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Pickens Responds to Horse Hating Welfare Rancher in CBS Video

Information supplied by Saving America’s Mustangs

Good Ole Boy Mentality Runs Deep in DeMar Dahl’s Subsidized Cow Business Plan

Open Letter from Madeleine Pickens

Click Image to view CBS Video ~ photo by Julie Caramante courtesy of Horseback Magazine

“When the pro-slaughter crowd, led by the likes of Demar Dahl, talk about past practices as they applied to the management of our wild horses, or the approach perhaps more appropriately referred to as the, if we can’t eat it or make money off of it, let’s kill it, it is important to note they are talking about a time in our distant past.  Their reflections speak volumes about the situation we find ourselves in, with over 40,000 wild horses in pens, a senseless gather policy that is destroying one of the Nation’s valuable resources, and a general lack of a coherent strategy to manage our wild horse populations.  None of this is what Congress had in mind when they passed an Act 40 years ago to manage AND protect the wild horses in the Western United States.

I have offered a plan to take a huge step forward in managing our wild horses; a step that will begin to reduce the number of wild horses in pens, save the American taxpayer money, provide an opportunity for the public to see what is theirs in the wild horses’ natural habitat, and, lastly but not insignificantly, return some sense of dignity to these magnificent animals.  It is time we moved from the practices of the past century to a realistic and effective approach to managing our wild horses, an approach that doesn’t need to eliminate a species in the name of greed. ”

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  1. Thank you Madeline for your thoughtful commentary on what appears to be a very thoughtless group. The “Good ol Boy” mentality runs rampant in all aspects of life where greed appears to be the only goal. Greed at all costs. We don’t care who we step on – Just get it done. Everyone must stop and ask the question “Why?” Why are the “Good ol boys” so hell bent on obtaining and destroying and controlling and manipulating all that isn’t really theirs to begin with?” The immediate answer is the obvious: GREED. But are we dealing with people who’s intellect can only go as deep as a “pissin’ contest among “good ol Boy” club members? All swagger and pissin’ braggin’ rights and thats really all that is required of this clubs’ membership? Can we change the expression “Good ol Boys” to “dumb ol Boys”? I think that is more representative of what we are actually dealing with here. They arn’t dumb though – they are just in the wrong “club”. “And the meek shall inherit the earth.” There won’t be much earth to inherit soon.


    • Joan your absolutely right!

      this is a repost from my facebook page….where I am trying to explain what is going on out there to a friend that is listening to the opposition propaganda…

      Thousands of working class people donate time, money, resources, and energy every year to save our wild ones. I have resolved to look at this way…I’d rather have the horses running free at her place then stuck in holding pens somewhere in the mid west, where one of the ‘good ol boys’ gets paid $1.25 a day from the government to house them. At Pickens place they would be in native territory, not hidden from the public, and actually cared for, not to mention is going to help the economy around Elko….. Myself and Craig Downer did an covert investigation of one of these ‘good ol boy’ facilities years ago. Photographed several foundered, sick, injured and dead horses standing in over crowded pens ankle deep in mud and manuer, without shelter from the eliments….And of course the guy that owned that facility didn’t report those dead horses because he was still getting paid $1.25 per head per day for them! It was a deplorable place, one that was shut down from congress (Clinton adminstration) and caused cease to all round ups for 4 years!….. Did you happen to see the Reno news last night?…the cattlemens association is really torqued, sent out a press release slamming her facility and plans …their torqued because Pickens will have the grazing rights for additional acreage that come with those ranches they bought, and these cattlemen will no longer be able to run cattle on…it’s a land and water grab, and they don’t like the fact that someone with wealth and power they cannot so easily pay off finally is sticking up for the horses! Because she may make money on the deal also pisses them off….. I don’t mean to stand on a soap box here…just want anyone that may be reading this to understand what is really going on out there… Don’t buy into the propaganda people…and DO NOT take the word of the governement or special interest groups (Cattlemens ass. or hunting intrests) at face value…they always have had an alterior motive, and they lie, cheat, and steal, and pay off the poweful to get their way!


    • Not only are they good ‘ole boys, but they are getting ancient. Haven’t they had their say long enough? Move over, boys, Madeleine’s in town and she’s no pushover.


  2. Way to go Madeleine! They just can’t stand for anyone to mess with the gravy train they’ve been riding for so long, ESPECIALLY a woman, and a woman with the $ to back her up!

    Keep up the good work, you will eventually make a dent in the mess that has been made of our Wild Horse and Burro issues.

    Most of the big mouths are looking after their own grazing rights. If there are reasonable people in the western states and the BLM, then hopefully they will continue to work with you and others who want to put this right.


