Obama’s Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar Threatens Violence over Wild Horse Slaughter Story

Detailed Information supplied by the Cloud Foundation

Chaos Reigns in Re-elected President’s Cabinet

Obama’s Lead Wild Horse Slayer and Public Bully, Ken Salazar

On Election Day, at an enthusiastic gathering of Obama supporters in Fountain, Colorado; Dave Philips, a reporter for the Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph, had just finished an interview with Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar about his controversial policies for managing America’s wild horse populations. Just after Secretary Salazar answered final questions about the future safety of wild horses and he turned to leave the interview, he unexpectedly approached Phillips and told him, “If you set me up like this again, I’ll punch you out.”  Standing nearby was Ginger Kathrens, Executive Director of the Cloud Foundation, a Colorado-based wild horse advocacy organization. “I was stunned by the Secretary’s rude and clearly hostile comment toward Dave,” said Kathrens.

Kathrens, who had had been granted permission by an Interior law enforcement official to take pictures at the rally added, “ Salazar walked past me, refused to shake my hand, and told me, ‘You know, you should never do that.” It was unclear to Kathrens what he meant. “These threats would have been inappropriate coming from anyone, but the fact that it came out of the mouth of the Secretary of the Interior is alarming,” stated Kathrens. “I can’t believe that a top official in Obama’s cabinet could be so defensive.”

Phillips’ interview with Salazar was a follow-up to a story he had written in September about the sale of wild horses to Tom Davis, a Colorado killer buyer who purchased over 1,700 wild horses from government holding facilities. The horses ended up in south Texas and it is believed they were trucked over the border to Mexican slaughterhouses. Secretary Salazar acknowledged that an investigation of Davis’ activities is currently underway.

Salazar’s anti-wild horse stance came to light in 2004 during his successful run for the U.S. Senate. After a town hall meeting in Greeley, Colorado, wild horse advocate Barbara Flores asked him what he thought about our wild horses. Candidate Salazar responded, “They don’t belong on public lands.” Salazar vacated his Senate seat in 2008 to take his current position as Secretary of the Interior

The BLM removes far more horses from their legally designated home ranges than can be adopted out to the public. The massive roundups have resulted in the stockpiling of animals in government facilities and privately contracted ranches. Nearly twice as many wild horses are housed in these costly holding operations than currently roam free, leaving most wild herds under populated and vulnerable to inbreeding and die-off due to a lack of genetic diversity.

“You know, this isn’t just about wild horses,” explains Kathrens. “America needs leaders in Washington, and the President needs cabinet members who respect citizens, respect the laws, value discussion and working toward mutual solutions. Ken Salazar displayed none of this on Tuesday.”

Call the White House at 202-456-1111 and ask for special interest Cattle Baron and proven wild horse slayer Ken Salazar to be removed from office, TODAY!!

68 comments on “Obama’s Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar Threatens Violence over Wild Horse Slaughter Story

  1. Let’s challenge the President to put someone in who respects the public lands of the West,keeping them protected for future generations, and respects the wild horses as a valued stakeholder of that land


    • You can not expect the president to put someone in this job that respects the lands and wild horses when the president has no respect for those lands and the wild creatures that live on the lands he has no respect for the american people why expect any difference for the horses ect on our lands


      • Secretary Salazar is now attacking the Corolla Wild Horse Herd in North Carolina behind the guise of Ducks Unlimited, a nationally based quasi-conservation group. This group preserves wet lands for grasses that provide cover and nesting for waterfowl. This group is supporting FWS claim that the increase number in herd size from 60 to a minimum 120 to 130 would be harmful to wildlife.

        This is an important strategy shift because during the House hearing on what was H. 306, members of the Natural Resource Committee were amused at claims by FWS Spokesperson and The Wildlife Society’s CEO when they claimed that this herd that has survived on an Atlantic Coast barrier island for 500 years is feral. They even poked fun at some of the species that are much more exotic and definitely non-North Carolinian in origin.

