Is This the Right Way to Treat Horses?

Is a slaughterhouse for horses coming to Missouri? Is this the right way to treat horses? KOMU 8 News explores the emotional and economic impact in special reports Thursday on KOMU 8 News at Six and Ten.


  1. I’m not sure that anyone has applied to build a slaughter house in Missouri since the defeat at Mountain Grove, so if anyone knows of any new interest in Missouri, I hope they will let us know. If there is no new plan right now, then the tv ad is misleading and unreliable. So the station is just manipulating information and the audience, and I for one would dislike it. It does look like the station will mention the reasons not to open a slaughter house, which would be good. Still, this ad looks to me like it might be deceptive and suspicious.


    • According to Sue Wallis and her ilk, they are covertly working to open a slaughterhouse in MO, whether people want one or not.


  2. Are these pregnant mares? Does the first mare to the left have a wound under her jaw?

    I won’t watch, but just curious at the freeze frame.


    • Yes they are and slaughterhouses don’t care if they are. Its a brutial reality and I hope all this lobbying will gat something done. The only thing is all the people at capital hill having conferences are forgetting to mention about the medicines we put in our horses bodies. These chemicals make the horses meat toxic for us to eat. I think that would make a bigger impact on the fight to pass the Anti slaughter prevention act.


      • Well, somebody at the station isn’t doing their homework….not a good start. I’m still bothered by that red blob under that mare’s(?) jaw.

        I am well aware of what slaughterhouses do to equines.

        I just thought it odd that the serene pasture scene features mares (pregnant?) and one with a wound.


      • Agreed. Yet, even More *Disturbing* is the feeling that: ~this photo~ was “pick of litter”….& All others would have *shed even WORSE light* on situation !?


  3. I’m actually thinking (hoping) this could be a good thing. KOMU is the tv station for the Univ. of Missouri, journalism school, considered the top J-school in the country. We shall see if their credibility in the field will prompt them to investigate all the issues around this issue.


  4. I think the media needs to educate people about what that means to their state. In fact, I will send them an email once I finish here. Missouri as well as Wyoming needs tourism. Again, if that should ever happen, I will not take any vacations there and will vote down any conventions for either my union or my breed association convention. It will not bring happiness or long term jobs to anyone in Missouri, but will provide terror and a house of death to the state. All I can say is that the citizens of the surrounding community and the state will be sorry. Once there as I have said before, they are like a disease which very hard to get rid off. Bramson, MO is close to many states and many go there for short weekend trips. Just let the word get out and I think Bramson would suffer greatly…I will never visit a state that supports the slaughter of any equine and the tortoreous
    treatment that occurs.


  5. Why does the media make this sound like a good thing~ between the announcers tone and voice and the scant misleading trailer…makes it sound like a tantalizing trailer for the next great movie. Slaughter houses don’t do anyone any good …what jobs~ you mean employment for the unconscious lowlifes that don’t deserve to breath? It takes a special breed of thoughtlessness to do that job, and the sad part is that it doesn’t help the horse population problem at all…the ones they kill are healthy and fat not skinny and under cared for….bad idea all the way around never mind the can of worms that this will open that no ones even thought about yet


  6. This is great to get the message out! Based upon the tone of the announcer..doesn’t sound like a pro-slaughter piece! I really believe that when people understand just what happens to horses at slaughter and the type of enterprise that supports this misery – good people wil speak up.
    I was completely unaware of this issue till a friend sent me a undercover video of horse slaughter – to this day I think of it and it brings me to tears. It moved me to send letters and call the white house – small steps but I believe they will lead us to the end of this terrible practice and betrayal of American Horses.
    Put this issue out in the sunlight! Don’t let these terrorists hide in the dark where they are safe and anonymous – expose them at every turn and let the public see what really goes on in the name of euthanasia.


  7. This is actually great news! I believe that putting this issue into sunlight will bring more support for the horses. The terrorist that propose horse slaughter would much rather remain in the dark – anonymous and hazy…what good deeds they do! It’s horse euthanasia not slaughter…right? Well putting a news story out that hopefully shows what really happens to the animals and the neighborhoods – can only enlist support. I was unaware of the issue till a friend sent me an undercover video of a slaughterhouse and to this day – it brings me to tears just to think about it.
    It’s mobilized me to write and call whomever I can to try to bring this terrible legacy to an end.


  8. “Please, God, Don’t let horse slaughter come to Missouri, or anywhere in our United States of America! Please, show these pro-slaughter people & organizations the dire consequences of their proposed plans, please, help them to be compassionate & change their hearts, & help them to change their ideas & ways of thinking. Thank you God”. We all must continue to stand together & make our voices heard the world over! We are the “80%”, we have the power & the ability to stop this insanity once & for all. We will fight to the end.


  9. Forgot to add, why can’t they build equine shelters instead of slaughter facilities? Why can’t they put all the unemployed to work caring for & re-training all these horses for re-homing? Put some to work as therapy horses for the disabled, both young & old, for returning, injured soldiers. There ARE people out there that would buy/adopt a horse in order to give it another chance. For those unable to be re-homed, let them live out their lives with respect & dignity, retire in peace, & when the time comes, give these special creatures a peaceful, humane end.


