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“Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis: The Equine Advocate’s Gift that Keeps on Giving

“In my most humble opinion” by R.T. Fitch ~ president of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

When Dumb Just Continues to Get Dumber!
"Slaughterhouse" Sue Wallis and her horse "Proccessing" deli - ~artwork courtesy of Fred Bastida

“Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis and her horse “Processing” deli – ~artwork courtesy of Fred Bastida

If the sane and compassionate members of our society could have picked a perfect poster child to represent the reprehensible, predatory business of corrupt horse slaughter they couldn’t have chosen a better candidate than the non-degreed, uncredentialed, self-appointed leader of a dozen whacked out horse-eaters…Wyoming State Rep. “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis; the broken and scratched record that just keeps on ticking right on into the twilight zone.

Years worth of failed endeavors, empty promises, distorted truths and made up facts the woman continues to spout vile garbage even when backed up against the wall with no way out.  Born to bring drug tainted, bloody horse meat into the school system and prisons of Wyoming “Slaughterhouse” refuses to crawl back under her rock in Recluse, Wyoming and continues to foul the air and corrupt the internet with her perverse and twisted ramblings.

Last year she condoned and applauded a young woman who killed her own horse, crawled into it’s carcass (naked) and then ate it while all the time her boyfriend was snapping bloody photos.  According to the Princess of Evil that was just good clean fun.

Good Clean Fun According to Sue Wallis

Now, she has overstepped the boundaries of decency once more by complimenting the savage ingrate who murdered a horse on Youtube and then profanely threatened every decent citizen in the United States…should this woman not be removed from public office?

Here is the Face of “Pro-Horse Slaughter” Advocates

Yesterday we published a letter that was written to our Secretary of Agriculture, Thomas Vilsack, by a disturbed reader of “Straight from the Horse’s Heart” wherein she/he decried the trashing that $ue Wallis was giving the Secretary and also included a horse snuff video that was posted on YouTube by an employee of a New Mexico slaughterhouse that wants to be the first to butcher companion horses since 2007.  The letter was copied to Wallis, the Secretary, Wallis’ main squeeze and partner in blood Dave “Doink” Duquette and others.  The note would have caused a normal human to move to South American and disappear off the map but what did sweet blood thirsty Susie do; she friggen replied and even applauded the snuffing out of the innocent young horse…get the straight jacket boys, this one ain’t right.

“Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis’ Love Notes to Ag Sec Thomas Vilsack

Buckle up your seat belts and grab a bucket to upchuck into because here she is in her self-indulgent and deluded glory, we present the scourge of humanity, “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis:

Wallis Reply

Click Image to Enlarge

And if that is not enough, she has duped the decent ranchers of Oklahoma into thinking that those who don’t want to eat their best friends are some sort of eco-terrorists that want to take away their property rights.

Wallis Orange Card

Wallis Orange Care Back

Falsehoods, virtual terrorism are the tools of her trade and it is high time that the good folks of Wyoming wake up to what a bane and blight this unsightly scab is on the image of their state; she has to go and when she does she can take “Doink” with her.  They can keep each other company in that subterranean vault where the flames never die.

Maybe they can even roast a teeny weenie together…

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  1. I know exactly what sadist Sue Wallis needs, a new man. The head-hunter type. One blood thirsty cannibal bush dweller to invite her over for dinner. WOW WHAT A SICK-O! In Ms. Wallis’s case I would cheer from the rafters if Jeffrey Dahmer had gotten a hold of her. Only problem is: he would of been disappointed, she doesn’t have a heart. RIP PBP = “poor beautiful pony” ;(


  2. Hi all,

    I just called the Roswell NM police department about Tim Sappington making death threats against all animal rights activist via YouTube. The lady at the police department says they are investigating but I think they need more calls about this deviant making death threats. Here is the number to the police. (575) 624-6770

    If you want to call Valley meats and complain about their employee making death threats there number is 575-622-1214


    • I believe it’s up at Habitatforhorses that Tim no longer works for Valley Meats. And supposedly the FBI is looking into the phone log stuff.