        Senator Reid has provided some cover for Secretary Salazar on this one though. There is legislation that Ducks Unlimited wants passed, and there are wild horses these two want to die out, so instead of risk a possibly definitive hearing on the feral versus native/returning non-native species, the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee which the CWHPA has not addressed this bill despite its introduction in the Senate on July 26, 2012. It passed on Februray 6. Clearly, this is a delay since this bill was expected to move through both houses without difficulty. It would cost no additional federal funds. However, FWS is making noise that if the herd size becomes this large, they would have to become involved in management of it.

        Corolla is a model of wild horse management with a highly respected horseman who spends the day checking on the location of each and every horse in the herd.

        Karen McAlpin, Director of the Corolla Wild Horse Fund, appeared in a brief video on one of the NC TV stations where she opened the mouth of one of the horses, so the sever malformation of the jaw could be seen. There was also a picture of a what would look like a mini-horse that was born this spring severely under sized.

        According to Ms. McAlpin, one of th most critical pieces of this act is not ony an increase in herd size, but the introduction of additional mare lines to this herd. She stated that all the horses currently in the herd have come from the same mare line. That means one set of mitochondrial DNA—one set of possibilities to allow for individual variations. Thus, it is critical that new DNA be introduced. Fortunately, the Shackleford Banks horses also carry the same Spanish horse characteristics that make the Corolla horses distinct.

        The Corolla Wild Horse is North Carolina’s state horse. The people of Corolla rely on these horses to draw tourists. In the words of a local resident who was quoted in an syndicated article that appeared up and down the East Coast in September 2011, “All we’Tve got is these horses and the light house.” Three thousand visitors come to the OTX daily throughout the summer to be part of a tour to view these wild horses in their habitat.

        The fact is that these horses as one of the first groups of horses to return to the continent where they evolved, are a native species and should become a National Heritage Herd. If there is a single species on the OTX that deserves forage in the National Wildlife Refuge, it is the Corolla wild horses who thrived on this island before 1984 when the Currituck National Wildlife Refuge opened. They are more native to North Carolina that the Western Europeans who followed them, and certainly more native than some of the species at the Refuge.

        If Secretary Salazar and Senator Reid had any desire to demonstrate some good will, and to indicate that they were not really out to destroy all of American’s wild horses this would be an excellent time to prove it.

        Please contact Senator Kay Hagan and Senator Richard Burr to urge them to sport this bill.


      • Thanks Hoof hugs, this is very informative and I had heard some rumblings about this and I am hoping there will be no pressure to remove them. All of our wild ones are under threats from the greedy and the special interests. We need to diversify and be able to do more effective work.


  2. Scumazar must go! It’s time for change & like Linda H mentions, let’s challenge the President to replace him with someone who respects our public lands and the wildlife that reside there. I’m calling, I think I’ll call everyday this wk ….


  3. Where to begin. Please, read this article by Dave Phillips and you will no longer see him through rose colored glasses. He does not respect the wild horses or the advocates. I hope this will work. If not, maybe RT would get the pdf up her another way…

    12365K View Download


    • How do we get the HCN article up RT? You have it in a PDF. Can we share it here?

      Thanks Ginger for telling us this little tale of the powerful getting miffed and feeling vulnerable. I think that is a good way for this man to feel; vulnerable. Especially if his days as Secretary could be numbered!




    • Dave Phillips article appeared first in Propublica. Propublica is owned by perhaps the largest known donor to Democratic candidates in the country. This same donor contributed heavily to Senator Salazar’s election to the Colorado Senate as well as being a huge benefactor to Senator Reid and many of the Democratic Senators that are not helping our wild horses as we might in other times have expected them to do. This same donor owns proerty in the Rocky Mountains and shares are available for purchase on the New York Stock Exchange. There certainly are a lot of coincidences here. The Secretary of the Interior may view himself as a loyal lieutenant in the quiet but certain IN THE NAME OF GREEN, GREAT AMERICAN LAND GRAB.

