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Petition: Tell Interior Secretary to Dump Pro-Wild Horse Slaughter Appointee

Ken Salazar a friend and puppet of the Cattle industry and executioner for the Nation's Wild Horses and Burros

Sponsored by: American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign, Animal Law Coalition, The Cloud Foundation, Equine Welfare Alliance, Front Range Equine Rescue, International Fund for Horses, Protect Mustangs, Respect4Horses and Wild Horse Freedom Federation

The Secretary of the Interior has, for the second time in a row, selected an openly pro-horse slaughter person to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board.  Callie Hendrickson, an anti-wild horse activist, pro-horse slaughter proponent, has been selected to represent the interests of the ‘General Public’ on the board.

It is well known that Hendrickson supports horse slaughter, and the sale without limitation of all unadopted wild horses to the highest bidder (including kill buyers). She supports the removal of all the wild horses in the West Douglas Creek herd on Colorado’s Western Slope. She has testified in support of anti-wild horse legislation and will speak at the second pro-slaughter conference (Summit of the Horse) in Oklahoma City this Spring.

And Ms. Hendrickson is out of step with the overwhelming majority of Americans who oppose horse slaughter. According to a recent national poll conducted by Lake Research Partners for the ASPCA, 80% of Americans from all walks of life and all areas of the country do not support the slaughter of American horses.

Take action today: Urge Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar to rescind his appointment of Callie Hendrickson to the BLM’s National Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board. 


The nine-member BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board recommends management strategies to the BLM. Hendrickson would join Jim Stephenson (appointed June 2011) who openly advocates for horse slaughter. Other Board members include the former head of the Nevada Cattlemen’s Association and a wildlife representative who is a member of organizations advocating a hunting season on wild horses.  Documents obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request revealed that BLM has discussed killing wild horses in holding since at least 2008. They have stacked the Board with anti-wild horse extremists who could advocate for the slaughter of wild horses that have been removed from public lands and are being stockpiled in government holding facilities.

Click (HERE) to Sign Petition to “Cull Callie
Click (HERE) to Read More on the BLM’s Horse Slaughter Adviser

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  1. The comments I would like to write about ken salazar and his greedy crew are not fit for publishing….it never ceases to amaze me the depths that a man can sink….


    • Just about…except that no school board in the country would do this is they knew PRIOR to the appointment that this is the case. Parents would take this into their own hands, and the results would not be pretty.

      The thing about Interior and the BLM is that these outrageous acts are planned, discussed and agreed upon before they get done. But the public Callie Henrickson represents are public lands ranchers as the PLC has dictated to the BLM and to DC-Interior. She does not represent any other segment of the American people.


  2. Have you ever seen the look on a dog’s face that has been caught killing chickens and knows that he is in BAD TROUBLE…..take a good look at those people who are in on this.


    • I wonder if Janet Jankura would still be interested, She had only served a single term when she re-applied for the position. I bet her paperwork (if that’s required) was in long before Callie was favored by the BLM “gods”. Her body language told me she was fully-engaged. IMO, Janet had some wonderful ideas, including expanding financial support to help the Mustang Heritage Foundation, and a much more effective PR program. She had concrete proposals, with data to back them up. Predictably, the rest of the Board either slept through, steamrolled, or totally ignored them.


  3. Appointng her was he best thing that could ever happen.If we didn’t we would have to set up blinds and sell tags so people can hunt them.That about as stupid as any other ideas you guys have come up with.Hunting is not a bad idea really at least people would start eating horse meat.Anyway again where is the money going to come from to save them.The over population of wild horses is taking away ground from all of the native animals that live there.Since the horses are not native we don’t need 50000 of them running around.I have talked to over a 100 ranchers and there is not one who doesn’t want slaughter.Your 80% poll is bs why because most of the people who sign it only have a couple horses or none.The poll should be done with the people in the breeding business.I would bet that 80/20 would be for slaughter.Other than wild horses there bucking horses,lame,bad you name it.I would pay to see your horse shelters tame a bunch of old bucking horses down.Sorry I forgot you guys probable think rodeo is cruel too.Its impossible to save them and trying to is more cruel than any slaughter plant.I have seen how long a horse takes to die they will lay and thrash around fo at least a week before they give up,and that is happenning all over.Come on HORSE SLAUGHTER IS THE ONLY WAY TO GO.


    • So, you stood by and watched to see how long it would take a horse to die? Are you related to Jason Meduna by chance? Every time one of you people talk or write you just prove that your viewpoint is only shared by the lowlifes in your small circle of cretins&morons. Try evolving. You might like it.


    • Rob, you must find a better pass time . To watch a horse die is sick and demented……………Maybe you might consider helping them to survive the likes of you !!!


    • thank you for exposing the root of the problem. your kind of mentality is exactly the kind we need to educate. this one sided argument leads to a dangerous ignorance that is killing off wild animals. Horse advocates let’s use this kind of argument as a way of educating others. this is exactly what we need to change.


      • Back again, thought you found another place to haunt !!!! Dont waste our time with your foolish rants,……………………………….