  3. Was pleased to see that finally there was a story about this on mainstream media. Most of the mainstream media has been avoiding this issue. I have nothing againt cattle ranchers except when they think they own everything. They do not. Wish Madeleine Pickens every success in her venture to save the wild horses.


    • Here, Here, Barbara! And THANK YOU once again, Madeleine, for continuing to fight for our wild horses. I believe the public needs to SEE, not just here or read about our fight for their freedom. “Seeing is Believing” and it stays in your mind…forever.


  4. This is a great start for helping to right the wrong, but boy do we have a long way to go. What is going to become of all the thousands of horses that have lost their freedom and are now sitting in government holding pens?! Unfortunately, it is all about greed and those who have no respect, not only for the horses and their welfare, but for the American people. I am continually thankful for R.T, and so many others for their un-dying commitment in helping to preserve these animals… a living symbol of our American heritage and freedom.


  5. We are right behind you Madeleine! I think it is time to just start ignoring people like Del Mar just like you would the old crazy uncle at Christmas dinner.


  6. I can’t say anything better than has already been said by Madeleine and the eloquent, inspiring commenters here, so I’ll simply offer my sincere thanks to her and to all the RIGHT-minded, RIGHT-hearted, RIGHT-acting people who are defending the RIGHT of our wild horses and burros to run free. RIGHT on!!!


  7. The problem is is that Wells is in Elko County. But the town of Elko is some 70 miles to the East of Wells where the Sanctuary is.

    The problem as I see it is this: those 500,000 acres would be given back to the horses FULL TIME. This means less grazing for the cattle. RT remember last year when you saw that woman–that is the mentality we are dealing with.

    And Wells is in the middle of NoWhere NV. Yes, it might provide jobs but employees are going to have to commute LONG distances from home to get to work. Might be something to think about but have an employees area–where people can go off duty.

    Just thinking aloud here–but if someone works like 4 days on–they could stay overnight in that area–away from visitors. Then they go home on there “weekends”. Kinda of like the fire department at least where I Iive.

    And if the horses win a big round like this–what about the precedent it sets? So I see it as not so much this Sanctuary as the long term issue.

    I know a lot of this sounds negative. I apologize. These are the things I see. And we need a way to offset arguments. I want the horses to win.

    Not sure if a non breeding herd is what we want long term. Because of the viability of the horses. I mean what is the long term status of the horses? Honestly we need a breeding herd along with those non breeding animals. I just don’t know who or what the characteristics are–and who should decide who can/can’t breed. Maybe those are still some gray areas that need to be talked about.


    • I am sorry, but not everything revolves around jobs for humans. This is about horses first and foremost. I think us humans have put ourselves center of just about every decision on this planet and look at the results. I could care less if Madeleine hired one single Nevadan to be honest. As for the non-breeding status, horses are non-breeding in holding facilities and they are separated to boot. Atleast the horses will be able to form family bands, run free on the land of their ancestors and not hidden away from Americans.


  8. Thank God we have someone like Madeleine PIckens. She was able to do what some of us could only dream of doing. The Good Ol’ Boy network has been in existance for far too long..They have been lead to believe that they OWN the West. Well, times are a changing…Their gravy train and welfare ranching leases may be coming to an end. Its high time that our Wild Horses and Burros take back the land that truly belongs to them. Its time that we as Americans protect them and visit them in their natural habitat. The bloodlines of many of these horses may never be replaced and how sad. I am also glad that we have private citizens who take it upon themselves to photograph and log the family herds. This is what the BLM should be doing with our tax dollars instead of coming up with half assed ideas which go no where. The killing and the round up of the horses and burros must be stopped. Kudos to Madeliene, I for one wish her well. Perhaps one of my
    next vacactions will be to the new home of so many of the wild horses


  9. I am sick of the good ol’ boy system. Raping the land, raping the wildlife for the sake of lining their pockets. Cattle ranching is raping of the land. Cattle rip the grass out by the roots they destroy the land. It’s not their fault that is how they are. There are too many of hem. Too Many Cattle. I am sick of the gool ol’ boy ways, I fear the horses will end up suffering terribly. Horses are not meat animals. They have carried us around, served us, we would not have conquered this land without them, and this is how we thank them? Humanity should be ashamed.> What if we said lets eat dogs or cats, there are too many of them too. Greed is all we know! Politicians, Cattle Ranchers, I pray you all go where you belong. God does not like his creation tortured and destroyed! God knows the evil money motives in your hearts! You are very transparent and he’ll punish you!


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