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Guest OpEd by Vicki Tobin ~ VP of Equine Welfare Alliance

“Skye McNiel wants to use the food chain to dispose of horses…”
Horse-Hater Skye Mcniel

Horse-Hater Skye Mcniel

Nothing is sweeter than having the darkside validate what we have been saying for years. I came across an article yesterday that was regarding the conflict of interest with Skye O’Niel in Oklahoma. The opening paragraph is something everyone should send to the USDA, your legislators and any contacts you have outside our borders to make sure the EU and consumers hear this loud and clear.

“Rep. Skye McNiel said that gain would be shared equally by all the state’s horse auctioneers and is not substantial compared to the financial gain to the state’s horse owners who are seeking an avenue to dispose of animals that have lost their use.”

Did you get that? Skye McNiel wants to use the food chain to dispose of horses. This statement is clear indication of how seriously slaughter supporters take food safety and the arrogant attitude toward foreign consumers.

While the epic horse meat scandal is raging in Europe, Skye McNiel and her buddies in the Oklahoma legislature rammed through legislation against the cries of outrage from their constituents. Skye McNeil is celebrating tonight and will have visions of dollar signs in her sleep. Not only will her family’s auction benefit financially but the legislation makes sure of it. No horses will be accepted that haven’t gone through an auction. Isn’t that special?

To add to the arrogance, the meat is still illegal to consume in Oklahoma! Another clear message that she doesn’t want the residents of Oklahoma eating toxic meat – just send it to the foreigners.

It gets better, folks. While Oklahoma was ram-rodding the legislation, Sue Wallis sent out one of her blue light specials. From the title to her close, it is the biggest pile of horse manure yet. Her prose came out of the other end of the horse – you know, the end where all her statistics originate. Here are a few highlights that I found entertaining.

Let’s start with the rally in Oklahoma. She states with pleasure that no anti-slaughter activists were there. Wrong again, Sue. We had many in attendance just to hear the horse manure, first hand. Here’s a hint, Sue. Don’t have the Farm Bureau bus people in that don’t have a clue about horse slaughter or at least give them one of your scripts so they don’t appear to be clueless. Oh, wait. You don’t have any facts to give them. Forgive my lapse.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the Farm Bureau, they are a lobby firm that sells insurance. They lobby against anything remotely related to animal welfare and are responsible for most of the state legislation against animals, like Ag gag laws. They have a presence in virtually every state.

Here is but one example of Sue’s (as she calls them) “articulate supporters”. One of the anti-slaughter activists that wasn’t there asked two of her “articulate supporters” why they supported horse slaughter. They replied in unison “Because euthanasia is too expensive.” The one that wasn’t there replied “Really, how much does it cost in Oklahoma?” Sue’s “articulate supporters” looked at each other and then replied “I don’t know, do you? The other replied, No, but I bet the girls over there know.” So, either they don’t own horses or they don’t live in Oklahoma and they just weren’t sly enough to make up a number – something any Wallis graduate would know. Sue must have bused them in from New York City because as everyone knows, those city folk just don’t know about horses. We hope she bribed them with more than a free lunch and free bus ride on the Farm Bureau express.

We were hoping to hear from someone speaking with a French accent to espouse the virtues of cheval and how much they appreciate the free sides of Ivermectin and Clenbuterol with their buteburger (ICB). Doesn’t that negate any protein or nutrition? Hey, Sue, you could use those initials for the next organization you start. ICB, Inc., the conscience of the food safety industry. It has a nice ring to it.

A blue light special from Wallis wouldn’t be complete without a little Wallis math. Sue proclaimed there were 400 in attendance at the horse killer rally. This number is coming from someone that claimed 689,000 jobs were lost when the plants closed. A number clearly pulled out of the end previously mentioned. The plants employed a total of 200 workers, of which at least 85% were undocumented. That means a total of 30 American jobs were lost. Keep in mind, the kill buyers, the auctions and the haulers are all still in business so it was only the plant workers that lost their jobs. Only with Wallis math can 30 become 689,000 and 100 become over 400. So when Wallis says over 400 people attended, you can bet the farm that the number was significantly less as confirmed by the anti-slaughter activists that “weren’t there” as well as Skye O’Niel that reported 100.

