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Scathing Seasons Greetings Poster Depicts a Wild Horse Caught in Barbed Wire Courtesy of the BLM

Information supplied by Protect

Public outrage gets creative
BLM ChristmasSAN FRANCISCO (December 20, 2012)–Citizens around the word are outraged at the BLM’s cruelty towards America’s native wild horses. The alleged federally protected mustangs are being rounded up and removed by the thousands only to be stockpiled in the Midwest at taxpayer expense. Some end up in the slaughter pipeline. During the current Owyhee roundup wild horse advocates documented mustangs being chased by a helicopter through barbed wire fencing. Protect Mustangs wants the roundups to stop and for the government to use the wild herds in Holistic Land Management instead to reverse desertification on public land.
Artist Michelle Guillot says she was inspired by the horrific scenes of wild horses being driven through barbed wire at the Owyhee Roundup in Nevada this month.
“I was so appalled that I had to do something!” states Guillot. “How can the government hire helicopter contractors to push mustangs into barbed wire?”
She made the Seasons Greeting poster to let the world know what’s going on. Protect Mustangs is grateful to be able to release Guillot’s powerful message.
Public outrage is mounting and as a result, Protect Mustangs is organizing a Rally in San Francisco for January 2013. Date, time and place to be announced.
“The cruel roundups must stop,” states Anne Novak, executive director of Protect Mustangs. “Congress needs to listen to the public. They must stop enabling the wild horse wipe out even if lobbyists are throwing cash around Washington.”
Protect Mustangs encourages Americans to meet with their senators and representatives to ask them to stop the roundups and use wild equids with livestock for Holistic Rangeland Management. This is a powerful solution for climate change–one that will reverse desertification.
The Petition to Defund and Stop the Roundups is circulating. Animal lovers around the world are encouraged to share it with their friends and request the United States Congress stop the cruelty and stop the roundups.
Michelle Guillot retains the copyright to the poster but encourages animal lovers to share the poster to spread awareness. She does not want the poster used for fundraising or commercial use.
The poster may be downloaded from

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  1. Keep on fighting, The road is long and it seems that we are not getting through, but I think we are. Do not stop now, I am hoping that the next few years will show a change in circumstances for wild horses and burros because of the efforts being made in the past and now.
    The poster is excellent….thank you for the contribution to the cause.


  2. The poster needs to be sent too each and every member of Congress and to the president as a message that even on Christmas these horses are suffering at the hands of the BLM. Is there a Christ in Christmas? I’m beginning top have my doubts.


  3. We need to be more kind to animals it is an outrage that we pay the government for this cruelty to horses. They do not need to be rounded up and they certainly do not need to be rounded up in this way and pushed into barbed wire


  4. I absolutely hate that poster; but it does make the point. I wonder if the people we want to affect with it will see the cruelty and suffering it represents. It must have caused the artist quite a bit of pain to draw a horse so injured and tormented. Bless her for her attempt at giving these officials a reminder of what havoc they are wreaking on these poor animals.


  5. Can this poster be turned into a postcard?–that we can actually buy (in bulk)? and send to Congress, the White House etc. I’d send 7 a week if they are available. Proceeds from sales could be used to fund cases against BLM. How is it that HSUS etc. don’t consider stampeding wild animals into barbed wire as “cruelty”? Do all of them have odd/unAmerican values? When children injure animals, we hustle them to counseling. When BLM injures animals, the taxpayers foot the bill to proceed with the abuse. That makes me part of it–and makes me sad and angry.


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