  4. Called the Interior Dept yesterday and they tried to pawn me off on the BLM. I explained to the Staff member that I did not want to be passed along to them. My comment was that the buck stopped in this office and that something must be changed to take this woman off the committee and selected a TRUE member from the advocate community not someone who has slaughter and foreign business in mind. RT, I am going to send you an article which appeared in our local newspaper regarding the slaughtering of our Wild Horses and the BLM. It was an article from 1973 and showed that the BLM hasn’t changed their tune since that time. Was shocked because my friend came across the article and gave it to me. So times have not changed one bit…The difference now is that they have thousands more to make money on. Interesting it seems like the figures are just about the same…Sounds like someone is surely not telling the whole truth..



    Posted Feb 29, 2012 by lauraallen
    Animals and Politics
    Update February 29, 2012: Utah’s Ag-gag bill, H.B. 187, has passed the House of Representatives by an overwhelming margin of 60-14. The bill now moves to the Utah Senate.
    Original report: The Utah legislature is considering a bill that would make undercover investigations of farm animal and equine cruelty illegal. The “ag-gag” bill, H.B. 187, would make it a crime for anyone to knowingly or intentionally record an image or even a sound on the premises of an agricultural operation without the owner’s consent. A violation by leaving a recording device on the property would be a Class A misdemeanor. It would be a Class B misdemeanor for violations after learning such conduct is prohibited by the owner or in cases of criminal trespass. Rep. John Mathis is the bill’s sponsor.
    If you live in Utah, find your state legislators here. Write (faxes are best) or call your state senator now and urge him or her to vote NO on the ag-gag bill, H.B. 187. The only purpose of the bill is to shut down undercover investigations that expose animal cruelty in agricutural operations. The bill would trample First Amendment rights including chilling other forms of protest.
    Similar provisions in a bill in Florida were killed in committee in 2012. Similar bills in New York, Minnesota, Iowa and Florida failed to pass in 2011. But this year a similar though revised bill has passed the Iowa legislature and the New York bill as well as the Minnesota bill carried over and are now pending. There is also a bill pending in Indiana and another in Nebraska that would shut down undercover investigations of farm animal abuse in this way.


  6. There are those who are willing to do most anything to Horses for money
    and then there are those who are willing risk most anything to HELP them:

    Pictures and video in the article

    Friday, Mar 02 2012
    Race against the tide: Bravery of young mother who stayed by her horse’s side for THREE HOURS after getting trapped in mud ‘like quicksand’
    Panic as 78-stone show horse is ’swallowed-up’ by mud
    Mother freed her daughter and another horse before returning to trapped animal
    Astro was freed just minutes before the tide closed in


  7. America’s Wild Horses and Burros are anything BUT overpopulated. Here again are the numbers:
    The Numbers

    – 38,500: BLM reported total of WH&B population (as of 2/28/11, not validated)
    – 26,600: BLM high AML (appropriate management level) for WH&B population
    – 16,000-18,000 BLM actual current targeted low AML for WH&B population
    – 21,354: WH&B population as of 2/28/11 using BLM’s own data & 20% growth model (independent analysis)
    – 240,000-480,000: Approximate head of livestock on WH&B management areas
    – Up to 3M livestock on BLM lands
    – Up to 1.5M livestock on USFS lands
    – 20 million mule deer, 1 million elk, 700,000+ pronghorns, 70,000 bighorns (considered a “species of concern”) on Federal, state & private lands

    – 245 million: Number of acres BLM currently manages
    – 160 million: Number of BLM acres allocated to livestock use
    – 53.8 million: Number of BLM & private acres originally designated for WH&B in 1971
    – 31.6 million: Number of BLM & private acres currently managed for WH&B
    – 22.2 million: Number of acres WH&B have lost since 1971
    – 27 million: Number of BLM acres currently allocated to WH&B use (with livestock)
    – 11%: Amount of BLM land currently designated for WH&B use

    – 83%: Amount of forage allocated to livestock in BLM WH&B areas
    – 17%: Amount of forage allocated to WH&B in BLM WH&B areas
    – 339: Number of BLM original Herd Areas designated for WH&B in 1971
    – 179: Number of BLM reduced-size Herd Management Areas currently designated for WH&B
    – 160: Number of WH&B Herd Areas BLM has zeroed-out

    – 193 million: Number of acres USFS currently manages
    – 91 million: Number of USFS acres allocated to livestock use
    – 2 million: Number of USFS acres allocated to WH&B use (with livestock)
    – 1.04%: Amount of USFS land currently designated for WH&B use
    – 650 million: Number of Federal land acres
    – 4.5%: Amount of Federal land acres (BLM/USFS) designated for WH&B use (with livestock)

    Costs to Taxpayers:
    – $75.7 million: FY2011 total cost of BLM’s WH&B Program
    – $11.4 million: FY2011 cost of roundups, including fertility control
    – $48.2 million: FY2011 cost of BLM warehousing WH&B
    – $766,164: FY2010 cost of BLM WH&B census & range monitoring (3.3% of budget)
    – $144-500 million: FY2011 cost of livestock grazing program
    – $13 million: FY2011 cost of predator control program to benefit livestock

    Compiled by Carla Bowers, 10/26/11, Revised 11/6/11
    For NAS/NRC Study Panel of BLM Wild Horse & Burro Program
    All numbers above are verifiable


  8. Lets put callie out there with the wild horses come roundup and watch her run for her life. there is plenty of land for these beautiful animals to roam, wild horses move around not like cows


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