Sue Wallis  contemplating whether horse or donkey is on the menu for tonight

Sue Wallis contemplating whether horse or donkey is on the menu for tonight

As expected, Wallis is attacking the recently introduced federal legislation, S 541, claiming it doesn’t provide solutions. Cutting off the supply of toxic meat is most certainly a solution. It ensures that the right of consumers to safe food is not compromised. She also can’t seem to get her agriculture industries straight. The meat industry produces meat. The horse industry requires live horses and does not produce meat. Horse slaughter has not provided any solutions for the horse industry and her lame excuses for needing it are moot. It has existed for decades and only provides more of the same. A solution cannot be formulated without addressing the root cause. If slaughter was the solution, why will there be more horses to kill this year? Didn’t all the excess, abandoned, old, sick, lame, dangerous and useless horses get killed last year and the year before and the year before…? What year will horse slaughter provide a solution?

The USDA stated that if horse slaughter plants open in the US, there is no way to guarantee that what is happening in Europe, won’t happen here. We learned on March 15, that two plants were shut down for falsified paperwork— something the US has turned into a science. The USDA also stated they support reinstating the ban on horse meat inspections.

I’ll bet Sue broke out in hives when she heard those statements from the USDA. Press coverage of Wallis has virtually disappeared because the media finally gets it. They are doing their homework before going to press and it’s difficult to use Wallis’ statistics and statements because they can never be verified, unless the wind is blowing in the right direction.

Wallis keeps regurgitating “humane and regulated” and yet, still defends the cruelty and abuse. She has yet to tell us how she will provide medical histories from birth for abandoned horses when she can’t find the owners. Where will she get medical histories on the stolen horses and horses that have had multiple owners? How exactly will they comply with EU regulations when the EU requires a passport system that we don’t have and horse owners don’t want? How will she fix a humane transport enforcement program that hasn’t really existed for decades?

The law is the law, humane methods of slaughter law, promise of cheval, facts and FAQs, blah, blah, blah. Since when has anyone in the slaughter business followed the law or Wallis every cited anything factual? It must have been an oversight that she didn’t quote anything from food safety laws.

How very sad Sue places the greed and corruption that is inherent in the horse slaughter business above the rights of consumers to safe food. Our right to safe food will also be compromised. We don’t have enough inspectors for our own food and if plants open, there will be even less available to safeguard our food supply.

No doubt, the horse industry is feeling the impacts of the economy but that has nothing to do with horse slaughter. Horse slaughter has continued uninterrupted and is still thriving. More horses were slaughtered in the 5 years since the plants closed than the 5 years prior so there is in-your-face proof that horse slaughter isn’t going to fix anything in the horse industry.

Face reality, Sue; horse slaughter is on life support and all that is needed is for Congress to pull the plug. That day is coming very soon.

Call your legislators and demand they support food safety by cosponsoring HR 1094 and S 541 and then visit Popvox and voice your support of HR 1094 and S 541.

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    • you must have been reading my mind RT. Especially since they are trying to set up this new fancy business-cheval processing and here I was fighting against horse slaughter. I really must keep up with the times.


    • This Skyke Mcniel wench is totally selling everyone down the river! First the horses that certainly do not deserve to be tortured so her family can benefit and make money, Second her Constituents who do not want this as voiced by 80% of them and Third the unknowing people who will be eating the horse meat in our Countries and getting sick from all the drugs that are knowingly in U.S. Horses! Their children will get even sicker! This woman has alot of blood that will be on her hands! May she rot in Hell with all the other Pro Horse Slaughter Villans! Oklahoma you have the Right for a Recall for Abuse of Power! Start a Petition now!


