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Sound Off: Over 80% of Americans Oppose Predatory Horse Slaughter

This is YOUR Chance to be Heard!


You are frustrated, angry, hurt and confused as to why a small band of deviate horse haters can progress legislation and gain media attention in their attempt to kill, butcher, slaughter, torture and ultimately eat the very companion animal on who’s back this country was founded; have you had enough?

The good folks at Wild Horse Freedom Federation and our Straight from the Horse’s Heart blog most certainly have so we are supplying you with a means in which you can not only vent but have your point and opinion heard by those who write the laws in this great land.

If you visit here often you are aware that there are two bills pending on Capitol Hill to, once and for all, put an end to the unspeakable cruelty of horse slaughter, they are:

The Safeguard American Food Experts Act (HR 1094): To prohibit the sale or transport of equines and equine parts in interstate or foreign commerce for human consumption.


S 541: A bill to prevent human health threats posed by the consumption of equines raised in the US. 

Currently these bills are being tracked on POPVOX by members of the House and Senate and they ARE listening and it is YOUR voice that needs to be heard.

Please take a moment to weigh in and speak your mind:

Click (HERE) for the SAFE Act (HR 1094)
Click (HERE) for S 541

You can make a difference as even now these bills are tracking 79% in Support so let’s get the numbers up so our legislators know that we mean business.

Pass the link to this post around and let’s get the message out as that is what needs to be done…people NEED to know that it is all about the Horses!

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  1. All you have to do is look at all the PAC money given to the congressmen and senators and you can see who they work for. Taxation with misrepresentation we need another revolution where the American people take back this once great nation.


    • totally agree, tom! time for a revolution in this country……”we the people” my ass! our government keeps the american people sick, broke, scared & tired & people are afraid of the government…..who the people HIRED! just how bad do things have to get before we MAKE change?!


    • Are there others like me that are willing to lay it all on the line if this slaughter plant opens in New Mexico? We as Americans have not only the right, but the responsibility to protest these criminal acts. If this plant opens. I will be there to protest it. I will do anything humanly possible to see that this step into barbarism is not taken. I will put my life on the line if necessary. I will fight, like our forefathers did, for what I believe in. I am not one to write letters and sit and wait for somebody else to doing something, while hundreds of thousands of our horses die in vain. What this “Obama Administration” has done, is legalized animal cruelty and it is nothing less than criminal. This is not the kind of thing America has ever stood for! This is our freedom being stripped away. Dog fighting and cock fighting, are both illegal, why on earth should we allow horses to be butchered, and for food, no less. What’s next, harvesting Bald Eagles for Thanksgiving?
      Did someone mention revolution?


      • I will be there too. Maybe I should have been at the borders right now. Maybe if we had stopped it all back in 2007, none of this would be happening.

        I’ve got to think about this.

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      • Jim,

        I think many of us feel this same way………………….

        I’ve also read this could take up two years for slaughter facilities to be in operation due to
        the USDA?

        Let’s hope it takes long so the Safe act bill comes up passed, and they can no longer transport our horses to the border of HELL, and no slaughter in U.S.

        We also have our Wild Horses who are prime targets for slaughter and it’s just unthinkable
        knowing they could be going off in small loads through Mexico and Canada from killer buyers…

        I want to SCREAM knowing hundreds of our horses every week are headed to slaughter as
        we hear and see video’s with loads of them in horrific conditions, to a horrific death!!

        Marshal Law wouldn’t surprise me in the future over this!!!!!…I think some of those threats
        to Valley Meats in New Mexico came from some advocates who would do anything to save our horses.
        They said it was a group here in Larkspur, Colorado.

        De Los Santos the schmuck and his slimey attorney sent a threat to sue them over it.

        Everyone is SICK and TIRED of the Corruption………………….


      • You are damn right , I am sick of it !!!!!!! These stunningly beautiful horses have suffer way to LONG !!!!!!!


  2. There are a few caring, honest politicians out there. Sadly, not enough!!!!! I do contact my Ohio Senators. It is usually an automated response. It is fruitless to contact Obama ….


  3. I have had enough a long time ago, and yes, how does a small group get away with this horror for horses???? When we cant seem to get anything done ????>???>Our Horses are extremely important , they are the balance with out them we are lost !!!!! I cant understand why this is not as clear as the nose on their faces !!!!!!!!