      I know I filed with the FBI. But according to a friend of mine it may not fit a hate crime charge. Perhaps your onto a better path here calling the local pd. Just not sure because the threat did come via the Internet. We may have to wait to see who gets jurisdiction…


  3. Slaughterhouse Sue and her boyfriend Doink are sick and disgusting people. No, it may not be a nice thing for a coyote to kill and eat a horse…but that is nature. It is NOT nature to shoot or slaughter a perfectly well horse. Nor, do I think it is natural to eat a horse. This woman needs to be out of office and all her sick horse eating friends can rot in hell.


  4. Just when I thought there was no way she could get more delusional….However, her statement about the snuff flick may turn out to be very advantageous for us. That horse wasn’t killed for consumption. He was executed on a dirt road that appears to be behind the slaughter plant. He was wasted just to intimidate and threaten anti-slaughter people. Thanks to Sappington, people that never gave horse slaughter a thought are now disgusted by it. Another news source said he as worked for Valley Meats since 1995, which means he was employed there when they got shutdown for inhumane treatment of cattle. This is exactly the sort of trained professional that Suey keeps telling us will staff the slaughter houses. Then, to see Suey go all delicate little rose petal on us as far as bad language had me jet coffee out my nose at this hour of the morning.


  5. Heres what they are doing !!!!!! Really calling Horses an Industry ?????????
    Horse people working for a better future for the horse industry.

    Wednesday, March 20, 2013
    Where Have We Been?

    If the United Horsemen presence has seemed less prominent lately, it is because we have been working on public policy issues facing horses, owners, and industry professionals. Most of this activity has taken place out of the spotlight.

    In addition to working toward the opening of our horse training and rehabilitation center and humane processing facilities, our current focus is opposing two damaging pieces of proposed federal legislation in Washington, D.C.

    The first bill, HR 6388, is the so-called “Horse Protection Act.” This is an animal-rights backed policy cloaking itself as a safeguard against the cruel practice of soring Tennessee Walking Horses for show and competition. What it would really do is strip the entire horse industry of its ability to police itself. If this bill should pass, the federal government would be allowed to inspect any horse at any show organized by any breed association or discipline, and issue humane citations based on animal-rights groups’ standards! This is a truly alarming piece of legislation which would rob horse owners of their rights and clear the way for government agents to shut down the entire competitive segment of our industry. We need your help to stop it!

    The other threatening measure concocted by the animal-rights lobby is HR 1094/S 541, the “Safeguard American Food Exports Act.” This is another ploy by the animal-rights camp to shut down humane horse processing facilities which are on the verge of re-opening in the U.S. The animal-rights groups are trying to use the recent headlines about horse meat in European products labeled as beef and pork to uphold their claim that horse meat is “toxic.” The truth is, although horse meat was found in those products, extensive laboratory testing detected no human health hazards.

    We’re here, more active than ever, and we need you! When speaking out against measures like these on Capitol Hill, numbers count. Please join us, or re-join us, and lend your voice in support of United Horsemen and its pro-horse, pro-owner and pro-industry agenda!


    • Obviously, she has never gone to the FDA site on the internet and looked up all the drugs that are approved for use on horses that are commonly used. I counted 51 of them and on each one i read about in the description of the drug, it states very clearly,”Not for use in horses intended for food”. Now maybe she can explain why the FDA would put warnings like that on all our medications for horses? And maybe she can explain why she feels this meat is safe to eat and keeps trying to convince people to eat it? And just maybe she can explain to the people how the USDA can pass this meat to be consumed by humans, knowing that most all horses have at one time or another been treated with the very drugs that the FDA bans for use in human food? I think its about time this woman gets her facts straight and does some real research on the product shes trying to sell!!


      • She won’t Judith, I talked to her about the drug issue when she very first came out promoting horse slaughter. She blew it off completely and said horses that go to slaughter have likely never been given drugs. End of story. Mind closed. The river is De-Nile.