    • Great post RT! You sure in the hell know how to expose ole Sue for what she is and in a funny way, no less! (-: It sure is all coming to a head, isn’t it? You and many others have certainly presented the facts against horse slaughter and it’s consequences, now let’s hope the powers to be put an end to this brutal business, once and for all. I did, btw, fax the Senators on the Appropriations Committee and requested to have the language be restored to defund U.S.D.A. inspections. Who are the members of the panel in Oklahoma for it to be forwarded?


  1. I have a message for those who want to be able to dispose of their companion animals through slaughter: get a cow. You’ll save money on food bills, they eat 63% less. You’ll save money on vet bills, because, hell, if they get sick or old you want to slaughter them. You hate horses anyway, so give up trying to decide what the rest of us should do with them. Thank you, now just go away, I don’t ever want to see your sick faces and your fat guts anymore.


    • Yep who the hell are they to tell us how to handle our herds. I have 18 who, unless stolen are not going anywhere. And if anybody wants to try me, both of us know how to use a shotgun and i wouldn’t hesitate to use it on a horse thief. We don’t bother with a rope here, we just shoot em.


      • Oh and by the way, someone should send this article to the EU and let them realize what they have been getting and will in the future. True meat full of bute and God knows what else.


  2. I just contacted Pete viskloski from Indiana about this and another bill (Ag gag) bill that Indiana is trying to push. I hit firm letters back from them when i made myself heard through HSUS and the ASPCA. My next move will be to call them and explain the facts to them. I know that Pete will vote in favor of the safe act if it comes up. I’m hoping that he will vote no to the Ag gag bill here in this state. We have a right to know what our food is and what conditions it comes to us through.

    I am boycotting meat completely until they straighten up and fly right. Then i may not go back to eating it anyway. For now, I’m taking a stand. And did you know that they are using processed human poop as fertilizer in farm fields here in Indiana? I thought that was banned a long time ago. I guess that falls under the one world order that has affected us..I am a farmer but i don’t kill anything for food. My chickens happily give me eggs and the rest i grow or buy at the store. I grow hay. My goats are non productive but they are not in danger. They will die of old age i have no cows..


  3. SO~~~~They are fast tracking horse slaughter, well today in Colorado our govenor is signing our right to protect ourselves away also–you wonder why all this is being so fast tracked? And 80% of Coloradoans were against gun laws too, this is no longer a Democracy our tyranical government is doing what it wants and does not care what the majority of the people think or care about. The -power- has gone to this governments heads, what will they be coming after next?

    Folks post on hear – we need more people to go to anti ralies – well our anti gun control ralies were 10 times the anti slaughter ralies(and for the gun owners and hunters in our state even that was a miserable show of people to fight for a Constatutional right) and we had speakers who had experiences to report were a gun could have saved them and/or did save them, and still they did what they wanted. I believe there are not enough people in this country anymore who give a -Crap- about anything that this government does~~in essence they got what they voted for~~and they are happy, after all as one younger gentleman put it yesterday “its our country now”.

    And before anyone on here starts sprouting the blood and gore at Sandy Hook to me-let me-let you know upfront that not 6 blocks from our state capital in 2000 my oldest son was gunned down and murdered by a felon who could not own a gun 13 years ago, and I saw his blood on the street. And because he was a law abiding citizen and obeyed the rules my son was not carrying a gun for his protection.

    I guess the question is now what will we do – because the majority of Americans voted this government in and now we have to deal with it – probably for a loooong time to come.


    • The tyrannical government of which you write, Geri, is funded by ALEC – the American Legislative Exchange Committee. This is a major lobby of multinational (formerly American) corportions that target state legislators with campaign contributions to run those expensive ads against their opposition making the latter look insane.With the Citizen’s United supreme court decision it is now much easier for this “shadow elite” to give $ undetected and unrecorded. It is spearheaded by the Koch brother (of Big Oil Koch Industries). ALEC writes those laws for legisaltors whose function is to see that they are voted into law. The Kochs are trying to buy up much of the media to spread their propaganda since Teddy Rossevelt’s anti-trust laws have become so ineffective. So, is ALEC behind the move for states to reinstitute horse slaughter? Is there a buck to be made? That is your answer.