    • I hear that, congressman hurt (R) told me he was 100% against horse slaughter when he was running for election. After he won all he can say is “I will keep your thoughts in mind should this legislation come up for a vote”. He should be tried for treason against the people of the 5th district of VA and when found guilty he should face the firing squad.


      • Tom, I have had the same generic response from my state as well. I even have one Senator that sends me some pre-written letter they send out to everyone that is all about the bill (which I already know about) and ends the same way you mentioned. But never addresses the issue of how he feels about it. Every response email is the same way no matter what the issue is. And my Congressman is so money motivated he probably pockets the money instead of listening to his voters.


      • That’s called a form letter and Joe Donnelly sends the very same letter out from his Indiana seat representing us in Indiana. They don’t even read our emails.


  4. Unfortunately a return letter from my states Congressman is money motivated and totally ignorant to why horse slaughter is wrong. I even had to educate him on with no return response. I casted my responses last night to my Senators and Congressman. Why are the 80% not being heard, we are the voters. I am so angry and frustrated!


    • “Why are the 80% not being heard, we are the voters. I am so angry and frustrated!”

      Me too. It’s as if we only exist when there is an election. The rest of the time they are free to do whatever they want.

      I also think it is the result of the “Go Global” mentality. We don’t count anymore, even if 100% of us were in agreement. If someone, somewhere in the world wants to eat our horses, we have to let them in order to keep peace.


      • Totally agree…just as the 80% were not supportative with passing ObamaCare, yet it went through! Many of us are angry and frustrated on many issues, but we must continue to make our voice heard for what we believe in…you never give up in pursuing justice for the weak and innocent.


  5. I too received a comment from Colorado Sentator Brophy….who said it’s about the poor old sick horses that need to be slaughtered….. He claims he grew up a rancher and knows how humane horse slaughter is???…. I argued the fact and asked that he educate himself on …This is about horse slaughter not the cattle slaughter facilities in Colorado..
    Have some dignity to euthanize them when their old or sick…… this mentality to approve slaughter of horse for food as a great end to our riding companions that are not commodities is really SICK!!
    Our Senators need to get some BACK BONE…when 80% of the people are against this and they still move forward like no one has said a word it’s CRAZY……..


    • Keep at that nitwit Robyn.

      Who wants to eat “sick” anything??????? Seriously, he said sick?!? …and then turns around and calls it “FOOD”?????

      Thought sick animals were not supposed to go to slaughter for humans or petfood for that matter.

      As to old, well that is just sadistic human behavior and excuse making.


      • I could not agree more Denise. The horse slaughter proponents are perpetuating the profiteering available when faced with caring for sick, injured or old. Why do we see such support when those words are used!?!

        I would suggest we all argue this need for a more humane and compassionate prospective. That slaughtering an animal because it is sick, injured or old IS CRUEL. The path of an animal targeted for slaughter (if it does fit those categories) does not have to rise to the actual act of slaughter.

        Yesterday, photos of horses were shared taken at New Holland. The horses were so terrified in the circumstances, they were quavering.

        Don’t we understand that because of the nature of this sentient being, its spiritual connection with God’s ways, its ability to feedback its reaction – JUST its makeup – makes the pipeline CRUEL and INHUMANE from the start. Anyone who does not understand that and who fights to end slaughter has got to fight for the animals’ protectiopn from the humans who would slaughter it for profit.

        Please take all stops out! DEMAND the ban!!
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      • janet:

        Technically, sending a sick or lame animal to slaughter is against the law….it is just not enforced.

        So, if you have any elected official saying this….THEY ARE VIOLATING THE LAW!

        We need to argue it is against the law.

        Also, USDAs own statistics say that legislator is a LIAR because over 80% are young, healthy or mid age in good condition (somewhat).

        Old equines, for the most part don’t travel well; especially cattle trucks or trailers overcrowded like hogs. STOCKMEN DON’T DO THIS TO CATTLE OR SWINE for God’s sake.

        Forget the humane or compassionate angle….we are going to have to SHAME these a$$holes with FACTS about sick, lame, old, etc AND USDA stats that dispute the old, sick and lame poop AND tell them they are jeopardizing the US’ meat export reputation.

        BTW, there are some big treaties, especially Pan Pacific/Asia coming up. Let them know you will go to every media outlet in Asia and expose the North American HCHS horse trade and that Farm Bureau, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) are behind US HCHS.

        Throw those facts in and see what happens.