      Maybe he didn’t seem Dave Phillips’ article as much of an assist or a prevent defense which may have well been. Since Dave Phillips appears to have wormed his way into the confidence of a few trusting advocates, we may never know what exactly was being investigated or whom. One thing for certain is that no journalist would have been in danger because the BIG ONE’s first notice of these suspicions would have come in the form or a suponena, and not in the media.

      What we cannot conceive of may be further endangering the horses. And knowing that Dave Phillips’ boss at Propublica is still likely to have some strong interest in protecting the Secretary, the IN THE NAME OF GREEN, GREAT AMERICAN LAND GRABBER. The Secretary is playing a game of TWISTED Robin Hood where steals from the land from those that God and nature chose to dwell and thrive there, and then he removes them and sells the land for the most ungodly purposes of all.

      Not having witnessed this big show—-and make no doubt about it, it was a big show complte with Ginger there to witness and photograph it—-when and where the angry, indignant, and supposedly compromised Secretary verbally attacks the reporter who very might be all that stands between him and years behind bars—-and possibly the failed re-election of Secretary’s Salazar’s boss—is just one more chapter in this con game.

      It should not take long to call the White House and express our outrage. They are probably expecting our calls. But let us be prudent about how much time we spend on trying to persuade anyone other than our elected officials to fire Ken Salazar. The environmentals have been pounding Secretary Salazar for years, so before the election, the Secretary agreed to a work on a couple of their concerns (which do not include horses because horses “trample” grass for other wildlife.) If environmental stewardship, ethical leadership, and using scientific integrity were requirements for this job, Secretary Salazar would never have been selected for it in the first place.


  4. This is just the true attitude shining throught with this sorry piece of dung!! THIS is WHY I call him Ken SLAUGHTER-CZAR, and will until either he dies of old age or I do…………I have absolutely only LOATHING and DISGUST for him, and ANYONE who thinks that he is even CLOSE to being human. He wants NONE of our wild horses to be alive, and will see to it that he can either sell the rest off for slaughter, OR find another way to kill them off that we don’t yet know about….my gut feeling was right on when that imposter in the White House gave him that job, and once he got started with the “roundups” he was totally out of control with glutton and power. We are fighting a losing battle when HE holds all of the legal eagles in his corner, and they won’t do a thing to oppose, OR punish him!!!!! He is like those in Europe when they were doing this same thing to people, and like them, our mustags and burros are on the way out if he can manage it. I will be shocked if he doesn’t have the majority GONE within the next 5 years at the rate he is going. None of the standing judges punish the BLM for the atrocities they CONTINUE to commit, and they do so with SLAUGHTER-CZARS BLESSINGS!!!!! All we can HOPE to do is be able to save PREGNANT mares and HOPE they have stud colts, come from different herds for difersified genes and pray that we can save our wild horses this way………..he won’t be in office forever, but long enough to destroy our wild ones at the rate he is going…..and we have to do something to prevent his succeeding at causing the extinction of such a wonderful and varied set of creatures as our mustangs and burros. He HAS zeroed out MANY diversified herds that were genetically pure to themselves only and not related to any of the others…but sadly they are gone, horse and burro that could clame this distinction. THIS is a cruelty never seen before and hopefully will never be seen again with ANY more of our wildlife. SLAUGHTER-CZAR is one of THE most cruel and deceitful creatures to EVER walk this earth, and I pray that he will not be in this job for much longer, but being a pal of that Illegal Alien in the White House, I do not see his leaving as soon as would be good for our horses and burros. The best we can do to try and keep SOME of the genetics alive will be with the pregnant mares…………they are all we will have to work with, since every stallion caught, no matter his age, is immediately gelded, as are any other males, no matter their youth………it is outright delilberate murder and he is loving it.