  10. Linda H said, “(hoping) this could be good thing. KOMU is tv sta. for Univ. of Missouri journalism school, considered top J-school in country…see if their credibility…prompts to investigate all issues..” –» great Question!? & brings to mind ANOTHER Q? {& beastly name we’ve heard b4 (via Deb Coffey?)-}
    *-do any know IF this renowned school’s curriculum has been recently
    “RE-directed by” the KOCH Bros???
    (it’s really Sad, if so…)
    I direct U to this article from Rolling Stone, note ***excerpt on university funding****:

    Politics: The Koch Brothers – Exposed!
    ~Rolling Stone~ By Julian Brookes
    April 20, 2012 | 5:15pm
    If the KOCH brothers didn’t exist, the left would have to invent them.
    They’re the Plutocrats from central casting –
    oil-and-gas billionaires ready to
    Buy any congressman,
    Fund any lie,
    Fight any law,
    Bust any union,
    Despoil any landscape, or
    Shirk any (tax) burden to push their free-market religion & pump up their profits.
    no need to invent– Charles & David KOCH are the real deal. Over..30+ yrs, they’ve poured >$100 million into sprawling network of foundations, think tanks, front groups, advocacy organizations, lobbyists & GOP lawmakers {Kochtopus}
    all to glory of their hard-core libertarian agenda. They don’t oppose “big” government so much as Government –
    taxes, environmental protections, safety-net programs, public education: the whole bit. (By all accts, Kochs are true believers; really buy road-to-serfdom stuff abt holiness of free markets. Still, can’t help but notice how neatly their philosophy lines up with their business interests.)
    They like to think of
    * elected politicians as merely “actors playing out a script,”
    and Themselves* as supplying “the themes & words for the scripts.”

    For yrs, the brothers shunned spotlight. David Koch joked that the family business, (Wichita, KS-based KOCH Industries) –annual profits ~$100 Billion, 2nd-biggest private firm in America– was
    “the largest company you’ve never heard of.”

    ..when Barack Obama b/c president, the Kochs, like a lot of right-wingers, flipped out. They threw their weight behind stealth campaign to turn back pres’s “socialist” agenda: They were early backers (some say puppet masters) of Tea Party movement, & when tea-infused GOP retook the House..midterm 2010, was with BIG assist from KOCH $$. (+ blessed ill-fated pres. run of Tea Party-fav Herman Cain =how crazy –or cynical– these guys are.) Progressive activists & news media started paying attention –notably “ThinkProgress” & Jane Mayer (New Yorker)–
    soon KOCHs became
    poster boys of “the 1%”
    + surefire fundraising tool for Democratic Party; at mere mention of KOCH name…

    Now KOCHs are subject of a blistering (but to all appearances factual) documentary by activist filmmaker Robt Greenwald. “Koch Brothers Exposed” aims to show how brothers’ machinations affect lives of “living, breathing human beings,” as Greenwald put it.. “When I learned abt damage KOCHs were doing to our democracy, want…more Americans to understand what they’re up to.”

    On the evidence of “Koch Brothers Exposed”, more relevant question is:
    what Aren’t they up to?
    –scrappy & low-budget film, but effective all the same– weaves together string of short videos produced over year by his nonprofit Brave New Films,
    each looks at a separate tentacle of the “KOCHTOPUS,”…the Kochs’ network.
    It recounts how the brothers have:
    pumped $$millions into
    >150 COLLEGEs/UNIVersities in EXCHANGE for CONTROL over *hiring & curriculum* decisions, to Ensure students be exposed to free-market fundamentalism…;
    funded efforts to undo Model Diversity policy in Wake Co, NC school system, effectively re-segregating the district –part of larger campaign, (film alleges) to weaken Public school system & prepare for widespread privatization;

    pushed voter ID laws– (purported aim= combat ballot fraud…but designed to keep Dems from voting) –thru financial SUPPORT of “American Legislative Exchange Council”, (increasingly radioactive business group) specializes drafts of corporate-friendly **pick-up-and-pass legislation** for state lawmakers.
    (ALEC’s also behind insane “Stand Your Ground” gun laws @ issue in Trayvon Martin shooting case);

    bankrolled coordinated campaign to swing public opinion in favor of privatizing Social Security, deploying Koch-funded think tanks, experts, & pundits to spread myth that S.S. on brink of bankruptcy.
    (might equally have documented KOCH-funded efforts to
    repeal health care law,
    deny climate change,
    undermine collective-bargaining rights, or block Wall Street reform
    …only so much 1 film can cover.)

    All diabolical stuff, from liberal point of view. …might argue that even if scale of Kochs’ doings puts them in a league of their own…constitutional “right to play politics” at the Platinum level,
    like…other high rollers on the right (+ on left).
    Which gets at
    the basic Problem –
    ** the gigantic power of money in American politics makes a joke of our democracy….


    • & There’s LOTS more in Rolling Stone article about that film; dealing with myriad “issues” that may/may not directly impact “our discussions” here. A must-read 4 all…
      The KOCH Bros also largely Funded the gigantic comprehensive “Study of the Truth of Climate Change”, recently published in Scientific American! {don’t have link, not hard to find} it is based in Stanford, with GLOBAL Scientific minds, who were Not bought or railroaded by Koch $$ —(unlike those in NAS study of western range, who are “gagged & bound”…or Quit!). & that global study totally Discounts all the Kochtopus hopes, proving their assumptions & accusations FALSE …


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