      • It is against the law to send sick, there are criteria allowing certain injuries to go. That’s not the point I was making. I am speaking to a consciousness that finds slaughter as a solution for sick, injured and old to be a solution. IT IS NOT. this is where our society ahas taken a wrong turn.
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      • janet:

        How do you debate conscience with some one who doesn’t have one?

        The lame thing is still against the law (transport and auction)….it is a matter of interpretation and is still not enforced in the most horrific situations. I suspect is not enforced because nobody from the Feds, states show up in the first freaking place to thoroughly inspect. It, like the US meat industry is basically a self regulated industry.

        Look at the Presidio, TX horror show……nothing! done.

        But try the compassion and humanitarian angle and see how far you get….seriously, I wish the best but these people are ignorant or corrupt buffoons.


      • Simply put, I don’t try to teach compassion by throwing rocks. People like SW et al, are particularly antagonistic because they fuel the unthinking with tidy arguments such as old, injured or sick. I could go on, but won’t. I have found that people who insist on slaughtering a horse harbor a dark discompassionate way of life. That does not mean it is acceptable. But if you cannot speak simply and point out logical holes in their rhetorical responses, you don’t get it either. We have to take the industry away from people who like harming horses or who through carelessness allow it to continue.
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      • janet:

        Unfortunate that you see it that way.

        I am on the side of ending HCHS, so we share the same goal. You and I don’t agree on how to call out those killers in Congress and state houses or how to achieve the goal..

        Like I said, do what you have to do. I will argue the sick, lame and jeopardizing ALL US Meat exports with my letters.

        You do understand that I KNOW it is cruel and inhumane; all I am saying is that the killers in the state houses and Congress don’t care about those issues.

        Good luck.


      • I’d also like to mention something about sentient beings for a moment. I experienced something in PA several years ago that I’ve never forgotten.

        I was stopped at a red light when a couple of Amish youth and there horse stopped next to my car. I rolled down the window and started talking to the horse. Of course the kids just rolled their eyes at me. But a couple minutes later this horse turned his head all the way around to look at the person talking to him!

        I told him hello and told him how pretty he was. He was totally curious about this person talking to him. And while a lot of times horses don’t see so great directly in front of them I hope he was able to see me cause he sure caught my attention when he turned to me.


  6. Congressman Hurt is sponsoring a bill in congress, until he sees things my way I encourage everyone to weigh in against what he wants. The bill he sponsored is H R 1105 now everybody go to popvox and weigh in against it. We need to do this to every congressman that doesn’t listen.


    • Part of the 20% are in the government. Or will be after these plants open. They will be running our country. Think about it. Not too long ago GM was ahead in the country’s economy. This is going to make a lot of money for that 20%. To be honest, I think they really are building future Soylent Green factories. What will evil people do when they run out of horses?


      • If the profiteers run out of horsemeat, they’ll do exactly what they do now. Meat has been just been tested in UK, and found the origin was unknown. The results did -thankfully – cross human flesh out. Frightening. Perpetual ignorance.

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  7. Put them all on your autodial. Only 1% of all horses in the US end up being misdirected to slaughter. There is no NEED for slaughter. This business is as said here, a SMALL contingent of horse haters who have found a way to make money and cause grief at the same time.

    Take up the battle tp protect all equines from those few horribly sick people. And when slaughter is banned, we will need to put our universal consciousness to work again to protect the horses from belonging to abusers. One step at a time.

    First, demand that the House and Senate bills be passed to Commitee and approved. Back to the floors for voting and pass to Obama for signature. Once he signs, he can brag he has flfilled another campaign promise. See, so much good to come out of a ban. Bad people will have to find a good way to make money. Equines have a measure of peace. And our President can look good forever for signing this long fought for protection.


  8. YEAH… “We the people” petition to the white house to stop slaughter of our Equines is at 98,042 right now.. GOAL 100,000…Whoohooo…


  9. I am happy to be part of the 80%. One thing I’ve learned is that evil and greed are prevalent in this country due to the abject desensitization of our culture and communities. “The reason people awaken is because they finally stop agreeing to things that insult their soul” is a quote I found (don’t know who wrote it) that speaks to me. I can shake my fist at God, be angry, dig in, make a stand. To my government and leaders (I say that loosely), I have had enough. Sit down, shut up, and listen – damn you. I ain’t going away.


  10. I am against the slaughter of horses for meat and particularly opposed to the slaughter of our wild horses whose range on land we the people own is being taken by private ranching interests for their own profits.