  6. As usual, suey doesn’t get her facts correct. That horse didn’t weigh 1,000 lbs. Second, you won’t get 1,000 lbs of meat from a 1,000 lb animal. Even the best steer, from a species that’s been bred for meat production for 10,000 years, will only yield 60% or slightly more. Horses have a much larger gut and digestive system, and much more blood (which makes them better able to run, and gives them more stamina, and makes them a better performance animal) will only yield 40-50% depending on their maturity. The bottom line is, there is always waste involved in killing an animal. Butchering a horse, especially a kind yearling who was probably acquired under false pretenses, is the most wasteful act I can think of.

    Also, SSW and DD and friends always talk about the humaneness of slaughter, always deny the abuses that take place in slaughterhouses, yet they are always ready to jump to the defense of people who are caught abusing or neglecting horses. Because I have a logical mind, this leads me to believe that they don’t know what abuse is when they see it because 1) they are abusers, 2) they are stupid, hopelessly stupid, 3) they are liars, big fat crazy liars. Maybe all 3.


  7. Nuts, she’s just a basket of loose nuts. That video, and my impression of it was that that “man” shot that horse to send a message to anyone who loves horses. He did it out of hate. No question about that. Yes, the horse was not stressed but it only horrified me even more. He trusted that guy. And look what he did to him. People really are terrible.


  8. Hahaha the bill on the postcard is wrong. It’s SB 375, not SB 357. Jeez, they can’t even get that right. It is appalling that legislators are listening to these people. Not only do they spew crap, they can’t even spell it right.


  9. Aw how did u get her to pose so well for this picture? Shes usually hunched over pointing her finger like she did in the wizard of oz! Any ways these folks must be desperate for money to kerp hacking up peoples rights these people r crazy with greed and hatred. She holds a public office all other officials are in shock, its really amazing to see this type official abuse their office justify an illegal snuff video of an animal. If tnis was supposed to humane sue where is your humanity, i thi.l you R making people question their pro slaughter position. Most people thought this was just regular people hired to do a job according to all her rants. But this makes people wonder what would set tbis guy off at a human or at children? Shes endorcing what he did but not how.he did it. And shes gstting into dark waters mentioning the words terrorists or terrorism because those people are killers who are currently being watched by the homeland security which is serious so to state that she believes that compassionate people are terrorists is a serious allegation and she should be investigated having put these charges into print unprovoked. This is something no other government official would get by with so its high time they onvestigate her. Her propaganda that states written eviidence that she is no longer fit to serve public office should be brought to proper authorities attention. Duquette further attempts to get people fired from their jobs when they speak against slaughter should also be held with his feet against the same fire. Duquette suggested that he is going to build a center for learning w horses. My question is how good of an idea could it be to have a theraputic riding center which includes people w disabilities and autisim and such in the same farm with horses that will be shipped to slaughter. He says hes going to get funded for this. Can any psychiatrists explain to him this isnt going to work?


  10. Where is the compassion for the 80% of their fellow Americans who are hurting BECAUSE of this butchery to animals we love? There is none. No compassion. Just scathing scorn and harsh words…and where is there, in the entire world, any offered up example of a completely transparent and humane horse slaughter? Again, there is none. Because humane horse slaughter is an oxymoron and can’t be done, especially on a commercial basis.
    No, they try to claim compassion and humane…but all their words, lies, actions and legislations won’t, can NOT change a cold, cold, heart.


  11. I am most disturbed by her comment”I certainly understand the frustration that leads to that” meaning the threat! This needs to be brought to the publics attention as she is condoning the threatening of innocent people with the act of killing!


      • It doesn’t say much for her constituents. I bet they think they are good, upstanding folk, however, their representative enjoys pornographic “snuff” films and endorses those who make terroristic threats against the majority in this country who opposed horse slaughter.

        I’ve heard she is related to many in her area, so it appears she is the product of in-breeding. That may be why she keeps getting elected as otherwise it defies reason.


      • It’s a bad gene pool of degenerates that thrife off Greed and Power!!!
        This just can’t keep going on and on ……………….Corruption is at it’s all time high for the rights to our public lands by the self serving perverse people…………..


      • I’m most disturbed by the continual defense of horse abuse by sue; when she starts spouting ‘humane’ and ‘ethical’, I have to wonder – just exactly what her criteria for ‘abuse’ is.

        For years, she kept relying on a story about a starving horse having it’s guts ripped out by a pack of dogs…so apparently, a natural act performed by an animal qualifies as inhumane.