      • Considering that ALEC is the architect in states that have instituted AgGags to make it illegal to expose malfeasance in slaughterhouses, they not only will support horse slaughter but they will not even allow the public to know about how awful the horses are meeting their deaths. And they will get the mass public to think this is for economic benefit while trying to inculcate us to eat it to increase their profits (and many, sadly, will fall for it).


    • You guys need to VOTE THAT GOVERNOR OUT of there. And the next one that runs better tow the line too.
      I’m from a state that is pathologically anti-gun: Kalifornia. (And we keep voting Feinstein back in!)


      • Unfortunatly Colorado is the next Kalifornia–they just legalized pot here this last election(even though it is federaly still illegal) our govenor has always been on the side of legalizing pot-we believe he sold us out to higher powers-saying if they give him pot, he will give them gun control, that and he wants to make a future bid for “el presidente” .


  4. My husband and I have recently made an informed decision not to eat any more beef or any other red meat. We have lost faith in the meat industry. And we actually feel better because we lost weight without dieting. Since the beef industry supports horse slaughter, I can only assume they intend to sneak it into our hamburger as a cheap filler.


    • We are very small beef farmers, and demand for our beef is so high now that we may not get to put any in our freezer this year. I won’t buy any. I guess we’ll raise it and not eat any for a year. I don’t consider us part of the beef “industry” and I agree that the big slaughterhouses would feed you horse, pink slime, pig or road kill if they could make an extra buck.

      Off topic but related, the Big Dairy organizations are pushing the FDA to allow them to add aspartame to milk without labeling it. Check it out if you dare, it’s carcinogenic, addictive, causes headaches…this is just getting crazy.


    • It’s ironic isn’t it, since the ranchers out West couldn’t work with and agree to share the land with our wild horses?! People are now questioning the quality of the meat industry and rightfully so. I totally agree and find myself getting away from purchasing beef, as well. When you have to start questioning the quality or contents of a product, in this case beef, it’s time to say NO to the meat industry!


  5. I have contacted my reps in Indiana opposing the Ag Gag bills up here in Indiana and have gone to the popvox site and also written my federal reps and Senator to support the SAFE act… still waiting for any feedback or response!


  6. No one here is checking our meat supply, especially since sequestration has eliminated meat inspectors. Obviously there are people in Oklahoma and other states who only care about money, and not food safety. Since the public has no way of checking the food we are eating, I have become a vegetarian. So I have to thank Skye McNeil for showing me the way. Her conflict of interest is an epic tale of greed and fabrication. It would make a great movie!


    • One slight correction. RT and JERRY recently sent in several frozen products to be tested for horse. Those products came clear for horse. But why isn’t the USDA doing this? Why aren’t hey demanding it of all these new slaughter houses.

      There relying on the fox guarding the henhouse.


  7. Many horse owners are too cheap to euthanize. They would rather sell their horses at auction to kill buyers than to do the Christian thing with regard to their horses, who they view as commodities. Since over breeding is a major culprit in providing horses for horse slaughter do you have the will to insist that horse breeders NOT receive special federal tax write offs – to the tune of $126 million a year – for breeding? If so, support the elimination of the “Bluegrass Boondoggle” a tax loop hole widely used by the horse racing industry who shamelessly send 4 year old horses to slaughter because they no longer have a “use” for them.


  8. Also, the medical industry, in producing Pemarin from pregnant mare urine (PMU) for homone replace therapy (which is not needed by post menopausal women, by the way), send the foals who are produced to slaughter similar to how the dairy industry destroys calves. More horses for which Ms. McNeil apparently has no “use.”