    • Singlewolf: You said a mouthful and all of it is true. This is the most disgusting “animal” alive. And you are right, he is the equivalent of the Gastapto in Germany. He must be removed by whatever way, we the wild horses and burro advocates can muster to remove him from office. I have always believed that only a demonstration in front of the White House, demanding Obama remove him, will get us on our way. I wish I had the funds to start legal action against this monster, but I don’t. He is a KILLER in clothes and deserves to be given that which he sends our wild horses and burros to. This man should be our example of what they do in Saudi Arabia for those that are made as an example. He is none like I have ever seen and I too despise him. He has shown his true colors and we can only wish that he ends up taking a long walk off of a short pier. It’s just too bad that everyone in the room didn’t hear his comment. What as A___hole.


  5. This was definitely a threat from Salazar! Our tax dollars pay his salary! He is getting very defensive….usually means a person is trying to cover something up or guilty. He could care less about the wild horses, it’s all about money in his pocket. HE NEEDS TO GO!


    • WHAT can we do to get him out????? Obama sure won’t do anything, HE PROMISES NOT to do anything AGAINST the mustangs his first campaign, but was the one that SIGNED the last bill that allowes them to be sold into slaughter!!!!!!


      • There are many CEO’s who would never have hired him in the first place, and then there are those who would have fired him at the point of contingency plans for walruses in the event there were ever a disaster in the Gulf, when he or Carol Browner altered the report of the the scientists who had voluntarily peer-reviewed the government’s findings about the Deep Water Horizon disaster, widespread non-compliance with National Environmental Policy Act in performing Environmental Assessments throughout the West thereby putting grazing permits for huntdreds of ranching famiies in jeprody, or about doing nothing to correct all the scientifically invalid “facts” that are used to defraud the tax payers throughout the entire Department of Interior, and these said false assertions are violations of the Accuracy of Information Quality Act. The DOi operates under the rule of total inaccuracy. There are also those times when the agencies simply to not follow the guidelines of the NEPA, the Federal Land Use Policy Act, or the FAA laws when the helicopter wrangles. And aren’t there laws about how government contracts are suppoed to be bid on. And what about the fact that Secretary Salazar has over-reached his power and is, with the help of Senator Reid, attempting to nullify the Wild Horse and Burro Act of 1971. The real question is: Is the Secretary following any US Congressionally passed laws, and if not, whose laws is he following?


  6. there is a petition site, we the people, if you can get 25 thousand signatures on a petition, the president must address the subject of the petition.we need to start the wild horse protection petition on we the people site..


    • We tried that one last year when we needed only 5000 votes. Bobby Abbey answered the petition. It was just smoke and mirrors.

      I’m calling the WH tomorrow and hope others will too. It’s time for the zoo man to go home to CO and his moo moo cows. No Federal grazing rights to him thank you. He can pay top dollar and afford it for his precious lands and feed.

      Wonder if he can be brought up on some kind of verbal threats especially since his comments were overheard by others. BLM calls us Eco-terrorists. Who is the terrorist now? I think threatening to punch someone out is terrorism.

      Any lawyers out there wanna take on Kennie the zoo man?


    • Maryanne, if you get the petition started, I, for one will sign it. I’m sure all of RT’s advocates would be on board — not to mention many more. I’m behind you.


    • texas already has 40,000 signatures on a petition to seceede from the US…can’t get their asses off the couch to save big bends burros tho…Ken is also under fed. investigation for violating election laws in Colo..we need an investigator to tie Davis, the adobe town horses and Salazar together…I personally thought Johny Appleseed the name I gave to the unknown buyer of those SA horses, was Ken Salazar back in Dec 2010 after my conversations with Sally and Lona at the facility…and I told people that at the time…they were too effusive in their certainty that this person was “above reproach” to be anyone else


  7. Salazar’s guilt about the extermination of my wild horses is clearly evident. He needs to retire, or step down, or remove himself from office. He just can’t take it any more and is acting out. I will be glad to show up with a moving van, or a helicopter, or a Judas horse and help him OUT.


