Equine Rescue

2012 International Equine Conference

The program will address all aspects of welfare for both domestic and wild equines

Co-MCs R.T. Fitch and Vicki Tobin pose with John Holland, volunteer president of the Equine Welfare Alliance, during the 2011 IEC ~ photo by Terry Fitch

Chicago (EWA) – Registration is now open for the 2012 International Equine Conference (IEC) to be held at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event follows the extremely successful 2011 conference in Alexandria, Virginia last year.

The conference will kick off with a reception at 8PM on the night of September 21st, and continue with two full days of presentations starting on the morning of the 22nd. Thanks to the generosity of sponsors, this year’s conference will include both breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday. Evenings will be free for participants to enjoy the many exciting diversions of Las Vegas.

The program will address all aspects of equine welfare for both domestic and wild equines as well as the impact of horse slaughter on public health and communities. Speakers will include many of the personalities that have been in the news over the past year, as well as some who have been working quietly behind the scenes. “It will be a chance to get the inside story from people who have dedicated their lives to protecting our horses and burros and much of the information will not have been publicly available before.” explains EWA’s John Holland.

As was the case for the 2011 IEC, the speakers will be an eclectic mix of experts and leaders covering topics from equine behavior to legal issues and legislative developments.

The venue is much larger than that of the previous IEC, allowing the expansion of display area. IEC will have double the display space this year for attendees to share and display information about their organizations. Half-tables will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. This is in addition to reserved space for authors to sell and sign their books. Sponsors will receive a full table as well as signage space.

For additional information, visit www.equinewelfarealliance.org and click on the Int’l Equine Conference page.

International Equine Conference 2011

Video courtesy of Respect4Horses.com

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    • That is why you are given such an extended lead time so that you can make plans for your equine children just like the rest of us…oh, I forgot, we advocates all live in apartments in NYC and have never seen a horse before. I will have to remember that as I tote a bale of hay across the pasture for the boys in temps over 100 degrees. Keyripppes.


  1. I’ve been asked by some of friends here in the East whether a trip to view wild horses is on the agenda or would that be something people would need to arrange on days before or after the conference?


  2. Members of (Las Vegas based) America’s Wild Horse Advocates are thrilled that the 2012 International Equine Conference will be held in Las Vegas! We look forward to seeing our fellow horse warriors, advocates and friends we met at last years conference in Washington DC again. We would be honored to take anyone wanting to view our local wild ones out to see them. Just contact one of us through the contact list below or find us at the conference.

    Melissa Ohlsson (Vice President) at rm2rideranch@cs.com, or through Face Book at https://www.facebook.com/monesmartgirl.

    Garnet Pasquale (President) at flairpro@earthlink.net, or through the AWHA website at awha.info.

    Arlene Gawane (Director) at artistfromafrica@hotmail.com, or through our affiliate organization, Spring Mountain Alliance at springmountainalliance.org.

    See you all in October!


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