  9. The real motivation behind SW’s pro-slaughter agenda is to create a “grass fed” high grade meat product through the commercialization of the wild horse herds, and “ranch raised” range fed horses. Years ago, before the ban, I witnessed MANY beautiful, young horses being run through Centennial Livestock Auction in Fort Collins Colorado. I asked the brand inspector where these horses were coming from and he said, “off the ranches,” . . . “out of Torrington, WY.”. I also saw an article in High Country News that quoted the ranchers complaining that they needed slaughter because “they didn’t know what to do with their excess horses” Ummmm ??? What, they can’t manage their own ranch stock to control population ? The other HUGE issue with regard to management of the wild horses on the range is that they will be selected and removed for their “carcass value” (regardless of what we are being told) rather than for adoptability. BTW- is there any research on what the use of fertility drugs does to meat intended for human consumption? Could this be the reason the Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board and the ranchers are pushing for spaying the wild mares ?


    • That’s an excellent point, Lyn. Both PZP and SpayVac have some serious warning labels about ‘not for use in animals intended for food.’ A major concern (at least for equine ‘activists’) is how wild horse meat effects wildlife and the food chain on the ranges – because there ARE predators, though not many, and carrion animals.


    • Colorado has been nearly wiped out of all wild horses and ironically wild fires have already started there. All western states wiping out their wild horses will keep experiencing extreme wildfires and dessertification. Talk about arrogance, OUR wild horses are not for commercial gain for sues, skyes, davis’, or salazoos. That’s kleptocracy.


    • PETA was quoted Skye McNeil as supporting horse slaughter when she was pushing it through Oklahoma. What PETA said was it was more humane to have the horses slaughtered in the US than in Mexico because of the long transportation torture. That’s like saying it is ok to learn math from a slot machine.


  10. Vicki Tobin has the Gift; everything she’s written in this op-ed is spot on, and her ability to wax sarcastic and well-informed is fine art.

    In their relentless quest to commercially kill horses on US soil, they seem to habitually miss all the necessary details, almost as if horse slaughter here will be OJT – On the Job Training: First, Kill Horses. Everything after that is just petty drivel.

    THEY don’t need no stinking regulations, rules, laws or a market; they just get to kill horses.

    So what happens when all that horse meat has no where to go? I imagine that was the conundrum in Europe, where horse meat apparently isn’t as popular as sue & co. has led their followers to believe. People – consumers – were horrified that horse meat was found in products they had purchased and trusted to not be horse meat, and angry that their choice to NOT eat horse was taken away from them. But that over-abundance of horse meat had to be disposed of somehow, didn’t it?

    The European and Asian countries where horse meat is acceptable generally raise their own, free-range, grass fed and safely medicated for human consumption. (That’s not an endorsement, just a product of research).

    Horse slaughter here is a BAD idea on so many levels, poorly executed and thoughtless as to future consequences, and given the nature of the business, will eventually jump up and bite everybody in the back end. Because processed horse meat here will have NO place to go, so it will have to go SOMEWHERE, won’t it.

    The beef, pork and poultry industries here succeed because of the sheer numbers of animals raised for food – millions of animals – that the USDA, in theory, must inspect to assure consumers aren’t poisoned by bacterium and diseases. At least 4, if not more, horse slaughter facilities have applied for the necessary paperwork to open those facilities, and each one will compete with the others. Business models outlined by Ms. Tobin and John Holland have shown that ‘old, injured, unwanted’ (and stolen; let’s not forget THAT) horses are a finite resource, and not enough to sustain even one company profitably. So when the undesirable horse supply is exhausted – in less than a year – where to go?

    Captive wild, and ranch-raised.

    And still, no market. So, again, where will all those animals ‘processed’ go. And will our choice to NOT eat horse meat be taken away from us?


    • In speculation to your last question, Lisa, YES. If you have already been inculcated to eat meat (and who in this culture hasn’t?), then these meat men will propagandize until most will find it acceptable to eat a “blend” of beef with horse. As you noted, how else will they be able to dump it?