  8. singlewolf , you are soo right !! May God Bless and keep Ginger safe . for truer words were never spoken than the –Saint Francis of Assisi quote ” If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.”

    The links to these 2 story’s are the 2 latest Chicago style ” for-instances ” in my hunble opinion




  9. 70% of us favor our Wild Mustangs being free, that’s 210,000,000 people. How is it one man can hold us all at bay? He can’t punch all of us in the nose. But if we all petitioned Congress or the President against him we might bloody his nose.


  10. On Tuesday and any other time for that matter!

    It’s the company that you keep, the appointees that you make and the silence that you keep…..


    Stop your roundups! Save our tax $$$


    America’s Wild Horses


  11. sounds like the pro mustang movement is getting to him…this is good. It’s time to amp it up even more…post and re-post this on FB…call the White House…broadcast and re-quote his exact words…and keep the heat up….keep pushing. He blew it and his threats/behavior weren’t very becoming of a man in his position. The public needs to know who this man is.


  12. Ken Salazar has his hands in the pot of the wealthy, protecting the oil pipelines coming from the Tar Sands in Canada, he has been exterminating all the wolves and Horses, has absolutely no value for the animals or the environment, killing anything in his way..these people believe that public lands belong to them, the cattle and oil barrens, to do whatever they want to.make themselves as wealthy as they can get..they have no respect for what we have to say ..I would love to bloody his nose, it’s the only way he will feel anything.


  13. I am certainly willing to sign one more petition. However, the fact remains that we keep doing the same thing over and over again and the results are no different.

    Perhaps a real petition that is issued to a citizen through a Congressman or Congresswoman such as the one Michael Blake suggested a couple of years ago.

    When we asked for changes at the BLM, the White House had Bob Abbey write us a letter. This showed an amazing tin response.

    I have no heard one word from a major network talking head regarding a different second term Secretary for Interior though there have been several other posts that are expected to change. Not sure how this rumor got started, but I fear there may be attempts to appease us that will only delay and distract us from doing what would really stop this.—-

    Also, since the national mainstream media and the papers and on-line media that feed from them have really not told this story very well, I would suggest we try going smaller and more regional to see if we can get a better response.

    Moreover, while the wildlife and nature conservancy groups may agree with us to some extent about replacing Salazar, we should not deceive ourselves with the hope that they will somehow stand up for wild horses. They consider wild horses livestock, and they are trying to rid the country of all livestock.


    • we don’t need them to support the wild horses..what we need at this momment is a petition..that can be supported by thousands..a call to remove Salazar..that..they all can support..what we dont need is a defeatest attitude


    • Not trying hard enough…what about the cattle and sheep? If mustangs and burros and wolves go so must ALL the cattle and sheep and oil and water and everything else dammit!


    • So when they email you for donations just email them back..not until you protect our wild horses and mustangs..If they read it they may get the point..


  14. Outraged at this slaughter man in the such an important position. Ken slaughter-czar must be removed from office. We do not need any more of his ruthless tactics because he thinks that he is playing the role of God with our public wild horses and land. I am outraged that he has been so blunt and it sickens me at the thought he can make these incredible decisions without consulting the public views which are clearly different from his views. For him to destroy thousands of our wild horses and burros, clear our public lands is not only evil it stands for power to destroy. Ken slaughter-czar must be removed and it it time for a person to take over that see our point of views to save the last remaining horses and herds left and to leave them intact. Return our wild horses intact as families and bring back the ones that have been taken from these lands. Take them back to their wild homes.
    We must stop this barbaric removal of our wild horses before they are fully extinct. Out, out, out you need to go Ken slaughter-czar now. Please leave Clouds family intact and alone, free to roam. Stop the BLM round ups, stop horse slaughter, stop horse transport now. Leave our 53 herds intact, free to roam now. We know what is happening and we are not stupid horse advocates. We will follow you down into the core of hell and back Ken Slaughter-czar.