  11. I have always had a real problem from anyone stating it’s ok to slaughter a horse because he’s sick and or old, let alone healthy…….What happened to humane euthanasia?…. I don’t get how you can turn over your horse,… turn a blind eye and think it’s a good to have them slaughtered and eaten? My existence on this planet can’t fathom, comprehend this scewed perception…..


  12. Always the select few pull the strings, they buy our politicians, kill our horses, cast cancer upon “WE the People”. God, if “WE” tolerate Abu Ghraib “WE” can tolerate the slaughter of a few hundred thousand horses. can’t “WE”? What have “WE” become when 80% of us allow it?


  13. There is an article in Bloomberg on the NM plant – almost ALL the comments are pro-slaughter.
    Please read and respond – makes it look like most people AGREE with it.


  14. Sen. Martin Heinrich
    505-346-6601, 575-523-6561,

    Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham
    505-346-6781, 202-225-6316

    Rep. Steve Pearce
    1-855-473-2723, 202-225-2365

    Rep. Ben Ray Lujàn
    505-984-8950, 202-225-6190

    Sen. Tom Udall
    505-346-6791, 575-526-5475

    This is for anyone that needs contact info to our Senators.
    in support of the Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act. The SAFE Act (S. 541/H.R. 1094) will implement a national ban on slaughter of horses and the transport of horses to slaughter. Contact your members of Congress (Senators Udall and Heinrich plus your Representative) to support the quick passage of this federal legislation. CALL TODAY….


  15. I signed and gave personal comment on both – thank you..

    Here is a video (very sad but not gory footage) and more info on horses going to foreign countries for slaughter:

    “Canadian draft horses are routinely live shipped to Japan for slaughter from the Calgary and Winnipeg International Airports. On arrival in Japan, horses are transported to a feedlot; once they reach desired weight they are slaughtered for meat.”


    • Our poor horses headed to HELL in this video!!!.. it seems like an uphill battle and so much blood shed with no end in sight……our horses as a delicacy….sashimi???… ……


  16. We can do better over to POPVOX and have our voices heard. Over 4,000 people visited this blog, yesterday, and if only half of them clicked above and voted we would be waaaaay over 80%.

    Please, if you haven’t let your voice be heard, please do it now.


    • What a great place to have your voice heard. Thank R.T….DONE………..Please….everyone sign up and let them know what you think…..Great opportunity for Congress to hear us……


      • Because like most petitions, they don’t do any good. Our white house petition reached the 5,000 signatures in record time. Wallis was only at 2,750. She won, The defunding language was removed. Marjorie Farabee had a petition with well over 100,000 signatures for the Big Bend Burros and the governor wouldn’t accept it. John and I lugged a petition with over 13,000 signatures to DC when we were lobbying and we couldn’t get one legislator to even look at it. Ginger took one to a BLM meeting and they ignored it.

        The problem is that everyone keeps starting new petitions so we never have one huge petition with hundreds of thousands of signatures. There are hundres and hundreds of petitions for the same thing and many aren’t even valid because they don’t collect full name, street address, city, state and zip. Email addresses are not a valid identifier as one person could have dozens of email addresses.

        For some reason, petitions just don’t seem to work in the US as they do in other countries. Our voices are much more powerful with individual letters. They tend to look at the petitions as “one” rather than the number that signed. But they’ll notice thousands of letters and faxes that are sitting on their desks!


  17. I thought the scandal in Europe would be enough to stop slaughter in this country. I guess this slimy legislation is a wake up call to everyone.

    Thankfully RT and Jerry sent in some samples to be tested. Did I say thank you? I sure meant to tell you how much I appreciated your efforts. But it’s not enough. And that isn’t anyone’s fault here.

    SuemWallis loves to tell everyone how all the carcasses will be tested. It’s a load of BS. Horse slaughter is a profit driven business. I’d all your proceeds are being spent on testing plus a whole lot where is the profit? And while it’s more than inappropriate to face the American taxpayer to pay for inspections I sure as hell don’t want to be coughing up funds to pay for all that testing. Oklahoma wanted slaughter THEY SHOULD HAVE TO ABSORB EVERY LAST PENNY OF THIS SLIMY LEGOALATION. INSPECTIONS AND TESTING, CLEANING UP TOXIC WASTE. EVERYTHING.

    this doesn’t even begin to discuss the drug residue issues. We’ve heard about Bute til most of us are blue in the face. We need to ask racehorse people if they have a foolproof test for frog juice. If so we then need to pass that onto the USDA. They need to test every carcass for frog juice. Frog juice is 40 TIMES as powerful as morphine.