        Except…people aren’t animals. Theoretically, we should have some sort of mechanism of restraint. What we do, we do fully conscious. What animals do, they do by instinct.

        Neither sue, nor any of her ilk ever show up at border stockyards and have anything to say about that; they support the ‘rights’ of Tennessee Walker owners to beat and cripple their animals into submission. They rely entirely on stories and anecdotes about the ‘criminal’ activities of ‘radical vegans’ and their inexhaustible drive to destroy farming (which is kinda stooopid when you give it a thought – what’re vegans gonna eat after all the farms are destroyed??).

        I do have to admire (for lack of a better term) her ability to continually polish the turds dropped by pro-horse slaughter twits; you have to dip down deep into a well of creativity to glorify horse abuse as a necessary component of doing business with horses.

        But it’s in the dark part of my brain that can’t seem to go there – what would sue consider to be crossing that line.


  12. Sometimes when stupid people have enough rope, they hang themselves. Hopefully this is the case here with slaughterhouse sue


  13. For what it’s worth – There’s an interview about horse “processing” on Agri-Talk:

    If you look on the side bar there’s also a poll to vote yes or no… 85+% have voted for. 😦


  14. I just went to that site and voted…get on it all my Horse Warriiors and change the 22% for to 75-80%.
    I know we can do it…Thanks Provoked for providing this…I will also have my friends and family join the stats…Let’s do it ..and let the Ag people know they don’t speak for all of us!!!!


  15. I just voted! As far as the vomit that doink spewed about a slaughter plant and a training faciclity??? WTH!!! Sounds like he is just fattening them up for the kill! I think his training facility is in reality a feedlot! Sue Wallis is a deviate and I read somewhere that the only reason she is a rep is because there wasn’t anyone else that wanted the job! She ran unopposed! I think she has her dead husband packaged up and in the freezer!!!


  16. Let me address several issues here. The first one is NOT everyone in WY agrees with this human. It’s awfully difficult to vote out someone when it’s her entire family that is the voting block. Other counties and districts have no say in what she can and can’t say. Now if the Feds have a beef that’s different. Maybe then something could be done.

    As for Mr. Sappington’s threat–I take that as it was intended a threat. Word wise I’m sure we’ve all heard worse but coupled with the action–that threat can’t get any more real.

    I think he’d better have video to back up his claim that he skinned and processed that horse for human consumption. Otherwise every advocate out here has a case of “threatening” us. It wasn’t implied. It was words followed up by deed.

    I can’t speak for others but I have never been a part of wanting to do away with animal agriculture. If something comes across my iPad with abuse, yes I will take action. My action is very clear. It’s too boycott that fast food chain forever. Is that physical? No. Well maybe in the pocketbook. But I don’t condone calls, threats (real or otherwise)or any retribution in physical form.

    In this case it’s exactly like going to a round up. We let BLM have their say, we try to remain together, united, calm and don’t get into poising matches.

    Just like in Europe for those meat packers that were complaining about mislabeling–this video was probably the worst. There was absolutely NO WARNING about what this man was about to do.

    I spent all day yesterday warning people not to watch this video. That it was graphic, vile and extreme violence. It wasn’t that I was trying to derail people–rather warn them in advance so they wouldn’t suffer as I have from viewing this.

    I think that’s it for the moment…but I’m sure there’s more to say.


  17. Eek my iPad! Again!

    The section about retribution should also include any kind of bombing. Be it c-4 or a fire whatever. No go there. Not now not ever.

    Poise? Really iPad? Poise. It’s suppose to be pissing.

    Just an aside–this is a common occurrence with my iPad. Not the user. My iPad seems to have a mind of its own sometimes!


  18. Did vote – its even tho 51 for & 51 against! Have to realize this is AGRI talk! Probably most of those who listen are farmers or ranchers who are being brainwashed by the pro-slaughter people. And Margaret is right – let the pro-slaughters do the threatening! REally doesn’t help the cause of the horses.


  19. If 80 per cent of Americans are against Horse Slaughter, where are they all???? Why does 20 per cent seem like its more??????


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