  15. Sandra, I know that you are closer to this than I, but getting rid of Salazar and replacing him with someone cloned in his image will just mean we continue to spin our wheels and get nothing done.

    I said that I would sign another petition, and I will forward yet another petition to others to sign and cross post. However, i think we will not get anywhere with this until we get Congress involved.

    There is a reason we are being ignored. If this is driven by UN Agenda 21, the people implementing do not consider horses or livestock “sustainable”. Therefore, Secretary Salazar is taking the heat for carrying out the mission under fire.


  16. This should come as no surprise to anyone that has been paying attention to the evil machinations of the DOI and BLM regarding our wild equines. It should be expected when the top dog has been saying and doing anything he wants to and is never effectively challenged or brought to task by those with the power to do so, i.e., house, senate, and judicial branch. He has demonstrated over and over that he has no respect for We the People and what we want and expect in responsible governance but cares only about his own self interests.
    There is a lot of justified outrage expressed in the comments posted here that reflect my own feelings so I won’t reiterate but urge everyone here to take a few minutes to read through and think about them. Especially, Dave Tate, Hoofhugs, and Single Wolf, along with many others have it figured out. Tens of thousands of us or even millions can keep signing petitions, making phone calls, sending letters and emails, etc. until Kindgom Come and we should. But experience tells us they will continue to ignore us or just give some generic, lying lip service and eye wash as they have been doing for years and getting away with while continuing their nefarious operations in direct violation of federal law that have the obvious purpose of complete elimination of viable herds of horses and burros in the wild.
    Until or unless this whole thorougly corrupt administration is removed from power there will be no improvements in the BLM’s equine-murder-for-pay programs. The names of some of the sub-human scum running the show all the way down the chain to and including the stampede roundup contractors may change but their policy of destruction will continue until there are no wild horses or burros left to destroy.
    Then blissful peace will return to the vast ranges “rescued” from those intrusive, grass trampling horses. Apparently the BLM must have done one of their “scientific studies” showing that cattle and sheep do not trample grass or water sources just as mining causes no noticeable harm. I am not being or feeling defeatist, just telling it like it is.


  17. Will call today! Any WHY didn’t they file charges against Salazar for threatening them. And you know that that mofo will destroy all the herds before they get him out of office. Set him up?? NO, FRY HIS ASS!!!!!


  18. Obviously Salazar is feeling the pressure. From the exposing of his neighbor, Davis, buying from BLM and sending 1,000’s of wild horses to slaughter. I read he will be asked to leave the White House with the Obama cabinet shake-up. Also read Salazar stated he needs to leave his position due to needing to get back on the farm, and with his wife, care for their granddaughter. This is the most evil and violent man. Due to him, most of our wild hoses, burros, wolves, are gone. All torn from freedom, families (herd/pack), terrorized, tortured, confined…murdered! I have the feeling Salazar is getting his way overdue Karma.


  19. Ken Salazar was more then likely to be replaced come the new year. But who will take his place .? Policy comes from the White House. The Wild Horse and Burro Adisory Board has been hand picked by Salazar. I have little faith that Obama will pick anyone that is in favor of the Mustangs living out their lives free on public land. Unless there is such an uproar over Salazar’s outrages behavior toward Dave Phillips. This goes deeper then the horses. Salazar’s attack on Dave Phillips should be a signal , how little our Government cares for free speech. If Obama cares about public opinion, he will replace Salazar with a mustang and burro supporter. Now that the mustangs and buros are all but gone on public land. Our Government can start killing the wolves and anything else that gets in the way. Biggest joke of all, “public land belongs to the American people”


  20. Called Pres Obama comment line and voiced my opinion to remove Salazar from the Dept of the Interior today !!!!! i also explained why, and ask for an investigation of the BLM and call for an immediate HALT to any further round ups of Americas Wild Mustangs until a new Head of the Dept of the Interior is selected , ask that this person would be conscientiously be considered Raul Grijalva !!!!!