      Those who practice selective compassion for horses, dogs, and cats – our companion animals – will not be able to stand up against an industry that kills for profit. However, you can boycott meat, live longer and stronger, cleanse your soul, and refuse to participate in this madness.


      • There is nothing “unnatural” about humans eating meat. Period. We have always been omnivores and we always will be. You can eat whatever your please as far as I’m concerned. I’d appreciate the same from you; What’s WRONG is not handling animals – in whatever way you interact with them – in the absolutely most humane way possible. And we know that, with horses, the most humane way of slaughter isn’t even starting to be humane. And NO, traditional food animals are NOT treated like horses are either in transport, the slaughter process or protection from the USDA.

        Besides, we do different things with different animals. Horses have served us in more ways than I could possibly name – in war and peace. We built this country on their backs. And so did every other country. What would we have done without the horse? No other animal could take the place of the horse. Our relationship with the horse is unique. Even now, horses are being used for physical as well as mental therapy for children and adults. They are having excellent success in using horses to help our vets with PTSD. More and more states are certifying mini horses as service animals. Horses also serve a therapists for their owners – as I can personally testify. What other animal has EVER matched what the horse has done for us? I have NO problem justifying my stand that horses have done far more than their share for us – often giving their lives in the process. They’ve EARNED a retirement after we’ve used them up! We do not HAVE to eat everything.

        Traditional food animals are regulated like food animals. Horses are NOT food animals and are not regulated like food animals. The FDA considers horses to be companion animals, so they permit the manufacturers of horse products to include ingredients that have been expressly banned from being used in ANY food animal – EVER. Also, horse products contain substances that have never been tested on humans at all – much less on children or pregnant women. To take this kind of risk – especially when the consumers haven’t been TOLD about it – is unconscionable.


      • So if horses were raised for food, as suggested by David Duquette and Sue Wallis, you would eat them too? They could be, of course. Any species could. They are a traditional “food” in many parts of the world.

        Slaughter of any species is brutal suffering. Horses are magnificient, but they are not exceptions to this atrocity. However, we who cause their deaths and then eat them are causing our own by disease, pollution, and the insensitivity that results from the violence on our plates. Sad that those who profess to care about horses who be so callous regarding other animals.


    • Lisa, please don’t take this the wrong way. But I was sounding off to my neighbor about this (She’s a huge horse lover) and she said something that made my hair stand on end. I haven’t had time to verify this, but she said there is a large colony of “Grays”, extraterrestrial alians who live right there in Roswell. They will use the tainted horsemeat to feed them since the toxins don’t affect them like they do us. Oooh boy! That sounds pretty bizarre! But who IS going to be eating this dirty meat? People won’t even buy it to feed their pets. The EU has banned US horsemeat as well. Do these ghouls intend to make a profit selling this meat to South America or something? Odd they are building that plant there in ROSWELL of all places. Hmmm!


  11. It is not ok to poison foreign consumers just because Mexico and Canada do it. It is not ok to jeopardize our food supply by squeezing more inspections out of strapped USDA or taking chance that horse flesh will enter beef supply chain. It is not ok for legislatures to pass or introduce legislation that benefits them and their relatives financially. What’s next? slaughter cats & dogs to export and poison foreign consumers? I don’t think the beef, pork, and poultry industries used their noggins before they jumped on this band wagon. Many people here and abroad have already x’d red meat from their diet just in case it may be horse. I’m not taking any chances not only because of the toxins, but because I would puke if I knew I ate some poor betrayed horse that was brutally murdered by some cold-hearted bastard.


