced. No one owes the less than honorable Representative from Recluse, Wyoming, anything. She has been born with the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Perhaps people in the West who depend on public lands for a living have a skewed idea of what actually belongs to them. Our wild and free roaming horses do not belong to Mrs. Wallis.

    Karen Budd-Falen is the daughter-in-law of Public Lands Council President John Falen. She and her husband are both attorneys in Cheyenne with connections to U. S. Representative Cynthia Lummis. KBF was the main author of the Government Litigation Savings Act. She also talked to attendees at the Summit of the “We Want to Kill Horses and Make Big Money Even if Horse Meat Kills People” about their personal property rights. She told them that if someone came on their property and wanted to seize their animals, that they did not need to surrender their animals. According to her it is the right of the individual to own these animals and if ever threatened by any one wanting to take their animals, they did not need to surrender the animals. She is a strategist for this group.

    The less than honorable Representative from Recluse, Wyoming, is a tool for those behind the scenes, It is they, not she, that are the biggest problems our horses face. She is out there to be outrageous and arouse our righteous indignation, and in the process, distract us from what is really going on.


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