  21. Salazar leaving, from POLITICO, @ 5 days ago…Nov. 8, 2012…………………………………………….. “BARACK OBAMA’S SECOND-TERM CABINET” INTERIOR (DOI) : “Salazar has indicated to friends and other Democrats that he’s on his way out at Interior for a private-sector job back in Colorado, where he has a granddaughter with autism whom he and his wife care for. That could leave the job open for his deputy, David Hayes, but given that the bulk of Interior jurisdiction land is out West, the department’s a natural home for a Westerner former elected official. Among the options: former North Dakota Sen. Byron Dorgan, former Wyoming Gov. Dave Freudenthal and soon-to-be former Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire.” ……………….I did a little research on the above prospective Salazar replacements………………. 1) David Hayes, Deputy to Salazar. Not good ………………….2) BYRON DORGAN (D-DK) Former Senator DK >>>Conrad Burns and Harry Reid consulted with him for the 2004 Burns Amendment …………………3) Dave FREUDENTHAL (D-WY), former WY Gov>> He states wild horses are NOT native. They have an impact on wildlife. Demanded round-ups. Signed into law horse slaughter plants, March 2010. Is against wolves. (Psst: Sue Wallis, Rep. Cynthia Lummis from WY) ………………………..4)CRIS (CHRISTINE) GREGOIRE (D-WA) Outgoing Washington Gov. She signed Prevention of Animal Cruelty Act, April 2011. May 2011, signed bills increasing size of factory farm poultry cages and Shark Finning Law, praised by HSUS. Wolf killing in parts of WA.


  22. Calling the Whitehouse is great and demanding Salazar be fired is great…..just remember to also demand Salazar be replaced with Rep. Raul Grijalva of AZ. He cares about our western public lands and he was a strong voice to save the Salt River AZ wild horses. We don’t need another ass like Salazar.


  23. If Pres Obama wants to make a huge statement he needs to appoint Raul Grijlva to this position , hopefully he will accept , he just got reelected in Arizona, but i know this would be the man with concept and respect for the Wild Mustangs , If I were Obama I would beg him !!!!!! This Man has the knowledge he needs to successfully put our Mustangs on their rightful and Lawful Land…………..


  24. Done, Done and DONE. Thanks for sharing this R.T.

    Here is the link to the Executive Order promising accountability in Federal Agencies.

    Here is a link to contact the White House respectfully requesting that Salazar be removed.
    http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/submit-questions-and-comments and this is the link to the Propublica article that the White House should know about, if they don’t already. Always be respectful in comments to the White House, as you all know…



  25. In order to have the Insight to realize that Wildlife depends on the Mustangs for Life and so does the Land , you must respect the Lands inhabitants of which the Mustangs are an integral part of you must have a useable knowledge to create a Balance ……………….. I believe Mr Grijalva has this and will make the necessary changes needed to have this balance , with respect and understanding !!!!!!


  26. While I am certainly concerned about and supportive of efforts to protect our National Heritage of wild mustangs, this article and the comments section are so shot through with anti-Obama Tea Party nonsense that they render the credibility of the entire case suspect.
    That’s unfortunate.


    • AC, contrary to what you say, this has nothing to do with politics, but everything to do with the protection of wild horses and the lack of leadership by Ken Salazar. This is totally a non-partisan issue, and major players are not “anti-tea party.”


  27. Dear RT, would it be ok to use this as a large post card to the president? I sure would like him to know how Salazar treats people of importance & let him know what an ass he is.
    You can leave an answer if you would please on my face book pg. under Barbara Joseph. You’ll find me in your friends.
    Thank you for all your hard work in fighting for our horses


  28. This is not just about the public lands; it’s about transportation if all else fails, a horse will not. In the past the US GOV has tried to kill out the wild horses to starve the American Indians and to keep them from having transportation; well here we are again and it’s not getting any better. How to stop them is another question. I just will not give up – even unto the last horse – I will still kick and scream!


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