    I’m sick about this. I worry about all the horses. Horse theft will rise and I’m not sure there are any protections for the horses. They could easily be sold for slaughter. The same go for our wild ones.

    There might be a slight silver lining. In this. Last summer I was at Expo and I learned of a company called EyeD. They do a retinal scan of your horse. They were working with Canadian officials so that if a horse came through with this scan–they could call the owner and give that owner a chance to recover the horse.

    Something like this ABSOLUTELY needs to be implemented and followed one million percent. If a wild horse shows up whoever sent that horse to slaughter needs to be brought up on Federal law. Our horses deserve nothing less if they are going to be left in prison with no chance for freedom.

    But let me be VERY CLEAR how I feel. I am beyond horrified at the fact that lawmakers ignored everyone’s concern. I abhor all of this. And I truly believe that a total boycott of Oklahoma might send a message of our disgust.

    I would also like to know how much of my taxes pay for inspections. Because I would rather pay an equivalent amount to Old Friends or another 501 that I believe in. If a conscientious objector can avoid the draft then I feel an equal amount of my taxes should be able to be diverted to a charity that I believe in.


    • “I thought the scandal in Europe would be enough to stop slaughter in this country. I guess this slimy legislation is a wake up call to everyone.”

      The timing of this suggests to me that the crooks who caused the scandal in Europe have moved here, and their money is being used to convince those in power. It also means that Sue and her cohorts are as corrupt and slimy as the mafia in Europe who got this whole thing started. Follow the money, it goes back to Europe and the low-life “meat mafia.”


  18. We just need to get in there & do it! MAKE them listen, or smack the living daylights out of them! I’m so sick & tired of being nice, politically correct, sending emails, petitions & phone calls that end up on deaf ears, & blind eyes. They do not care, so, why should we? We put them all there, directly or indirectly, we CAN take them all out! By force if need be. We ARE “the people”, the very ones our constitution was intended for, it is our country, we do have a say, &, they HAVE to “listen”, or else. What do you call it when people uprise against their government, laws, their “supposed leaders”?I think it’s called a revolt. We HAVE had more than enough. You can not fix stupid, but, you CAN remove it, get rid of it. I guess they can’t read either, or they’d be well aware of everything going on all over Europe. They’d rather have people, including our children, end up getting very, very sick, or even dying from eating toxic horse “meat”, & letting our cities, towns & communities become polluted, foul smelling poisoned wastelands, than listen & act on reason & intelligence. We have to stop them, in their tracks, before the first American horse slaughter facility gets started. The needs & demands of the many far out-weigh the wants of the few!


    • Could not AGREE more Valeire! I am no longer asking and saying – I am DEMANDING! We are the majority represented in DC by a few. They better listen and I don’t mean or I will not vote for you. I mean, my voice will be loud and persistent at evry public meeting, every outreach, every time their office answers the phone.


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      • Understand where you are coming from been here also for a long time , just sick of it !!!!!!These beautiful Gifts have every right to remain free and protected !!!! To take their rightful place as the Balance needed for all……………………………


  19. Lets make their FINAL DESTINATION< FREEDOM BACK ON THE RANGE! To Live their lives FREE TO ROAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can do this if we totally Unite !!!!! It has to be an all out effort with people power !!!!!The Mustangs not only belong on the Range free, they belong to the Range !!!!!


  20. I am against slaughter, always will be and will continue to fight for these animals who have no say, we are their words for them. No sick, lame, healthy, young, old should ever have to go through this. With everyone speaking out for them, maybe just maybe as others have said one or other of our congress might just get a back bone and stand up for what is right. That one would make a difference if they would just get a grip and suck it up and get what the people instead of what they think all the time, do what is right for once. Give these horses a right to live as people have a right to live. They have done nothing to deserve this!!!! Please put you voice out there to be heard, we are their only hope!!!!!!!


  21. Thanks for bringing this issue to my attention. I totally am against the slaughtering of Horses and will do my utmost to stop it.
    Paul Reynolds, of Florida


    • I am so upset to about these precious horses but no farmers want them I see..they dont want to care for them..I am appalled by these innocent horses going to the slaughterhouse but what can I do? I feel helpless..I snt money to this rescue places and now they are sending me more mail for more money and other places need help too.I cant keep giving because I will be broke…Feed the children and march of dimes and other places need our money too and animal abuse..I pray for them but it’s not stopping the slaughters of these beautiful precious horses.


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