  12. I visited the link to popvox and made my voice heard. We need to do this for the horses and for us because yes we won’t be able to guarantee that tainte horse meat will not be in our food supply and we will be certain it will certainly make it’s way to Europe


  13. Well I have some good news that I’d like to share! Recently I’ve gotten several cans of freeze dried veggies. The beauty of these is that they won’t spoil for a few months so I actually have a bit of time to use these big cans! You poor boiling water over these, grab a shower, head out for a walk (give it at least 20 mins to rehydrate) and then I make stir fry. I actually am eating broccoli, carrots, onions, potatoes and bell peppers! And it’s good too!

    My next trick is too learn to roast beans. I don’t care for squishy beans. I understand roasting them make them crunchy. Plus I can get my protein.

    I’m back off red meat. I still use eggs–not daily but they are in the house. And I actually prefer almond milk over cow except for ice cream which is not a daily staple for me!

    I want to thank the many advocates who encourage me both here and over at ABR. I respect those who choose to eat red meat cause I have certainly have eaten cow on more than one occasion. I choose chicken and ground turkey mostly over cow because of ranchers hatred of the horses. And I know RT has good friends and neighbors that do raise cows RESPONSIBILY. I think that’s a huge key. I wish more would.


  14. sorry Wallis, but I’m afraid you lost the battle to block safe act, see even tom vilsack and the president are trying to reinstate the horse slaughter ban, then after that we are going to vote you and your friends out of office.


    • My city is a small 70 acre farm where I protect my 19 horses under penalty of death for anyone that messes with them. I raise as much of my own food as possible such as beef, eggs, chicken, honey and vegetables. I hate going to the grocery store as I know the food supply is unsafe.


  15. Hey- watch that NYC comment, RT. LOL! Believe me, some New Yawkers know a lot more about horses- like what it costs to euthanize one- than the Farm Bureau ‘extras’ that were shipped in to make a big show in NO-klahoma..


  16. I wonder whether Oklahomans would also vote to harvest crops of wheat that were proven toxic and ship the flour overseas to unsuspecting families. There’s no difference in doing that and sending toxic US horse meat to other countries.


  17. Judy Wendt No, I wouldn’t eat horses because of a cultural bias, I suppose one could call it. Every culture has animals that they eat and others that they don’t. In the US, we don’t consider horses to be food. Other cultures do, and they have that right. So do I. Just want them to eat their own horses and not ours.

    As far as being a Vegan – that is your right, but there is nothing unnatural about an omnivore eating what they evolved to eat any more than it’s wrong for a carnivore to eat what they evolved to eat.

    You seem to forget that the Food Chain in universal – NOTHING in not part of the food chain – not plants or animals, including us. When you eat, something dies. Whether it’s a plant or an animal, all are part of the food chain. It’s not a pretty system and I’ve always wondered why, if there really is an Intelligent Designer – why they would design such a brutal system. However, we didn’t design it but we are part of it – like it or not.

    Everything must eat – and kill something to do it. Everything will be eaten, someday. That is the way of the food chain. Not everyone can or even desires to be a Vegan. YOU have a right to eat what you want, but so does everyone else. I was just reading an article that discussed whether Veganism was evolving into a religion. It certainly seems that way.

    I was reading a piece entitled, “Is Riding Horses Vegan?” Her answer was no, and she went on about how painful saddles were – showing how she knows nothing about her subject – and how horrible bits are, and using the word “Welfareist” with such contempt I was almost angry enough to answer, but it wasn’t worth the effort.

    Horses have been used to do hundreds of other things – they earn their keep. Isn’t that enough? Like I said, I have no problem defending horses against slaughter because they have much more important thing to do than to be wasted like that. Also, I’m not sure if horses have ever been “traditional” food animals in the same sense as, say, cattle. No one seems to have ever farmed horses, or bred a strain of equids that are calm, docile and non-reactive as has been done with domestic cattle.

    Following the logic that because we eat some animals we have to eat all animals, we ride horses so we have to ride all animals? Police mounted patrols on chickens? Naw, I don’t think so.

    We all have our opinions, but NO ONE loves animals more than I do – ALL of them. I’m just a realist and we all have to eat.


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